I’m sorry. And a Contest.

DSC00649.JPGI’m going to just start the week off with an apology. I know I’m going to put you over the edge this week with the Sneak Up and …. well, I’m sorry. There are way too many beautiful colors and yarns and choices and I have no idea how you’re going to decide which ones need to come home to live with you. How do I know this? Because I took too many of them out this week to put in my own stash. That’s how I know. I didn’t plan it this way. We always have so many things on order that I am never sure exactly what will show up week to week. This week – too many good choices. (What’s going up? Well, Yarn Pirate, Perchance to Knit, Seacoast Panda, and all of the lace yarns. Overload.) So I hope you enjoy browsing and shopping and know that I feel your pain. (Zoe advises everyone to just take a nap, while awaiting this week’s Sneak Up. Honest – you can see her mid-sentence in the photo.)

I wanted to answer a couple of blog questions – one was, “What is a Sneak Up?” That simply refers to us putting new yarns and products on the website each week. Once in awhile I will re-stock yarns and coloways as the UPS gal brings them, but most of the time I do all of the updating at once, each week. The time and day change from week to week, just because I have learned that it helps make for a more pleasurable shopping experience if not everyone has planned to be on here shopping at the same exact time. 🙂 Although it’s kind of funny to watch how quickly the word gets out when the Sneak Up has taken place. I think some of you take turns monitoring the site for your whole knitting group, based on what I have heard and seen! (Personally? I’d place my own order and then go spread the word!) Another question is about The Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club and whether or not we still have spots available. The answer is unfortunately, no. Our sock club sold out overnight and ended up being 3 times bigger than I expected, so we’re definitely full this year! However, we would sure love to have you sign up next year and I will give plenty of notice for that. I already have some fun things in mind for the next one. The last question: Why did the numbers go away under your different website categories? Well, because that is one of the things that slows the website down when so many of you are shopping at once. However, with our move to a bigger server and a little re-vamping by Web Guy, we were able to put them back up and we don’t think they will affect the speed to much from now on.

flower3Speaking of fun things – let’s do the April Blog Contest. Tell me your favorite color combination for socks. Not the brand, not the weight, not the price – just tell me what 2-5 colors would make up your very favorite colorway. (And if you want to add “best name for a sock colorway ever”, I think that would be fun, too.) My favorite sock color combination would be hunter, cranberry and mocha. Although I’m fairly certain that after I read your entries, I will have changed my mind a few times. Best sock name ever? The one that is on the Loopy Ewe Summer Sock Club yarn – it’s too fun! Leave your answers in the comments and I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner next Monday, the 30th for the winner of a fun Loopy Loot package. (And maybe we’ll turn some of your favorite color combinations into new colorways here!) I think maybe I ought to go through more of WH’s flower photos for some good color combo ideas.

Sheri IstartedknittingmylaceshawlthisweekendwithHandMaidenSeaSilk&loveit!


  1. My favorite color sock yarn for summer: hot pink, turquoise and tangerine. I have a pair close to that colorway and always get comments when I wear them.

  2. I love pinks (of the pure variety, not muddied out & not too close to lavendar or purple or orangeish). I also love sky blues to med blues, or turquoise/teals/aquas (but not too greenish) colorways. If I were going to put some colors together to form a colorway, I would like to see a pinks/sky blues with maybe a hint of silver (for clouds) colorway, something like you would see towards sunset. My grandpa would have called that, “sky blue-pink”; it was his favorite color, and the appreciation for that color follows him. (I should note that part of my color preferences has to do with the fact that my three sons are “color-deficient”, so they do not even see muddied tones of reds/pinks or greens, etc. I’m not color deficient, though. 🙂 )

    I’m more interested in the actual colors than in a name for them. Sheri, I really appreciate how well the colors on your website & my computer match the fiber when I get it! Thank you.

  3. My fav’s include light pinks, greens and rose and of course I’ll buy anything that resembles neapolatin (sp?) ice cream!

  4. I think my favorite combination would be a pinkish orange with a bit of gold, yellow,and a tiny bit of cranberry abd browny-grey. I would call it Flaming Maple for the color of of maples when the leaves seem to glow as they are changing.

  5. My favorite yarns are subtle green variegated ones, but I’d also love a turquoise/brown/white yarn, or maybe dark and light green with some bright pink thrown in.

  6. Hmm, this is so hard. I like browns combined with bright blue. I have no idea what I could call it. Something earthy sounding. Oh, how about “Something Earthy.”

    I am so the type of person who will by yarn if the name of the colorway is awesome. Just last week I bought some CTH Cabin Fever from The Loopy Ewe, which I am saving for my week in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains! 🙂

  7. My favorite colors for sock yarn would probably be really dark green, not-quite-as-dark green, and dark purple. And a fushia-y pink. There are so many really good sock yarn names, I don’t think I can choose a best one!

  8. right now my fav colorway is fushias, bright yellow/orange, and rich chocolate brown. a name? Sunset in the Chocolate Factory (ok that’s silly)

  9. I’ve had the same difficulty as you, every time I read a comment, my favorite colors changed… I think, this week, I’m liking a bright sunny orange, burgundy red, a bit of bright red, and, just to mix things up, teensy bits of turquoise and a darker blue here and there… What to call it (’cause you know the best colorway would have to deserve the best name)… hmm… how about “Away on Holiday”?

  10. There are so many lovely colour combinations! I love shades of grey with a deep maroon. I think I would be amused if it were called “Tainted Love” .Grey with a bright yellow or minty green is a great combination too.

  11. My favorite color combination, I buy it every time I see it, is red, white, and black. As for fun names, how about a Princess of Mars colorway with red, pinky-purply red, a dash of black, and a light pink.

  12. Oh, I love so many colors that it’s hard to pick one combo—but I’ll have to go with some 50’s colors (which are my fav’s this week, lol) and go with pale aqua, pink, and white–and call it “Sock Hop”.
    Smile, Karen

  13. I’d love to see a colorway with shades of brown from cafe au lait and everything in between until milk chocolate and shades of mauve/burgundy/plum. I’d name it Raspberry Mud Pie.

  14. I saw the perfect colors just today. Robin’s Egg blue with brown shades and a smidge of white. I’d call it “Bird’s Nest”. I can just see it in socks…you’d have to do an Eye of Partridge Heel of course!

  15. This is hard! It all depends upon what mood I am in. I always tend to be drawn towards summery greens, pinks and browns. I think I would go with summer green, a medium pink, chocolate brown, medium turquoise, and cream. I would call it “Zinnia” after my favorite summer flowers.

  16. Reddish purples fading to red then into blueish purples fading to blues. Purple People Eater!

    And Impatiens would be reds, pinks, purples and a bit of white. It would probably have to be sport weight as well (impatience).

  17. Oh, EVERY colorway is my favorite at one time or another! If I had to pick one right now, I’d say I want something spring-y in yellows, light greens, and oranges. But this will probably change next week – I’m a sucker for all kinds of color.

  18. I’m liking the Aqua/turquoise and dark brown thing myself, Maybe calling it “Surf and Turf”? Or a Denim blue and khaki with a teensy bit of white and call it “Casual Friday”.

    This is a fun game! It’s giving me great color inspiration… hope it does for others too!

  19. I would say purple, teal, and some warm pinks. Something that looks like a tie-dyed t-shirt. 😀 Maybe call it woodstock or 1969.

  20. My absolute favourite colours in socks (or anything for that matter) would be different shades of purple…ranging from lights to darks. It doesn’t really matter the shade, all purples are awesome!

  21. one color combination that i love but rarely see is “gray, lavender, teal, & maybe cream”. i would name the color something like “zen garden” because i find the colors very tranquil and calming.

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