I know what I said but I changed my mind…

DSC00630.JPGYou know my Sunday knitting plans included finishing up my Yarn Love sock and casting on with Duets. That was the plan. But something arrived on Friday afternoon that changed my plan. A couple of big boxes from Claudia Hand Painted that contained our exclusive new Claudia colorway – Peppermint Mocha. πŸ™‚ Of course I felt the need to cast on immediately, to “see how it knits up”. I love it! I almost did the toe and then cast on the second sock toe – just to go back to my old way of knitting where I did two socks at the same time. But then I remembered all of the other new yarns that we have coming in that I need to knit up, and, well…… I just kept going on this one. What do you think about our new colorway?

DSC00628.JPGI did manage to finish up my Yarn Love sock (in the Romance colorway) over the weekend as well. I like this yarn base and had fun watching the colors weave themselves in and out. There are some beautiful colorways in the batch that we’ll be putting up this week. I might need to take a couple more out for my own stash before putting them up. Knitting time was good this weekend. Poor WH asked Knitting Daughter and I to go to the Botanical Gardens yesterday because it was such a nice day. KD looked at him perplexed and said, “But it’s our knitting day!” Needless to say, we stayed home to knit.

Updated list for the Sneak Up this week: Yarn Love, Chewy Spaghetti, Lorna’s Laces Sport, Scarlet Fleece, and Apple Laine. (Yes, we’re excited to have more Apple Laine in-house!) Next week’s tentative list: Yarn Pirate, all of the lace yarns, and anything else that comes in, because we’re expecting lots. Speaking of lace, I’m so glad that all of you approve of that addition to The Loopy Ewe! Really, it has been hard not spilling the beans on it, so I’m glad the secret is out. Even though we have several lines going up next week, we have more on order and will continue to add to what we carry in lace.

There is a bit of site maintenance that will take place tomorrow morning, so the website will be down temporarily for a few hours. (Had to schedule it on a “light day of classes” for Web Guy who is also known as College Boy, so that he can be available to do it and then tweak as necessary.) Just wanted to let you know ahead of time that it is a planned event and it will be back up by Tuesday afternoon. Also, for all of you who are in our Sock Club, watch for your email notice this weekend, giving you details on payment for the first shipment. Those are scheduled to go out the first or second week of May and we can’t wait!

Sheri Ihaveaplanformytwinlesssocks-I’lltellyouaboutitonWednesdayDoyouhavetwinlesssocks?


  1. I love the Peppermint Mocha yarn! I bet it is nice and squishy and yummy just like all the Claudia stuff.

    Mmmm Yarn Love…gotta get me some of that, and some of that Scarlet Fleece too…I know I keep saying that!

    I’m still on my “it’s my birthday so I can buy yarn” kick. Wheeeee!

    Oh, and hooray for the sock club. πŸ™‚

  2. Clearly you made the right choice, re the peppermint mocha socks. It’s not everyday you get an exclusive colorway!

    Maybe you should just wear mismatched socks. It could be very trendy, you never know.

  3. The Yarn Love looks nice! On twinless socks, Harry Potter fans will know that the house elf Dobby prefers twinless socks. When Harry gives him a pair, he looks puzzled and asks if the shop made a mistake because they gave him two the same!

    I have temporarily twinless socks right now. I have finished one sock for DH’s birthday but then cast on a different one to knit up this week, as I have two pairs I want to make him but time to knit only one of each. I’ll wrap each one with an IOU, then knit the other halves post-birthday. Then it’s back to socks for me!

  4. Sock club? Did someone say “Sock Club”!?!?! I’m sitting on hands in anticipation. Plus I have some tendinitis so I really need to rest my arm so I cast on in May.

    The Peppermint Mocha is lovely..how nice to have a color for the Loopy Ewe!

  5. Sheri
    I can;t wait for all the new yarn. I check daily. Which is waht you want us to do>>>

    I have a whole boatload of twinless socks. I love to do one sock with the new yarn to see how it knits and how the colors reveal themselves and then I am on to the next new yarn.

    I’m sure the YarnHarlot has a syndrom named for that I just don;t know it.

  6. No I have no twinless socks because I want to wear them. I want to know how many you have now though. I can’t wait to see the new yarns. I really like the Claudia Peppermint Mocha that one may have to come visit my house. I am running out of room for my personal sock yarn buffet.

  7. A couple twinless socks here, but they both have partial siblings on the needles. That peppermint mocha color is lovely! Looking forward to the sneaky updates this week.

  8. Mmm, peppermint mocha. That colorway looks as delicious as an actual one from Starbucks. =)

    No twinless socks here. I have one big project and one sock project at a time. I used to start everything under the sun and then be displeased when I couldn’t finish anything, so I trained myself to be a monogamous knitter.

    Did you sign up for Sockapalooza?

  9. I have a twinless sock. It was my very first sock ever. Once I knew I could do it I jumped to knitting a gift pair of socks. The first sock seemed so lonely that I decided to give it a job. The job is camera case. I bought a new digital camera right after Christmas and it had a rather large viewing window on the back. I was afraid just tossing it in my bag as I usually do would result in scratches. so that is how my twinless sock became a camera case! lol

  10. I was just about to leave for lunch and thought I ‘d check for your blog update. I can’t wait to see all the new yarns!!! I love the new colorway. Maybe, I’ll just stay logged in permanently (just kidding) and get ready for any and all shop updates …and have my pay check direct deposited to the Loopy Ewe. Okay…now I’m really leaving and going to get a Peppermint Mocha for lunch…yummy. πŸ˜‰

  11. Love the Peppermint Mocha sock! Will definitely be tempted to purchase that colorway…
    I currently have no twinless socks — I’m proud of myself for being so disciplined… And, I think its great that you are going to be carrying lace yarn. Haven’t been bit by that bug yet, but that’s not to say I won’t…because the pictures you shared on Friday had some yummy looking colors… : )

  12. Nope, no twinlesses (is that a word?) I always knit its twin for some reason. The only unpartnered socks I have are the ones in the parallel universe somewhere in the washing machine.

    By the by, in the Red Sock Kit what is that beautiful yarn called. I want more!!!

  13. The peppermint mocha is B-E-A-utiful. Pinks and browns together have become my favorite – I hope they stay in style for a good long time. I am ecstatic that the Loopy Ewe is adding lace yarn. I haven’t tried much lace, except for socks, but was inspired by Wendy to order Victorian Lace Today from Amazon. Now that I’ve thumbed through it oh, maybe 500 times – I am anxious to start a lace project. But I’ve got a few (okay, maybe more than a few) UFO’s to complete before casting on any lace. My husband will be leaving soon for Iraq, and for as much as I don’t like to see him go, I also know that I am blessed to be a knitter, for the therapeutic powers of knitting if nothing else.

  14. Yum! Both look wonderful. I can’t imagine how you can keep focused with all that fun yarn coming in all the time! I know I couldn’t.
    PS just got my order today, I’m so excited! Thank you!

  15. Oh, I LOVE the Peppermint Mocha yarn! If I don’t manage to snag that color I will be very disappointed and will have to go and drown my sorrow in – what else? – a peppermint mocha! (but I might have to get the grande as my sorrow will be very great!) πŸ™‚

  16. The Peppermint Mocha yarn is pretty. I can see why you cast on….lol. I think I would want to do the same thing. You have to test out all those yarns so you’ll be able to answer all our questions. πŸ™‚ I have some of Yarn Love’s sock yarn that I bought from them off of ebay several months ago. I can’t wait to get some more. It’s pretty yarn. I love how it’s pooling together in the sock you knit.
    Yippy, we’re getting close to the first Sock Club shipment…..goody, goody, goody! Can’t you tell how excited I am. πŸ™‚

  17. I love the new colorway! Can’t wait for all the new products to be online. And I love your Yarn Love sock. Pretty colors.

  18. Oh the new CH is gorgeous! And of course I just placed an order yesterday without knowing that lovely was on it’s way! I may have to go & place another order, dangit! ;o) And just how do you find the time to run such an efficient store, knit great socks & play with all the yarn?? Amazing!

  19. I have several twinless socks that have their twin cast-on but little else. I try to at least cast on the second sock and complete the ribbing before I get distracted by my latest box from the Loopy Ewe. Speaking of distracted, I love that Peppermint Mocha sock yarn.

  20. That peppermint mocha needs a trip DownUnder I think, but I’m sure he’ll need companions for the journey, wouldn’t want him all traumatised when he arrives, lol.

  21. Oooh pretty. I’m not usually into oranges or reds but peppermint mocha certainly looks bright and cheery. I might have to expand my horizons. And the Yarn Love sock is very pretty.

    I have one sock that hasn’t a mate but that is because it isn’t finished yet and it really needs to be frogged and redone. I think I substituted a yarn that was too fine or something only didn’t know enough to know it was a problem at the time I started that sock. Now I have way too many fun yarns from the Loopy Ewe to bother going back to that sock anytime soon. Poor little orphan sock.

  22. Sheri, I hope you ordered lots and lots of that Peppermint Mocha Claudias because EVERYBODY will want some. I’m gonna have to stay tuned in to the website nonstop so I can be assured of getting some. Seems like the yarns go out even faster than they come in. YUMMMM, I want some of that Yarn Pirate, too.

  23. At least you will have a pair of peppermint socks to wear while drinking your peppermint mochas. πŸ™‚ Now have you finished up all of your lonely singles?

  24. Very pretty indeed! No, I have no twinless socks since I always cast them on together and knit them both at the same time. No muss, no fuss. I do, however, have several pairs that are knit down through the gusset and need their feetsies finished!

    Will be watching for the sneaks…looks like I’m about due for another Loopy Visit!

  25. BTW…can Computer Guy put back the numbers on the “browsing yarn” page that tell us how many items there are in each yarn? It was rather helpful when there is only a couple of minutes for a quick browse!

  26. I don’t personally have twinless socks, but I’m currently knitting one… the other is with its intended recipient, who is quite proud to wear socks that don’t match. (Ah, to be 17 again…)

  27. An update coming…and I’m waiting to find out how many digits the plumber’s going to charge me to replace the ruptured pipe to the house. Alas! (Oh, well, there’ll be other updates!)

    No twinless socks. Just extra sets of DPNs so I can work on both socks of a pair. I’ve found I hate counting rows and trying to remember what I did on sock 1 when I’m knitting sock 2; working the two together means less recordkeeping. Plus, when I cast off the first sock, I’m only a short while away from casting off the other sock!

  28. I have about 3 twinless socks right now. I am going to use Castiron’s idea for the next new sock set… a good reason to buy yet another set of DPNs which I love having lots of for some crazy reason. (Note to self: ask for needles for Christmas gifts.) (Yesterday while in the LYS, my mom – a muggle – looked at the size 0 U.S. DPNs and said, ‘Oh, those are the little needles you always stick in your hair!’ It IS the most handy storage while turning toes and heels. Hehe.)

    Peppermint Mocha is beauteous and making me want one. Maybe we can get a Starbucks discount if we show them our Peppermint Mocha inspired socks using that colorway. Whaddya think?

    LOVE the newest box of goodies Sheri. The solids are really lovely and I’m going to be buying more of those along the way. My dad will really like the Louets Pewter color for his next socks. Also that Cider Moon… sooo cushy you can sleep on it. And the Fleece Artist with Seacell has a great hand and sheen.

  29. Oh, man. Do I ever have twinless socks…. And a bunch on the needles, too. If I ever lose a leg in the Great Yarn Wars, I’m going to be *set*. Or if the Punky Brewster look comes back around, i’m good to go.

    That peppermint mocha? Purdy. Chewable.

    And laceweight has me all a-twitter. Now all y’all need is indie-dyed roving, and my life will be 100% complete. Seriously. (Unless you can also make it so the yarn is delivered by very, very hot men, in person, preferably shirtless. That’d be, like, the *ultimate*.)

    Speaking of delivery…my order(s) and the loopy groupie bag arrived on Saturday and I’d have left a comment before this, but I was busy ROLLING AROUND IN IT ALL. Rubbing it on my face and taking off the ball bands and putting them back on and fondling it and looking at it in different lighting just to see its prettiness all over again. Those fleece artist people need to be canonized as Dye Saints. Man. Mrrrowr.

  30. I love the Peppermint Mocha! Someone commented that everyone will want it; I think that’s true!
    The Yarn Love sock is beautiful, also. Can’t wait to see the other colors!

  31. Peppermint mocha is lovely – it actually reminds me quite a bit of the Passion Fruit colorway in Claudia’s. Not exactly the same, but siblings.

  32. Here is an idea for Dr. Jackie who has socks dow to the toes and not finished. Do not go all the way to the toes and do a ribbed finish and you now have pedicure socks for whehen it is too cold to go with just flip flops. I saw a pattern in Knitty and have done a number of sets and given them to friends and everyone loves them and we get rave reviews at the pedicure salon.

    Also I second Dr. Jackies comment of the number under the catagories.

    When are you putting up the new yarns!!!!
    I can’t wait.

  33. Where’s the blog entry about the sock club? Is it possible to still join? Because me, I’m a joiner when it comes to yarn/fiber. Especially sock yarn. Thank heavens I haven’t learned to knit lace yet, although I really am wanting to make a gorgeous shawl……..

  34. much happy clapping here! i was thinking it was getting close to time for the sock club! woohooo! otherwise, i’m avoiding the site, now that the gubmint is satisfied for the year, i gotta license my car, sigh

  35. I really love the peppermint mocha….but I don’t NEED more sock yarn….let’s see how long I can resist the temptation.

  36. I was really excited to get my latest order from Sheri on Monday! I had just entered the order on Saturday, early afternoon. My yarn is beautiful, and I love the wooden sock blockers! Thank you, Sheri for your great service!

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