Bad News, Good News

jkhappyannivBad News: The Loopy Ewe Anniversary Yarn sold out in a day.
Good News: That was only 150 skeins out of our 200 skein order. The last 50 skeins will be here from J.Knits in the next day or two and will go up on the website when they come in. And we’ll keep selling the Celebratory Chevrons pattern here after the yarn is gone, because it would look beautiful in any J.Knits colorway – or others.

Good News: A new Lorna’s Laces order has arrived and I have picked two colors of the sport weight that need to be knit into a Chevron Scarf.
Bad News: My first Chevron Scarf isn’t any further along than it was in Monday’s post. I hope this isn’t the beginning of SHCSS. (Second Half of Chevron Scarf Syndrome.)

Good News: Trekking, Sockina and Austermann Step have arrived.
Bad News: I may have also started a new sock with the Sockina.

Good News: I live on Route 56.
Bad News: Apparently that’s not a good thing. (Note conversation below that took place at the post office yesterday afternoon.)

Mail Person #1, walking out from the back room: “Oh my gosh – who brought all of this in?” (as she points to a corner full of boxes that I had just brought in.)
Mail Person #2, checking me out with the International Orders: “The Loopy Loo lady here.”
Mail Person #1: “Oh. Wow. OHHH! You’re Route 56! We talk about you all the time at the other branch!”
Me: “Um …. Really? You know about me?”
Mail Person #1: “Oh jeez yes – we all know about you. No one wants to do Route 56 because of the lady with all the boxes every day! Now tell me again what you sell? Socks?”
Me: Sock yarn and lace yarn.
Mail Person #1: “That’s right. And there really are people who buy it? Because we all just kind of stand around and scratch our heads on that one. Who buys sock yarn? There are really that many people out there interested in this stuff?”
Mail Person #2: “Well obviously. You see all these boxes in here all the time.”
Mail Person #1: “That’s true. It’s crazy though, isn’t it? We just have to wonder about it. Sock yarn.”
Me: 🙂

Bad News: There are boxes and boxes of yarn that came in this week and are waiting to be photographed and put up in the next Sneak Up. (At least WH considers that Bad News.)
Good News: And more on the way. (Here’s a news flash – a big order of ShibuiKnits shipped to us today, so for all of you who have been asking me for it, it will be here very soon and I know you will love it.)

Bad News: Knitting Daughter went back to school this week, and College Boy goes back next weekend.
Good News: That means chocolate chip cookies! (A first day of school tradition at our house since College Boy was in Kindergarten. That day, there were plenty of mom-tears mixed into the batter. Don’t you love coming home to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?) And yes, College Boy takes a plate of them to school to have after his first day of college classes, too.

Good News: Here is my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe that I’ve been making all these years.
Bad News: They’re not non-caloric.

DSC01026.JPGBest Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 1/3 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
12 oz. pck. chocolate chips

Beat shortening, both sugars, eggs and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in flour, soda and salt. Fold in chocolate chips. Grease cookie sheets. (or bake on stone). Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes. Cool 1 minute on pan.

Any Good News/Bad News that you’d like to share today?

Sheri badnews:deskisburiedinpilesofpapersgoodnews:it’sonmyto-dolisttoday

Edited later for Anniebananie: Wollmeise, Yarn Pirate, Zen String, Yarntini, and more – all shipping to us between now and the end of August! 🙂


  1. Me: Hi, My name is Ann and I’m addicted to sock yarn the the Loopy Ewe.
    All: Hi, Ann. Welcome to Sock Yarn Addicts.

    You just tell those post office people that resistance is futile, they will be assimilated. 🙂

    Good News: It’s Friday and my son comes home from my sister’s house tonight!
    Bad News: I don’t see Wollmeise mentioned ANYWHERE in this blog entry!

    I’m really really trying to be good and wait but it’s so very hard!

  2. Bad News: I will not be having a baby in April like I had hoped (or December… which had been the original, and most heartbreaking, hope)
    Good News: That leaves a little extra money (hopefully!) for sock yarn (like the anniversary colorway and the Duet Skinny that I’m crossing my fingers doesn’t get snatched out of my cart)!

    I think you’d like my Post Office. They sing there. Well, two guy do. Thus, given that they work and sing at the Post Office, they probably wouldn’t think it was weird that you were selling oodles of sock yarn!

  3. Bad News – sitting in the doctors office this morning for a confirmed 9:15 appointment that wasn’t going to happen until 12:30 – reschedule!
    Good News: All that waiting got lots of knitting done 🙂

    That was a funny story with the post office – made my day

    Chocolate Chip Cookies – YUM

    Have a great knitty weekend! 🙂

  4. MUGGLES!!! Yeesh.
    Bad News: I’m flunking the transition from “sleeping like a vampire” to “sleeping like a human”
    Good News: When you stay up until 2:30 am on a regular basis, nobody bugs you while you’re getting some good knitting done! 😀

  5. Thanks for the chocolate chip cookie recipe. I really want to make thiem this weekend.

    Maybe it will rain on sunday and i can make cookies and knit socks.

  6. Bad News: I have blown my yarn budget for the next few months so I won’t be able to order any yarn for awhile.

    Good News: I have 2 great orders on their way from the loopy including the anniversary edition yarn!

    Got my fingers crossed that I can get some knitting done this weekend!

  7. Good News: I paid off two credit cards completely!

    Bad News: My daughter has to have her tonsils and adnoids taken out and that will cost me $1200…. so not so much yarn is in my future.

    The cookies look yummy!

  8. Good news – I snagged some of the aniversery yarn and it is here.
    Bad news -the plumber came and installed the new toliet, at 8am
    Good news -the bathroom renovations are FINALLY done.
    Bad News -It has cost a fortune.
    Good News- School starts Monday
    Bad News- I need to be knitting for my grand socks for everyone for Christmas.

    Have a great weekend. I get to work!

  9. Good news – I ordered for the first time from you last week (Cherry Tree Hill – love it!). Anyway, I was very impressed with your service– it came quick and was wrapped up so cute, and had little extras inside, too, including your handwritten thank-you. I will definitely order from you again! Love the yarns you offer – I’ve become totally addicted to knitting socks, and you make it very easy to order more beautiful yarns. Bad news-you make it WAY too easy to order more beautiful yarns-:)

  10. Bad news: I’m spending Saturday in the car with my mom & 3 sisters to go visit my aunt in Chicago for her birthday – 5 hours up & 5 hours back – my ears will never be the same.

    Good News: I’ll get a ton of knitting done.

    Bad News: Sunday we’re driving over to the lake – maybe even to sail – I’m going to have one sore rump after this weekend!

    Good News: I’ll get a lot of knitting done esp if it rains & we don’t get to sail. I can sit & knit down below with the air on while “Mr. I can add more electrical on the boat no problem man” does his thing!

  11. Good News: I’m finally in Ravelry!! : )
    Bad News: I’m at work, so I can’t play with it as I’d like. : (

    Good News: I also got some of the Anniversary colorway and some L&V!! : )
    Bad News: I’m not sure when I’m going to squeeze it in to my ever growing list of projects!! : (

    I really chuckled at your post office conversation – but then, you always have such entertaining posts. And, thank you for the nice comment over on Wendy’s blog! I also liked Judi’s comment – they really do look like Cheerios!!

  12. First- Do you use regular or butter flavor shortening in your cookies?

    Next- I get the same reaction as I keep shipping you stuff! The FedEx guy (Hubby’s employee) asks “what exactly is this stuff you are making and what is it for? Sure is a lot of it, whatever it is?”

    Another thing- Hhmmm? That other thing that you ordered? Don’t see it on the site yet? You must be planning something special for those! I can’t wait to see!

    Last thing- Sad that I will be in St. Loius next weekend and you will be gone, taking College Guy back to school! And we do chocolate chip pancakes for the first day of school!

  13. Wow – that’s even worse than the time I took stuff to the post office, and the lady at the counter noticed my PO Boxon the return address and said, “Oh, you’re the one that gets all the yarn!” *blush*

  14. Well, I have two words for the mail muggles – Job Security! They may not get it. They may not always like it. But facts are facts. You almost single handely keep Route 56 in business!! (Personally I think it is a good thing that none of them are sock knitters! If they had any comprehension of all the yummy yarn that was packed inside that stack of boxes they would be extremely tempted to load it all in to their own personal vehicles. I know. I had the same temptation when I saw and handled the stack of boxes!!)

    Bad News: My sock knitting has been set aside. (Totally your fault. You have tempted me once again and I now have the Chevron Scarf pattern and yarn ready to go.)

    Good News: Vikings play tonight so I’ll have lots of knitting time during the game.

  15. Good News- I’ve been working on Swallowtail shawl this week.
    Bad New- SHCSS for last weekend’s Sand and Sea chevron scarf.
    Really bad news- like a cold, there is no cure for SHCSS…just deal with it until its run its course and is finished.

  16. Good News: I started my Chevron Scarf last night, and as everyone says, it’s addicting… I am so in love with the colors.

    Bad News: I cannot go back to knitting said scarf this morning until *after* the girls and I bake a cake for their H.S. Musical 2 Party/sleepover tonight.

    Good News: The cake is a family favorite and will be delishhhhhh.

    Bad News: I am addicted to sugar and will snarf the whole cake down, so I won’t even be taking one bite…

    Good News: I will see a loss on the scales if I do not eat cake…

    And the post office story is such a hoot!! Bettern they don’t fully understand what treasures are in those boxes…. or we could all have a problem.

  17. Oh, I have more good news! I just noticed that with my next order I’ll be a loopy groupie!

    Now, where can I find more money in the budget for another order?

  18. The good news: my best friend is visiting this weekend.
    The bad news: she just called and is arriving 24 hours earlier than originally planned (and I haven’t started to clean!) Eek!
    And here I thought I’d have time today to finish knitting my HP scarf! Har 🙂

  19. Bad news: My husband signed up to work overtime so I no longer have a car on Fridays, and he only has one day off at a time.

    Good news: We’ll be able to build up our emergency savings fund.

    Bad news: One of my friends died this week.

    Good news: The last words I spoke to her were “I love you.”

  20. The good news: I managed to snag one of those skeins of anniversary yarn – and it arrived today!
    The bad news: Since I get my mail on the way to work in the morning (po box), it wsn’t there at 8:15am … scanned in around 10am…

  21. good news: long weekend cause of ‘statehood day.’
    bad news: not long enough to do all the knitting and reading and catching up on my korean tv dramas….
    bad news: my son leaves for college on the 30th – i’m gonna miss him!
    good news: there will be more food in the house!
    bad news: my son’s friend from CA can’t make it for a visit this month
    good news: i don’t have to clean out the “dungeon!”
    have a nice weekend sheri! thanks for sharing the recipe – maybe i’ll send my son off with some cookies!

  22. Bad news: Boss scheduled a fire drill on what turned out to be one of the hottest days in twenty years. (102F)

    Good news: He’s waiting at the meet-up point outside with a cooler full of popsicles.

  23. The good news: I also got some anniversary yarn! And my last order should have made me a Loopy Groupie too!
    The bad news: I won’t get to see if it is here until I leave from work!

    The good news: 16 year old son got his driver’s license. See his overly happy face at
    The bad news: I have to insure him AND find him something to drive. No more yarn for ME.

  24. Good news: I showed incredible restraint and didn’t order anything on the last sneak up.
    Bad news: The yarns that I wanted are still there. They’re tempting me.

    Good news: I have knit 19 pairs of socks during summer of socks.
    Bad news: It didn’t make that big of a dent in the stash. It didn’t help that I kept buying either. 😉

    The cookies look so yummy. I have to use real butter in my recipes here because Dwight insists on natural ingredients. Plus, he lives on butter. He starts to panic if we’re down to only 4 sticks of butter in the frig. That’s not a problem for him and his super fast metabolism, but it’s a problem for me. 😉

  25. Good news: My wonderful sister sent a dress that she made just for Anna.
    Bad news: It’s too big for her.
    Good news: She can wear it next year.
    Bad news: I’m just not a patient person!

    I love the post office story! They should really be thankful that you choose to use the USPS instead of one of their competitors. That being said, they don’t deserve scorn, as long as they don’t give you any and keep doing their job.

    I could see you knitting your mail person a nice pair of hand knit socks, and then he’d really understand it.

  26. That is too funny about the post office people. Maybe you should make them a couple pairs so they see the beauty of it all…or else to bribe them to take Route 56.

    Good news: TGIF Bad news: I discovered a big yarn tangly mess in searching for some stashed yarn. Good news: at least it is just a problem with yarn and not something worse.

  27. Good News: I got new glasses this week and I can see! I can knit and look up at the TV without losing focus!
    Bad News: I fell down the stairs wearing them. Their progressive lenses and, as I was warned, are disorienting on stairs.

    Have a good weekend!

  28. Good news: I have 5 inches of a gorgeous Chevron Scarf waiting for me to continue working on it.
    Bad news: I really ought to finish the second sock for my dad before I work on the scarf- and his feet are 13 inches long!

    Good news: Tropical Depression Erin- this means lots of rain and cooler weather for north Texas!
    Bad news: Tropical Depression Erin- I can’t imagine it being much fun for coastal Texas.

  29. Good news: The newest yarns you have coming in are GORGEOUS!!!
    Bad news: I can’t afford to buy any at least until the first of September.
    More bad news: Even if I could afford to buy it, I won’t be able to knit on it until after Christmas presents (socks) are all knitted.

    Good news: All the new yarns coming out have to be a part of my stash for knitting lovely socks, mostly for me.
    Bad news: Not enough lifetimes ahead of me to knit up my entire stash, much less try out all the new yarns.

    Final decision: I’ll just have to knit harder.

  30. Good News: I was promoted to the new Director of PR & Marketing from the former Public Relations Manager.
    Bad News: I have even more work without someone to take over my former duties.

    Good News: I was one of the lucky 150 to snag some Anniversary yarn.
    Bad News: I really, really want some Wollmeise and looks like I’ll have to wait some more.
    I love your first day of school tradition…I usually put in my son’s lunch box a special note and surprise treat.
    I just don’t get how people don’t understand knitters…especially sock knitters. It is utterly understandable to all of your Loopy fans.

  31. Bad news: I had that anniversary yarn in my cart……then I remember my budget for this month and all the extra expenses coming up – like braces for middle son. (that’s a lot of sock yarn money- boo hoo!) So I closed my cart.

    Good new: Somebody else got to buy it!!

  32. I love using the term “MUGGLES” for non-knitting/fiber people. How do you explain to people that yes, you’d gladly pay $25 for a skein of Wollmeise or Fiesta! They just don’t undertand.
    Love the sheep picture link – hilarious!
    Good news – My loopy order should be at home when I get there today.
    Bad news – How do I hide it before my husband arrives?
    Good news – Today is Friday!
    Bad news – I have to work this weekend, so it doesn’t really matter.
    Good news – My daughter will turn 15 on Sunday – wasn’t she just turning 5?
    Bad News – the worst – my friend is awaiting a confirmation of a shocking cancer diagnosis of the colon and liver – and she is only in her 40’s. SOB! 🙁 The knitter in me is not only thinking of taking her food, lots of hugs and prayers, but something comfy (socks or shawl) to make her feel special……

  33. Isn’t it wonderful we can all find some good news to counter the bad news. Those cookies look yummy, the youngest one keeps asking for some cookies. Maybe we will bake some this weekend.
    Sorry, no bad news to share.

  34. That sheep picture was hilarious!!! If those postal folks had ever been given a pair of hand made socks out of the luscious fibers of today, why they would be transformed!!

    Good News I received my new yarns yesterday!

    Bad News. I am running out of places to hide my stash so my husband won’t know the extreme of my OCD with sock yarns

    Bad News This heat wave is not going to pass any time soon in Kentucky. The air conditioner is working overtime.

    Good News Since it is just too warm to tackle household chores I am getting lots of feet up time for knitting!!!

  35. Good news: Chocolate chip cookies have 0 calories when made with/for kids and eaten with them (or in spirit with them). My recipe is almost is exactly the same- I just use butter flavored shortening and sometimes add coconut!!

    Bad News: Two and a half weeks until 3 of 4 boys go back to school! They’re ready, I’m ready and CC cookies sound really good!!

  36. Good news: I’m knitting my first pair of toe-up socks!

    Bad news: I can’t think of anything bad about that, except maybe that this could mean an even greater level of addiction has been reached… but I feel like that is still good news.

  37. Bad News: My kiddos have been little hellions all week, today included. Big Girl is sick and cranky and Little Man started crawling this week, which means I spend most of my time following him around!

    Good news: I’m going to finish a pair of socks today and tomorrow I’m headed to the Fiber Revival WITHOUT my children for a little r&r!

  38. Good News: I was able to purchase the Anniversary Yarn.
    Bad News: I missed out on the Lime & Violet that I didn’t know I wanted until I looked the next day. It was my last big yarn splurge for a while.

    Bad News: I have to work instead of staying home with my kids.
    Good News: I’m going to only two days of work a week in September so my kids will have someone to do homework with them. And I’ll get more knitting time out of that.

  39. Good news-my LE came and the Anniversary yarn is gorgeous
    Bad news-it may next anniversary before I get to use it
    Good news DS2, 17, is off to college in 16 days
    Bad News DS2,17, is off to college in 16 days
    Good news Wonderful cookie receipe
    Bad news about cookies, never

    Thanks for the recipe Have a terrific weekend.

  40. Good News: I leave for grad school tomorrow!
    Bad News: I got into a fight with my dad today about moving.

    Good News: I get to move to grad school tomorrow!
    Bad News: I have to start grad school and that is going to cut into my sock budget and sock time 🙁

  41. Good news: Yayyy…Shibuiknits! I knew you’d do it! Can’t wait to see that sneak-up!
    Bad news: Another evening in the ER (gotta leave in 10 minutes), and if it’s anywhere as busy as last evening, NO knitting will be done by me!

  42. Good News: I finished a sock yesterday! And it seems I will have more knitting time in the future.

    Bad News: I finished it while waiting to see the Dr. after my car was totalled… the additional knitting time will come from taking the bus.

    (more good news… I am not seriously injured, just some very painful whiplash)

  43. I love mail person #2…”well obviously, you see all these boxes all the time.”

    Did you get the feeling that maybe mail person #1 was the worker at the post office who wanders around aimlessly making inane comments while everyone else picks up the slack? I think every office has at least one of those people. Also, should you ever decide to get involved in espionage “Route 56” should be your code name. 🙂

  44. Good news. I got my website up and going. 😉 Bad news. My Kindergartener cried today when I dropped him off for his 3rd day of school because he wanted me to take him in, but it was the day to start dropping them off at the door and they would go in on their own.

    Bad news: the crying boy broke my heart.

    Good news: this is the first time he has ever cried over going to school. He was in school last year too and never cried once.

    Bad news: they lost my oldest son last year at a bus stop and the driver didn’t know what stop.

    Good news: A really nice lady brought him home to us, and they didn’t loose either boy this year! 😉

  45. Bad news: School starts in ten days, and I’m still not dragging myself out of bed before eight or my son before nine.
    Good news: School starts in ten days.

    Good news: I got a loom for a very reasonable price.
    Bad news: That means even MORE kinds of yarn to spend money on, so every month’s craft budget will become a Loopy/Webs deathmatch. “In the north corner, it’s Sheri Berger balancing a 100-lb box of Lorna’s Laces on her fingertip. And in the south corner, it’s Kathy Elkins juggling cones of Valley Yarns 10/2 Cotton, covered with spikes. The referee blows the whistle! Sheri strikes first, flinging twelve skeins of Wollmeise! Can Kathy escape from the sudden crowd of Loopy Groupies? I think…yes, she’s standing on their shoulders and shouting ‘Summer clearance sale in the north corner!’ Now it’s Sheri’s turn to brandish the needles and defend herself from ravening crowds! Yes, it’s another fine day here at Harlot Arena, and we’ll be back after these messages…..”

    More bad news: Cones of weaving yarn take up way more space than sock yarn. And I’m going to want a real warping board soon.
    Good news: Once I get to where my output looks better, I’m set for making Christmas presents for tne next few years.
    More good news: I can warp up the loom sometime with some neutral solid yarn and weave scarves using my leftover sock yarn as the weft!

    Good news: Four pairs of socks are almost ready to have their heels turned.
    Bad news: Time to turn four pairs of heels, which means they stop being mindless projects I can do while watching television. (Though two of them weren’t that mindless to start with.)
    Good news: Time to learn a couple new heel turning methods.
    Better news: Only a few bus rides stand between me and four new pairs of socks!

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