It’s Spring!

DSC00593.JPGI think we have officially turned the corner into Spring around here. The flowers are coming up, the weather is warm, and the humidity is rising. That’s the one thing I don’t like about St. Louis – the humidity. (How do you Floridians survive that?) I managed to escape the Loopy Room for a few hours this afternoon, to do some errands and shopping. And you know, when I say “escape”, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, being in the Loopy Room. In fact, it’s a pretty fun place with all kinds of colors and inspiration going on in there. Makes me want to knit all the time! But it’s also good to leave the house once in awhile. Last month, I went shopping one afternoon and when I went to make a credit card purchase, the clerk had to call in for approval on my credit card. The same thing happened at the next store I went to. So when I got home, I called my credit card company. They said, “Well, we see that you mostly use this card for online purchases and it’s atypical for you to use it in person – so it flagged your account and we just wanted to verify that it was you using the card.” That told me that I don’t get out enough. Jeez. So I must remedy that!

DSC00595.JPGRemember that blue and brown log cabin quilt I started knitting last fall? I have decided that I really don’t like knitting long rows of garter stitch. I’m going to have to get through it somehow because I do still like the look, but I am not working on it because it’s boring. Maybe I just need to make myself do a strip a week or something. I still do love the blue/brown color combination. Isn’t this a pretty mug? It’s going to be my new coffee mug for spring. How many coffee mugs do you own? Because there is no earthly reason to bring another coffee mug into THIS house. The cupboard is absolutely overflowing with too many mugs. That’s why I felt that I needed to buy another one today.

Here’s a good recipe to make for your family some weekend. We had this delicious French Toast at my Girls Weekend a few weeks ago, and we all decided that our families needed to try it out. YUM!

DSC00568.JPGFrench Toast Bake

1 stick butter
5 eggs
1 c. brown sugar
1 ½ c. milk
2 T. dark corn syrup
2 t. vanilla
1 loaf of French bread, cut into slices
pinch of nutmeg

Cook butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup until sugar is dissolved; pour into a 13”x 9” pan. In a bowl, mix eggs, milk, vanilla and nutmeg; pour over bread slices. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Bake, uncovered at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Optional: top individual servings with berries (blackberries are really good).

DSC00594.JPGThis weekend I’m working on my Louet Sportweight Sage Meida Socks from Favorite Socks. I also have some fun new yarns coming into the shop that I need to be working up. (“Need” to be working up. That makes it all sound official, doesn’t it? Like it’s really “work” instead of “fun”? Because there might be laundry that needs to be done this weekend, and giving the dog a bath, and other such nonsense. I cannot be bothered by those things if I’m “working”, right? Just checking.) Knitting Daughter is on Spring Break next week, so I foresee more fun knitting time in my future. Hmmm – I may just have to hold off on a shop update until the end of the week, in order to make full use of knitting time with KD!

Have a great weekend. Anyone doing anything fun?

Sheri thelilactreesarebeginningtoshowbuds-thosearemyfavorites!


  1. The only way I know how to beat the humidity is to stay in the pool all day. During the summer, if I am not at work, I am at the pool. My mother came into town this week and we are going to the local LYS to look at some new patterns over the weekend. She LOVED all of the yarn that I had bought her! All of it was from your store, so thank you very much!

  2. I am so jealous of your spring flowers! The only sign of spring around here are all the eagles who are in for the herring spawning!! I would kill for some daffodils or crocus’ and some sunshine too. Soak up some warm for me 🙂

  3. Ohhhhh, daffodils are my favorite spring flower. They’re so happy. I like daffodils because they look cheerful, gerber daisies because they look like fun, and pansies because they look like they might be just a little naughty! >;-)

    The french toast bake sounds like a winner – we may have to give that a shot. I’m up for any recipe that starts with “One stick of butter”!

    We have a fantastic weekend planned! I hope yours is just as wonderful!

  4. Aaack! You’re going to kill me with the waiting! Spend quality time with KD while you update the shop together!!! C’mon, I SAW that mass of goodies the Yarn Pirate made up for you!

    We own approximately a gazillion coffee mugs, regular and to go, yet DH coos every time he sees a new travel mug. If it ain’t dishwasherable, don’t bring it in my house (she tried to say while filling up another sinkload of manky travel mugs)! Sigh.

    Weekend fun will include swimming lessons for the boys and me finishing a pair of SWTC Tofutsies socks. Have you tried it? Silky cool and just flies off the needles (in a good way), although it’s a bit splitty.

    Well, have a great time with KD, whatever you do together!

  5. I do agree. Spring is here, but the humidity is enough to kill us. Too much humidity, too much mold. But don’t get too sure, yet. Dave Murray says that we’re due one more arctic front the first week of April. Then, we’re out of the woods……YAY!!!!!! Have a great weekend and week.

  6. Sockmadness round 2 baby!! That’s my weekend taken care of, lol.

    Got my Groupie loot yesteday Sheri!!! Thank you sooo much, love it all – mwah!

  7. It doesn’t look like Spring in NH yet but the remnants of the storm we had last weekend, which dropped about 1.5 feet of snow on my yard, are melting quickly. It’s amazing how fast the snow is disappearing. I was able to walk this morning in only a jacket. It’s so much easier to walk when you’re not wearing a gazillion layers of clothes. The flowers are still weeks away here but yours look very hopeful.

    I don’t drink coffee but I love to drink tea out of big, heavy coffee mugs. My favorite mug was given to me by a swap mate last fall. We always have too many mugs.

    I’ve got two pairs of socks going. I’m making some toe up shortie socks for my son with the size 12 feet using the Claudia Handpainted that was my first purchase from The Loopy Ewe. I also cast on the Perchance to Knit that I bought during the big update. Time will tell how much knitting gets accomplished. My wrists are killing me and I really should take a good long knitting hiatus but I don’t see that happening.

    Other than that we have a movie or two planned and lots of driving the boys to baseball, youth group and Scout events.

  8. I bought that same mug but in black and white. I’m addicted to them as well – just like shoes there’s never enough!

  9. I think you should just knit with KD. I know I love to see new stuff go up in the store but take advantage of those chances before she heads off to college. That way I also have more time between Loopy purchases so I don’t feel guilty. I think I am going to stay home this weekend and continue knitting my Seacoast Socks. I am so loving this yarn.

  10. Madeline says what I have always guessed: Floridians are part aquatic. I was there in south Florida recently for a week of work – during the ‘nice time of year’ I was told – and boy was it humid. For me anyway, compared to AZ. I grew up in the midwest though and know what that is like too so I sympathize with you Sheri.

    Coffee mugs: I have to rearrange the kitchen cupboard if I have all the coffee cups clean cause they don’t all fit properly. They fit fine if one is dirty. (In my defense it IS a small kitchen.) Howevwer I have been pining over all the pretty teacups and mugs at Starbucks for the past 5 weeks. VERY nearly bought one this morning but squeeked out of there without it. Do we here in the U.S. have purchasing habits that are abnormal compared to other countries I wonder? Is there just too much fun stuff to tempt us? Or is it just knitters? The mystery continues…

  11. Dogwoods are my favorites.

    I agree about the humidity (who around here doesn’t?), though right now it’s just about perfect. But yes, it means that miserable, sticky, too hot to move, much less knit weather is around the corner. Still, it’s nice right now. =)

    I like the fact that the credit card companies keep tabs on things so that there isn’t any fraudulent activity happening, but it does make me feel a little weird–like Big Brother is watching. It’s a strange feeling.

  12. i have special mugs. i collect snowflake and snowman mugs. i have one at my fiance’s place and two at home. but my family has a lot of mugs. i have a plain white one in my room holding pens, but i’m sure if your cupboards get too full you could put some dpns in there.

    To get rid of the winter blues the other day i went and bought a mini rose bush and transplanted it to fit in my room(i’m going to see if celtic music makes it grow better.). see, in wisconsin we still have snow all over. no flowers yet. we could still have frost in may. so i really envy your flowers outside. i have a way’s to go before i can plant anything.

    I think this weekend i might go see my fiance i couldn’t see since i had been so sick for three weeks. but i’m not telling him i’m showing up yet because i’m not sure if i feel good enough for it. every one keeps asking me to do things and i’m kinda overwhelmed. people missed doing things wiht me while i was sick, so now that i’m feeling better they are all over me. I might work on my knitted bunny this weekend though. i’ve got the arms, ears and body, i just need the legs and head together.

  13. I have seventy coffee mugs on shelves made from 1×6 lumber, seven per shelf. Every morning, I drink my morning cup of tea from the next one in the rotation, so they all get used several times a year (and if I get a new mug, I have to get rid of an old one).

    I finished my son’s mittens just in time for spring! (Fortunately they’re sized so that they should fit him fine for a couple years yet.) Actually, it’s been spring here for a few weeks now; the bluebonnets are out, and I badly need to mow my back yard.

  14. The humidity was the thing I hated when I was stationed in Mississippi. Spring is in the air and I can’t wait to see my roses in bloom.
    I know I don’t need anymore coffee cups. I’m the only one that drinks coffee regularly and I have enough cups for 30 people to have coffee.
    Hey I don’t mind if you want to hold off on a shop update for KD spring break. You get more time with KD and it give me a chance to get paid again…! 🙂
    My fun this weekend is knitting on socks for a swap partner.

  15. LOVE the flowers! Actually, coastal Florida has breezes – that helps with surviving the humidity. It also helps that they are more used to it because it never goes away and they don’t have much winter (former resident here).

    Fun stuff? Well, I just got back from New York and the Yarn Harlot’s new book launch. That was great. I gave away several skeins of Loopy Ewe yarn to my guardian angel New Yorkers who guided me around all day. I sneakily inquired beforehand what colors and types of sock yarn they liked, then dived into my stash to take them some because they were so nice to me. And on Sunday I’m heading for a week-long workshop with Beth Brown-Reinsel. Which means I won’t be at the computer and if anything really good comes into the Loopy Room next week I’m gonna miss out! Oh well….. I’ll just have to suck it up.

  16. Have a great spring break week with KD & your family, Sheri.

    It’s spring break week here, too, for our two younger sons next week. Our break does not really doesn’t start until after tomorrow, when our state solo & ensemble contest is, though. My youngest son qualified for the competition with a clarinet ensemble. Youngest son has a big shopping trip to the outlet mall about an hour from here in mind, among other things. He will probably not be able to play golf, though, because the public course is flooded, and we have more rain predicted during the week.

    Our flowers here in mid-Michigan should come up in a few weeks. Our grass just got unburied from its winter snow load. We’ll get leaves back on our trees in early May. Spring is coming. If we plant our annuals much before Memorial Day, we may lose them to a frost. I’m learning the pluses of putting out few silk flower arrangements in our yard to add color and to extend the season some! 🙂

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

  17. Ha ha! I am exactly the same way with mugs – we can barely shove the ones we have into the cupboard but I still see lovely new ones all the time.

  18. We’re on the verge of spring here in CT. My best friend and I are going on a Knitting Crawl saturday and we’re bringing along a brand new knitter. We’re starting at Web’s and ending at Sit n’Knit in Wethersfield! Can’t wait til morning!!

  19. I LOVE mugs but I don’t have a lot of room to store them so I only have about 15 of my favorites. I have two that I like in particular…I use one every Friday to remind me that it’s Friday. I also have a really pretty one that looks like Delft…white with blue flowers, I use that one on Mondays because…well…it’s Monday and I need the pretty to cheer me up!

    I want you to know that I was SO tempted by the Interlacements that you just added…the English Garden looks gorgeous. But I resisted…aren’t you proud of me? I’m going to the Seattle Knitting Expo in 3 weeks and I’m saving myself for it. It’s a big deal because I get to go with my mom and no kids!! I’m so excited. I also get to see my sister (who’s also a knitter) and my friend (a knitter too!).

    Rest assured that when I get home and get paid again, I’ll be back on your site scarfing up yarn (get it…scarfing!). I have been going to your site every day just gazing at the lovely colors. I will surely hate to miss out on the Yarn Pirate, but next time I will be ready!

    oh, I even bought some Birkie’s to show off the fun socks I’ll make with my new yarns. I’m trying to finish a pair of Jaywalkers so I can wear them to the Expo! I’m using Opal Prisma in the purple. I’m also making a pair toe up in the Claudia Purple Earth. That yarn is a feast for the eyes! Now if I can just get the kids laundry done and the dishes done I will have some time to knit this weekend 🙂

  20. happy spring and knitting to all. i love your flowers sheri. here in northern michigan, mine are only up about 2″. but, they will come along fast if winter has really quit. hate humidity, hate it, hate it. i’m not a coffee drinker and we have too many mugs too. some were given to me and special for that reason. drink tea or a cappuccino style coffee once in a while. i definitely think you should spend ALL the spring break with kd knitting or doing whatever else makes you happy together. the store and yarn will be there when she is gone to college, etc. i have been having a puzzle vacation this week with my sister. we went to see Amazing Grace along with doing a chinese lunch. so, i have had much fun this week and weekend too.

  21. I spent my teenage years in Tampa Florida and do *not* miss it at all. I also don’t miss the Mud Season spring in New Hampshire which was where my early years were. The Idaho spring we have is just wonderful, 55-60 degrees, light breeze, still 30’s a night and a light rain once in a while. Maybe a snowstorm or two before the real summer begins (around July 4th) but it’s just very pleasant weather.

    As for coffee mugs; there’s my light pink Starbucks Mug with no handle that I use for tea, the Electric Pink Starbucks Mug that I use for Coffee, the Pink Plastic huge Starbucks mug that I used for Iced Coffee and DH has the Electric Blue Starbucks Mug for his coffee. Hmmm…. do you sense a trend here I have some regular coffee mugs for guests too; the wolf one, a fishing one, the squirrel in a jail cell one, a very nice hand made pottery one and a few more but the Starbucks mugs just rule this roost!

    I’m actually going to get some knitting time this weekend but I am on midwife watch for the dog; she only has to wait about 24 hours more…


  22. Amen sistah! (on not liking rows of garter stitch) I never finished my einstein coat because of that. I like your idea of setting a weekly goal.

    If you ever find a solution to the mug problem, let me know. I am trying:
    1) get a new one, throw an old one out. But I can’t get DH to pick ones to part with.
    2) trying to embrace my clumsiness to break a few more…but then I would feel so guilty if I broke one of DH’s sentimental mugs from his travels.

    So I still have mugs in the kitchen, and others in a rubbermaid container in a closet.

    When I lived in TX, I got used to the humidity by running and walking outside, gradually adding to the amount of time spent outdoors. I think it is all you can do. I don’t like humidity either. But just remind yourself, it is better for your skin! (Than dry climates.)

  23. I’m envious of your flowers! We are moving into mud season here in Maine. Everything is squishy! I agree about the humidity -Blech!!

    The weekend should be interesting. I’m going wedding flower shopping with DS fiance and her mother. Hopefully lots of knitting after that. I just finished a pair of Opal socks and it’s not right to have a set of empty needles!

    Thanks for the french toast recipe – it looks yummy!

  24. We have a million mugs, but I’m a potter, so they are all handmade, and I know all the artists. My husband and I each have our own favorites and don’t mess with mine! It’s always heartbreaking to break one. Off to the garden for the weekend!

  25. For me a mug is quite a personal item and I find everyone has a favourite–one that just feels right in their hand. Plus I have to have a certain one for different drinks. If I have hot cocoa it has to go in my daughter’s Noah’s Ark tiger mug; I don’t know why, it just does. And I agree that there are certain mugs which are appropriate for each season. So enjoy your new one. It’s beautiful.
    I hope to do some knitting this weekend on a shawl which I have been neglecting for ages and I just finished the tiny sock for the keychain sock blocker. It’s so cute! Plus we’re supposed to go to the Maple Sugar Bush at a nearby farm tomorrow, which I guess is what we have in Ontario right now to signal spring (no flowers yet). We’ll get out our rubber boots and wear them over our thickest handknitted socks and slosh through the mud in the woods. And hopefully taste some yummy maple syrup. The girls love it and so do I.
    Enjoy whatever your weekend brings!

  26. Your flowers look lovely! And, I can’t wait to try the French Toast recipe…yummy!! No major plans over the weekend – since I always get caught up in March Madness, plently of knitting time is in my future. Have a fabulous weekend! : )

  27. Spring has brought lillte kid goats and I am busy (LOL) taming them. Which in real words means playing with them. The weather is grand and I am going to sit on my front porch and watch my goats, knit and watch the dogs sleeping.

    Life is good!

  28. I lived in St. Louis for 8 years while going to grad school at Wash U. Spring is really lovely. I hope you get a chance to go to the Botanical Gardens. I loved going there. The humidity is killer. Make yourself some sun tea! Have fun knitting. I am working this weekend, and I have a small grant due April sixth that I have yet to find time to start. Easter will be nice.

  29. Oh, I can’t stand humidity either. Seems we have so few days in the summer without it, too. We go up to Door County (Wis) almost every summer in late August, and I love it because it’s usually about 75-80 and not humid. Lovely!
    We have way too many coffee cups too- every couple years I have to weed through and pull out the less-loved ones. I have a bad habit of wanting to pick a new one up every season.

  30. You do realize we may DIE without an update, right?

    Just checkin’. Ahem.

    And that is one sexy coffee mug, lady. Any combination of pink, brown, red, and aqua and I’m soooo all over it. My mugs feel your mugs’ pain at being crammed in a now-too-tiny cabinet, too. I made the mistake of ‘collecting’ the Starbucks city mugs of the places I visited for a while, and now I shall never want for a vessel for coffee consumption. Ever. If I live to be a zillion. Seriously.

    Actually, now that I look at it again (after scrolling past the eight-trillion-calorie goodness that I’m trying to ignore for the sake of my tremendously large tailsection…), that might be a neat-o fair isle pattern….

  31. I am so jealous of those of you who actually have seasons! We do not have seasons in Florida….we only have different degrees of heat.

    I must admit that I have a weakness for coffee cups, especially travel mugs! It drives my husband crazy.

    Have fun knitting with your daughter, and cherish that time together. Some of my most wonderful memories are of me and my mom spending time together crafting.


  32. Hi Sheri,

    I made your French toast recipe Saturday night so we could have it after church on Sunday. Yummy! I have a similar recipe with blueberries and cream cheese.

    I have a favorite mug to tell you about…..It is Deruta pottery from Italy. My husband and I were away for a two week trip to Seattle, stumbled upon the most quaint coffee shop….eveything was served in these glorious yellow Italian mugs…they even had the sugar and creamer in the pottery. It was one of those perfect mornings…..we bought four mugs so we could have coffee and always remember that very special ambiance in the coffee shop.

    I bet you didn’t realize we all would be so into sharing about mugs….could have been great contest material:)

    I hope you ignore the Loopy a bit and have yourself a wonderful week of knitting with your daughter, shopping to keep your credit card active, recipe trying for all of us, and whatever else sounds good… deserve a break..and all of us could use a break from the endless temptations you send our way:)

  33. It was 81 degrees here yesterday – very unseasonably warm and the daffodils just popped out in the morning sunshine! Yay! Spring is my favorite season. Lilacs and hydrangeas are my all time favorite flowers, and our lilacs are just beginning to green up. Let’s hope my super-pruning husband didn’t manage to snip all the flower buds last fall!

  34. Pretty flowers…I just love it when the daffodils bloom…they are without a doubt my favorite flowers!

    This week I am going to Los Angeles for 4 days…to play some music, and to visit my elderly aunt and uncle whom I haven’t seen in a number of years. Oh yeah, and also to knit…my favorite activity on long flights and time in airports! The weather is supposed to be perfect there…mid-70’s with no chance of rain! I grew up there, so I’m used to the fact that LA doesn’t have weather…but I have to admit that I now really prefer the changing of the seasons. It’s hard to get in the mood for holidays when it’s always sunny and warm. But, it will be nice for a few days! I’ll let you know how much knitting I get done!

  35. I made the French Toast Bake yesterday (started Saturday night) and the family LOVED it! I told them it came from one of my knitting sites so now they have their own connection to my addiction! Thanks Sherri!

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