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Over the past several weeks, we have added a few more indie dyers to the group here at the “Loop”. (That must mean they’re “The Loop Group” – hee! I crack myself up.) I get so many emails asking “Are you getting this line in?” or “Are you getting that dyer in?” or “When will you have more of this line?” and so once in awhile I like to keep you updated on what is coming, even though – especially with the indie dyers – the orders are awhile in coming because our orders are so big. So here are a few fun new lines coming up that you can look forward to between now and the fall months, plus an update on the other regulars. (And remember – our indie lines are always on order, due back in as soon as they can dye more up for us.)

DSC01039.JPG1. Yarn Nerd – Adam is an electrical engineer by day, and a yarn dyer by night. The colorways are beautiful and the yarn is a base that you all love. I’m particularly happy to have our first GUY DYER! We will have this in by the end of September, if not before. I love this colorway that he sent – the colors just flow back and forth.

2. Sheepaints – Sabine and I have been emailing for awhile and I’m so looking forward to sharing her yarn with you – all the way from Germany. I love finding international indie dyers, as it’s interesting to see different color combinations that come from different parts of the world. We’ll have lots of her yarn here mid-October.

3. The Regia Kaffe Fassett line – So many of you have asked for this, so of course we’ll have it for you. Fassett is a long-time knitting and textile designer known for his use of color, and the colors in these new yarns are going to make you want to knit up some socks. We’re hoping to have this yarn within a couple of weeks.

DSC01040.JPG4. MacKintosh Yarns – Liz is a Loopy customer and blog reader and it turns out that she has this fun line of yarns that she is willing to do up for us. (Many are Harry Potter inspired colorways, but not all.) Liz is a college student, so now we have our first COLLEGE DYER! Liz has worked for a yarn shop near her and has much experience in all things yarn. I am very impressed with her beautiful colorways. We will have this in 6 weeks or so.

And a reminder about the new ones that I have already mentioned in previous blogs but that we’ll have up in the next couple of weeks – or months – as well:

DSC01038.JPGShibuiKnits – shipped last week, due in any second, Fiesta Baby Boomerang – shipping today – yeehaa!, Austermann Step, Trekking, Sockina Cotton – all three are here and waiting to be photo-ed. Here are pictures of the Sockina Cotton colorway I’m knitting up, and the first Austermann Step that I am going to knit.) Schaefer Heather, Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, Oceanwind Knits . I know I’ve been promising DSC01037.JPGAll Things Heather, too, and it’s just a matter of photo-ing all of it. I think we have 30+ different colorways here. (Heather moved cross-country and we benefitted from her “I don’t want to move all this sock yarn so how much can I dye up for you?” mentality. We took it all! Here is a photo of the two skeins I had to take for my own stash, right off the top: Chocolate Kisses and Bandana.) We also have Addi Turbo needles (regular and lace) DSC01041.JPGand we’ll have Wendy’s exclusive sock patterns here very soon! Have you been watching them transpire on her blog? She has come up with some really fun ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ And for those of you who keep asking about Dream in Color – we have plenty of that shipping to us, hopefully within the next week or two, as well. Plus more Fleece Artist Somoko, Fleece Artist Merino, and Zen String have arrived. (Edited – someone asked about Wollmeise. It’s due to ship out to me the last week in August and you know we’ll get it up asap!)

Thank you for your tremendous response to the J. Knits Anniversary Yarn! We’re all out of it now, but I may offer it in their Lace-A-Licious base in the future. (What do you think?) I know you all are big fans of J.Knits yarn. I love their colors and also how soft the yarn is to work with and wear. We’ve always planned to carry all of their colors in stock, but, um ….. you all buy it faster than Julie can dye it and we can stock it! So we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is rotating the colors we have and going through the whole line over several orders/months, and you can catch your favorite colors when they come up. How’s that?

Lastly, I continue to get emails every week about the Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club, wondering how to get in or when the next sign-ups will be. We had 150 slots fill overnight when we first started it last winter, so needless to say, it’s full full full! It does seem like everyone has jumped on the sock club bandwagon, doesn’t it? We will continue to work hard to make ours fun and inspiring for you as we go along! Sign-ups for next year’s club will be in late January. I’ll announce it ahead of time in the blog and via our monthly customer email newsletter. We’ll be sending packages to you every other month next year: March, May, July, September, and November. I have some awesome designers and dyers all lined up already, anxious to participate! (Guess what? One is Wollmeise!)

There. I think you’re caught up on most things “Loopy” around here. Of course I always keep a FEW secrets that I’m working on, just to keep you guessing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sheri ooh-onemorething-I’mworkingonaknittingretreatforusnextSpring


  1. Hell yes! I’ll be there with bells on (if I’m not judging, or graduating, or have something else already planned that I can’t get out of). I mean, it’s only 4 hours to St. Louis from West Lafayette right?

  2. A Loopy Retreat? Holy Toledo! Sheri, you’ll have to hold a lottery, you know, or eleventy billion of us will show up and want into The Loopy Room all at once! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to all the new yarns. And Sheri, give Adam the contact info for a couple of those girls, would you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. A visit to the famous Loopy Room – WOW! That sounds like fun! I don’t know whether you’d have any yarn left when the retreat is finished! And, you may have to rent a whole local hotel or better yet – do you have any nice B & B’s in your area? How about a location for the biggest sock knitting convention ever – ’cause that what it sounds like this will be! YEAH! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OMG, Julia, can we carpool from Arizona to pick up Adam in New Mexico on the way to the Loopy Room? ROAD TRIP!

    Sheri, I think the question is not do we WANT to come (that’s a bg fat yes from all directions) but who’s able to make the trek? It’s pretty far for some of us, but if Kellie can make it from New Zealand, the rest of us have no excuse.

  5. Michelle – Don’t you tempt me, wench. With two (or more) people paying for gas, the money saved on travel might just make up for the time I’d have to take off work. And you can make that drive in 21 hours…. considerations, considerations.

  6. Oh…I so want to come to a Loopy retreat and to meet you and the Loopy family! That would be so awesome. Thanks for introducing me to so many different yarns and yarn dyers…I love it all. I’m currently on vacation and my yarn cruiser is the perfect take along bag. AND I so hope to get back in the Loopy sock club, it’s the best! A Loopy fan in Ohio, Kristi

  7. I mapquested and I can make the drive in 19hrs, or fly for 300, since it would not 300 in gas that would be yarn money, but 19 hours of driving? But we are driving again to Orlando next month and that is 20 hours…and no Loopy Room….Hmmm….so much to think about…of course there can be a few OT shifts and then flying and lots of yarn money..but if I drive I pack the chubby little yellow Beetle full of yarn…hmmm…

  8. I am so excited about the prospect of a retreat!!!!!!!!

    I love your blog–it is intelligent, witty and well written. This, and the fact that “Loopy E we’s” personality comes through is the reason I come back–and back–and back!

    My only concern is that you all will succomb to exhaustion!


  9. Oh, sign me up for the retreat, too! I’ve been trying to find a reason to come to STL so I could see the Loopy Room.

  10. Yes, I want to come. I came by before to drop off a lost check and you were in the middle of your Sock Club mailing. So I can’t wait to really get in and touch and feel and buy!!!!!!

  11. You know… you put in a lot of work to make The Loopy Ewe more than just a store to buy sock yarn. Thank you for that ๐Ÿ™‚ I would LOVE to come to the retreat… better start looking at airfare! Before I knew about The Loopy Ewe, I drove right through St. Louis during business hours on a Tuesday (which is when the Loopy Room is normally open, right?). Now I can stop kicking myself! And I REALLLLLY want to be in the sock club, too. Do you take bribes?

  12. Hi Sheri~

    I’m just stopping by to say thanks! I recieved my order yeaterday and I LOVE it ! Also what quick service! Just a few days and I had my lovely yarn. Now all I have to do is finish the socks that are on the needles now so I can use it!

  13. Yes. I will come to the retreat. Name the time.

    I am hanging strong on my yarn diet, but you may have just pushed me over the edge. I need Dream in Color and Sheepaints and MacIntosh and more Fleece Artist and Yarntini and Wollmeise and Seacoast and Nature’s Palette (love that Owl’s Clover) and… Well, you get the idea. I can’t buy one skein of lines I love.

  14. Very excited about the new dyers….especially the College Dyer…I know you are always “looking” for special things for all of us Loopy’s……

    I think I mentioned my troubles with dpn’s…I found this yesterday and was wondering if you have seen or know of anyone that is using these needles….they look like a great addition to a sock knitting bag……

    Days are getting cooler here…..yeah! Just about time for Peppermint Mocha Lattes again…..

    Blogless Diane

  15. Knitting retreat? For socks? And real life fondling and purchasing of wonderful yarn? AND meeting lots of new old friends? Oh yes! How many places will there be in the sock club this year? I really want one for little old, really old, me.

  16. Yeah!!!! Wollmeise is coming, Wollmeise is coming (doing happy dance around the computer)!!! Oh, and I want to try some of the YarnNerd, and MacIntosh, and… and… and….


    A loopy retreat – you better believe I wanna come!!!!!!!

    … and I’m sure I can get Kemtee to join me ๐Ÿ™‚

    must stop doing happy dance or office mates will think I have gone off my rocker…

  17. I would love to do a Loopy retreat, but the budget isn’t likely to allow for it next year. (But it’s going to be very successful and you’re going to repeat it on a regular basis, right?)

    So many yarns, so little knitting time…. I _must_ start riding the bus regularly again this fall.

  18. I’m so excited about the MacKintosh yarn! (I just bought a skein of her Sex Kitten at Stitches Midwest. I absolutely adore it.) Thanks for bringing her into the Loop(y Ewe)!

  19. What fun, I could get away from sons, husband and dogs!! Somehow I think that I may be up all night to get back into the sock club next year.

  20. I would LOVE a Loopy Retreat!!! Now to figure out how to get my coworkers to understand that I’m taking my vacation to visit a yarn store. They were pretty flipped out when I went to see the Harlot and that was just one day off. Time to start saving. Are you sure you are ready to be swamped by sock knitters? How many people are you allowing to register for this? I’m so excited!

  21. I was actually thinking it would be fun to take a long weekend and come to St Louis and spend an afternoon helping you pack boxes. I sort of miss my yarn store days… not to mention getting a sneak peek at everything new! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’ll be a while away though, as I’ve no $$ to spare. :*( Job vibes would be greatly appreciated! (P.S. – the Baby Boomer is simply not allowed to go up before September 1st [which is when my sock yarn buying moratorium ends!] ) Heh heh…

  22. Holy moley A loopy retreat!! Wow. Would love to go. Here’s how spring/summer 2008 is ALREADY shaping up for me: youngest DD turns 18, graduates high school, goes to college…and plan a wedding!!! You’ve got to promise to post lots of pics!

  23. Oh, Sheri, it all sounds wonderful! I’m so looking forward to seeing all these beautiful new yarns. Think I’d better severely limit myself at the next few Sneak Ups…right.

    Can’t wait for next year’s Sock Club. I sure hope I can get in!

  24. I’m with the rest of the Loopies — just to swoon at the sight of that much sock yarn in one place at one time — ooooh!

    I think there’d have to be a museum-like walkthrough for all, then later the lottery-placed shopping trips, with a skein limit!

    Hope I can be there!

  25. Wow a sock retreat. Sign me up now.
    I really need a retreat.

    It won’t be like the ones in high school where we had to not speak for 3 days and only pray is it???? only joking. I couldn’t keep silent in high school and I won’t be able to now with all the fun knitters around.

  26. I would love a retreat! I only hope it happens when I’m not in school, since everything cool seems to happen while my studies keep me here. You know that fabulous sea socks cruise, yeah, it happens during spring Finals (which means I am free immediately after it ends, in case you don’t have a date set yet *hint* *hint*) Also yay for MacKintosh Yarns! I love the other College students are using their talents outside school!

  27. Oh, yes I want to come visit you! How fun would that be!! I hope I can get some Wollmeise the next time it comes in. It’s not like I don’t have enough yarn already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Oh snap! I missed the J KNits Anniversary yarn again, I kept checking everyday, how do I keep missing stuff? Is there a secret webpage? secret time to log on? please inform me! thanks

  29. One more thing (sorry) Addi’s – when will they be added to your site? Can you order the 12″ ones too? (please?) thanks!

  30. I so HAVE to have some McIntosh for my beloved Gryffindor. I have a dear friend who is even more fanatical about HP than I and she must have sox for her birthday.

  31. you’re making me all bug-eyes with talk of a retreat, promise of another sock club next year, and yarn, yarn and more sock yarn! i think i may faint if i ever visit the loopy room….

  32. Where exactly is Loopy Ewe?? Is it close to Tulsa? If it is drivable distance, I would love to sign up. I feel like I already know at least one person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. A Loopy retreat would be really fun, but you better let a hotel host…..there could be as many as 300 close enough to get there-I’d come and I live a LONG way off. I will be watching for the sock club, so I will be up late every night in Jan. so I can get in.

  34. Sheri…since you started it…>>> so what IS the base of Yarn Nerd’s yarn? (heheheee superior trouble maker here)

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