Bad News, Good News

jkhappyannivBad News: The Loopy Ewe Anniversary Yarn sold out in a day.
Good News: That was only 150 skeins out of our 200 skein order. The last 50 skeins will be here from J.Knits in the next day or two and will go up on the website when they come in. And we’ll keep selling the Celebratory Chevrons pattern here after the yarn is gone, because it would look beautiful in any J.Knits colorway – or others.

Good News: A new Lorna’s Laces order has arrived and I have picked two colors of the sport weight that need to be knit into a Chevron Scarf.
Bad News: My first Chevron Scarf isn’t any further along than it was in Monday’s post. I hope this isn’t the beginning of SHCSS. (Second Half of Chevron Scarf Syndrome.)

Good News: Trekking, Sockina and Austermann Step have arrived.
Bad News: I may have also started a new sock with the Sockina.

Good News: I live on Route 56.
Bad News: Apparently that’s not a good thing. (Note conversation below that took place at the post office yesterday afternoon.)

Mail Person #1, walking out from the back room: “Oh my gosh – who brought all of this in?” (as she points to a corner full of boxes that I had just brought in.)
Mail Person #2, checking me out with the International Orders: “The Loopy Loo lady here.”
Mail Person #1: “Oh. Wow. OHHH! You’re Route 56! We talk about you all the time at the other branch!”
Me: “Um …. Really? You know about me?”
Mail Person #1: “Oh jeez yes – we all know about you. No one wants to do Route 56 because of the lady with all the boxes every day! Now tell me again what you sell? Socks?”
Me: Sock yarn and lace yarn.
Mail Person #1: “That’s right. And there really are people who buy it? Because we all just kind of stand around and scratch our heads on that one. Who buys sock yarn? There are really that many people out there interested in this stuff?”
Mail Person #2: “Well obviously. You see all these boxes in here all the time.”
Mail Person #1: “That’s true. It’s crazy though, isn’t it? We just have to wonder about it. Sock yarn.”
Me: πŸ™‚

Bad News: There are boxes and boxes of yarn that came in this week and are waiting to be photographed and put up in the next Sneak Up. (At least WH considers that Bad News.)
Good News: And more on the way. (Here’s a news flash – a big order of ShibuiKnits shipped to us today, so for all of you who have been asking me for it, it will be here very soon and I know you will love it.)

Bad News: Knitting Daughter went back to school this week, and College Boy goes back next weekend.
Good News: That means chocolate chip cookies! (A first day of school tradition at our house since College Boy was in Kindergarten. That day, there were plenty of mom-tears mixed into the batter. Don’t you love coming home to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?) And yes, College Boy takes a plate of them to school to have after his first day of college classes, too.

Good News: Here is my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe that I’ve been making all these years.
Bad News: They’re not non-caloric.

DSC01026.JPGBest Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 1/3 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
12 oz. pck. chocolate chips

Beat shortening, both sugars, eggs and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in flour, soda and salt. Fold in chocolate chips. Grease cookie sheets. (or bake on stone). Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes. Cool 1 minute on pan.

Any Good News/Bad News that you’d like to share today?

Sheri badnews:deskisburiedinpilesofpapersgoodnews:it’sonmyto-dolisttoday

Edited later for Anniebananie: Wollmeise, Yarn Pirate, Zen String, Yarntini, and more – all shipping to us between now and the end of August! πŸ™‚


  1. Bad news: Today was Rosebud’s last day of camp. I had to rip back 16 rows of my mystery stole.
    Good news: Both Rosebud and Tulip will go to morning preschool in a week and a half. I also have cupcakes to keep me sane until then.

  2. Good News: The Anniversary yarn is even prettier in person than on screen!
    Bad News: My mom’s totally going to want to have me make socks from it for HER–it’s her colors.

    Good News: My other yarns in that order (Woolly Boully Neapolitan and Duets Wisteria) are also gorgeous.
    Bad News: I just finished sKNITches socks (sKNITch colorway) that are nearly the same colors (purple, lavender, bright green) as the Duets.
    Good News: I love green and purple, so I really don’t care that they’re near-twins.

    Good News: My Rockin’ Sock Club Solstice Slip socks will be done this weekend (I’m halfway up the foot of Sock #2).
    Bad News: I think I might have lost my in-progress Inside Out RSC socks. I had the little bag last weekend, and now I can’t find it anywhere. This is devastating. I must toss my apartment, my car, and my parents’ house to find it.

    Good News: When I finish the Solstice Slips, I’m self-allowed to start a new pair of socks.
    Bad News: Too many choices for what to knit next!!!

    Really Good News: I won two blue ribbons in the Prince William County (Virginia) Fair!! One’s for a fantastic lace shawl, and the other’s for a simple sweater I made for my cousin’s son and need to give to the boy before he outgrows it.

  3. Good News: the last clue came out for the mystery stole.
    Bad News: I’m not done with the previous clue yet!

    Good News: I was able to work on Clue 6 while watching DareDevil with Rifftracks (
    Bad News: Laughed hard enough to rip out stitches (er, lace stitches, not laceration stitches).

    And, uh, still not caught up but possibly tonight. πŸ˜‰

  4. Good news: I got my anniversary yarn today. It’s yummyyummyyummy!!!
    Bad news: I think it needs to be both socks and a chevron scarf…. So I’ll be lurking for another skein.
    Good news: I just got my Ravelry invite!
    Bad news: Having to photograph and catalog everything, while not letting Spouse know how much stash I have.

  5. I don’t think it’s Bad News that chocolate chip cookies are not non-caloric. All those yummy ingredients is what makes them Good News!

    Bad news: Ok, people, don’t throw flaming socks at me. I’m a little burnt out on socks. (ducking) I’ve been doing them for almost a year and I’m starting to crave a change of project. I still have socks to do for Christmas so I’m not giving up entirely.

    Good news: I have enough socks yarn that I can still be busy for the next year.

  6. Good News: I’ve knit several pairs of (adorable) baby booties (out of leftover sock yarn!)
    Bad News: My babies are all too big for them.
    Good News: People keep having babies!
    Bad News: The more booties I knit, the less I work on my other projects.

    Tell the people at the post office that it’s contagious, they should be careful not to touch the boxes or they’ll catch it! lol Oh, no wait, bad idea. Then the packages would never get mailed. Forget I said that. πŸ˜€

    I am waiting to find out what gender baby a friend of mine is going to have so that I can purchase appropriately colored yarn from you to knit her a little layette. Oh, and those cookies look delicious.

  7. Hiya, Sheri!!

    I don’t really have bad news to share with you, so I’ll share all of my good news!

    1. I found your site from Rebecca of Hogwarts Sock Swap fame.
    2. I cleaned up my humungoid pile of stuff that the janitors left in my classroom after waxing the floors.
    3. I got the pile all done!

    Okay, bad news: my toes hurt because of clearing out the pile. Perhaps I’ll treat them to that glorious looking sock yarn I saw on your site this morning. ^_^

    I’ll definitely have to try your cookies on the first day of school! I saw them in your blog entry and was like, “SQUEE! A sock knitter after my own heart!” (If I’m feeling reeaaaally generous I might share them with my students! LOL)


  8. Good news: I hit my goal weight at WW today (I have lost 22 lbs since January – there I said it out loud).
    Good news: my parents are arrving tomorrow (from Canada) to spend 10 days of rest and relaxation with us.
    Good news: my mother will celebrate her 75th birthday with us on Sunday

    Bad news: I may put my 22lbs back on while they are here as we are eating at a few of their favorite restaurants.
    Bad news: I may make Sheri’s chocolate chip cookies tomorrow and blow my diet before they arrive.

    No – I think I will go and fondle some wonderful sock yarn and get my sugar fix that way. GOT TO LOVE THAT SOCK YARN!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend all – I know we will.

  9. Good news: I wrote a blog post about something I’ve never talked about in my life.
    Bad news: I’m afraid people will not get it.
    Good news: I wrote it for myself! πŸ˜€ Who the heck cares?!

    Also good: I’m starting the Bee Fields shawl out of Alchemy Haiku, easily the most beautiful laceweight in the entire world.
    Bad news: I never finished my mystery stole… It’s slogging along… slowly..

  10. I think they need to create a side-route- LL56 (Loopy Lady!) I noticed that my post person has to input the bar code scan to mark the package as picked up, and for a single package, it took about a minute. I can only imagine the packages you have going out!

  11. Good News, my College Son is home for exactly one week (between end of summer school & when he has to be back to work up at school).
    Bad News – College Son is only home for one week for the whole summer because his school is 450 miles away, too far for a weekend.

    Good News, I was accepted by Ravelry on Saturday.
    Bad News – my fractured back is healing slowly, so I am not very mobile at all, and can not take pictures of my stuff for Ravelry. (I have to go back for a CT scan in early Sept, and see the neurosurgeon Sept 13, so I won’t know more until then.) That also really clips my wings for everything, including knitting.

    Good News – College Son is home, so maybe I can talk him into photographing some of my stuff for Ravelry.
    Bad News–College Son is only home for a week, and he has a ton of stuff he wants to do, since he’s been out of town all summer. I’m thinking he may take a couple of pictures for me, but pictures of my stash–that may be another question?

    Your cookie recipe looks yummy! And your post office storry is really funny!

  12. Good News: reading your blog and giggling at the post office story.
    Bad News: Looking for the celebratory chevron pattern and being unable to find it. (I’m a puter spaz, might be right here all along)
    Good News: Loving your site, your blog and ordering from you. You make it a fun experience!
    Bad News: Wondering if I’ll have enough lifetime left to knit everything I want to out of the yarn I’ve ordered thats in my stash….
    Good News: Planning the things I’m going to knit anyway!!!!! :)))

  13. Good news: Sheri posted a super yummy looking chewy cookie recipe
    Bad news: (apart fom the non-caloric) what the hang is shortening? can you use butter instead?

    Good news: Sheri’s getting ShiBui Knits woohoo, glad I didn’t order any elsewhere!
    Bad News: so much yarn so little time…

    Good news: I finally conquered the picot cuff this week (whilst i was stuck at the airport with a 3 hour delay for my plane home)
    Bad news: now i want to make a squillion more pairs of picot cuff socks (have limited myself to casting on two more…)

    have a great weekend Sheri – I must photograph Loopy at play in New Zealand this weekend (this must surely be the farthest he has roamed from home…)

  14. Good news: I made a lovely concoction at 7-11 this morning, of cocoa, French vanilla coffee, and white chocolate raspberry creamer.

    Bad news: The top came off as I was placing it in the cupholder. 10 of 20 oz all over the inside of the car.

    Good news: the car smells delicious…

    Bad news: …but sticky.

  15. the good news: i’m almost done with my sockpalooooza socks
    the bad news part 1: i forgot the first sock at eliza’s, so when i do finish i can’t block them til monday.
    the bad news part 2:i don’t know if i’ll make it yarn wise. i have an itty bitty pile on my lap, and 6 rows plus kitchenering to do (the first sock weighed 50 grams, and i’m using a 100 gram ball of trekking xxl. cross your fingers!)

  16. Good News: My yarn that I ordered from the last sneak up already came toady in the mail and I am already casted on and ready to knit my cuff. Thanks Sheri!!!!

    Bad News: One of my students called me a pig toady and told me that he does not like me!!

    Good News: I oinked like a pig at him after he said that. Not very teacher like but it got him to appologize.

    Life as a teacher has it days!!! :0)

  17. Good news: My hubby got home from his business trip last night (well, this morning actually).

    Bad news: His trip home involved being awake for something like 28 hours straight and he had to go to work today. So he went to sleep right after dinner and I still haven’t managed to have conversation with an adult in more than a week that didn’t involve me buying something. It’s a sad state of affairs when you go shopping just so you can talk to a grown up.

  18. Great post!!!
    I can just picture the whole post office incident!
    I’ll have to save my pennies for some of that wonderful Wollmeise.

  19. What you need to do (you know when you have that down-time) is bring those postal workers some needles and yarn and show them the zen of sock knitting. Then they will be fighting over who gets route 56. Well, maybe not πŸ™‚

    I am so trying those cookies! I did get all excited until I realized I had to have read that wrong and actually thought they were calorie free πŸ™‚

  20. The cookies are made magically non-caloric because of the mom-tears mixed in (even if only figuratively).
    Also, you could make a collage of all of our pictures and give to the post office to put on their wall, as proof, we DO exist and we do buy yarn to make all kinds of things, not just socks. Imagine! wow. muggles. What can you say.

  21. Good news: I had a wonderful week home with my parents this week.
    Bad news: I had to come home today
    Good news: I had sock yarn to comfort me when I got there
    Bad news: I can’t take it with me to work for my 10 hour shift.
    More bad news: There are two of those shifts if you include Sunday.
    And there is yet MORE bad news: School starts on Monday, so all my days off are gone until the next holiday.
    Good news: The next holiday is Labor Day, which is not that far off.
    More good news: I can knit in class
    And even MORE good news: This is the last semester before I graduate.
    Bad news: Sort of.

    I need to stop. I can keep going. But I won’t. I think I may make cookies instead. Mmm… cookies.

  22. Your mail people crack me up! That’s hysterical – I love it!

    Add me to the list of people who will be ordering soon. I’m nearly at the end of my last TLE shipment…yes, all knit up. But of course, that’s not so hard to do when you restrain yourself to one pair of socks at a time…..

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to add one more incoming order to that list by the end of the month…and hopefully WH won’t have too much to rephoto!

  23. OM Gosh! I live in a small town. The postal workers grimace when I arrive with packages. Now mind you, I don’t have near what you have to send and they still make a face. What is up with that?

    Like you, I have always made homemade cookies on the first day of school for my kids. Throughout the school year I would bake cookies before they got home from school so they had warm cookies when they arrived. My boys still remember those homemade cookies. My girls are still at home so they still benefit. Although I do make cookies when the boys come to visit. The perks of giving up a lot of stuff to be a stay at home mom:)

    My youngest knitting DD starts school in a week. Where did the time go?

  24. Those sheep pictures are just tooooo funny, and your post office people – Sheesh!
    Bad News: I lost one of my clients this week…and a chunk out of my yarn budget…BooHoo!
    Good News: More time for sock knitting!

  25. Good News: Taking the family to visit my sister and her DH in Ohio
    Bad News: The visit always goes too fast
    Good News: My sister is coming to visit for the first week of school. My yougest daughter starts kindergarten this year. (My oldest is in 3rd grade and boy baby is still home.)
    Bad News: School is starting way too soon — I love having them home!

    Thanks for the updates!

  26. Oh I love good news/bad news!

    Ok, here we go:

    Good news: I have spent lots of time this morning reading knitting blogs
    Bas News: I am at work while doing this.
    Good news: I have lots of knitting time this weekend I think
    Bad news: It’s because it’s going to be rainy so all my outdoor plans have been rescheduled
    Good news: I had three sales of my hand dyed sock yarn this week
    Bad news: I place a small order from The Loopy Ewe for some wool wash and I may have bought some scrapbooking supplies online today thus spending my profits that I was planning to put in my savings account.
    Good news: I will have some awesome wool wash and scrapbooking supplies this week!

    Have a great weekend!

  27. Sheri,
    Bad News: As a retired Postmaster, I’m SHOCKED that any postal worker would say such things about such a fabulous customer as the LOOPY EWE!!!
    Good News: My apologies on their behalf won’t do the trick, but please know that 99.9 % of postal workers LOVE their customers, as I’m sure your letter carrier does, too!!

  28. I loved your post office story! I laughed out loud because I know exactly the looks you got! I get them all the time when I tell people that I’m knitting a sock!!!

    Okay, here’s my good news/bad news:
    Good News: You shared what looks like a fabulous cookie recipe, and chocolate chip cookies are by far my favorite food in the world!
    Bad News: I was told by my doctor yesterday that I must SERIOUSLY limit sweets, so I won’t be able to bake them!
    Boo! i will by passing on your recipe to a few friends, though!

  29. Good News: I started the Chevron scarf last week.
    Bad News: I ripped it all out today.

    For some reason, I can’t seem to knit uniformly enough — it kept on curling and twisting, and just looked awful! Maybe I’ll try again another time. Or maybe, I’ll just make more socks! (With the Anniversary yarn that I scored!)

  30. I picked up some Shibui sock yarn yesterday in the Pebble colorway and I don’t think you are going to be able to keep this stuff in stock. Every color they had was stunning. Sadly, they did not have Stone (I will possess it!).

  31. Bad News: Can’t buy yarn for a bit.
    More Bad News: Mom got ripped off.
    Good News: I sent Mom my yarn money – thus bad news item one.

    Bad News: Little to no knitting today.
    Good News: Lots of painting today because my daughter’s bunk beds arrive on Thursday.

    Bad News: I had to sit through another kid’s birthday party yesterday.
    Good News: I finished my Wollmeise socks at said birthday party. (I think my daughter’s friends parents think all I do is knit because I’m always knitting at birthday parties).

  32. Good news: I bought some of the anniversary yarn!
    Bad news: I’m nervous that the post office will lose it…
    Good news: That order means that my next order gives me Groupie status…
    Bad news: What that will mean for my bank account…
    Good news: I’m baking a batch of your cookies as we speak…
    Bad news: I’m alone at home and may eat the whole batch…(they smell really good!)
    Guess I’ll distract myself by knitting some socks….

  33. Good News: There ARE in fact yarn-obsessed freaks who love nothing more than stalking your site to enhance the collection.

    Bad News: Less yarn for them, once they have the conversion from non-knitter to Knitter.

    At least your PO didn’t accuse you of selling meth.

    Oh, but seriously. All the small, lightweight boxes sent Priority? They implied that I was doing something a little…uh…less than savory with them. And when I inquired further, they said that sometimes that’s how *drug dealers* send things out.

    I had no idea that USPS was on the delivery lists of druglords’ many services. Who knew!? πŸ™‚

  34. OK, I just got all anxious when you wrote that the Trekking and Austermann Step had arrived. Truly, my heart started pounding and I could feel my face flushing.

    I just know I’m going to miss the sneak up and have to WAIT for more of it to arrive πŸ™

    The cookies look delicious, by the way!

  35. Bad news: My vacation is almost over, I have to be back at work on monday.
    Good news: Six more days of knitting.
    Bad news: May not have enough yarn left to last me six days.
    Good news: I ordered more yarn last week, hope it gets here before the vacation is over.

  36. Good news……..I’ve been checking the “What’s New” on the blog everyday wanting the anniversary yarn. Bad news……..I had to go out of town this weekend and must have missed it! I only missed checking Friday night and Saturday night, but that must have been enough! There are just not enough hours in the day.

    The post office story was great.

  37. Bad news- Did muscle testing to see what might be causing baby gas, chocolate and cheese seem to be the most likely culprets. Oh well, he won’t nurse forever.

  38. Good news? No phone call meant a quick trip to the Allegan Fiber Festival.

    Bad news? No phone call. We are ready to see the little guy!

    Good news? Cookies are in the oven as I write. ( Potato Chip Choc Chip Cookies:)

    Bad news?? Ugh, I really don’t need to eat cookies, but it is raining and cool today and feels like Fall.

    Good News? I love Fall. My little guy is growing up..which is what we are supposed to help them do, right?

    Bad news? My little four year old is going to preschool for two hours at a time, twice a week. I am in tears everytime I think of him growing up. How do you send them off to college?

    Good news? College for kids is a LONG way off in our family!

    Bad news? I wonder how expensive college will be in about 14 years?? Cringe!

  39. Bad News: I got hit in the head with a rock from a lawnmower and we need a new driver side window.
    Good News: We need a new window and I don’t need a new head.

    Just got my order today and I love the colors!

  40. OMG I just bought some ShiBui at my LYS the other day and it’s gorgeous!!!

    Good News: I just bought lots of yarn the past few days (including some from loopy!)
    Bad News: It’s never enough!

    Good News: I’m getting my very own spinning wheel!
    Bad News: I have to wait for a few more days!

  41. Sheri,

    I’m so excited that you guys are going to be offering Trekking! I’m a trekking junkie… bring it on! πŸ™‚


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