Too much chicken in the freezer. And stuff.

Sometimes I make the grocery list and WH goes to the store. Last week, I had “Frozen Chicken Br**sts” on the list. (Ok – I don’t want to bring weirdos to the blog by typing out that word. But you know what I mean.) He read through the list and said, “Don’t we have chicken in the freezer?” and I said, “No, I don’t think so.” Since he was the instigator of the Freezer Intervention, he knows that one of my bad habits is to, um ….. buy food without making sure there is none already in the freezer. So last week, after questioning me, he said, “Are you sure there’s no chicken in there? Just check.” My response was to roll my eyes and yank open the freezer door. I was greeted by a large bag of frozen chicken br**sts. Dang. Busted.

DSC01033.JPGI have other bad habits. Another one that is particularly prevalent this time of year is notebooks and journals. I don’t know why, but I can wander the aisles at an office supply store and Target, for a long time, finding notebooks and journals that I need. I don’t fill them all. I don’t keep a detailed journal day by day. I have way more than I could ever use. But still, I find cute ones that I feel a need to buy. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones. I think it’s my desire to be organized. (“Oh, I can keep track of _________ in this one!” Seriously. I always have good ideas for them when I’m buying them.) Back-to- school time is the worst (have you SEEN some of the cute notebooks out there right now?) I find it just best not to even walk into the store.

DSC01034.JPGMy desk. It’s usually overrun with a few piles and stacks of papers. Things that need to be paid or filed or checked or sorted. This habit also spills over to the computer cabinet. Do you know how annoying it is to try to use the desk or computer, while dodging stacks of papers? (Well yes, I’ll bet some of you do.) I love it when my desk and computer area are clean. That’s what I spent time on this weekend and I’m keeping it this way. Every time I walk in here, it makes me smile. (Ask me in two weeks.)

Yarn. I love to buy yarn. I love having a big collection of skeins to choose from and to admire in the baskets. I have finally decided to stop feeling bad about that and to call myself a Yarn Collector. I figure that I don’t spend a lot of money on extra vices in life (ok, besides the chicken br**sts and a bunch of cute notebooks) and it’s ok to have a good collection of yarn. I’m going to stop calling it a “bad habit of buying more yarn than I could possibly knit up in a lifetime” and start referring to it as my “yarn collection that makes me happy”. As long as I have baskets of yarn, piles of notebooks, and chicken in the freezer, life is good.

Sheri ofcoursetherearemorebadhabitsbutIwillstopherefortoday


  1. I also must resist the back-to-school aisle at Target…it’s the pens, especially the colored ones, that get me. I must have 50 or more pens in my office and none with boring blue or black ink. Luckily my secretary shares my love of brightly colored ink and doesn’t look at me funny when I sign documents in pink, purple or lavender.

    I also have a chicken-buying issue, but mine is magnified by the fact that I feed my two huge dogs raw chicken. And every month on chicken-ordering day (I get it wholesale), I forget to look in the freezer to see how much I need. Lets just say that after this month’s delivery, I have enough chicken to feed myself and the dogs until Thanksgiving!

    And I decided almost as soon as I started knitting that yarn would just join the beads in my “collection” room…

  2. Well, I used to have the “bad habit” of visiting antique stores, and coming home with antique treadle & hand-crank sewing machines, but about the time I discovered there were at least 8 treadles & that I had more than I could easily count of the hand-cranks, I finally stopped that habit … or at least cut back on it a bit. I still use those machines that I’ve kept, of course.

    Also, I studied fashion history for a few years, and still collect books on the subject, and add to my collection of pictures of the garments as well. Currently there are at least five 2″-wide binders filled with clippings.

    Thankfully, I have two (yep, count ’em, two!) sewing rooms, one holding mostly fabric & some yarns, and some sewing machines; the other one holds mostly sewing machines, some yarns, and some fabric. (Please note that both rooms have exactly the same things, just in varying amounts depending on which room I want to work in.) The yarns have also expanded into the living room cedar chest as I also have a huge collection of sock yarns, and a growing number of socks-in-progress!

  3. I’m forever finding cute pens and pencils. I also collect coffee mugs by potter John Glick. The fact that I take care of his computers does not help. I’m in the studio several times a month and always find a new glaze combination or shape that catches my eye. This year I’ve added a thing for spindles. I’ve bought 10 so far. I’m spinning some merino tencel on my latest, a tiny ceramic tahkli with a frog on the whorl. Had to have it. I’m spinning BLF on my Spindolyn and silk on my little Ethan. I’m hooked on spinning. If you add fiber to the store, I’m dead.

    And of course, I collect yarn and fiber. Who among us doesn’t?

  4. I buy books when I already have books to read — it just gives me so much pleasure to know that I have plenty of books waiting for me when I finish the one I’m on! I’m also a piler. I put things in piles and pretend that it means that I’m organized. Even though the evidence suggests that I’m not. Alas…

  5. Fountain pens! Books! Yarn!!! I’ve also discovered unabridged books on tape (Recorded Books is best, IMHO), so I can knit and “read” at the same time. And my “Evil Twin Gertrude” has learned that if I order yarn from the Loopy Ewe on a Wednesday, I get it on Saturday while my husband is at work. (tee hee) I can hide it in a black garment bag in the closet, and it will remain hidden until time to knit the next sock.

  6. I seem to do that with chicken too, and my DH calls me on it too. But really how much chicken is too much?!

    I’m so excited I just placed my first order at the loopy ewe last night…. I can’t wait for it to come!!!!!

  7. I have a bad habit of buying(and reading!) organizing books. It seems I must believe that each new one will hold the key to allow me to clean and manage my home/life in such a way as to have dinner magically appear and lots of uninterupted knitting time too! I wonder how many more I will buy before I realize, it just isn’t possible?? 🙂

  8. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO with you on the notebook thing. My DH thinks I am crazy especially when I don’t use them. Sometimes they are just so pretty that I have nothing to write worthy of the prettiness of the notebook. When I went back to school shopping for DD a cute compostion book fell into my cart. Of course I am also with you on the yarn front. As a matter of fact I think I might go buy some more yarn right now. Watch for my order! 🙂

  9. Websurfing is the worst. It’d be okay if I knit while surfing, but I usually don’t.

    I can never install the game Angband on any computer I own again. It’s amazing how much time one can sink into a game done entirely in ASCII characters.

  10. I love notebooks too! I was in heaven recently when shopping for my sons preschool supplies (preschool!? When did he get old enough for preschool! I’m stealing your cookie tradition by the way 😉 ). I also love stationary and note cards, but I hate writing letters, I never know what to say, so my stationary/card pile is getting a little out of control.

  11. I cannot resist sock yarn. It’s become an obsession. Oddly enough, even though I love purple, most of my sock yarn is other colors. I think I need to buy more purple yarn…

    But my worst habit? I LOVE buying colored pens. As a teacher, I go through a lot of them, but it’s really become a bad bad habit – whenever I walk into an office store, I cannot resist the fun colored pens!

  12. I used to always think I was out of cotton balls and ended up with a metric ton of them. I have a friend who did the same thing with mustard. Always brought a jar home from the grocery. Her husband may or may not have given them out in place of candy one Halloween…

    How can anyone say no to a cute notebook? They were so ugly when we were kids, I have to get cute ones now. I seem to love gel pens. Not sure why, but I need pink ones. Not that you can ever buy just the pink ones. *L*

    Oh, and TP. At one point, I made a fort out of the packages because there were so many. It’s not like we’ll ever stop needing it, ya know.

    Don’t judge me.

  13. Chocolate chips. Almost everytime I go to the store I **must** buy chocolate chips. Oh, then there is the whole white shirt obsession. Don’t get me started.

    And, yarn does NOT count!

    : )

  14. As a former teacher, turned stay-at-home mom, I have an affinity for organization. I wouldn’t call it OCD. I just like to know where everything is and for everything to look nice. 🙂

    Since I started dyeing yarn I now also have a Kool-Aid and dye collection. 🙂 I too have a yarn collection. I feel that calling it a stash doesn’t give it enough credit. There is no acrylic or novelty yarn in my house. Every skein has a story to it.

  15. I think you and I are on the same wave length today. I did a blog post about school supplies. It’s one of my weaknesses also. I also have a quiz on my blog about what color of crayon are you.

    I do have a question. Will you be carrying the Dream in Color yarn for the Tulip jacket? I saw where you will be getting some of their yarn but didn’t know if it would be Classy or the sock yarn.


  16. 1. Office supplies, specifically PENS. I hate red and black, but will try just about anything else. I am on a quest to find the perfect great cheap pen.
    2. Bags. For someone who hates carrying a purse, I have a stupid number of bags.
    I refuse to consider my yarn stash or my fabric stash as bad habits. They are the source of my sanity!

  17. Oh goodness…books- I can never have enough books. I’m getting my masters right now so there is a stack of books that I’ve been collecting over the past two years just waiting to be read. Let’s see- bags and purses…eek. An ex-boyfriend once referred to my bedroom closet as the “purse vault”. Sock yarn is my newest collection obsession (thank you, Loopy Ewe!). My roommate saw my email confirmation of my latest shipment for the Yarn Pirate sock club. He was like, “are we expecting MORE yarn this week?” Oh no, not this week- it arrived already. Never mind the Loopy Ewe box that I got the day before and didn’t mention to him. The empty box is hidden at my end of the condo right now…hee hee…

  18. I can’t eat just one m&m, cheeto, etc. I must eat the entire bag. Obviously I don’t buy any junk food, because I’ll weigh 400 lbs after a year… even funnier because most of my friends are jealous of my very healthy eating habits. The secret to that is… I just don’t buy/order/make it.

  19. Love the chicken br**st* story. You and I have the same bad habit, and the same husband checking our closets. I also hide from hubby to sneakily empty out containers with food that has gone wonky and nasty after hiding in the back of the fridge. Non-see-through storage containers should be banned. Do this only immediately before trashmen arrive.

  20. Blogsurfing, playing on the Pogo website and sock yarn. It is amazing how many of us hide it from our spouses. I know that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash but it is the majority of my stash or Sock Yarn Buffet. Now Janice be nice to Sheri about her mugs. I like mugs too.

  21. I used to be a clean freak—- I mean REALLY clean. I kinda felt bad about it but the house always looked really, really great. I gave that habit up. 🙂 Then I felt bad about all my fabric and gave that up. I used to feel pretty great about my excellent stash management skills when it came to yarn. Gave THAT up. Do you see a trend here? Besides Admire and Acquire Yarn Syndrome (I should patent that) I am a sucker for little purse sized organizers. You know, the cute ones that are small journal sized, usually have a clasp or a big rubber band that goes around them, some pages and a few pockets? You can not have too many of those and should have them in every purse, junk drawers, the sewing room, and a few for the car. And extras should they be lost.

    The biggest thing is to GIVE UP feeling bad about any of it. After all, life is just too doggone short!

  22. Oh, I have a weakness for pens and notebooks, too. And paper in general. I love to write letters, so I *always* can use more paper for letters. I love this time of year in the school-supply aisle, although I feel like I control myself better now that I switched to a fountain pen. I get a “good pen” fix, but I don’t buy as many pens now because I know that what I really need are refills for the one I have.

    I would like to have a sock yarn collection. I think I *only* have enough for about 5 or 6 pairs right now. Hmm…I’ll have to work on that!

  23. I…. am the book ninja. Seriously. Where there are free books to be had, I am there. Like a ninja. Most people will go, “Pfft. Books. Books can’t be a bad habit…. they can when they have filled over half of the garage loft at your parents house, all the under-closet drawers, all the above closet cupboards, a few extra boxes in the garage… and that is just at my parent’s place. I have FIVE bookshelves in my own apartment…. not counting the 50+ books I managed to snag (free of charge!) at Comic-Con. I don’t know what it is about books, but you offer me a book, you say it’s free, and it goes in the bag. And once it’s in my house, I can’t get rid of it. What if I need the information in it? What if someone asks if I have it and wants to borrow it? What if I want to read it? I don’t care if it’s a Vampire-themed smutty romance ghost-written by a man with a woman’s pen-name, I JUST CAN’T GET RID OF IT!


    Otherwise, it’s just the usual stuff. Yarn, Cthulhu plushies, and animated movies.

  24. haha! I love notebooks too and keep buying them. I love writing for the first time in a new notebook. Ahhhh! Simple joys:)

    I also collect yarns……I have this habit of wanting a yarn I really like in every color! I do the same thing with shirts……I find one I like and buy a bunch of colors.

  25. I’m another nurse with a pen “addiction!” Guess because they always drilled into our head to “document!” If it wasn’t written down, you didn’t do it!! Trying very hard to stay away from Target this time of year!! Here’s one that hasn’t been mentioned—a Vera Bradley addiction!!! Now come on—I know I’m not alone in collecting the pretty purses and tote bags! Fess up!

  26. Isn’t it funny how many of us have the same weaknesses. I stay away from the school supply isles this time of year too. We had the ugliest note books when i was in school. And I love looking at journals…………….and you can never have to many books to read………………..I am a quilter as well as a knitter. It is the colour that has always drawn me to these “hobbies”. I have a small quilt shop which I have found is an excellent way to hide a stash. My hubby still has not figured it out!! 🙂 And sock yarn……I use to be very organized and neat……………I wonder what happened!!:0)

  27. I have to admit that I’m a bit of a collector too. Notebooks, groceries,yarn…. all of it. Just the other day I was at T*rget and I saw crayons super cheap. Naturally i bought them even though i knew that I already had a surplus at home. I thought it was a disease but now i’m thinking that I’m just a collector with many interests. Anything art or craft related gets me.

  28. Bad Habits? Are those bad habits? All this time I thought I was perfect!! Besides I may need all that yarn – fabric – notebooks – . . . . . at some time in my future. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  29. I am a clutterer.
    And a procrastinator.
    And an impulse shopper.
    And yarn collector, of course 🙂

    Oh, and I have the pink/orange/brown binder version of your blue/green/brown “Notes” notebook (or is yours a binder too?) for my AP Human Geography class. Not looking forward to school starting (less knitting time…) but at least I have a good excuse to buy lots of school supplies 🙂

  30. bad habit #1: speaking up when someone says they have a bunch of yarn they’ll get rid of for nothing (or just postage). i just got burnt by that one again!
    bad habit #2: hiding said yarn in the car for days/weeks until i can smuggle it in the house (it was hard to hide 2 black garbage bags full of acrylic last year)
    bad habit #3: staying up too late, and thinking i can make it up with a “short” nap that ends up being 2 hours, and making me run late for the rest of the day

  31. I got kind of tired of doing that same exact thing – shopping for things we already had. I am also notorious for buying some unusual food item so that I will try something new. These stack up pretty quick and take up way too much space. So, instead of “knitting from my stash,” I did my own cooking version. I used up lots of freezer items and the “unusual” foods like mango couscous. It made for some interesting meals!

  32. I can’t get out of a store without wandering through the pen isle. I’m always looking for new pens and highlighters. I have more pens then I know what to do with. 🙂 I may need a pen/highlighter intervention.
    I never make a list when I go to the grocery store so I have similar freezer problems. Though right now it’s getting really empty since the movers will be here at the end of next week to pack up our stuff.
    Oh and I’m collecting yarn too. 🙂

  33. I have a number of bad habits, most of which involve my collections that are wayyy out of control. I could use several interventions….

    1) Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Fortunately, my husband thinks it’s a healthy outlet for my ER work stress, so he gives it an amused smile, and doesn’t criticize when lots of little packages arrive on my doorstep. Thank heavens. (It helps that I have an ER doctor’s salary to help support this bad habit….!!)

    2) Books. All kinds of books. Knitting books. Mystery books. Mystery books about knitting (you know the series, it starts with “Knit One, Kill Two”). Historical fiction. Books that I someday hope to read, but with all the time it is going to take me to knit up my yarn collection (see #1), I probably never will.

    3) CD’s. Classical of course. Cello music. Chamber music. Orchestral music. And then there are the others. Celtic music. Fiddle music. Irish Drinking Songs. Oldies Rock and Roll. And Original Broadway Cast Recordings. Gotta have those. I have hundreds of CD’s. They are spreading all over the house.

    4) Jewelry. All handmade. All originals. I get it at Art Shows. The only way to curb this bad habit is to NOT go to Art Shows. Ain’t gonna happen. I have great stuff. I need a photographic catalogue so I can remember what I have when I get dressed, and then I wouldn’t have to look through all the little boxes. Do you think WH needs some other things to photograph?

    5) Lastly…the basement. Gravity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it. As a matter of fact, it’s not just a good idea, it’s a law! That’s why all the extra junk in my house ends up in the basement. It’s a big basement, and an even bigger mess. There are probably things there that have been lost for years!

  34. yes, hooray for chicken in the freezer. Have you tried having WH make an inventory of what’s in the freezer and print it out to put on the freezer door with magnets? then when you take something out, you can cross it off. and have a column for numbers of (like packages of chicken breasts…since there’s bound to be more than 1!) and blank lines to write stuff in.
    and don’t forget room for yarn. Especially in the heat you all are having back there, knitting with chilled yarn might be refreshing!

  35. I have the same addiction to notebooks. And yarn for that matter. Indeed I bet I have more of both than you do so that should make you feel better. Just today I saw a glass cabinet at Ikea () that I am seriously considering buying for my fiber room just so I can display the yarn collection. That help any?

  36. Oh wow, Sheri, I do the same thing with the freezer and the pantry! I’ll put crackers on the list and have 3 boxes in there already – drives DH nuts I tell you! 🙂

    I like the idea of being a ‘yarn collector’. It makes it nice to know that I am collecting something that could potentially be passed down to my children. Now, I wonder if I could convince myself that collecting yarn is actually an investment in their future? That way I won’t feel guilty about buying lots of yarn!


  37. I had to laugh about the chicken br*&sts…I do the same exact thing to my hubby who loves to go grocery shopping. I collect yarn and Longaberger baskets…the perfect combo!

  38. I have an addiction to cute little (and big) notebooks and journal books too… I keep buying new ones, with no use in mind……. trying to use some for knitting notes, but I have an over stock and still buy more!

  39. I am a collector and a clutterbug as well…It is so difficult for me to throw or give things away, although at the beginning of the month I went through my yarn stash and pulled out most of the acrylic and novelty yarns, bagged them up in a couple of huge “space” bags and took them to my mom and cousin who love making things with all kinds of yarns. WooHoo – More room for the “good stuff” and sock yarn! I also have knitting books coming out of my ears.

    I guess my biggest collection is Christmas decorations, though…three trees full, to be exact, plus a huge Santa collection and all the other decorations, and that doesn’t count what goes outside which is my hubby’s collection!

    I used to be a big pen collector and was always on a mission to find the perfect pen. That collection has been curtailed since I type almost everything now, but when I run across a wonderful pen, I am in heaven!

    I also have a bad habit of buying at least two of everything when I go grocery shopping, a holdover habit from when I used to live 20 miles from the closest grocery store…that was almost 15 years ago….

    I have to say I am a little better than hubby though…When we got married 8 years ago, he had a HUGE collection of…empty boxes! He saved the boxes from everything he bought just in case he had to send something back for repair or whatever…Luckily he finally figured out he could safely through away the box once the warranty ran out on the item or we would be drowning in boxes by now!!

  40. Sheri,
    You and I are definitely kindred spirits!! I love school supply time — just the smell of it brings back fond memories of the first days of school (yes, I loved school) – nothing smells better than a freshly opened box of crayons if you ask me. I too collect notebooks and journals – my latest purchase has a cute puppy (like mine used to look) on it. Just couldn’t resist it – to not buy it would have been like abandoning my dog, yunno? As you well know, I’m a yarn collector too. What else? Oh yeah, I also collect scrapbook supplies and tote bags. I’ve always been a bag lady. And I have quite a collection of bananas in my freezer! I just can’t let an over-ripe banana go in the garbage when it can be turned into bread, scones, waffles, or pancakes! My freezer is like a banana morgue right now…

  41. I like to stock up on school supplies for my three sons when the Back to School sales are on. My husband doesn’t understand that you end up saving a lot of money over time that way, because the sales prices are a bunch lower than if you run out of something or break something, & have to go pay full price for it! It is a bummer this year, since I’m laid up with my badly fractured back, so I can’t get out to the sales. Trying to send my husband to shop for that would be a bad joke. 🙁 The best that I can do is send him with a short list of things needed now. I also like to make sure that when I open the last package of something, that I put it on the list, so I won’t run out of it, like pasta, flour, sugar, etc. And, I stock up on frequently used items (like TP, paper towels, Puffs, butter, etc) when they are on sale. And that doesn’t count on the stuff I stock up on from Sam’s Club, but I can’t get there for awhile, either. Oh well…

    I currently collect yarn, and I have a silver spoon collection, along with some thimbles, but I haven’t added to those in awhile. Thank goodness The Loopy Ewe is online, so if I need something, I can just order it, since I won’t be able to get out to shopping for awhile! And, I used to collect quilt fabrics, needlepoint things, etc, so those are in buried in my sewing room.

  42. I have come to exactly the same conclusion–I am not going to worry about buying sock yarn in the least. It makes me to happy to get the fun packeages, to have it, to look at it and think about what I might make. So what if I don’t get it all knit? Why not buy a little happiness (ok alot of happiness) every now and then?

  43. Desk is messy and freezer/fridge is either full of duplicates, full of slightly rotted forgotten leftovers, or empty. My collections of yarn, coffee mugs from cities/countries that we’ve visited, books, and candles are growing, growing, growing. Maybe you and I are twins separated at birth, Sheri!

  44. Oh something I forgot to post. Yes a box of crayons smell wonderful but does anyone remember the smell of a new Big Chief tablet. Now there is a little slice of heaven. First day of school always was crayon, tablets and of course, the smell of ammonia from all the home perms (which shows how old I am).

  45. I have the same notebook habit, and if they’re Japanese-inspired I’m toast. I think it started with the school supply store in my elementary school. They sold lollipop pens, and were the most coveted thing in the 4th grade. Now I have a school supply obsession, even if it’s been years since I was in school. Now where’d I put that Trapper Keeper?

  46. Oh thank you Sheri. I knew I liked you! I can be a “Yarn collector” too. Love it. My bad habits, or qwerks as I like to call them are many! Procrastinator, yes. Obsesses with office supplies, yarn, craft supplies, messy desk, the list goes on and on. But, it’s all a part of me and I like me!

  47. I have the same problem with the food…in my house it’s called ‘Theme Buying’. I wrote ‘pickles’ on a list three months back and have managed to purchase a jar of *some* sort of pickles at least once a week, quite sure that we haven’t any. I’ve done the same with: Mayonnaise. Barbecue sauce. Salad dressings.

    Wait…I’ve got it…I’ve got a CONDIMENT problem.

    We will not speak of the fiber and the yarn.

  48. I’m with Meg. I think I do more reading about knitting than actually knitting (although I fit it around work, where I couldn’t fit actual knitting in).

    I’m also a consummate stacker and procrastinator. I CAN organize, I just can’t seem to STAY organized. And once you wait a little while, it becomes a life event to clean it up — send others away, lay everything out all over the place, organizing as you go, and then put it all where it belongs. Of course, some of it belongs someplace that also needs to be organized. AAAAAA!!! Just can’t seem to get there!

    I also have a lot of sock yarn for someone who hasn’t actually knit socks yet!

  49. Collections:
    Yarn- sock, fingering weight, DK, bulky, fun, fluff, wool, cotton, alpaca, cashmere, etc.
    Needles-bamboo, addi turbo, addi lace, Denise, wooden Lantern Moon, straight, circular, double point, etc
    Crochet Hooks-Hand turned wooden, bright acrylic, all sizes
    Books-knitting, crocheting, fiction, mystery, romance, etc.
    Journals-bright, somber, small, tall, thick, thin
    Pens-felt, gel, ball point, fat, thin, long, short, black, colors
    Bags-purses, project, leather, fabric, felted, cotton, straw, etc.

    Well, you get the idea……I’m an addicted collector…and those are my favorite things to collect.

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