Too much chicken in the freezer. And stuff.

Sometimes I make the grocery list and WH goes to the store. Last week, I had “Frozen Chicken Br**sts” on the list. (Ok – I don’t want to bring weirdos to the blog by typing out that word. But you know what I mean.) He read through the list and said, “Don’t we have chicken in the freezer?” and I said, “No, I don’t think so.” Since he was the instigator of the Freezer Intervention, he knows that one of my bad habits is to, um ….. buy food without making sure there is none already in the freezer. So last week, after questioning me, he said, “Are you sure there’s no chicken in there? Just check.” My response was to roll my eyes and yank open the freezer door. I was greeted by a large bag of frozen chicken br**sts. Dang. Busted.

DSC01033.JPGI have other bad habits. Another one that is particularly prevalent this time of year is notebooks and journals. I don’t know why, but I can wander the aisles at an office supply store and Target, for a long time, finding notebooks and journals that I need. I don’t fill them all. I don’t keep a detailed journal day by day. I have way more than I could ever use. But still, I find cute ones that I feel a need to buy. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones. I think it’s my desire to be organized. (“Oh, I can keep track of _________ in this one!” Seriously. I always have good ideas for them when I’m buying them.) Back-to- school time is the worst (have you SEEN some of the cute notebooks out there right now?) I find it just best not to even walk into the store.

DSC01034.JPGMy desk. It’s usually overrun with a few piles and stacks of papers. Things that need to be paid or filed or checked or sorted. This habit also spills over to the computer cabinet. Do you know how annoying it is to try to use the desk or computer, while dodging stacks of papers? (Well yes, I’ll bet some of you do.) I love it when my desk and computer area are clean. That’s what I spent time on this weekend and I’m keeping it this way. Every time I walk in here, it makes me smile. (Ask me in two weeks.)

Yarn. I love to buy yarn. I love having a big collection of skeins to choose from and to admire in the baskets. I have finally decided to stop feeling bad about that and to call myself a Yarn Collector. I figure that I don’t spend a lot of money on extra vices in life (ok, besides the chicken br**sts and a bunch of cute notebooks) and it’s ok to have a good collection of yarn. I’m going to stop calling it a “bad habit of buying more yarn than I could possibly knit up in a lifetime” and start referring to it as my “yarn collection that makes me happy”. As long as I have baskets of yarn, piles of notebooks, and chicken in the freezer, life is good.

Sheri ofcoursetherearemorebadhabitsbutIwillstopherefortoday


  1. Oh wait…. I LOVE to collect hand made pottery Mugs. Just beautiful. Add that to my list of addictive collections. 🙂

  2. I collect roosters. When hubby and I wed, he insisted the roosters would be restricted to the kitchen. Then he bought me a big, iron/sculpture type rooster, and he lives on the filing cabinet in the study. Long story short, I collect roosters.

    And yarn.

    I too loathe housework, love chocolate, and my dog sleeps in the bed with me. *IN* the bed. Under the covers if he wants, between our pillows if he wants…

    I have lots of vices, like spending too much time online at work.

  3. i have lots of cute, unused notebooks too. at least you have a goal in mind when you buy them… not me!

    things i collect: yarn (of course), books, fabric & fairies

  4. I totally just cleaned off my computer desk this weekend, because I was tired of having my elbows so high when I tried to type! My husband says I recycled some of his valuable Post-Its with illegible chicken scrawl, but I don’t care. Maybe I should buy him some cute notebooks!

  5. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with a BAAAD pen addiction. I prefer mine in black ink since I’m a nurse and legal documents MUST be in black ink but blue or pink or lime green or purple is okay too. ;D

  6. collecting yarn or needlework of any kind is not a bad habit or addiction, it is a gift, a way of decorating! you get pleasure in planning the project, choosing the yarn, in bringing it home, working with it or just looking at it and finally finishing a project to keep or give. What other ‘addiction’ gives so many levels of enjoyment that can span years!?

  7. If you ever want a real book let me know- not saying that the books you can pick up at the store aren’t real, but handbound books are way cooler. You’re such an awesome person I’d be happy to bind one for you and ship it to you.

  8. I have collections of pens/pencils, chap sticks, Q-Tips, candles, essential oils, Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon, blank notebooks and notepads, serving bowls, coffe cups/mugs and yarn of course. Not by design really, they all just seem to scream my name when I see them.

    FYI my fav chap stick is Whole Foods brand in peppermint. :>)

  9. I also have a yarn collection. In part thanks to you, my sock yarn stash has gotten a little out of hand, but I’m ok with that. I love it and I sort of knit it when I have time.

    I am so bad about not checking for what we need that every time we go shopping we get home and we needed something rather major, like jelly for lunches since that is all my boys will eat on their penut butter.

    My desk is trashed and so is the floor of my office/studio. There are papers all over that need to be filed, in stacks…..

    Pen, I have lots of them too, but I can’t ever find them. What’s up with that? lol

  10. Sheri,

    Your “See What’s New” button will just have to have the latest sock patterns from Wendy. Maybe a link to her photos on Flickr. We’re out here waiting. She’s a knitting genius.

  11. I do the same thing with the frozen chicken breasts! And frozen peas. Luckily my husband loves chicken and peas so he doesn’t mind. Can’t get away with it with anything else (like chocolate chips for cookies–I’m always insisting that we need them, and we never do. We just need cookies made with them.) Oh, and I collect cookbooks. I love looking at recipes and pictures and dreaming about all the yummy things I could make. (I’m not that fond of cooking, but I really like dreaming.)

    My husband is very nice about my yarn and fabric collections, even though he saw just how much room they take up when we moved… but his collections are almost as bad! Empty cardboard boxes and tattered old suitcases (“We might need them when we move again.”–I finally made him pile them in a little closet, and keep only those that fit in), plus an entire moving box FULL of ayurvedic medicines his mom sent with him from India. Upset stomach? Cut finger? Heat rash? Cholera? We have the medicine for you! 🙂

  12. LOL-If you opened my freezer and food didn’t fall out on you, I would panic. That goes for all the other food and storage places too. Glad tons of yarn is OK. SABLE is in! If we don’t know how long we’ll be around, how can we tell if we’re truly SABLE anyway? Best to play it safe and stock up for the long haul 😉

  13. OK, I know you are totally busy. Me too. When is the new order of Dream In Color going to go up? This is important. Thank you! Terri.

  14. I’m also a clutter fiend. Paper everywhere. Every month or so I throw a cleaning fit and wildly throw everything out, vowing that this won’t happen again.

    I don’t need to expound on how that turns out.

    Other than that, books. Stacks and stacks of books. I can equally blame the husband unit for that, though. And, happily, the kiddo.

  15. I’m so glad to read that I’m not the only one with an office supply fetish. Back to School time is dangerous for me, with all the paper and pens and the accessories that go with them… I get all happy just walking over the threshold of a Staples! And watch out when it’s time to order our Franklin Planner refills at work!!

    I’m also a compulsive picture straightener.

    And DH always makes fun of me because whenever we go through a checkout line at a store, I have to clean the dust off of the display on the machine you swipe your ATM/credit card.

  16. I feel you on the journals & notebooks. I’ve gotten better of late at resisting the urge, but I still have WAY more journals than I could ever fill and half the time I NEVER write in them because some of them are so pretty I want to make sure I put something worthwhile in there.

    I also really like pens, graph paper, mechanical pencils, and witeout.

  17. I am ridiculously willing to barter yarn for container store gift cards and fantastic organizing advice! We have amazingly cute and useful notebooks as well as awesome desk accessories! let me know if you need any help. hehehe

    I’m a pen collector too. I’ve always been a collector of things that are cool and different. I love notebooks and can’t enter target these days without stopping at the “real simple” line and touching everything and thinking I could so use this (even though i have something i like and use already). I usually leave without any though, justifying that i’ll spend that money on yarn!

  18. Yarn, knitting books, cookbooks and kitchen utensils are my weakness.
    Since my house is filled with my husbands model airplanes my dear husband is very supportive of all my collecting. One time I was going to buy knitting needles he asked me: since you are a knitter, why don’t you have every size of needles? You should make a list of all your needles and go buy the sizes that are missing. Well, I didn’t, mainly because I like having an excuse to go to the yarnshop, just to buy some needles (and come home with tons of yarn)
    The day that my collections take more room than the model airplanes is still far away so I keep on buying more stuff:)

  19. Well, I’m a pack rat. I feel a strange attachment to everything, and refuse to give/throw it away. It spills over into my hobbies, I have a hard time trading yarn because I can’t part with it. They are all so special to me! Oh, and I hate folding laundry and putting it away. So, usually it just sits in the laundry basket until the basket is empty and the hamper is full.

  20. LOL for real. I totally thought I was the only one with the notebook/journal problem. Prolly there’s a program for us.. ha ha I liked those too!

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