Twinless Socks? No problem.

As most of you know, I have a wee problem with twinless socks. To that end, I have found OTHER uses for them, because it’s apparent that they will never become a pair.

Flower Pot
Bunny bed
Candle holder
Water bottle holder
Golf club cover
Needle case
Shampoo dispenser
Remote holder

Pretty good use of twinless socks, wouldn’t you say? So I’m using them creatively. OR – I’m going to embark upon an adventure called “Summer of the Second Sock” – SOTSS – and finish up a match to these about every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer. Actually, at that rate, it will turn into FOTSS as well, but that’s ok. At least I have a plan. Maybe before winter hits, I’ll have 20 new PAIRS of socks …. and will have made more twinless ones in the meantime. So, did I miss any good uses of twinless socks? And did you miss the Sneak Up today?

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  1. Or, building on kelly’s idea–wiping Diet Coke or other liquids off the screen or keyboard, or whatever. 🙂 I do like the remote holder idea, as we can never keep up with all of our remotes, one for the cable box, one for the tv, one for the dvd player, … I also like the flower pot or vase cover and the needle case ideas.

    I’m curious–are you planning to carry lace blocking wires or whatever, Sheri? That would be really handy.

    Spring is finally getting ready to spring! We’re actually going to get up into the low 60’s today. (She jumps for joy, figuratively, of course!)

  2. Your feet don’t match – who says that your socks have to? And for the most part they are covered by shoes and pants. I’m thinking that it would be fun to watch people as the tried to figure out if I have mis-matched socks on or if they are seeing things. Most people would probably try to be “polite” and not ask questions. The reactions of kids would be fun to watch. You could be bold – remote and water bottle socks together or subtle – candle and envelope. OR remote and envelope together (I’m refering to the socks in the pictures in case anyone is wondering).

    My socks don’t always match – same yarn different pattern. Sometimes by accident and most time intentional. No one is going to get close enough to realize that I have cables on one and lace on the other.

  3. It is perfectly healthy to use socks as a bunny bed. 🙂

    I think I might be addicted to the Loopy Ewe, is there such a thing as sock yarn intervention? I think I might need it (as I can’t resist ordering!).

  4. Hey, send them my way – I love finishing socks. 🙂 Kidding…

    Good luck with that project but you have a great outlook – when else will you be able to invest a similar effort and get so many new pairs of socks???

  5. I want to see a photo of you somewhere using a sock as a purse. And you probably could mail the sock so long as you have enough postage on it.

  6. My sister was here to visit over the weekend–she petted my yarn stash (and claimed a pair of socks, and TRIED to claim a shawl and an afghan 🙂 ) and wanted to know where to get nice sock yarn. So if you get an order from Tracy, she’s my li’l sis. 🙂 (She says she’s going to finish her first pair of socks before getting more yarn. Blasphemy!)

    This is the spring of the second sock for me! I have five orphan socks right now and I promisedpromisedpromised that I would NOT buy sock yarn to knit Favorite Socks until I finish at least a couple second socks. (Not all. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak. Or at least, the willpower is.) Wanna race? 🙂

    The other thing I always put off is doing the Kitchener stitch at the toes of socks. I have two PAIRS of socks that need only that to be done. One I finished last night, but the other one has been waiting since January. Isn’t that awful?

  7. Sheri:

    Any news about the Sock Club so far? I am so anxious about it starting. ::grin::


  8. Totally scored on the sneak-up! I found new temptations waiting for me when I got out of French class…

    I’m absolutely *terrified* that the next Sneak-up, with all the lace, will happen Tuesday or Thursday morning, when I’m at work, and all the lovely lace yarn will be gone. I’ve totally budgeted for a major order.

    *shiftyeyes* I feel this might be unhealthy. Nah.

  9. Hey I got a good one- put rice in one end and use it as a hubby banger. I’m joking!
    Just thought of that because I use a plain white sock with flax seed for a heated neck pack- it smells, so rice would work better. I drool over all the gorgeous yarn. Maybe use one as a burp cloth? I gotta go get a cup of coffee and wake-up.
    I got my giggles for the day.

  10. I think you need to follow Cookie A. example and wear your socks regardless of whether they match each other!!

    I’ve been putting in many hours at “work” this week so missed the sneak-up. 🙁 Oh well, I have a lot of yarn from camp that I need to work on!!

  11. I tend to be more cautious and knit my socks in threes in case one goes missing. I am married to the Laundry King, so everything has to be machine washable. I am slowly sneeking in hand washables. I love socks, especilly argyles and would usually buy 3 pair to end up with one after a year. Now that I am making my own, I’m sure to keep a much better eye on them.

  12. Earing holders – tack the sock to the wall and stick earings on it.
    Gear shift cover – those suckers get hot in the summer.

    Good luck on mates for the poor, poor, poor orphans. Hey, as long as the second sock is the same length, make them fraternal twins. That way you can try out more patterns.

  13. I was thinking of you as I was finishing dinner the other night (and knitting on a sock)- what about a potholder? Or you could use it as a silverware holder/display on each plate for a knitting dinner party?

  14. more uses…

    Pencil case.
    Change purse
    bunny ear warmer
    pin it to your pants and have a tail for the day…
    or put it on your dogs tail so as a tail warmer
    two of them and have mismatched earrings
    hang it up by the door and drop your keys in it when you come in…
    keep your ipod in one, and if it’s big enough, keep the cords and accessories in it too.

  15. Hey – just showed these photos to my dear husband, who now realizes I’m not the ONLY one who knits one sock and moves on to another project….there’s strength in numbers….Happy Mother’s day!

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