I’m sorry. And a Contest.

DSC00649.JPGI’m going to just start the week off with an apology. I know I’m going to put you over the edge this week with the Sneak Up and …. well, I’m sorry. There are way too many beautiful colors and yarns and choices and I have no idea how you’re going to decide which ones need to come home to live with you. How do I know this? Because I took too many of them out this week to put in my own stash. That’s how I know. I didn’t plan it this way. We always have so many things on order that I am never sure exactly what will show up week to week. This week – too many good choices. (What’s going up? Well, Yarn Pirate, Perchance to Knit, Seacoast Panda, and all of the lace yarns. Overload.) So I hope you enjoy browsing and shopping and know that I feel your pain. (Zoe advises everyone to just take a nap, while awaiting this week’s Sneak Up. Honest – you can see her mid-sentence in the photo.)

I wanted to answer a couple of blog questions – one was, “What is a Sneak Up?” That simply refers to us putting new yarns and products on the website each week. Once in awhile I will re-stock yarns and coloways as the UPS gal brings them, but most of the time I do all of the updating at once, each week. The time and day change from week to week, just because I have learned that it helps make for a more pleasurable shopping experience if not everyone has planned to be on here shopping at the same exact time. 🙂 Although it’s kind of funny to watch how quickly the word gets out when the Sneak Up has taken place. I think some of you take turns monitoring the site for your whole knitting group, based on what I have heard and seen! (Personally? I’d place my own order and then go spread the word!) Another question is about The Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club and whether or not we still have spots available. The answer is unfortunately, no. Our sock club sold out overnight and ended up being 3 times bigger than I expected, so we’re definitely full this year! However, we would sure love to have you sign up next year and I will give plenty of notice for that. I already have some fun things in mind for the next one. The last question: Why did the numbers go away under your different website categories? Well, because that is one of the things that slows the website down when so many of you are shopping at once. However, with our move to a bigger server and a little re-vamping by Web Guy, we were able to put them back up and we don’t think they will affect the speed to much from now on.

flower3Speaking of fun things – let’s do the April Blog Contest. Tell me your favorite color combination for socks. Not the brand, not the weight, not the price – just tell me what 2-5 colors would make up your very favorite colorway. (And if you want to add “best name for a sock colorway ever”, I think that would be fun, too.) My favorite sock color combination would be hunter, cranberry and mocha. Although I’m fairly certain that after I read your entries, I will have changed my mind a few times. Best sock name ever? The one that is on the Loopy Ewe Summer Sock Club yarn – it’s too fun! Leave your answers in the comments and I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner next Monday, the 30th for the winner of a fun Loopy Loot package. (And maybe we’ll turn some of your favorite color combinations into new colorways here!) I think maybe I ought to go through more of WH’s flower photos for some good color combo ideas.

Sheri IstartedknittingmylaceshawlthisweekendwithHandMaidenSeaSilk&loveit!


  1. I’m feeling earthy these days – how about chocolate brown with oranges, russets and cranberry colors – like autumn leaves, but more permanent…

    Funny that I’m thinking about these sorts of colors right now, now that it’s finally springy here in Chicago. Oh well, I’ve always been a season-rusher. That’s what we can call the colorway! Season Rusher!

  2. The problem with this is, the colors I like to knit with and the colors I wear are miles apart. So, we’ll go with what I’d actually WEAR… A pale blue, a nice, medium blue, and a zing of kelly green, with a stone or something too. A name? How about lilypad pond? (Yeah. That just came to me… This whole comment is pretty close to a free-write.)

  3. My favorite would have to be blue, blue and blue (with maybe some black mixed in). I always seem to gravitate to these colors.

    I think i’d probably name it “Blues for Yous”

  4. OH – what about some seaglass colors? I live on the coast of Maine and love finding seaglass at the beach. translucent green, light and dark blue, turquoise and milky white. the name? Seaglass, of course!

  5. My favourite colours for early spring (which it still is up here in Canada) are always spring green and bright yellow, like daffodils or fosythia, which are blooming outside my window today. I especially love the colours of forsythia because they remind me of a time when my second daughter was about three and we lived next door to a young woman named Cynthia, who, unfortunately was suffering from breast cancer. She loved to spend time with my little girls and they with her, but her illness was troubling them. When the forsythia bloomed in April, my daughter asked what the yellow flowery bush was called and mistaking my response for “For Cynthia” she promptly took some of the branches I had cut off to our neighbour Cynthia to cheer her up. So the bright yellow forsythia flowers always remind me of this special woman. I guess I would have to name the yarn “Forcynthia’.

  6. My favorite yarn color combo is dark purple fading to light purple, dark green fading to light green, and dark blue. No light blue, and absolutely no white yarn at all!

  7. Hi Sheri (my name is Sheri too),
    My favorite color combination would be olive green, rust, dark brown with a touch of yellow. The name is obvious, Autumn Harmony.

  8. I’m a big fan of orange and blue. I’d really love a colorway that merges bits of tangerinee and carrot orange with turquoise and royal blue. It brings to mind summer days at the pool or the beach . . . how about calling it “Beach Day?”

  9. I don’t really knit socks, but I have been searching everywhere for a fingering weight with LONG repeats in silvery greys and purples for a Lady Elenor. How about “Royal Chrome” or “Steel Violets”.

  10. My absolute favourite would be a deep slate grey with blue and purple undertones. I would name it “stone shadows” for the colours of the rock formations near my cottage at twilight.

  11. My favorite yarn would be dyed:

    Chocolate brown, leaf green and luscious red…and I would call it Strawberry Hill Farm, after the strawberry farm my family owned and operated in the Bronx (!) from about 1900-1940. The mega strawberries were taken into Manhatten where they were dipped in chocolate for the very upscale, elite restaurants and hotels.

    Family history on my feet!

  12. I really like combinations of various blue & brown shades. That said, somehow I always end up buying blue/green mixes and wanting to buy purple/green mixes. Hmm, names are hard. The best name I’ve ever seen was a STR pink-brown-cream colorway called Little Bunny Foofoo. I laughed myself silly over that one! (I didn’t buy it, but I regretted it later. I sang that song to my fiance as part of a silly songs contest and I would LOVE to have Little Bunny Foofoo socks!)

  13. Ok, this is (not) a surprise to anyone who knows me. My favorite colorway would be varying shades of purple with just a touch of fusha for pop! The name would have to be My May Flower. I tell my DD that she was my May flower…you know, April showers bring may flowers??? corny I know!

  14. From years of classical ballet training my favorite color combination is still black and light pink. Now I really like darker pinks as well, so my “dream” sock colorway would have pinks ranging from fuschia to light pink, black, and maybe a little white. The name of this colorway would be Ballet Class.

  15. My favorite colors for a sock yarn would be purples (but the bluer ones not the redder ones), blues and teals. With maybe some brown or black or dark grey in there too. Basically all the colors I love.

    Favorite sock colorway name: For the socks above probably something like Jewel Box since it’s pretty much jewel colors (at least the cool end of the spectrum ones). But in terms of existing colorway names – gosh there’s so many fun ones. I have, at least once, bought yarn solely because of the color name. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite. I think Yarn Pirate’s “Shiver Me Timbers” because it’s so piratical.

  16. I would have to say long long repeats of gray and teal called Shelby’s Stripes, named after my daughter’s favorites socks which she has almost worn holes in. OR a mixture of black, grays and silver called Sparkling Coal.

  17. Lemon yellow, gold and pale coral! I have a pale yellow bar of soap that glommed onto a orangey-red bar of soap and borrowed some of its color – if I ever start dyeing my own I must replicate the color combo.

  18. I would love a pair of socks in a variegated, jewel-toned colorway, with deep teal, purple, cobalt blue, and maybe the rare splash of ruby red to add an element of surprise.

  19. I don’t have a fave color combo. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going crazy refreshing your site waiting for the sneak-up! The suspense is driving me mad!!

    *totally loopy over here*

  20. My ideal colorway would be bright oranges, yellows and reds, maybe with a little splash of a bright yellowish-green – I’d call it Citrus Grove.

  21. I really like the combination of purple, blues, greens and the occasional splash of gold.

    Also, I love Wild Raspberry from Mountain Colors Bearfoot. But that already exists.

  22. Mmm… too much to choose from. There’s so many good colours but putting them together… I’d have to go with a lilac, pastel pink, baby blue. Though I would probably would foresake it for something with a hot pink in it 🙂

  23. Wow! 175+ comments – you are one popular lady. Patti in California has been singing your praises, and I guess she is not alone! I hope I win your drawing so I can give the loot to Patti. 🙂

  24. As I sat on my deck last night dreaming of summer, I was thinking of colorways (of course). What about yellow, orange, red – blending from the yellow to the orangy-red, and call it “Tequila Sunrise.”

    By the way…lace socks and drinking don’t mix. Friends don’t let friends knit drunk!

  25. Forgot best sock name ever… For April I will go with Hoppity Sock Sock Hoppity Sock Sock Look at Those Needles Go! — Hoppity Sock Sock for short

  26. My favorite colorway would be jewel tones — think deep, saturated — of green and purple. Really an emerald green and a bright blue-ish purple that could hold its own against the green. I haven’t seen it anywhere in my online and in-real-life travels, but I keep hoping. I acutually picked up some roving at NYSW that is exactly the colors I like, but my spinning skilz aren’t there yet to make some for myself.

  27. While laying in bed late last night, hopelessly trying to fall asleep I finally came up with a combination.

    How about grass green, some brown and yellow specks. You can call it “Pollen” 🙂

    Seriously though…I think something with lime green, pink (not too pale, not too bright) yellow, and a tad bit of white. Very summery! Lemonade Stand

  28. Oh dang, that’s a hard one…I’m REALLY partial to rich olive greens, so maybe something olive, with burnished coppery rust, and maybe some deep maroon would be nice. And a small touch of gold. Possibly even a bit of plum, too. Very autumnal, very purty. Or I also like deep oceany blues, with bright shades of green, and maybe a small amount of purple (but not an obnoxious bright purple). Yum.

  29. I’m a sucker for green yarn, so I would love a rich kelly green with some darker shades of green mixed in. Maybe even some gentle blue gray shades too – like a meadow at twilight.

  30. Mine would be a mix of dark, dark slate grey, pale jade green, and a cranberry red. I think the name would be “Mountain Holidays”.

    I (somewhat im-) patiently await the sneak-up!

  31. I love orange and pink combinations. Its so sunny and cheerful. As for a name, I think Midnight Sun would be nice.

  32. Wow, color combinations. I love seeing all the ideas other people have. But for me I think it would be a dark mauve, plum and forest combination. It makes me think Black Forest.

  33. Wow – the sneak up is killing me! I can’t sleep, I can’t eat – or, hmmm… maybe it’s the heat.

    Me, I love autumnal colors – reds, yellows, oranges mixed with greens. Defintely not a good namer here – but I think I’d go with “Thoreau” on something like this – I always imagine him off in his cabin, in fall, in beautiful natural-ness..

  34. Believe it or not, I think my favorite color combination for the moment is Orange, Turquoise, and Red. I would call it “Salsa.”


  35. Hah! I was here RIGHT when you uploaded the new stuff! *does happy dance of yarn*

    I think my favourite colour combination ever would have to be soft, muted greens, greys, and blues — the sort you get on a lovely cool drizzly day. Failing that, bright floral green with orange and red splashes like some flowers I saw last summer.

  36. If I could find this I think I’d swoon, but I’d love to see a sock yarn color combination in:

    shades of cranberry/wine and light lime green (the color combination of green cymbidium orchids) with maybe just a touch of white.

  37. My favorite colors are the shades of blues, pinks, browns and greens found in the Water Lilies painting by Claude Monet. I would name my colourway Monet’s Water Lilies. Perfect for a sunny spring day!

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