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DSC01148.JPGI found more glass jars for yarn balls yesterday. Do you have a HomeGoods store near you? That’s where these came from. I found this one first and love how it sits on a pedestal and has a pretty top. (In my mind, I’m wondering how long that pretty top is going to last. I’ll have to put it somewhere safe, where it won’t get hit by a flying ball or anything.) My other yarn ball jar was much smaller and full, so I haven’t been too motivated to make more balls. DSC01145.JPGHowever, this one has LOTS of space to fill up and I just love it. I emptied the other jar into it and will turn that first jar into …. something else. The second jar is so big, that it’s perfect for yarn cakes! (How will I keep track of which cake is what yarn? I took photos of them before dumping them in here.) DSC01131.JPGI don’t wind too many of my yarns up ahead of time, but I do have enough wound up to fill up this jar. When you cake your yarn, it can stretch it a bit, so that’s why you don’t want to cake too far ahead of your knitting. But isn’t the jar cool? WH’s first question when he saw it: “Nice. Where are you going to put it?” Did anyone else start Yarn Ball Jar collections since the last post? I also saw some great wooden bowls at HomeGood, too.

DSC01147.JPGAnother new thing – check out the shoes that Dr. Jackie told me I “had” to buy. She was right. I clicked over on the link she sent and knew I had to have Sheep Birks. I mean, they’re RED for pete’s sake. How could I turn them down? (Can I write that off to advertising??) πŸ™‚ They did have other cute animals in different colors, but the sheep were definitely meant for me.

DSC01146.JPGSpeaking of sheep, look what my friend Sharon sent me for our Loopy anniversary – a sheep weathervane! I posted it in the “garden corner” by our back porch. Now, granted, the garden corner is severely lacking this year. But just because the weathervane is so pretty, I’m going to make sure there are plenty of beautiful things growing around it next year. (That’s why you’re not getting a photo standing back from it, with beautiful flowers growing all around the base. Next year. Surely.)

I did get some knitting done over the weekend. I finished my Sockina Cotton socks (both of them – yay!) and finished my first Monkey out of Dream in Color Some Summer Sky. I was all set to cast on the second Monkey but got distracted by a case of yarn that was delivered today. Case #1 (of 3) of this next Wollmeise order. I haven’t cast on yet, but I have the skeins here next to my computer, just for admiring. DSC01144.JPGThen I got to thinking, wouldn’t a whole big jar full of Wollmeise be a gorgeous decoration? But of course you’d never be able to leave it alone. You’d want to knit it all up. (And yes, I’d definitely take all of the tags off it I were going to have these on display.) That also got me to thinking – wouldn’t it be pretty to have a glass jar or wooden bowl out on display filled with yarns that go with the season? Reds/oranges/yellows/burgundys/browns for fall, blues/purples/whites for the winter, pastels or bright pinks/limes/greens/yellows for the spring, aquas/sun yellows/oranges for the summer? I just may have to try that when I “Fall up” the house in the next week or two. Fall is my very favorite season!

I know you’re wondering about the next Sneak Up. It’s looking like it will have to be next week. We really don’t have enough shipping boxes for a Sneak Up. We have visited 4 post office branches to beg and borrow as many cases of boxes as they could spare, to take care of regular orders this week. (We order them online from and they take 7-10 business days to get here, so that’s the holdup. Usually we manage to successfully stay ahead of the game on that but last week did us in. I’m sorry that means you’ll have to wait!) Hopefully the latest order of boxes will arrive by the weekend, and we’ll Sneak Up next week. It’s very weird to be out of boxes. But on a brighter note, there is beautiful yarn going up next week! I’ll give you a “for sure” list next Monday, but as long as the other 2 cases of Wollmeise arrive this week, you can count on that for next week. In the meantime, we’ll probably do a few re-stocks this week yet. More Fiesta Boomerang has arrived, along with more Dream in Color, and another whole batch of Wendy’s patterns. There’s always something fun arriving here.

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  1. I had NO idea you weren’t supposed to cake your yarns too far in advance. Lucklily, I left my good yarns alone. The yarn ball jars are beautiful. I started one with a small bowl shaped vase, but thought I was being silly and no one in the world would do something like that.

    So, I think I’ll go fill that vase up when I get home. Thank you!

  2. My first question is: What if you wear those Birks on the wrong feet? I know I’m sometimes in a hurry and just throw on some shoes and away I go. Doesn’t that mess up the sheep? Hee hee! πŸ™‚ Just kidding!
    I of course, just purchased more Fiesta (I think I must own all the colors now, well, not quite). But I wanted a couple of skeins for the chevron scarf – I’m lovin’ that pretty pattern!
    I would love, love, love a jar of Wollmeise!

  3. Hi Sheri, You probably already know this, but when I wind a new cake I roll up the label and stick in the middle of the cake as I lift it off the winder. When Is the sKNITches order coming in. I love the look of Day Spa!


  4. Sherri,
    I just received my order (the Loopy Project Tote and Accessories Tote) and was amazed to see a personal note from you on my invoice! This was my second order and my second invoice note. Do you do this on all orders? What a nice touch!

    I wish I had more time to knit so I could order more yarn! You have such a wonderful selection. I know that I will be ordering yarn that I have no definite plans for, but just love!

    I enjoy reading your blog and love looking at (and buying) your yarn!


  5. I love your Birks! I went to the website and saw cat shoes too. So cool. Since my foot surgery I only wear Birks and maybe a few shoes by Clarke. Love the yarn in jars.

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