Hi there! First of all, a big big thank you to all of you who are so wonderful and kind and encouraging, even when you miss Wollmeise again! So many of you wrote order notes that just brightened our day! (Ok – brightened our night. We were working on orders late into the night!) We really appreciate your business and your kindness. Please know that we’re getting these out as fast as possible, but it does take an extra day or two during Sneak Ups. 🙂

I did feel the need to address something in the blog. While 98% of you have been wonderful, 2% of you are not happy. I know it’s disappointing to be watching the website for something, and then miss it. If I had my way, we’d just announce the time and day we were adding new products, and you wouldn’t have to pay such close attention to things here! But remember, we don’t do that because so many hop on and shop at once, that it has killed the website. We have tested the web capacity by having daytime Sneak Ups these last couple of times, and for the most part it works ok. (A couple of glitches yesterday when people checked out simultaneously with the last skeins of something, but we’re figuring out ways around it for the future.) But it doesn’t work ok enough to pre-announce again. This is just the way we have to work it. It’s not a “marketing ploy” or something meant to create stress – it’s the most efficient and effective way for us to update the website on a regular basis, for you.

We also order a lot. I have tried to generically reassure you of that in past blog posts, but I still had someone wonder this morning why I don’t order more yarn: “Why don’t you just order enough so you can stock it? Or is making an artificially high demand more profitable for you?” Now that just makes me a bit cranky. (Or maybe it makes me a lot cranky.) We have not, nor will we ever, artificially do anything here for profitability. I don’t believe in it, and it doesn’t work, anyway, even if your values allowed you to do something like that. We order the maximum amount that our indie dyers can produce, and we get orders from them as often as they can dye them up for us. Period. Remember, these are wonderfully talented individuals doing all of this on their own. There is only so much that they can produce. We had 330 skeins of Wollmeise yesterday, gone in 2 hours. (I can see when the last skein was sold.) We had 340 patterns from Wendy. She is sending me 450 more on Friday, just because she has printed her heart out all week long and was able to get a bit more done! (She doesn’t want to do it by pdf. You can check her blog last week for her reasoning, which I happen to agree with.) We also get 350-500 skeins of Dream In Color per order, every single month, and I know those sell out usually in a day. We have regular standing orders with all of our dyers and most all of our “main” yarn companies, just to insure that we keep getting great yarn in here for you, all the time. By having a good number of indie dyers, it insures that new batches from at least a few of them will be in every week or two, even if the one you were waiting on, sold out quickly. We will continue to do our very very best to serve you well and keep you supplied. This business is extremely important to us, and we take it very seriously. Now that I have attached numbers to some of these things, maybe it will help more of you to understand that it’s not a matter of not ordering enough. We order the maximums. The demand is high for many of these yarns/patterns, and we will continue to get stock in to fill it – as often as possible, and as much as possible.

There. Cranky rant is over. Back to packing up your orders and sending them on their way with hugs and many thanks to each one of you. 98% of you are just the best! 🙂

Sheri it’sabeautifullycoolandsunshineydaytoday


  1. I’m sorry some people are rude. Finding your shop, through one of your happy customers, has brightened up my life enormously. Imagine the karma those nasty people are attracting. They’ll probably come back as cockroaches who crochet.

  2. Dear Sheri:
    Ok, at the risk of being lynched..I say “it is *just* yarn”. There are customers out here who think that ya’ll are doing a wonderful job, and are astounded at your fantabulous (always:) customer service, AND product selection! Unfortunately, we are in a day/age where that is a rare thing, and it is SO appreciated when it is found!

    Now, I don’t know exactly what a “sneak up” is, but for heaven’s sake…I’m sure there will be more spectacular yarn.

    I say, “rock on” with the great job! And not to worry about folks, ya just can’t please everyone anyway. Knit awhile…it’ll help with the stress 😉

    Blessings, Rori

  3. I thought it was funny that I was only two hours late and had missed all of the Wollmeise. I would love to get a skein to the point that I don’t care about color. I would never say that you were artificially trying to create demand especially when you are so kind in your order notes. I know that someday I will get a skein of the much desired Wollmeise just like I did with Yarntini.
    I’m sorry not everyone feels this way and that someone would be rude to you. On a random note my family makes a variation of your Special K bars but we use rice crispies they are a family favorite.

  4. Sheri you do a great job and I shop at your store because you make me feel like a valued customer even though I don’t have the money to buy much. I love your service and how you answer all of our comments even when I know you are busy. I didn’t order anything yesterday but I thought about it and decided I needed to refrain. I hope whoever got the ones that I thought about buying will enjoy them. I know that eventually I will get some of the ones that I want. I am more of a Seacoast girl anyway. LOL.

  5. Oh Sheri, I’m so sorry about those nasty complaints. It’s so unfair. Not to repeat what everyone else has said about the superb selection and amazing customer service, but it’s all true, and you know we love you. Even though we’ve never met, I feel like you’re my friend, and I take it very personally when my friends are critized for no good reason. (Although I can’t resist teasing you sometimes!)

    I love the sneak ups. Sometimes they’re at a convenient time for me and I can sashay in there and pick up everything on my list. Sometimes the Wollmeise and Wendy’s patterns are gone before I even know they’ve been up. That’s life. They’ll be back. It’s not as if I have nothing else to knit in the meantime!

    And I’d love to help you pack boxes if I lived a little closer!

  6. Hi Sheri I just can’t believe that you get complaints!! You all do such a wonderful job.. Wool is a passion and gives much enjoyment but it isn’t something to get so upset about!! If your favourite isn’t available its a great chance to try something different!!! You never know, it might even be a wool-habit changing experience!! Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Sheri and staff – I have read all the comments and I agree with your supporters. You have become the only place I shop for yarn. You have found the best independent dyers and new designers so I need look no further. You have always responded to me within the same 24 hours. It is remarkable what you do for us. And I’ve even used most of your slow cooker recipies so I have more time to knit. Please know we all love you and are so glad Loopy Ewe exists.

  8. We live in a world of entitlement these days, and the 2% of complaints shows that “me first” is not dead. I really haven’t lost my sense of total appreciation that I can, with the click of a mouse, select and pay for some of the nicest yarn I have ever seen. I recently bought some yarn from the LE, and the personal touches brought a smile to my face. Our world could use a lot more of an attitude of gratitude.

  9. Everyone must remember, its not a life and death issue to get a skein of yarn. It is
    something to look forward to getting when the time comes, whenever that may be!!

  10. Sorry to hear you had some cranky comments!! Yes, I’m a little bummed I missed the Wollmeise for the second time, but I’ll keep waiting and when I’m meant to have it, it will happen. And I will rejoice. Until then…I’m not having a problem finding other yarns on your site to quench my yarn addiction for the week! ;o)

    If folks are going to be that uptight and cranky about not getting Wollmeise, maybe they need to knit more so they will be a bit more relaxed about it, putting good, positive knitting karma out there. ;o) It’s not like you aren’t going to get it in ever again and only in exclusive colorways — let’s all take a deep breath, and exhail — and maybe the next time Wollmeise is available, those of us who haven’t been able to get it, will.

  11. I am so sorry that people were so rude to you.I will offer you words of wisdom that my goddaughter gave me when she was in 2nd grade.The kids at school were complaining about the items that they got is some sort of school swap.You know the usual but Susie got a such and such and I didn’t.The teacher told them”You get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit !” Words to live by!!
    We love you and the great service that you provide.

  12. I’ve never gotten into a sneak up, but I don’t know that there is any sock yarn that I need badly enough to rant about not be able to buy it. You provide excellent service and that is most important to me.

    I’m looking forward to the Baby Monkey pattern. Thanks to Cookie for letting you share it with us!

  13. Sheri, you do a wonderful job. I missed the sneakup this week, for which my budget is eternally grateful, but that’s life. So I didn’t get in on the new yarns; there’s still some Cherry Tree Hill I’m lusting after and if I watch my budget this week and don’t kill my in-laws when I see them this weekend, I can get that.

    We’re not dealing with vast, commerically produced quanities here, but small, independent creators. That usually means that no matter how much you order, you’re never going to have enough of some yarns. But because I can order from you while I’m sitting here in California and you’re where you are, I can get some of those yarns that I might not be able to get otherwise — or that I might not have even heard about in the first place.

    And one day I’ll catch a sneak-up when I actually have budget!

  14. When I miss out on yarns like Wollmeise I just log on to look at the photos of the yarn colors that were sold. Sometimes that’s good enough, to just admire the colors on my computer screen. If we can’t have the original, at least we can look from afar and revisit from time to time. A lot of my yarns are the “sit and admire” kind anyway. Thank you for taking such good photos and for keeping the pics of yarns gone by on the site.

  15. OK, I just need to say this for all those who are SERIOUSLY and LOUDLY lamenting missing this, that or the other thing, and/or complaining about the handling of the sneak ups:

    IT’S YARN, PEOPLE!! Trust me, there will be more!! Lots more!

    I for one never have enough money to get everything I want, so I prioritize and go look at that first. If I get it, I get it. If not, oh well, better for the budget anyway.

    While it is sad, I don’t mind things falling out of my cart. This meansthat after I have spent whatever my budget will support, I can put the rest of the stuff I want in there for later and not worry about somone else who CAN buy it at the moment not being able to get it. It also means that when I HAVE a yarn budget, I can go more quickly and get something I wanted rather than having to bang my head against the computer thinking, “Now, where was it again??”

    I also agree with the poster above (sorry, it’s way up there, and I don’t recall your name) who said it’s like a game. Sort of a combination of Hide and Seek and Flashlight Tag. I think it’s kind of fun.

    But that’s just me, and as one of my co-workers has taken great pains this week to point out, I’m “weird.” **GRIN**

  16. The heck with the sneak up — I’ll come pack boxes if it’ll get me some cool weather!!

    Ya can’t please everyone. Cranky McCrankypants will always pop up somewhere. I still love you.

    (And I still have 48 pairs’ worth to knit before I can justify more.)

  17. Sheri — don’t let the creepoids get you down. You are doing a great job and provide exceptional customer service. Some people have to say nasty things to good people; why, to make themselves feel better of course. Ignore them. Thank you for all you do.

  18. Sheri,

    You’re fabulous! And so obviously trying to be fair to all… And you have LOTS of fabu stuff in stock when I need a treat/reward. One of these daysI’ll get a sneak-up treat, but in the meantime I’m happy knowing you’re here.


  19. Well, you can’t make everyone happy, right? Someone will always try to bring you down. You can your family/friends/employees should all be very proud of the business you have established. I think it’s pretty great!

  20. I’m over here pouting that I was busy at work and missed the Sneak Up, and thus missed out on Wollmeise again. It wasn’t your fault, Sheri. It was work. I’ve found that I have to work each and every week day, which cuts into my knitting time, just to afford more yarn. I know! Diabolical! Not that I need more yarn to knit right now…. I have (ahem) about (oh, nevermind the exact number; it’s a lot) other nifty indie sock yarns I could be knitting, in addition to the several already on the needles. I’ll get my chance one of these days. I’m just so glad your business is doing well, and hope your good fortune continues.

  21. Sheri, I can only echo some of the lovely sentiments you’ve already received. You know just how much I love your selection and service (and the contribution of your fabulous staff and family). I actually was a little angry to hear you’d been subjected to such immature, mean-spirited and completely ridiculous comments. I don’t like the “snatched out of my cart” and “yarn hog” comments either, it’s not as though we can see each others carts! I’m happy that an ealier poster clarified about the Loopies. I was one before I knew it, just because of the great selection of everything that you carry EVERYDAY. If, as one person does, you only try to buy coveted items on a sneak up day, of course it may take longer. I’ve missed and caught Sneak Ups, even with the emails, and I know a big effort is made to have them at many different times, how could a reasonable person be upset by this? FHS people – a little common sense – no one has perished from Wollmeise-deprivation.

  22. Sheri, don’t beat yourself up; you are unsurpassed in customer service! And, yeah, I missed the Wollmeise – again – but simply directed my covetous impulses towards one of your new selections to add to my “collection.”

    At this rate, the way things are going with the Wollmeise, I know I’ll have something to look forward to in my old age. 😉

  23. What problems you have 🙂 Thanks for the insight. I’ve always wondered how much yarn that you get.

    I started ordering from you a few months ago, and besides my LYS, I’ve been getting most of my yarn and knitting things from you. I’ve been impressed by the customer service and pleased quality of the items I’ve items I received.

    I was lucky enough to get in on the Woolmeise sneak up, and there are a few of Wendy’s patterns I have yet to receive, and I have yet to score Yarntini. Even so, I find the Sneak Ups fun–kind of like the thrill of the hunt–and as Wendy wrote in a recent post, things will adjust eventually with some items.

    Keep up the good work.

  24. You have a great site and do a wonderful job…ever order has come promptly and quickly. There are just some people that can never be pleased and with the internet these days…interest just explodes over certain things. You are doing the best you can do and most of us know that. Keep doing what you are doing…you do it so well!

  25. This probably is in The Loopy Ewe FAQ somewhere–but I can’t find it. How long does it take for the account balance shown on the “My Account” page to catch up to the recent orders?

    I missed the Wollmeise again. Someday. Meanwhile, I got another skein of that lucious Knittery Merino Cashmere. YUHHHMM. Thanks for your great service.

    And, best of all, the modifications to Wendy’s Cabletini (added six stitches so the gusset is longer and switched to one size larger needle after the ankle) seem to be working. I kept thinking I could live with a sock that was difficult to put on. When I had them almost done–the final try on before binding off–I knew I just wouldn’t struggle with them and they would languish unloved. So, now I’m glad I frogged and adjusted. One sock almost done, the other 1/2 done. It is a beautiful pattern and well worth my struggles. Thanks for posting it on your site.

  26. I’m sorry to hear that there are some out there that are making you understandably cranky! Sadly, I can relate after experience working in retail how upsetting those encounters can be with “unhappy customers”. But the rest of us LOVE you and everyone at The Loopy Ewe!

    I admit that on one of the first updates (the one that crashed the servers I believe) I was so upset when something got snatched out of my cart since I thought it was “safe” there. But now that I know how the whole “Shopping Cart” works I realize that can happen!

    I realize the frustration when you “miss” an item on the Sneak-Up, but that’s just one of the great things about you – you keep getting more whenever they become available! All we have to do is to be patient and wait (and sometimes, wait, and wait, and wait!) :0)

    Keep up the GREAT work and please try not to let the unhappy people discourage you.



  27. I am sending yet another hug to you, Sheri, for all the hard work and care you put into TLE. Let’s just see how many positive comments we can put in here to brighten your day!

    I have grown philosophical about sneak-ups now (having no money this week helped!) and am fully capable of *gasp* not buying any yarn. There will be more and I have lots already. I must become more picky and wait for a colour or fiber that really jumps out at me while I knit though the beauty I already have in hand. Patience, people.

  28. Aw! That is a shame that people would say negative things about the Loopy Ewe. I appreciate everything you do, including scaring the poor postal workers. 🙂 You are wonderful, you get hundreds of orders and hundreds of comments on your blog. All orders have handwritten notes, and each time I comment you reply. That is amazing to me. Poo on those people who are so selfish that they cannot see how hard you work!

  29. I want to publicly thank you!! I recently became a groupie – yaaaaay!! Thank you for the tote bag (can’t have too many of those!) and 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces in Pioneer colorway and some minty candy (forgive me if I forgot something). You don’t have to do that. Most retailers don’t do anything and especially not to that degree.

    I missed my first real sneak up – BUT – by some strange fluke of nature (totally a “meant to be” thing) I just happened on to the one just before that. I work a day job and can’t shop the nets at work and I’m not a stalker – but I snagged some really cool stuff one LATE night!! I just got lucky. I think the trick is to get a couple things and check out. I’m not completely positive because the invoice isn’t in front of me – but I’m pretty sure Sheri combines shipping if you order within a certain time frame. Sure it might be a pain – but it’s sort of like hunting for Easter Eggs when you were a kid – the one who is fastest and finds the most wins!! I didn’t get any Wollmeise and so far I haven’t got any of the WendyKnits patterns I really want. And yeah – some of us are selective and know we can’t have it ALL at once and then some are greedy yarn hoarders (said tongue-in-cheek) grab everything that will fit in their shopping cart!! So be it! It sort of makes it an adventure. Most of the folks who are complaining probably have more yarn than they can knit up in a lifetime and like Sheri has said MANY times…she constantly reorders and it will come back eventually. It’s not like handdyed yarn is in her back yard growing on trees. And it’s not like the dyers are sending it to her FREE out of the kindness of their hearts – she has to pay for it up front and I’m sure no one else would blame her for being prudent and careful. And that’s coming from the same person who just yesteday (out of frustration, I admit) suggested to Wendy to poll the masses and just print up the bazillions everyone wants and be done with it. The reality is that these folks are not millionaires just selling you their wares just to have something to do. Most likely they would be on some sunny tropical beach, sipping a nice adult beverage while knitting away with their laptop nearby ordering some indie yarn from some really nice, friendly retailer who has to listen to people rant on them because they missed out on something. And that’s all I’m going to say about that…

  30. I figure if I don’t get the yarn I want, I guess I was just meant to pay my cable bill this month instead of knit a pair of socks.

  31. Hi Sheri,

    I just wanted to add my voice to the 98% who love you and your shop. I haven’t gotten in on the Wollmeise yet either, but why should I get get angry at you for it? That’s ridiculous! I’ve always found other wonderful yarns to buy, and now I’m so excited to be a Loopy Groupie!! Woohoo!!

  32. Sheri, i like your store, but I do understand some of the frustration of your customers.

    I am not a groupie yet, and the Groupies get dibs and buy you out in minutes. I’ve *never* hit a sneak up. So I’d like to also request that you also have truly unannounced ‘sneaky sneak ups’ where anyone, even us unwashed non-Groupies, has a chance to get in. Then really I’d feel better about it and think at least I had a fair go (and a chance to order and be a Groupie too).

    That’s my only grumble (but a POLITE one). Otherwise, I’d like to hear that %2 suggest a way your supposed to keep mad-popular products stocked for their leisure.

  33. Sheri,
    You and your loopy ewe are great. I have ordered many awesome skeins of yarn and will continue to do so. So thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do so. Even if I may have to live in a cardboard box and eat Ramin Noodles for the rest of my life.
    Yes I was unable to get some of that Woolmeise and was bummed out, but can not even imagine getting mad over it and then get mad at you. It is your company and you run it how you see fit. You are doing us as customers a service by providing your wool. We can not always get what we want. Those 2% are insane. have they never been to a store to get what they wanted and it was sold out? Come on now, they sound worse than my 4th graders.
    Please do not let those haters get you down, you have many many fans out there who will continue to support you and your business.

  34. Sheri, I have not yet managed to catch a sneak-up in action, but I’m not bitter about it! I view it as a game to play and not something to get all upset over. Someday I will come to the site at exactly the right time and there will be skads of Yarn Pirate and Dream in Color and Yarntini waiting for me, and then it is quite likely I will embarrass myself by ordering massive quantities of sock yarn I don’t have time to knit right now :). Please don’t let the rude people get to you! They need to relax and realize that yarn isn’t life and death.

  35. Sheri,

    You guys at Loopy Ewe are the best; I am so sorry about the negative feedback. If I don’t get one skein of beautiful sock yarn, I am sure there will be another one waiting in the wings at Loopy Ewe.
    It is just yarn after all. Life is too short!
    But I do look forward to being a Loopy Groupie.

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