Bugs and Brights

DSC00687.JPGTime for another “It bugs me” post. Why? Because things bug me today.

1. The post office. Still (STILL) waiting on our order of boxes. No boxes, no Sneak Up. Keeping my fingers crossed for today. Zoe is keeping a watch out the window for Terry, the postman.

2. Chicken Lo Mein from P.F. Changs. Actually, the dish doesn’t bug me – it’s very good, but the lunch-sized version has 1650 calories and I didn’t find that out until after I had had lunch there with a friend last week. FPS. (For Pete’s Sake.) I did not need to know that.

3. The post office. Still (STILL) waiting on one more case of Wollmeise. No case, no Wollmeise going up this week. Keeping my fingers crossed for today.

4. Knitting time yesterday. I got so little done. (It might’ve had something to do with the fact that I fell asleep on the couch for a “20 minute nap” and woke up 2 hours later.)

5. The post office. Still (STILL) going to the branch offices all over St. Louis (thank goodness we have so many) begging boxes to tide us over. I may end up visiting them all.

6. Frogging. After spending the time I did have on knitting yesterday, I decided that I didn’t like the pattern and frogged it back down to the toe. Bummer.

On a brighter note:

1. If we get boxes, we do have fun yarns going up this week: Fiesta Baby Boomerang, Yarn Nerd, Zen String Bambewe, Perchance to Knit, and Cider Moon Glacier. Plus more patterns from Wendy and Cookie A. (And did you see that we completely re-stocked the ShibuiKnits over the weekend? Also, patterns from Knitting Pure & Simple, Heartstrings, Heartland Knits, Wildhorse Farm Designs and MimKnits were re-stocked.)

2. If we do get the last case of Wollmeise, that will go up as well. If not, we’ll add it in next week. Remember – we will keep getting Wollmeise, so we’ll keep having it available. Don’t stress over it. 🙂 Did I mention that we’d have Wollmeise lace coming in this fall, too? (Added: Postman Terry just came. Wollmeise arrived. Shipping boxes did not. No Sneak Up tonight. FPS.)

3. I did get a good nap yesterday!

4. I really like the pattern that I chose to start over with on the sock-in-progress. I pulled the basic idea out of a stitch dictionary & tweaked it. When I get the socks done, I’ll put the pattern up on the Free Patterns section.

5. We have some more free patterns going up on the website within the next few days – Baby Monkey socks (Cookie said “Of course!”), a beautiful pattern with Wollmeise from Loopy friend and pattern designer Monica Jines, and a very cool pattern called Firestarter from Yarnissima.

6. We have been working on our indie-dyer interviews all summer long and have started putting those up on the website. If you do the Search by Vendor, you will find interviews and photos for: Chewy Spaghetti, Cider Moon, Holly Spring Homespun, Seacoast, Sknitches, Yarn Love, Yarn Pirate, Yarntini. (Just click the link that says “Find out more about…” when their page comes up.) We have the others in the works and will keep adding them.

7. I finally got some of my knitted projects photo-ed for my Ravelry page. (Unfortunately, it also points out how many single socks I have.)

8. We have some exciting plans for The Loopy Ewe this fall – I’ll keep you posted as things progress!

9. There are a whole lotta “10 Yarn Collectors” out there who share my hobby interest obsession outlook on yarn. I like that.

10. College Guy and a friend or two are coming home this coming weekend for a visit – the brightest news of all, for this mom!

Sheri any”bugs”or”brights”youwanttoshare?


  1. On the bright side: I absolutely LOVE my Wendy Cabletini socks from the pattern on your site. I modified the top a wee bit because I thougth I wanted K1P1ribbing, for the top inch. It just seemed right. I still have to bind off both socks (I knit both socks semi-simoultaneously on 2 sets of doublepoints) and I should have them off the needles and on my feet after work. Thanks for the great pattern! With that kind of “bright,” how could there be a “bug?”

  2. For some reason I am having a hard time reading the interviews with vendors. Some work just fine – but others don’t. Odd.

  3. How about I go to my post office and get all the boxes they have and mail them to you 🙂 Silly heh? I love all the features of your website. What will you come up with next? Can’t wait for the next sneak up. ~Kristi

  4. My Bug:
    I am working on supply orders for the next year. Your box situation gives me chills because we only get to order supplies once a year. White out is a zealously guarded resource around here.

    Bright Side:
    I really like the Scarlett Fleece Sand & Sea socks I finished yesterday.

    Why were you reading the caloric information for PF Chang’s? You know no good comes of knowing that sort of information!

  5. My biggest knitting bright? I now have that much more time to ponder my color choices for the Baby Boomerang I so desire… 🙂

  6. What bugs me most right now is that I have lost some weight and like what I see happening, BUT to make that keep happening, NO starbucks for me!

    And it bugged me this weekend when I went through the stash and Hubby walked in! OH NO! You should have seen the look on his face! And that was just the sock yarn!

  7. Bugs – the Post Office. Don’t they know I’m leaving for my desparately needed, all too short vacation soon, and I can’t bear to miss a sneak up??? I need Axl Rose yarn! 😉 Another bug – getting ready for said vacation. Making sure the house is clean, figuring out what to pack, dealing with the looks from the cats when I pulled out the suitcases (“I know what those mean, Mom, and I don’t like it”), figuring out what projects to take with me, and won’t get confiscated by the TSA.
    Brights – my vacation is in Colorado. ‘Nuff said. And, there will be knitting time on the plane! And, dear SIL will be the first family to see me since I’ve lost 40+ pounds – I haven’t told any of my family, I just want to see their reactions!

  8. Bugs, I really only have one today and it is from yesterday. It is long sorry 🙂 I had nursery duty during church yesterday. Lately there have been no kids in the nursery, they are all in church, so to be prepared, I brought knitting along (and no, I don’t usually bring my knitting to church) Bright: I got a lot of knitting done during the sermon which is piped into the nursery. Onto the Bugs. It was rally Sunday, lots of games and a picnic lunch for the kids and families. During this time , someone got into my bag, and took the needles out of my socks in progress, Lace socks none the less. I guess I have learned I need to keep that knitting bag on my person at all times.
    Brights: I finished the sock and have worked out the kinks for the design:-)

  9. bright side: your post today! ok, so no boxes, but I am really really looking forward to all the new yarns and patterns! Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the boxes come tomorrow and that I get the Wendy patterns I still don’t have!

  10. Bright side: I’m going to a week long work retreat in the Poconos next month, all expenses paid. And we get to go up in a hot air balloon!

    Bright side: I finished the first in a pair of socks last night just before bed. They are being made with the Honey colorway from Claudia’s HP.

    Bright side: The day is half over.

  11. Bright: I am nearly finished with the toddler cardigan that almost killed me.
    Bug: The Bears lost yesterday. And I did not need to hear that info about the PF Changs dish. I love to death their chicken w/ black bean sauce, and if the lo mein has that many calories, I just can’t imagine how many are in the black bean sauce!

  12. Bright? New baby.

    Bug? When older son is napping, the baby is wide awake. This means no nap for me. No knitting for me.

    Gotta Run! Baby crying! See?? I shouldn’t have typed out the bug part;)

  13. Your cat is adorable! My cat was laying just like that on the red tissue paper that came with my Loopy Groupie goodies this week (thank you for those, by the way!). It’s her new favorite place to nap, for whatever reason.

    I also really enjoyed the indie dyer interviews – it’s nice to know where all of the beautiful yarn is coming from.

    Bright side: I am going on vacation on Friday – and I am taking three socks in progress with me!

    Have a good week!

  14. Have you considered this might be a conspiracy against you by the mailmen of route 56??? If they don’t bring your order of boxes, there is no sneak up and hence no MASSIVE piles of boxes to pick up. I think it’s a strong possibility!

  15. Brights: I baked cookies with my kids this weekend and got all my stuff together to knit my first pair of socks! Book, needles and yarn are all packed nicely in my “Loopy Ewe Project Bag”.

    Bug: After baking, son informs me “he doesn’t like jelly in his cookies”. Didn’t mention that at all during the baking process. Also that bag has been packed for the last week–when do I get time to start?

  16. Yeah, I’m BUGGED that I worked hard on learning to do a toe-up sock (with an afterthought heel) and then Bound Off Too Tight! Couldn’t get it on my foot! So, off to my LYS, and she helped me frog it back, and I bound off on an even BIGGER needle — and now I can get it on, but I really don’t like it! Question is: will I ever make it’s mate?

    Bright news is that I’m trying to organize a Sock Knitting Group, so that I can have many more enablers!

    Looking forward to the next Sneak Up!

  17. How am I ever going to decide what I want when the Sneak-Up does occur, proposing I am able to catch it??? That is going to be one major sneak up!!

    No real “bugs” for me right now. Although I am a little concerned I won’t finish my 3Q Challenge, as I switched gears and am trying something other than my original plan. I’m not sure the pattern and the colorway I chose are the right match, which means I may have to start over and I guess that DOES bug me.

    Brights: One of my very best friends from college is moving to the DC metro area. We’ll probably get together this weekend for dinner – very exciting and a fun surprise!

  18. Brights: I now have individual project bags (all different!) from various etsy sellers for all my socks in progress. I feel more organized.

    Also, a friend gave me a bookcase she didn’t need and I immediately converted it to yarn book and yarn storage.

    Bugs: I keep falling asleep while knitting!

    How about shipping yarn in Priority mail envelopes instead of boxes?

  19. Doncha hate frogging what you’ve managed to knit in the limited time available? This weekend I (bravely — I’m terrified of this sweater) started the Kauni, got four rows in and frogged it. Sigh. I’ve managed to get it cast back on and have knit one row, but that’s it. This does NOT make for good blogging, I’ve noticed (I resorted to pictures of frogged, wrinkled-up yarn, which is not inspiring to anyone).

    Enjoy the visit from your son!

  20. Bugs – it’s Monday.
    Bright side – Yeah, the Wollmeise is in!!! Yes, I know that you are always going to be carrying it, but I somehow feel if I miss it this time I might never ever ever see it again. KWIM????

    Yes, I am a yarn freak. I admit it.

  21. Bugs- Somthing came up and I didn’t make it to the gym like I’d planned

    Brights-It’s my Birthday this week and my husband said I could buy whatever I wanted during the next sneak up! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that those boxes come soon!

  22. Had to update!

    Bright? I actaully took a nap:)

    Bug? I didn’t have any knitting time.

    Bright? In two weeks , I am taking an all day class with Cat Bordhi on her new sock book! I have a feeling that will motivate me to steal a few minutes here and there for sock knitting.

  23. Bright: Happy dance for you because College Boy is coming home this weekend!

    No bugs – the weather is beautiful and I’m choosing what socks to knit next! Also, my house is clean!!!

  24. Bugs: It’s monday, and I spent all day looking at a Perl script for work, that I can’t figure out why it isn’t working. And I’m NOT a programmer- I’m a scientist. There’s a reason why I’m not a programmer.

    Brights: I haven’t thrown my computer on the floor yet

    Bugs: I could really use a very large margarita after work…but I can’t because I’m pregnant.

    Brights: I can have coffee- and there’s a Starbucks right across the street from work.

    Brights: I took 2 glorious hours to myself yesterday to dye up some yarn- and my 3 and a half year old joined in the fun and did her first skein. I’m such a proud mom!

  25. Brights: I got a box from you today that I really didn’t expect to get until you got more boxes!! Whoo-hoo Wendy patterns, and since I _had_ to have free shipping I got several different yarns to make said patterns with. Of course husband is pointing out that shipping on 2 patterns would have been less than my eventual total, I’m ignoring him for now.

    And the biggest bright – I started a new job this week that not only means that I work from home, but also means that I can knit and no one will know as long as I get my work done.

    Bugs: Must remember to go to the bathroom _before_ the 2 hour conference call next time.

  26. Hmmmm, I see quite a few bags in Sherry’s projects. lol

    I’m still working my way through all of my Loopy Yarn. Sometimes though, I just like to squish it. 🙂

  27. Brights: It’s a gorgeous Fall day here in the Rockies and most of the wildfires are out.

    I have tons of knitting projects in my queue and still more to put in. I just love it.

    Bugs: I don’t have enough money to just completely clean out your stock–of everything!!!!

  28. Bugs – My fractured back is not healing. I saw the CT scan of it last week, and it looks like the L1 vertebrae is virtually destroyed. I even asked the tech is that was the original CT done back in July, but it was the new one. 🙁 I go back to the neurosurgeon this Thursday, so I will be interested to see what he says. I’m tired of not being able to much of anything at all!

    Bright side – I started my Chevron scarf last week when I got my TLE Fiesta yarn. I love how the colors are working together. Thank you for the suggestion to use size 6 needles! I may be a little late coming to the party of making the Chevron scarf, but I do love it. It has one little mistake in it, but I don’t think anyone will notice it. (I forgot to change colors one time.) It is really nice working on a larger needle for a change!

  29. Brights: We are finally getting a cool-down! It’s about time for the first bowl of chili to signal fall coming in. I’m casting off the 2nd sock of the Loopy Fall socks. Then I get to start the 2nd Twisted Flowers sock for the Q3 challenge.

    Bug: I don’t know if I will get the second Q3 sock done in time. I always have the best-laid plans for weekend knitting and plans go awry!

  30. Bugs: Baby C is teething pretty hard. He has been crying so much in the last three days (despite doing everything we can to comfort him) that he has gone hoarse. Poor baby. Poor mommy. I love him and I know he’s in pain but I’ve been holding him and nursing him for 3 days and I’m starting to feel a little bit crazy myself!

    Bright side: I bought a couple skeins of STR last night before the colors are discontinued;)

  31. My biggest bug is that I don’t have any days off anymore. I’m either at work or at school. None. Nada. Zip. I hit a wall of exhaustion yesterday at work and I didn’t know I could even be that cranky.

    The bright is, however, that I’ve opted to skip classes today, take the day off, knit and organize and clean and have sushi.

    The only thing that could have made it better is if the stupid post office had delivered your boxes. Stupid post office.

  32. Bugs: Just after leaving the FedEx box, I realized that I forgot to include a significant charge on one of our invoices. Worse, it’s a client we won’t be working with again, so I can’t just tack it on to next month. Also, I need a nap.

    Brights: My boss was the one who was in charge of approving the invoice, so it’s not totally my fault. And my dad is the boss, so that helps. I do think the fact that we share DNA means that we both make the same mistakes. Also, I’m going to go take a nap.

    It’s totally ridiculous that we all could have mailed you empty boxes and they would have arrived before the post office could supply you with them! Each sneak up delay is just more hours perusing the website wondering what else I’m going to order.

  33. Bugs me that bad things DO come in 3s: hurt kitty and big vet bill on Friday, toothache today (big dentist bill?) and stuck car window (more unplanned bills). Pbbbbt!

    Bright news is I have nice new next door neighbors.

  34. You know, I bet you could do a sneak up with the caveat that we each had to send you and empty box to mail our purchases back to us in and despite the longer wait for the goodies that would ensue, I bet I wouldn’t be the only one all over that idea. (And if I was, all the better – no worries about yarn leaping out of my cart at the last minute.) ‘Course all those boxes going to you and then coming back again might send your Postal Carrier into fits.

    Bugs: I didn’t have one when I started this comment but some !$%@%^#%$& jerk just went barrelling past the house at what had to have been at least 50 mph. We’re a residential street. There’s kids and stuff. And the limit is 25 mph. And it’s not like he/she lives her – he/she was just cutting through to avoid traffic. Luckily, no kids out there at the time. And he/she didn’t run off the road or anything. Although there was a definite burning rubber squeal before they blew past the front window.

    Brights: I haven’t missed the Sneak Up yet.

  35. bright: i knit another inch on my jaywalker sock before work this morning.
    bug: i had to rip it out because i was off on one of the increases.

    bug: after a chaotic day at work, i came home and promptly lost my grip on a piece of paper (student work) which slid between the wall & radiator… irretrievable.
    bright: i quickly noticed my Loopy Ewe package and i’m so in love with the Fall Foliage CTH that it’s sitting on my lap while I type this.

  36. Bright: You posted today!! I love your blog and I was happy to hear you received the last box of Wollmeise. I am dying to try some of that yarn since I found out about it 6 months ago.
    Bug: I don’t know when you will “sneak it up” and get all stressed out thinking I’m going to miss on it again. I know you’ll get more, but still I get all stressed.

    SSS: I am famous at my local yarn store sock club for all my “single socks” I figure I’m more of a process knitter. Once I see how the sock turned out I’m satisfied and “on to the next challenge”!

    Thank you for the baby monkey sock patterns. I’m looking forward to trying them.

  37. Sweetie, I can only hope that YOUR neck of St. Louis gets boxes before I do. I ordered boxes for the studio 6 weeks ago. They have not arrived nor do they care. I’m a little bit smoked for sure.

    You can gritch about the calorie count at P.F. Chang’s my dear but really—— you YOU YOU are the one who singlehandedly has me with the doggone Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte monkey on my back!!! And my daughter who is a barista in Virginia had to tell me that a venti is 410 calories. YIKES. At least Chang’s is food (FPS indeed!) I have had to concoct my own little homebrewed version of Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is based on decaf chai tea and not espresso at all but whatchagonnado???

    Go knit………. you’ll feel better! That will tide you over until the collegiate arrives home and you’ll be grinnin’ like a possum.

  38. The postal service sure can be irritating….

    But I am really looking forward to the Firestarter pattern… I have been drooling over it lately 🙂

    Bug: I did not have a good day. And I haven’t been able to find a lot of knitting time lately. Due mainly in part to homework.

    Bright: I am home now! I don’t have too much homework, so that means knitting time! And while waiting for the bus after school I heard that today is Free Hugs Day. That just brightened my day 🙂

    Free hugs to everyone!

  39. Sorry, I’m part of your problem — I’ve placed a couple orders recently, using up those precious boxes unwittingly!

    Bug: I meant to make chocolate chip cookies (using your recipe!) for our first day of school here last Tuesday, but work ran late & it didn’t happen. So, after lots of reminding from my younger one, I made the cookies Fri night with her help. Problem: we did not have enough flour nor enough brown sugar. My husband does most of the cooking, and I assumed we had enough staples… I had bought the chocolate chips! So I substituted more white sugar and a little bit of organic seven grain bread flour (it was late at night and I wasn’t going to make the trip to the grocery store that’s open late if I could avoid it). The cookies taste fine but have a very interesting very crunchy texture. And definitely not chewy, with the substitutions. Argh.

    Bright side: Great weekend, started and finished one fingerless glove for the aforementioned younger daughter, and started the second, and have some wonderful yarn on the way in the coveted boxes; probably one arriving in my mailbox any minute!
    (And I just got some Wollmeise direct from Germany before Claudia shut down temporarily to reconfigure her shop…..so I would be guilt-ridden ordering more anyway…)

  40. Bug: Both printers at work are down and have been now for more than two weeks. The tech support people have been split into groups and getting them together to figure out my group’s printer problem has been worse than getting Israel and the Palestinians to the table to talk.

    Brights: Today is my birthday, and although I didn’t mention it to many people here at work, one of my friends took it upon herself to e-mail the whole group and let them know, so I’ve been getting calls and e-mails from co-workers all over the country. It’s made for a series of nice surprises. Even if my printer isn’t working.

    AND I’ve got packages waiting at home, so it can’t be all bad! **GRIN**

  41. Bug: A bug. To be more specific, mystery bug that had me running a fever yesterday and a headache today.

    Bug: I have four or five projects that I’d really love to start, but I can’t justify casting on until I finish some existing projects.

    Bright: I’m pretty close to done with my Cider Moon Glacier socks.

    Bright: The ibuprofen just kicked in.

  42. It must be time to visit the “MOMS”! My son is checking airfare from
    Richmond for a visit home. Have a good week looking forward to
    college boy’s arrival!

  43. Bright: No chance of a yarn famine at *my* house, so I’ll wait patiently til you get boxes. 😀 (Could you use the Priority mylar bags for some orders? Would those arrive any quicker, even if it was just for a little while, to conserve boxes?)

    Bright: Fiber Gypsy socks are >

  44. Trying again…Sorry for the goof!

    Bright: No chance of a yarn famine at *my* house, so I’ll wait patiently til you get boxes. 😀 (Could you use the Priority mylar bags for some orders? Would those arrive any quicker, even if it was just for a little while, to conserve boxes?)

    Bright: Fiber Gypsy socks are II this close to done. A half-monkey repeat and toe decreases an I’ll either have a new pair of socks or a Christmas gift for my SIL.

    Bug: Median age in my business class: 37(or so)–instructor keeps giving us crazy busy work like we just got out of high school (Been out 25 years!!) and had the audacity to tell us not to expect her to hold our hand like our high school teachers did. I wonder where she went to High school–no one ever held *my* hand.

    Bright: Only 13 weeks and the semester is over. LOL.

    Bright: My Flash class is Way Cool, and the instructor is HOT!!!

    Bug: Only 13 weeks and the semester is over. LOL.

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