Bugs and Brights

DSC00687.JPGTime for another “It bugs me” post. Why? Because things bug me today.

1. The post office. Still (STILL) waiting on our order of boxes. No boxes, no Sneak Up. Keeping my fingers crossed for today. Zoe is keeping a watch out the window for Terry, the postman.

2. Chicken Lo Mein from P.F. Changs. Actually, the dish doesn’t bug me – it’s very good, but the lunch-sized version has 1650 calories and I didn’t find that out until after I had had lunch there with a friend last week. FPS. (For Pete’s Sake.) I did not need to know that.

3. The post office. Still (STILL) waiting on one more case of Wollmeise. No case, no Wollmeise going up this week. Keeping my fingers crossed for today.

4. Knitting time yesterday. I got so little done. (It might’ve had something to do with the fact that I fell asleep on the couch for a “20 minute nap” and woke up 2 hours later.)

5. The post office. Still (STILL) going to the branch offices all over St. Louis (thank goodness we have so many) begging boxes to tide us over. I may end up visiting them all.

6. Frogging. After spending the time I did have on knitting yesterday, I decided that I didn’t like the pattern and frogged it back down to the toe. Bummer.

On a brighter note:

1. If we get boxes, we do have fun yarns going up this week: Fiesta Baby Boomerang, Yarn Nerd, Zen String Bambewe, Perchance to Knit, and Cider Moon Glacier. Plus more patterns from Wendy and Cookie A. (And did you see that we completely re-stocked the ShibuiKnits over the weekend? Also, patterns from Knitting Pure & Simple, Heartstrings, Heartland Knits, Wildhorse Farm Designs and MimKnits were re-stocked.)

2. If we do get the last case of Wollmeise, that will go up as well. If not, we’ll add it in next week. Remember – we will keep getting Wollmeise, so we’ll keep having it available. Don’t stress over it. 🙂 Did I mention that we’d have Wollmeise lace coming in this fall, too? (Added: Postman Terry just came. Wollmeise arrived. Shipping boxes did not. No Sneak Up tonight. FPS.)

3. I did get a good nap yesterday!

4. I really like the pattern that I chose to start over with on the sock-in-progress. I pulled the basic idea out of a stitch dictionary & tweaked it. When I get the socks done, I’ll put the pattern up on the Free Patterns section.

5. We have some more free patterns going up on the website within the next few days – Baby Monkey socks (Cookie said “Of course!”), a beautiful pattern with Wollmeise from Loopy friend and pattern designer Monica Jines, and a very cool pattern called Firestarter from Yarnissima.

6. We have been working on our indie-dyer interviews all summer long and have started putting those up on the website. If you do the Search by Vendor, you will find interviews and photos for: Chewy Spaghetti, Cider Moon, Holly Spring Homespun, Seacoast, Sknitches, Yarn Love, Yarn Pirate, Yarntini. (Just click the link that says “Find out more about…” when their page comes up.) We have the others in the works and will keep adding them.

7. I finally got some of my knitted projects photo-ed for my Ravelry page. (Unfortunately, it also points out how many single socks I have.)

8. We have some exciting plans for The Loopy Ewe this fall – I’ll keep you posted as things progress!

9. There are a whole lotta “10 Yarn Collectors” out there who share my hobby interest obsession outlook on yarn. I like that.

10. College Guy and a friend or two are coming home this coming weekend for a visit – the brightest news of all, for this mom!

Sheri any”bugs”or”brights”youwanttoshare?


  1. Bugs: I stayed late at the university for a lab that lasted a whole of one minute. I’ve been trying to air dry my socks out on our balcony since noon Saturday (and they’re still damp, grrr!)
    Brights: One order away from becoming a Loopy Groupie after this weekend! (I might just have to get a skein or two from the next Sneak Up because I don’t think I can wait, which means another bright of hopefully getting some Wollmeise!). I got to wear my socks that I finished yesterday today 🙂 (My favourite pair so far)

  2. Bugs: We (2 adults, 1 infant & a 6 yr old) are cramped in a small one bedroom suite, though we’ll get a suite with 2 bedrooms tomorrow. Our house won’t available until th first part of Oct. My yarn collection is in storage. 🙁

    Brights: We are getting a newer home with lots of space. No more cramped rooms for us! 🙂 Another bonus, my oldest is in back in school again so I now have some quiet knitting time.

  3. Where I am, it’s *dazzling* bright! My best SIL finally, finally, finally got word that she and my BIL can go get their new daughter from Guatemala. They fly out tomorrow. Can’t wait to welcome this little one into our lives!

  4. No boxes – the NERVE of the post….don’t they know you have a business to run? Yarn to get to addicts, ahem, I mean collectors? I agree that it might be some sort of conspiracy theory with the mail guys. Maybe you should start feeding them chocolate chip cookies, and maybe some of your special K bars…..couldn’t hurt. Might help. You could say something like, “OK, you’re going to hand over the boxes, and I’ll hand over the chocolate. And no one will get hurt in the process. Nice and easy….” 🙂

  5. Bugs: I have no fewer than 5 socks on the needles right now. The only one I’m making significant progress on is not for me. We won’t talk about the one I’ve hidden in a bag because even though the pattern SWEARS it’s stretchy, I’m not entirely sure it’s going to fit me. Naturally, it’s the one I’ve spent the most time on.

    Bugs: People whom you dislike asking you to knit them something. And then someone you DO like asking you to make him the same thing. And knowing that the two of them are friends, so the one is going to wonder why I didn’t make him fingerless mitts in Chicago Bears colors, too. *sigh*

    Brights: The person who posted about her birthday up above is the friend I enabled!!! Shout out to TMTTYRR! Now we just need to figure out how we’re celebrating. 🙂 And the sock I’m making progress on is knit from the Mackintosh yarn you’re gettting soon, in the Pumpkin Pie colorway/Chubby Sock yarn. I don’t know if you’re getting any of that particular one, but it’s wonderfully done. There’s even a smidge of deep brown that looks just like slightly burnt crust!

    Brights: I got an email today from a woman who is a distant cousin–apparently my great-great grandfather and her great-grandmother were brother and sister. I didn’t know he had any siblings, so this is a wonderful surprise. Can’t wait to hear what she has to share!

    Sheri, hope you get all your boxes–empty or not–soon! And nothing beats a really good nap. Well played. 🙂

  6. 🙁 list: 1) Furniture delivery people had a window until 12:30. They showed up at 1 and didn’t leave until 3, putting my entire day behind. 2) They dropped a metal bar and took two chunks out of the hardwood floor in the doorway to my bedroom. 3) Also got wood stain all over the wall of my main stairwell. 4) Got on the road to the Lake a full four hours later than I wanted. 5) Realator in CA wants us to drop the price on our house another 50K

    🙂 list: 1) Delivery people are fixing #2 for me and #3 is an easy fix. 2) I have an awesome new dresser and bedframe in my master bedroom. 3) I’m at the Lake, the last extended stay of the year. 4) I’M SNEAK-UP READY!! 🙂

  7. 🙁
    1. I didn’t get a break from my 1st graders AT ALL today.
    1. They were good anyways. No one got on my nerves, and only 1 cried (bathroom fall-down. Very traumatic.)
    2. I had curriculum night/parent’s night-stayed at work until 7:45 PM. 12 hour day.
    2. My parents were cool-nice people to share kids with! It went fast and there were lots of laughs and they weren’t scary at all!
    :):): I have a credit at the Loopy! Waiting for that sneak up baby!

  8. wow, the box situation sucks! and what i think really stinks is the fact that you can’t track your boxes! oy!

    wollmeise. oy. eliza even offered to snag me a skein if i wanted. MUST. HAVE. WILL. POWER. (i’m really, really broke. oy)

  9. Heh…after I read the first one I thought, “Boy, a lot of knitters are going to be anxious again over the next week for the Wollemeise.”

    The Dougherty Ferry exit is open again, hooray! (I didn’t know this until I drove past it this weekend.) No visit from me, though, I picked up a lunch shift tomorrow. =(

  10. Bug: School starts here this week (on Thursday—don’t ask) so what with running around buying new school supplies and trying to get through all the laundry, there’s been no knitting time.

    Bright: As of Thursday, there should be at least SOME knitting time….

    Sorry about the boxes, but as Tinkerbell says, that wouldn’t rule out an international sneak up (since you have to send our stuff out in bags anyway)!

    Love the indie dyer interviews!

  11. I love your blog!

    Bug: The Iraq War- I want my friend to come home (incidentally he’s a John B. so I wat to buy some Claudia’s John B. to make some socks!)

    Bug: The Atlantic Ocean- It shouldn’t be so big and so…in between England and America. I miss my family. I just want to go home. And I bloody cannot!

    Bug: My hair- It wants cutting, and dreading, and etc. and I’ve used all my hair money on yarn.

    Bright: I used all my hair money on yarn. 😉

    As for PF Changs…the taste is worth it isn’t it? That and your Sneak Ups certainly burn twice that many calories, don’t they?

    As for yarn collecting I’m a 10, but I haven’t reached 9 yet. As far as actual amounts of yar go I’m only at 8. If that makes sense…I am a yarn collector, I fully intend on amassing a sumptuous collection. Right now the size of my stash is manageable, but if current trends continue then I imagine I’ll have my own yarn room in 6 to 8 months. 😉

  12. On the bright side – my yarn budget hasn’t been reduced. On the down side – family businesses aren’t fun when everyone (but me) is bickering with someone else within the office/family. I should be at home knitting happily.

  13. Bug: Somehow, sometime, in the last month, either one of my two younger sons or my husband dropped my digital camera. It no longer takes acceptable pictures (as in the top 1/3 of every picture is black and the color is messed up). It may not even be fixable. I have a lot of money tied up in accessories for the camera. It is now winging its way back to Nikon for diagnosis. I do not have money in my budget to replace that camera, let alone what I would have wanted in a new camera. And, I was planning to use that camera to photograph my projects, etc for Ravelry. Sigh! Guys!!! 🙁

    Bug: My youngest son will get a piece of paper after drivers ed tonight that will allow him to drive with a parent. (It’s not a full learner’s permit, but it’s on its way.) It’s scary to think that he’s ready to drive. Ouch, thinking what it will do to our insurance, once he gets a restricted license, presumably in 6 months or so.

    Bright: My youngest son’s driver’s ed teacher said that he’s an above average driver (that’s after 3 hours of driving with the drivers ed teacher).

    Bright: I am happy for you that your college guy & friends are coming home for the weekend! Enjoy them!

  14. Ok, Now I know what bugs me. The socks I almost finished yesterday are too tight to put on easily. Time to rip. And . . . I worked both semi-simoutaneoulsy. So, I have to frog BOTH to make them work.

  15. I’m keeping positive thoughts of boxes! I want some Wollmeise – FPS!

    Maybe you can ask PF Changs just to give you half of the noodles they usually put in the Lo Mein — I know that’s what makes it Lo Mein, but it would help cut the calories. Just a suggestion. I have to start asking for less rice at Chipotle — and that is hard to do as they just plop it in the bowl. Good Luck!

    Yay for you with College Boy coming home this weekend! Told you he’d be home soon. ;o)

  16. I have to agree with the person that suggested mailing envelopes instead of boxes. Have you considered it? If you need them for International shipping, would it make life easier for you?
    Looks like dozens (hundreds?) of us around the world are sweating the box situation in St. Louis, which is pretty funny/scary/great for you/ when you think about it . ;o)

  17. Bugs

    Waiting at dentist office with 19 month old boy while sister gets teeth cleaned.

    Frogging-Stupid baby blanket still on the first skein of yarn

    Food-Forgetting to put last nights leftovers away so no chili for chili dogs tonight.


    School is back in session

    My birthday is tomorrow and have date with husband.

    I think I might get one of the socks done that I am working on done this week. Yeah right stupid baby blanket LOL

  18. I’m bugged by the heat…it is almost 100 degrees out right now and all I want to think about is fall, pumpkin bread, and long walks on cold days. So, I decided to get over myself and have a pumpkin spiced frappacino light. With the whipped cream!

  19. No bugs..just brights!! I’m off work for the next two days..(I’m working the weekend)..I got my patiently (cough cough) awaited Wollmeise and Yarn Nerd too!! woohoo!! Its funny how a small thing like a couple hanks of yarn can just brighten my day.

  20. Bright here, too, despite the rainy overcast weather… I managed to snag Wendy’s patterns (all 8, out of her 11, that I’d wanted!) before any of them were gone. Third time’s a charm! And while I was at it, I grabbed some Wollmeise & Yarn Nerd, too, not that I need them, but….

  21. A combination of bright and bug…you put up the Wollmeise, but I missed it! Any way you can share some pics so those of us who didn’t grab it in time can have some exciting new pr0n?

  22. 1650 calories for lunch?? Yowza!!

    What bugs me is spending all day without A/C in 90+ degree weather because they a STILL fixing the roof TWO YEARS after Hurricane Wilma! How’s that for a doozy? 🙂

  23. Bugs me:
    Bobbi – I missed the Wollmeise too, even with a Loopy Groupies heads up, and being on the website in less than 2 hours after the sneak up!!!!! It must have come and gone in minutes……and this was my third try to get some.

    Bright spot:
    Was able to get a friend out today that had some joint replacement surgery and who is having to learn to walk (again) for a visit to the hairdresser for a cut, and a girl’s lunch.

  24. Bugs me:

    I missed the Wendy patterns again! I thought that all it took to be a Loopy Groupie was to place an order and you were in it, I’ve placed a couple and am not in it. So I don’t get a heads up. I guess I haven’t placed the right sacrifices to the right Loopy to get a hint of a sneak up or the Wendy Patterns. There was more than one person unhappy “Loopy Groupie” in my knitting group last night at Borders.

    Bright Spot:
    Still looking for it.

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