It’s gonna be a bummer weekend

DSC00814.JPGBest day of the entire year: the last day of school. Then I know we get the kids home all summer long!
Worst day of the entire year: the day they go back to school.

Knitting Daughter has been back to high school for a week now, and College Guy (aka Web Guy) goes back up to school in Indiana this weekend. Bugger. Oh, HE’S just fine with it. 🙂 He likes his school and his friends and his classes. I will admit that it’s easier for me to have him head off there, knowing he’s so happy up there. But it sure is lonely here without him. No College Guy to hang out with, no late night walks around the neighborhood, website issues don’t get resolved quite so fast, printer/computer problems remain a problem until WH gets home at night, etc. And his bedroom. It’s empty when he goes off to school. I hate that. Yep, it’s gonna be a bummer weekend.

Give him a wave goodbye as he goes off to his Junior year of college. (You know he’ll still be taking good care of the website from afar. He’s good about that. He knows we all depend on him!)

Sheri makingmorechocolatechipcookiesthisafternoontosendtoschoolwithhim


  1. Goodbye and good luck!

    Hang in there, Sheri!

    I start high school on Monday… I’m getting a wee bit nervous about it (wait, that’s an understatement…)

  2. My kids are just 7 and 3, but my brother is 6 years older than I am. So I had just started Jr. High when he went off to college. Man i remember how much I hated his empty room..though I did enjoy FINALLY having the remote control! 🙂

    Thanks for your email about yarns like STR. I appreciate it!

  3. *waving* Have a great year, Web Guy! thanks for all the hard work you did to make our shopping easier! 🙂

    I take my kids to the school district where I work. They aren’t in my building, but only 5 min. away from me. We drive in together every day, and I am waiting outside their school every afternoon when they walk out.

  4. Have a great semester, College Guy! And, Sheri, I hope your daughter has a great year, too.

    My College Daughter stayed at school over the summer and worked. Luckily, she’s only 90 minutes away so we can see her often, but it’s not the same as having her home. {sniff}

  5. Bye CG have a great year! Thanks for all your hard work this summer, I know your Mom (and all us loopies did) Take care!

    Sheri, eat a CC cookie for me! Next year it will be my first year of sending my CG off!

  6. Thank you Web Guy for making my shopping and stalking a much more enjoyable experience this past summer. I hope you can find the time to make the wish list option. 😉 Have a great semester!

    Sheri – Bless your heart. Just thinking of my little 17 month old son going off to college 17 years from now makes me so sad. Hope you can go visit and talk on the phone often! 🙂

  7. after hearing you boohoo about the kids going back to school, i’m almost ashamed to admit i celebrated them going back (PSYCHE! of course i’m not ashamed to admit it! this was our first summer together since the guys were little bitty things. it was a trial. to say the least).

    safe trip college guy! don’t eat ALL those cookies at once !

  8. I agree. This is the worst time of the year. This year we’re all really draggin’ So to cheer us all up, a family knitting night!!! (well, for me that would be great). But seriously we’re adopting a dog that needs a home. At least that’s one happy thing to think about while packing those blasted lunches and filling in the calendar.

  9. P.S. College in Indiana…hmmm…well due to family ties I can say that I really hope he’s a happy boilermaker or hoosier. My DD is applying now.

  10. I must be a terrible mother…I’ve always thought of the first day of school as Independence Day! But they’re all grown up and lots of fun so maybe they didn’t notice. Can’t WAIT for Wendy’s patterns to go up……

  11. Good luck College Guy! You’re farther along than I am (and I’m betting he’s a Hoosier, the campus near us starts next week).

  12. Bye, CG–have a great junior year! You did an incredible job with the website, for which we all thank you.

    Sheri, I’m thinking of you. Eat lots of cookies!

  13. Gosh it brings back fond memories of being in college. Enjoy your Junior Year, CG or also Loopy Offspring. Hope you were sent off with many dozens of cookies and other delectables from mom.

  14. I can’t imagine sending my kids off to college…

    My son is only 2 and people keep asking about kindergarten! I’m amazed how quickly they grow up and are off to school…I don’t like it. 😉

    Well, bye college guy, have fun in school!

  15. Hi Sheri my heart goes out to you-My boys are only 9 & 5 but when Toby goes to school camp for 3 days I am bereft! Hope College Guy has a great time and that the chocolate chip cookies sustain you!

  16. Sheri, you tug at my heartstrings each time I read a post of your “babe hittin’ the bricks” ;( Mine is a h.s sophmore this year but I just know I’ll blink and his time to fly the coop will be upon me. Talk about bittersweet! UGH!! thank God we have a wonderful lifeline like knitting to keep us sane!

  17. Sheri,

    I just baked up those chocolate chip cookies, and they are a superior chocolate chip cookie, as promised.

    Maybe if my parents had started a cookie ritual for the first day of school, I wouldn’t have hated school so much. Of course it didn’t stop me from going until I was 24, but still.

    The good news is that if you raised kids that you love being around, you did a good job. The bad news is that you miss them when they’re not around.

  18. Have a great year back at school, College/Web Guy! And, Sheri, Christmas vacation will be here before you know it! 😉

  19. I know it’s hard to let them leave to go back to college. 🙂 My college son had to leave Thursday morning to go back because he had to be at work at 6:00 Thursday evening, with his audio job. Since it is such a long drive (450 miles) thru some country that while it is really beautiful, it is really wilderness, etc, I have him call me periodically along the trip, so that I know he is doing ok, etc. He’s kind of funny when he’s driving sometimes, in that he knows that I can come up with answers quickly for him on the Internet, whether for an alternate route because of traffic problems, construction, etc (I’ve been known to answer my cell phone, “Mommy’s Mapping Service”) or whatever. Thursday, an error code for his air conditioning in his older model car popped up, and I had answers quickly for that, too. Fortunately, just stopping & restarting the engine rebooted its computer. 🙂 My guy was home just two weeks this summer–one at the beginning & one at the end, because he went to summer school all summer & worked up there.

    Please send my best wishes to your College Guy for a great school year! I can remember from my junior year, that it was really busy, with course load, but the courses were finally fun in my major and related subjects. College Guy, you have done a great job with the web site. We’ll miss you. We know that you’ll help your mom troubleshoot any problems with it long distance! Hugs to you both! Take care!

  20. Sheri, I forgot to tell you that when College Guy leaves, maybe you can talk WH into going to Cold Stone Dairy to get you a nice frozen treat to go with your Chocolate Chip Cookies! And, at least KD is still living at home for another year! Hugs to you all!

  21. Waving bye bye to College Guy… hard, make your parents proud, but have a good time too….there is always that delicate balance…..Capi

  22. College Guy, the web site is awesome, so you must be really great! Western State College starts here tomorrow, and we live just across the street. We enjoy having the students here and it always energizes town to have them around. Have a good time.
    Sheri, squeeze some soffft yarn…..

  23. *hugs*

    It could be worse – he could go to a co-op school and never go home again because you’re either working or going to school all year long. That’s what I did.
    I know that probably doesn’t help, but remember the summer you had and knit.

    This week, I’m at “would 1st grade please start already!” so I’m not quite there with you, but I took the first two weeks of school off from work so I could be here if my daughter needs me. I guess we’re not that far apart in concern for our kids starting school again.

  24. I feel your pain. Our son is a junior in high school this year and we are just dreading when he leaves home in a couple of years for college.

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