Twinless Socks? No problem.

As most of you know, I have a wee problem with twinless socks. To that end, I have found OTHER uses for them, because it’s apparent that they will never become a pair.

Flower Pot
Bunny bed
Candle holder
Water bottle holder
Golf club cover
Needle case
Shampoo dispenser
Remote holder

Pretty good use of twinless socks, wouldn’t you say? So I’m using them creatively. OR – I’m going to embark upon an adventure called “Summer of the Second Sock” – SOTSS – and finish up a match to these about every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer. Actually, at that rate, it will turn into FOTSS as well, but that’s ok. At least I have a plan. Maybe before winter hits, I’ll have 20 new PAIRS of socks …. and will have made more twinless ones in the meantime. So, did I miss any good uses of twinless socks? And did you miss the Sneak Up today?

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  1. The creative juices are flowing I see by your twinless socks. :>) Very cute! I like the SOTSS idea and hope to make my mates as well.

    I SCORED! I did not miss the sneak up today (as you no doubt know) and have some great things coming my way. As good as a chocolate high! — which I will need to balance my checkbook.

    Question: will you start carrying lace patterns now that the new laceweights are debuting next week?

    Finally, thanks to the other Michelle in SE Arizona who pointed me towards Miriam Felton and Eunny Jang’s blogs the other day. I have been reading alot about lace there and I think I will try something. Thanks again!

  2. Very creative uses for your twinless socks! And, I happened to time my lunch break just right and did NOT miss the sneak up! Its a good thing my office has a door, because I did a little happy dance knowing that I have some fun things coming my way… I’m beginning to wonder if I have a sock stashing problem…lol : )

  3. I scored as well! I got the Peppermint Mocha colorway from Claudia. It looks just gorgeous on screen and I can’t wait to see it in person. I love your uses for twinless socks! They could also be good to hang on a Christmas tree or to hold delicate ornaments. I wonder if they would make good bath mitts or hand puppets? I actually go crazy when I have finished one sock and work like mad on the other sock. I even wear one sock around the house in motivation to finish the other one, looks a little crazy having just one sock on, but it helps!

  4. I love the flower pot and candle holder. What a fun way to accessorize! I got some Blue Bayou from Apple Laine. I would have bough more but I just made a purchase last week. I think one package per week is enough damage for me:-)

  5. LOL–Cute!! I popped by to see what you are up to, and look what I find!– just a bit of sock silliness! You have some very creative ideas there…maybe you need to write a book “101 things to do with A sock”. You could write it in your spare time *grin*.
    Smiles, Karen
    btw, I am totally aware that there is no such thing as spare time, lol!

  6. Like the “twinless” socks 🙂 I didn’t miss the sneak-up; it seriously tested my willpower, but I’m waiting for the lace to go up. Or at least, more of the Seacoast.

  7. Very creative! No wonder you are my favorite site…and inspiration. Good plan on finishing twins…definitely a summer into fall project. I got the Peppermint Mocha. Happened to check after being on the road for 7 hours today…should have been only 5 but we won’t go there. Think I will go knit. Yes, I can read a pattern better than I read a map!

  8. You certainly gave me the laugh I needed today! I am also trying to make my way to the “second sock finish line”… I am not going to put any time limit on it though…
    I just have a problem casting on new ones before all of the old ones have mates. I can’t wait to see what each new yarn looks like made up!!! ( I know I am the only one with this problem…. heeeeeeeeee)
    I love the sneak up rather than the “planned frenzy”.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  9. Wow, that is creative. I think you missed coin-pouch and wall art. 😀 And I totally missed the sneak up! I’ll never get any good at this whole “buying yarn online” thing. lol

  10. Sheri, Sheri Sheri,
    What an afternoon. After checking multiple times today to see if the new year was up, I had to go to meeting. I get back at 3:30 and I have 3 voice mail messages and an email from a fellow knitter that you had posted the new yarn.

    Well everyone must have been on at the same time. It was really slow but I scored some of the new Chewy Spagetti.

    Now that I am home and had more time and freedom to check to see if there was anything left that I might want. Too late but at least I did get some. Not much of the new yarn is left. What a frenzy it must have been.

    Thanks for getting all the new fun yarns. Can’t wait for the next new yarn to be posted.

  11. I also missed the sneak up but that is okay. I have lots of sock yarn to keep me company for a while and I am awaiting the Sock Club anyway. Love the neat ideas. Maybe you should pay someone to finish your second socks for you.

  12. Thanks for the twinless sock ideas! I have many. I’m too embarrassed to admit how many. I usually make each sock a little different from its mate (I do have SOME finished pairs) so wearing mismatched socks wouldn’t be unusual for me. I’ll just start wearing one of each!
    Fortunately, I didn’t completely miss the Sneak Up, so I’ll be able to add to my stash of twinless socks.

  13. Love those sock uses!!! So far, we’ve avoided the twinless sock issue here — but with all the sock yarns that keep showing up at my door (*innocent whistle*), it could very plausibly become an issue.

    And I DID manage to snag a new yarn at the sneak up today!! I’m addicted to your site… working hard to gain Groupie status. But trying to curb the urge to go for free shipping all the time. ha ha! Helps that I’m trying to stick to sportweight and new-to-me sock yarns.

    By the way, got any more Schaefer Lola coming???

  14. I ran across the Sneak Up inadvertently – I can’t seem to upload any photos to the gallery with all the website traffic. I’ll try again tomorrow! 🙂

  15. Ever since the first mention of sneak ups I’ve been checking the site every time I get on a ruddy computer. Often more than once a day. So, luckily, I didn’t miss the sneak up. I knew something was up when the site was slow to load. And when I saw Chewy Spaghetti on the top of the yarns page. I knew why the site was slow and started shopping as fast as I could.

    I think I managed to score some goodies. I’ll believe it when they get here though, since I’ve had the “skeins leaping out of the cart at the last minute” experience. Thanks for the good timing on the update, Sheri. I was depressed because I had munged one project and was stymied on another so it’s good that I have some pretties to look forward to now. It’ll make the tedious correction of the munged project more bearable.

  16. Oh my gosh, I need to say the following:
    “Hi, my name is Kristin.”
    (Group replies – “Hi Kristin!”)
    I reply, “I am a sockyarn-a-holic!”
    These yarns look so great! I couldn’t resist the update today. Does it help that my birthday is coming up in May? Could that be a rationalization for the gobs of sock yarn I’ve purchased lately? HA HA HA! Nice try, I know! Can’t wait for my package to arrive! Loved the stitch marker with my last package, Sheri! Very sweet! Great service, as always! 🙂

  17. I love the envelope. Nothing says “here’s my credit card payment” as well as a handknit sock! Just think how satisfying it will be to open your sock drawer and see a whole drawer of NEW handknit socks smiling at you.

  18. I like the money sock. Does it come with money in it already? They should sell those in the greeting card section for graduation. There’s nothing I’d like better than a sock, a ball of yarn and cash.

    No, I didn’t miss the sneak-up. I placed my first order…well once I call with my Amex tomorrow. So excited about the Yarn Love! 🙂

  19. Well I missed the sneak up. I was called out of retirement to helped out at my friends animal clinic since she was without help today and tomorrow.

    This all cuts into my knitting time.

    You need to learn to do both socks at once. It doesn’t seem to take twice as long and then they are both done.

  20. I see NOTHING wrong with your choices or with wearing 2 of the aforementioned socks together, whether they match or NOT. Who is to say what is fashion? Millions of sock knitter cannot be wrong!!! (NICE POST) C:

  21. OK Sheri, I think you’ve finally lost it completely! Since I don’t have twinless socks, I just have a bunch of almost-finished-pairs-of-socks-that-I-knit-at-the-same-time. When I run out of needles I guess I have to finish them so I can go on to new projects!

    Just got home, so unfortunately I guess I missed most of the sneaking…the peppermint mocha and Chewy Spaghetti are all gone. Wait, wait…WAIT…do I still see some Apple Laine here? What else did I miss? Did you save me anything yummy? Hmmm…but I’ve been knitting hats for the Q2 Challenge, and awaiting my first sock club installment. I’ve even been pondering trying a Magic Loop (oh wait, I don’t have a 40″ circular…).

    Oh heck…I have to go to work tomorrow…so probably very little knitting for me till the w’end…

  22. PDA cozy! Duster! Bag for apples! Banana cozy! Pullcord extension for a ceiling fan! Stick shift cover!

    I saw the Sneakup; I saw two colors of Apple Laine I’d like to get; I sighed about yesterday’s 4-digit plumbing bill and bravely turned aside. Next time it comes in, the wallet will hopefully be happier!

    (I do like the Sneakups; it’s a big thrill to be checking your site during a break and discover gorgeous new stuff.)

  23. Rats! I completely missed this Sneak Up (but considering how well I scored on the last one, I shouldn’t complain too much)! And I, too, am looking forward to the Sock Club.

    So far I have avoided the Twinless Sock Syndrome, but it’s early yet.

    The envelope sock is too funny. It just MIGHT work over here, though!

  24. i was being purposefully avoidant (well, ok, i drooled on the keyboard but managed not to put anything in my cart, lol) but I was rewarded for my virtue by the arrival of my last order when i got home from work today – woohoo! love, love, love those dpn holders!

    lmao at your sock photos – I think the remote holder might be a little girly for the typical household weilder of the Stick of Mighty Importance, bwahahaha!

  25. Those are great Sheri! Yes, I missed the danged Yarn Love. *pout* The flu stinks. Ah well, better luck next time.

  26. Oh you….the Queen of Creativity!
    Thanks for sharing…I am however, the Anal sock knitter…finish one, must have pair………

    Blogless Diane

  27. I love all the uses for twinless socks you came up with.

    I really enjoy the sneak ups and I was able to score some great yarns. Can’t wait unitl they show up on my doorstep and hopefully my husband will be at work when they do!

  28. You crack me up! I think you forgot the coffee cup cover – looks gorgeous and keeps it warm longer! This would work really well for me because I have a big 20 oz+ insulated coffee cup. It could really use a beautiful sock to dress it up.

    Do NOT trust the USPS with a sock-velope! Don’t do it! they won’t appreciate it and will probably try to run it through one of their automated machines – you know the ones that specialize in chewing things up! 😉 But it is completely beautiful!

  29. Or you could just follow my DD’s fashion sense (or lack thereof) and purposely wear two mis-matched socks! She’s been doing that for years! Think it’s because she’s too lazy to match up her socks after washing them!! So anyone with orphan socks – my DD will gladly wear them!!!

  30. You are just too funny. I think those are all valid and wonderful uses for single socks! But then, I see nothing wrong with wearing mismatched socks, either. 🙂

    I failed yesterday at the sneak-up. And by failed, I mean I bought something. (Do me a favor – next time I buy a red yarn, just send me something else. The red/orange cubbie is completely full! And the green/blue isn’t far behind. I need new cubbies!)

  31. OMG Sheri!! That is hilarious! I rarely suffer from 2nd sock syndrome, but when I do, we’re talking years between a sock and a pair. I think I’ll go gussy up the remote collection right now. Those socks might as well be useful while they’re waiting :).

  32. I always seem to miss the sneak ups, but it was Dh’s birthday…oh well.

    I use single socks as stuffed animal ear warmers…well, sometimes they are even known to mysteriously get on there themselves…I guess DH likes to do this. 🙂

  33. Careful Sheri! I did a double take and then had a good laugh. Did you realize that your run-together sign off looked like Sheriwhore? I know we all love our harlot, but I think you’re way too nice to be a “whore!”

    BTW, love the socks, even if they are singletons. Perhaps you should take them to a nice “singles” bar in hopes of matching up with other lonely soles! (Sorry; couldn’t help myself)

  34. i think my favorite was the envelope. however, here’s what comes to mind here: snack pack carrier (for those little single serving snacks like fruit bits), cell phone cozy (the old clunky ones, lol), knit kit cozy, cooking spray holder (those cans can get awfully slippery!), coffee cup holder (gotta keep the hands safe!). that’s all i can think of for now, though!

  35. Use #437: Wiping Diet Coke off the screen. Ye Gods, woman! Warn a person!


    I may use the remote holder idea. I might actually be able to find it that way….

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