Top Ten Things to do on Spring Break and the Contest Winner!

It was very fun reading all of your “reasons we love sock knitting” for last week’s contest! (And over 200 entries – that was great!) I kept thinking that all of the non-sock knitters out there ought to read through the list. They’d be convinced in no time, wouldn’t they? So, using the random number generator, the winner of this month’s Loopy Loot contest is: Kelli. Kelli, email me your address and I’ll pop the Loopy Loot in the mail to you!

Since it is Spring Break for Knitting Daughter, I thought I’d share the things that we have on our list to do this week. Do YOU have any fun plans for Spring Break? Anything that I left off my list that I need to add to it? Because College Boy comes home on Friday for his Spring Break next week, so I’ll need a whole new list for that!

DSC00603.JPG1. Shopping. We all know that I need to get out and exercise my poor credit card a bit more, and there are all kinds of fun spring things that need to be bought up, aren’t there? Like these cute flowers for my garden window in the kitchen. I kinda decided on a teal blue and red theme in there for the next couple of months. Fortunately, Knitting Daughter reaches her shopping patience rather quickly, so I can’t exercise the card TOO much.
2. Stocking inventory. Boxes, boxes, boxes are coming in and we’re unloading them as fast as we can. Today, more Scarlet Fleece, more Schaefer Anne and Lola, and a few things that we’re not quite ready to debut yet. (WOOT! Don’t you want to know? Soon.) On the way to The Loopy Ewe later this week, more Yarn Pirate, more Cider Moon, more J-Knits, and more other wonderful things. I need to buy some more shelves for The Loopy Room. That needs to go on my shopping list this week.

3. Walking. Knitting Daughter and I are going to get back to our walking routine, which I just love. (Do you know how much kids talk when they walk? It’s wonderful.)

DSC00605.JPG4. Knitting. Did I mention that I had to upgrade from the 3-tier basket to this 5-tier basket? I just figured that I’d use the 3-tier in The Loopy Room for something. And, just for the record, I did do that. For a brief time. But now …. well, the 3-tier basket is full of yarn, too. I have my sock yarn stash in this 5-tier, and my lace and other yarn stash in the 3-tier. Anyone want to place bets on how soon I’ll “need” another 5-tier? OH, I hope I get lots of knitting time in this week.

5. Cooking and baking. My motivation is needing good treats for College Boy when he arrives this weekend. He’s fun to cook for. Do you feel like it shows love to your family when you make special dishes for them? I think I get that from my grandma. She was always trying to get us to eat more when we had meals over there. 🙂 And now, my mom is making dinners for us on Monday nights because Mondays are always WAY busy here at The Loopy Room. She must get that from her mother (my grandma). We sure LOVE it. Isn’t she wonderful?

DSC00606.JPG6. Movies. Knitting Daughter and I love to watch movies and knit. It’s kind of our thing. We have a stack of movies to watch, but also are in need of more good suggestions. Anyone have any ideas? Because truthfully, we’ve already seen most of these. We might need to get hooked on another good tv/dvd series as those seem to last a long time. So far, Gilmore Girls and 24 have been our favorite tv series on dvd.

7. Planting. ugh. I don’t like gardening. Not a bit. I love the look of flowers popping up in my yard, and I love having flowers cut in a vase, but I don’t like the work to get them going. However, I do need to at least get some good flowers going in the pots on the front porch. Last spring we were so busy building The Loopy Ewe, that we never did plant things in those planters.

DSC00604.JPG8. Felting. Have you been over to Woolpets to find these wonderful felting kits from the very talented Laurie? Now, I have never needle-felted before, but I have been assured that it’s easy peasy. So I have four kits that KD and I will attempt to make this week. You’re probably thinking that a smart person would buy one and see if they liked needle felting and could actually make something recognizable before splurging on … ahem …. several. You’re probably right. I’ll keep you posted on our success.

9. Hanging out with the mum-in-law. We love having Wonder Husband’s mom come to visit and can’t wait for her to arrive later this week. She’s an incredibly easy “guest” to have around and we always want her to stay much longer than she does. Boy, did I luck out in the mother-in-law department.

DSC00061.JPG10. Starbucks. That pretty much goes without saying. With KD home, she can bop down there and get coffee for us with her wonderful discount and that’s hard to turn down. I’m trying to avoid the Caramel Frappuchinos. Do you know how many calories are in there?? (And the “lite” version is just not good. The best part is the whipped cream with the caramel drizzle on top.) So, I try to limit those to once a month. But we will enjoy Peppermint Mochas and Vanilla Lattes and Cinnamon Dolces all week.

So – did you already have Spring Break? And for those of you without kids, don’t you think you still need to celebrate a Spring Break week? I think you deserve it. What things will you do?

Sheri stillworkingongettingmostofthesenewyarnsupforyoulaterintheweek


  1. Hi Sheri, I hope that you are having a wonderful week with your daughter and getting in alot of knitting time.

    I have the following movie recomendations, I don’t know if you have seen any of them, but I found them enjoyable: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Whale Rider, The Illusionist and My Life as a House.

  2. ok.
    my two favorites of recent cinema (although there is some nudity in Love, Actually.

    Oh my.
    I have all 7 seasons on DVD.
    Great dialogue (quick, witty, pop culture references – along the same vein as gilmore girls – which I adore too)… Good life lessons, believe it or not. I mean… who didn’t picture high school as full of evil demons? I kid.

    Still working on the first sock… nearing the heel… getting scared. But I will TRIUMPH!!
    Thanks for being such a cool inspiration!!

  3. Some of my favorite movies:
    Return to Me
    Run, Lola, Run (if you’re knitting something plain that you don’t need to look at)
    The Emperor’s New Groove
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Strictly Ballroom

    As for TV shows, Good Eats and Killer Instinct (a nature show) were my favorites before we moved and didn’t get free cable anymore.

    Can’t wait to see (and maybe order…) the new yarn!

  4. Since I have to share the DVD with a bunch of guys who like action or sci-fi flicks, I’m just enviously taking notes on everyone else’s recommendations! I don’t mind knitting to documentaries (we have a stack of them—my husband watches them while exercising) especially if you’ve got a narrator with a nice posh British accent.

    Our big plans for spring break are rest, sleep, napping, and taking it easy. I’ve got one kid who will be recovering from a school trip to Rome and the other trying to get over the flu, poor baby!

  5. I miss spring break! I work at a University now, but unfortunately staff doesn’t get a break. Though it was nice to have all the students gone for a week. 🙂

    As for favorite movies for a week of knitting…Muriel’s Wedding, Strictly Ballroom, Anne of Green Gables, Casino Royale (the new Bond), any of the Vacation movies, and Finding Nemo.

    Favorite tv series on DVD: the Office (both American and British), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the Sopranos.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful week! I’m taking a ‘spring break’ of 2 weeks in between jobs, and I’m going home to spend time with my mom in MA. We have a lot of knitting planned- I’m going to my old knitting class with her, and we’re going on a yarn crawl in MA and RI. Also, I just placed my first Loopy Ewe order ever…this is a very dangerous site, I can tell already! I just taught my best friend to knit and am planning a pair of socks for her only to discover that she has a wool allergy, so I’m very excited about the Crystal Palace bamboo and cotton. Thanks for the great site- love the blog and store!

  7. Wow, you are really busy. I work at a University and we had spring break two weeks ago. Mind, its only for the students really. Staff had to work all week except for Friday. Sigh! I’m waiting for Spring to really arrive. Here, in Interior Alaska, it hasn’t gotten above freezing yet although our days are almost 13 hours long. It can’t be much longer now though.

    Have fun!

  8. well, for starters, i left town sunday until today to see my beloved fiance, and we spent our time getting “Oz-y” with it. We were reading wicked and son of a witch and the oz series by L.Frank Baum. did you know mcdonalds has wizard of oz toys? I’m trying to get three sets. one for me, one for my mom, and one to take out of the package and play with. yeah, i’m 23 and i still play with toys. sue me.
    Also i am trying to stay away from home as much as possible. i don’t go to school anymore, but i can’t handle my 15 year old brother and his 15million friends over all the time. i go out tonight to karaokee, and then i will be hiding out tomorrow at various friends houses and then i get an oil change for my beetle. and then i hide friday uintil 3:30 when my parents get home and remove all the children from the area. i started my first ever human sized sock on sunday, not done with it, but i’m trying. i bought the pursuit of happyess on dvd and i get to watch it with my parents tonight. i heard it was a great movie. i realized as i have gotten older that my parents taste in ovies and my taste in movies are getting closer to the same. so it’s nice to not have to watch movies by myself. and last night my beloved fiance took me to see the last mimsy. it’s a cutesy family movie, and i enjoyed it. he says it was alright, but he will start to like my movies… he will convert…
    but other than that i don’t have much to do on my brother’s spring break except avoid him.

  9. Movie wise……..13 Going on 30. I think it is too cute, especially for us 30 something yo moms.

    You should go on a picnic knit out! Find a beautiful tree to lay a blanket under, have your picnic basket, and a fun knit project! It would be a nice fun time.

    I hope you enjoy your spring break!

  10. I saw a couple of my fave movies in your pile. How about a new one or two. I especially love the Love Comes Softly series. There are several so you can make a day of it, knitting & watching together.

    Otherwise, it sounds like you are going to have an amazing quality time just being together. Enjoy & be blessed.

    No kiddos here, our area doesn’t do spring break. They get the entire week off for Thanksgiving, big deer hunting area, so they opt out of this one in exchange. For us it is just a time of enjoying the emergence of the pussy willows & new calves on the buffalo ranch down the road. Of course, never dull watching the pair of nesting eagles above the buffaloes either.

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