It’s gonna be a bummer weekend

DSC00814.JPGBest day of the entire year: the last day of school. Then I know we get the kids home all summer long!
Worst day of the entire year: the day they go back to school.

Knitting Daughter has been back to high school for a week now, and College Guy (aka Web Guy) goes back up to school in Indiana this weekend. Bugger. Oh, HE’S just fine with it. 🙂 He likes his school and his friends and his classes. I will admit that it’s easier for me to have him head off there, knowing he’s so happy up there. But it sure is lonely here without him. No College Guy to hang out with, no late night walks around the neighborhood, website issues don’t get resolved quite so fast, printer/computer problems remain a problem until WH gets home at night, etc. And his bedroom. It’s empty when he goes off to school. I hate that. Yep, it’s gonna be a bummer weekend.

Give him a wave goodbye as he goes off to his Junior year of college. (You know he’ll still be taking good care of the website from afar. He’s good about that. He knows we all depend on him!)

Sheri makingmorechocolatechipcookiesthisafternoontosendtoschoolwithhim


  1. I know how hard it is to send them back to school.My son left yesterday to go back for his Junior year in Canada.The house is so quiet and the refrigerator looks so full! I know by this time I should be used to him leaving but it doesn’t seem to get a whole lot easier. If I were there I’d come over and eat cookies with you and we could commiserate together !

  2. I hate sending them back to school too, but this year it’ s high school and kindergarten….two completely different spectrums! I can’t fathom college at this point. I’m going to need a lot of chocolate chip cookies! Hope you get to taste some today too!

  3. My wee ones have been AWAY all summer–and they come home tomorrow to a new home and new school Tuesday! I go from quiet to chaos in one fell swoop. But I do feel for you, and have a cookie for me.

  4. ‘Bye, College/Web Guy! Enjoy! The website updates rock–esp the ordering-without-leaving-the-page feature. Love that! Oh, and the currently-out-of-stock photos, too.

    Sheri, from your descriptions of the kids, it’s obvious that you’ve given them both roots AND wings; a safe, happy place they love to come home to, and the confidence to walk out the door with a smile.

    IOW, ya done good. And yeah, you know all this.

    But right now, the cc cookies will definitely help.

  5. Wishing College Guy a Happy Send Off….especially with the Choc Chip Cookies!…my college guy left 2 weeks ago for training for his College Soccer team……but as long as they are happy is all that matters!

    Have a great time at school….COLLEGE GUY! We’re all gonna miss ya!

    Blogless Diane

  6. Hmmm. Sounds like you need to make a trip to Starbucks and bring on the whipped cream and the whole shebang. And cast on a new sock. Just because. (or…maybe a lace project). Sheri, maybe you need an mp3 player and you can load a knitting podcast episode on it and listen to that as your “company” for your neighborhood walks (I know, not the same as having College Guy with you, but….don’t give up your walks!).

  7. I feel guilty to report that I love it when my daughter starts school again. She’s only going in to 4th grade, though, and I might feel differently if it were college in another state. For me, as a working full-time single mom, summer is a jigsaw puzzle of camps, babysitters, play-dates and occasional vacation days (by me). The day after Labor day I put her on the bus at 7:15 and breathe a sigh of relief – another summer survived in vacationland!

  8. College Guy … enjoy your school year. These are some of the BEST years of your life. We love the work you do on the website and I know your mom appreciates you so much…but leave some time to have fun!

  9. I know just how you feel. My oldest is now married and living in another state and my baby is just starting her senior year of high school. I never understood those parents who could not wait for their kids to leave. I like the people mine have become and I want to keep them….

  10. College Guy – enjoy and study hard for soon you will have to enter the “real world”.

    And Sheri, I kind of understand how you feel. My son starts 1st grade on September 4 this year. I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday that he was this blob of a baby in my arms… now he is a kid – where did the time go, and what happened to my baby boy???

  11. My mother did pretty good when she dropped me off at Purdue that one day so long ago. Well, she did good till she went grocery shopping which we always did together. I have this thing about making sure groceries get put away into the right places. The first time she had to do it by herself, she just made it in house where she proceeded to sit down on the kitchen floor and have herself a good cry. My grandmother later told me.

    Grams – Marty, what’s wrong?
    Mom (sobbing hysterically) – Angie always brings in the groceries and I miss her so much.

    To this day, if Mom knows that I’m coming to visit, she will put off the shopping till I get there.

  12. College Guy – Have a great year at school! Be safe, be smart, and be happy.
    And to Sheri – Peanut M&M’s work well, too!

  13. Best wishes on another successful year College/Web Guy! I certainly appreciate all you’ve done to make this a great website!! I can’t wait to try your mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe out! I’m making some for my brother. Now, he’s out of college, but he recently stayed with me for a while and we haven’t hung out that much in years and got a lot closer as a result. I miss him a lot. So, I plan to surprise him with some of those cookies (and test them out myself, of course, lol…).
    And, Sheri, enjoy every moment of the weekend before he leaves… : )

  14. have a wonderful semester college guy! Sheri, i know what it’s like since my own college guy will be leaving next week – but we have christmas to look forward to! i’m afraid i also depend on my son when it comes to computer issues – my husband is worse than me in that category….have a nice weekend!

  15. I think College Guy is my age… if you compare the average age of people in certain years of school. If I wasn’t already married, I would pursue him… it would be fabulous to marry into the Loopy family! 😉 My MIL is a machine knitter, which isn’t nearly as fun 😉

    Eat as many chocolate chip cookies as you need… and if you can hack it in this heat, hit up Starbucks as well… and revel in the fact that CG comes home for summers! (I never did, my poor mom).

  16. Maybe we can meet half way and eat cookies; drink lattes and commiserate??? Oh, and knit. Of course we would knit. Then we’d both feel right as rain. (Well, maybe not, but we would at least feel sad together….)

  17. Isn’t it wonderful to have a son (and daughter for you) that you enjoy so much, that you LIKE and would if you met them elsewhere. All aside from the intense love. .. What a gift!

    Enjoy College Guy! You do awesome work and we all appreciate it.

  18. This is what I’ll be feeling in a couple of years w. my son? Oh gosh, don’t think I can handle it 🙂 Well lotsa thanks to College Guy for keeping the site sooooo interesting. Bet the summer went by toooooo fast for you.

  19. Instead of Starbucks, I recommend Cold Stone Creamery to take away the blues (and add on the calories.)

    At least College/Web guy still comes home for the summer! I guess he’s has to for his summer job as your at home web admin!

  20. Have a great year at school, College Guy!! I join others in thanking you for all you do for us crazy Loopy customers to make our shopping experience such a delight!

    Hang in there, Mom…It is so nice to know that you have such a wonderful relationship with your kiddos and hate to see them have to go back to school. Enjoy making/eating those CC cookies and eat one for me too!

  21. Good luck at school College Guy. You make your mom proud of you. And all of us Loopy Groupies have come to depend on you so much. I always hated to see my kids go back to school too. Hang in there Sherri and know will be thinking of you. It might be time for a pepermint latte. Hugs

  22. Have a great school year college guy. Thanks for all the great work you do on the website. I love all the improvements you have made this summer.

    Sheri , have several cookies, it will make you feel better.

  23. Hope College Guy/Web Guy has a great Junior year! He’s done an wonderful job with the website — as far as I can tell. I’m sure you will miss him, but soon, it will be Fall Break or one of those weekends when he comes home because he misses his family and wants a home-cooked meal. :o)

    Enjoy the chocolate chip cookies — sounds like a great rememdy for loneliness to me.

  24. Mine aren’t even in college yet and I miss them when they go back to school.

    *HUGS* to you, Sheri. Glad I’m not the only mom who hates the beginning of a new school year. I’ve actually had people call me crazy for this. Now I know I’m in good company! 🙂

    And have a great junior year College Guy/Web Guy. Call your mom often. She misses you when you’re at school.

  25. Sheri, if he’s anywhere near Indianapolis, let me know and I’ll try to keep an eye on him 🙂

    My husband started school this week (which is how I know WebGuy isn’t at Purdue), but he commutes so I get to see him every day.


  26. (waving) Have a great school year, and thank you for all your hard work on the website!

    I am NOT looking forward to the days that my kids leave home. I’ve got a while since they’re only 2 1/2 and 7 months, but still, every time I think about it I have to stop before I get really upset. Maybe it’ll get easier over time.

  27. Bye Web Guy. Enjoy your colleges years, they are some of the best. And thanks for all your hard work on the web site. You have done a wonderful job.

  28. Have a great year at college Web Guy! Thanks for making some really cool changes to the site! (P.S. Welcome back to Indiana!)

  29. Back to high school for a week already! (gasp)
    They recently passed a law that school can’t start til after Labor Day in Michigan, so mine are home for another week and a half. Although, I do have to say I enjoy getting ready for school with my daughter – and going out the door with her rather than leaving her waving on the porch.

    Enjoy the start of a new year CG! Sheri, make sure you have some cookies on his first day, too.

  30. Cheer up, Sheri. Only 84 days until Thanksgiving break and we get to see our college kids again! Start marking your calendar (like I do). I had to wave goodbye to my girls last weekend as they headed back for their senior year at UF (Go Gators!). But I just think about how much fun fall semester is — the football, the weather, the excitement of being back — and I feel better knowing they are having the time of their lives. (I remember when)

    Waving ‘bye to College Guy. Have a great fall and thanks for all your hard work this summer. We yarnies truly appreciate you!

  31. college guy-have a great semester, have fun, but not too much fun!

    Sheri-hang in there, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then it is Christmas!

    Oh man I better start my christmas knitting, I’m behind….

  32. Best wishes for another excellent year at school, College Guy/WebGuy. Thanks so much for making it so easy to enjoy all the fibery goodness from your Mom’s business. Do you really know how many happy people there are because of all your hard work and everyone at LE? Tons! Heaps! Yup, couldn’t get along with it. I know what it’s like when a son goes off to school, so give your Mom an extra hug.

  33. Very curious which school College Guy attends, as I went to a small college in Indiana many moons ago. I just found out about a month ago that my mom got physically sick the day I left for field hockey camp my freshman year of college. 🙁 It all turned out OK, though.

    Junior year was by far my favorite year of college. Good times…..

  34. We so appreciate them when they’re here…but not nearly so much as we do once they’re gone, yes?!? Just sent off my second to school last weekend. He, (as opposed to his I-can’t-wait-to-be-out-of-this-house brother), is still my buddy and is faithfully calling/texting me with progress reports, random comments, and requests to yell at him to get up for his Algebra class! I know once he starts making more friends that will dwindle, but perhaps by then I’ll be more used to walking past his empty bedroom…serious bummer. Empathy, empathy!!

  35. Hmmm, I was thinking how you might comfort yourself with yarn…I think I came up with a new way! You could take some of your stash and use it as padding under the covers of College Guy’s bed. Then when you walk by the slightly open door to his room, you can pretend he’s just sleeping the day away. ha ha ha

  36. Great big hugs to you Sheri…..I know it’s gonna be tough but it won’t be long before he’s home for the holidays. 🙂

    Have fun at school College Guy/Web Guy!

  37. Have a good year college guy–your Jr. year will be much easier than the Soph year and don’t forget to call your mom pretty often.

  38. Bye-bye College Guy! Keep up the great work on the web site!

    When my own college guy heads back (Boiler Up!), the thing I most notice is our dramatic reduction in milk and cereal consumption. It will only get worse next year when “senior in high school son” leaves, too. My BABY!! Tonight is our last “opening football game of the season”, ever. I think that the whole school year will be like that. Our last……, ever.

    Must knit as a diversion. If it would just cool off a little.

  39. Michele in Maine, you’re not alone; I’m also looking forward to school starting (Monday!), as is my son. A whole day in the office, able to actually concentrate on work without being interrupted every few minutes!

    (Though all this talk of kids moving away is making me miss my mom. I’ll go email her now.)

  40. Junior year…that’s when the fun begins, when you get to take the courses you really came to college to take, where your interests really take hold. Have a great year, College Guy! We sent one grandchild off to UCBerkeley last Sunday as a Freshman (semester system so starting early). We have another one starting at UCDavis (quarter system). I remember well eating my share of chocolate chip cookies when an earlier generation left home for college a couple of states away. Thanksgiving couldn’t come soon enough!


  41. *sniffle* I got a lump in my throat… I feel for you, loopy Mom! 🙂 i’m sitting here with my 8 year old and 5 month old and I know I’ll feel the same when they go off to college. Heck, i get weepy when my guy is gone 8 hours a day at school!

    You’re so blessed with two beautiful, talented, smart, LOOPY children! Have a good weekend. 🙂

  42. Bye, Web/College Guy! Us Loopy Groupies are happy to know that you’re still there looking out for the website. Have a great junior year!

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