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DSC00592.JPGIsn’t this a beautiful skein of handspun? My friend Georgia (Yarn Pirate) sent this to me for my birthday last month and I just love it! Beautiful shades of purple and violet and pink, wonderful to the touch, and I can’t wait to knit it up. But what should I make with it? Any fun “one skein” ideas that come to mind? I have no idea what the yardage is. (Georgia – what is the yardage?) I just know it’s beautiful. πŸ™‚ So – I’m taking suggestions. A scarf would be pretty, but that seems too obvious, doesn’t it? I’d like to be a bit more creative than that. Who has one of those one skein books and can find something fun for me to make? (Hmm – maybe fingerless mitts? I love fingerless mitts……) It really is wonderful to have a hand-dyer/spinner for a friend!
DSC00591.JPGI also received this in the mail this week. Remember Em – the bunny that I bought from Julie a month or two ago? Now I have Lola the bear with the heart on her sweater. These little knitted cuties are just so fun. I’m afraid that I am a bit addicted to them, so it’s a good thing Julie doesn’t put them up all that often. (She’s too busy knitting more.) I do know that some of you scored some of her other ones in this same update, because I saw your names in the comments, claiming them. Good job! Now I have one more that I want to add to the bunch, and I’m hoping to get that one the next time. I’m not sure how she parts with them after she finishes them.

Do you handwash your handknit socks, or do you throw them in the machine? (If you throw them in the machine – have you seen our Sock Sacks?) I handwash all of mine. It has never been that big of a deal to quickly wash them out and then plop them on the mesh drying rack in the bathroom. However, I do get tired of having that rack up all the time. So, I found this and ordered it. I am going to be so happy to retire the other contraption! I’m thinking I may line it with mesh, so that I can lay the socks flat rather than draping them. But I roll them up in a towel and get most of the water out of them anyway, so it’s probably not a big deal to flip them over the rung. At any rate, I think this was someone’s really good idea for a drying rack.

BartLouiseI updated the shop today – and sooo many of you were right there on top of it immediately. I’m impressed! I put Zen String up, as well as re-stocked Cherry Tree Hill, added Interlacements Tiny Toes back in (although we did receive 6 new colors that have to be photo-ed and will go up next week), re-stocked all of our StitchKeepers, re-stocked the Loopy Knit Notes which were sold out, added all of the rest of the Louet Gems fingering weight solids that had been on backorder, and re-stocked the Romney Ridge sheep notecards that I love. Next week – Yarn Pirate and new Schaefer Anne and Lola colors! This colorway is Zen String’s “Bart & Louise in the Garden”, which is one of our exclusive colorways from them. (Who are Bart & Louise? Black Bart is Loopy’s trouble-making brother, and Louise is Loopy’s sweet sister.) This sold out in about 2 seconds this time, but we will be getting more. I didn’t even get a skein for myself. (Angelina? We need LOTS more.) Just thought you’d like to see it. I love the colors. I had someone suggest that we leave up some of the colors that sell out fast, just so others can see them. I like that idea. We’ll work it into a future site update. I know things come and go quickly around here, but remember there is always more more more on order!

Tonight is Lost and I haven’t watched last week’s episode yet. It sounds like it’s getting good. (What do you mean Claire and Jack have the same father??) If I watch it tonight, it would mean mid-week knitting time. I think I ought to.

Sheri itis81degreesheretodaywhatisupwiththat?


  1. Its currently 43 degrees, but “feels like” 39 here in Alexandria, VA…but the forecast calls for a high of 72 degress tomorrow. I’m personally ready for spring…and the Yarn Pirate — haven’t tried that yet…And Wendy’s question has been on my mind too…Have fun knitting tonight. : )

  2. sheri, your handspun is 270 yards, and it’s mostly sport weight. i think it would make cute fingerless gloves!

    i love my sock sack. it arrived today. i throw my socks in the washer, and i admit i usually toss them in the dryer too. but now that i have my sock sack i can just hang the bag up to dry. it will make things easier…and maybe my socks will last longer too.

  3. It ‘s 39ΒΊ here with a bit of wind. How I envy you at 81ΒΊ! Your new yarn from Georgia is gorgeous…have fun knitting with it.

    Trying desperately to stay away from the updated pages….

  4. I told myself I was NOT going to buy sock yarn. And then I read your post, you added inventory, and I wasn’t even going to look. And then I saw the link for Zen String and I knew I was a goner. I ordered Bloom and Woodland Fae, both beautiful and I think I’ll be ready for some sport weight by the time I finish ‘Inside Out’.

    Thanks Sheri, I mean it, I really needed this yarn πŸ™‚

  5. ooohhh Sock sack, such a great idea. I’m gonna have to add that to my list for my next purchase. I’m so glad you’re carrying Louet yarns especially since Cookie A uses them in her designs. Hehe

  6. I thought for sure I was going to miss the Zen String but our vacation was canceled due to sick kids so this helped smooth the pain of canceling. πŸ™‚ But have to miss out on the Yarn Pirate πŸ™ Maybe next time.
    I’d definitely make that handspun into a pair of fingerless mitts. It’s really pretty. I keep telling myself “Must Not Learn to Spin”…… I don’t need another addiction right now. πŸ™‚
    I’m hoping the shawl pattern I bought from you will be perfect for the Schaefer Anne I have already. I’ve been waiting to use it for something special.
    I’ll be watch Lost and knitting tonight. Well I’ll be watching it after it’s already recorded on my DVR….thank goodness for DVR’s. πŸ™‚

  7. We stopped watching LOST last month because each episode was getting more and more bizzare. I’m not surprised Jack and Claire have the same father…that goes along with the rest of the strangeness, does it not?

    I’m turning the heel on YOUR second sock…….yippee…….hope you like them πŸ™‚

  8. I noticed that the Bart and Louise in the Garden went fast, too! I sooo wanted to get some, and was waiting all week. At least I got to the site in time to see it, but just as I was about to pop it into my cart it disappeared. So please do get lots more. It’s obviously popular.
    I always handwash my socks. I used to resent handwashing, but then I read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s comment that handwashing a sweater is like washing a baby, “and brings the same satisfaction of producing a clean, pretty, sweet-smelling creature—very rewarding.” (Knitting Without Tears, 3) So I try to apply this philosophy to washing my socks, too. Since my baby-bathing days are over, and still missed, I thinks of this quote whenever I handwash things I’ve knitted and it brings back happy memories of bathing those four slippery, adorable little babies who are now so much bigger and more independent.

  9. Yes! Jack and Claire have the same father. You know you can catch last week’s online?? And last week’s episode seemed like it had gotten back the quality it used to have.

    And, that lovely skein. Hmm. Maybe a beret?? There’s a neat pattern on purlsoho.

    Or maybe a tiny spring bunny in those colors?

    Mostly I do throw my socks in both washer and dryer. I’m too lazy to handwash unless I have to.

  10. Those stuffed animals from Julie are the cutest, aren’t they! I had to be away from home when she did her shop update and by the time I got back everything was about gone. I wonder if she’s ever thought of selling the patterns?

  11. I was like Valerie today – as soon as I clicked on check out, Bart and Louise was gone – very disapointing, but still was able to score some Zen – hopefully next time, my mouse will click quicker πŸ™‚

  12. I tend to handwash just to try to extend the lives of my socks (I don’t knit ’em as fast as others so I owe them a little TLC).

    Hey, have you ever checked out ? They do writeups on many shows–including Lost–that are so detailed, you can keep up if you miss a week (they’re also quite…um…sassy) πŸ™‚

  13. I got my Sock Sack a few orders ago (ahem) and love it! I don’t wash my socks in the washer – always handwashing for me – so I use my Sock Sack to hold my dirty socks (it hangs from the hamper) until I wash them. No more sorting through the hamper to find the hand knit socks, and no chance they will get mixed in and washed accidently at the wrong temperature.

    I got Bart & Louise in Lotus Toes so I didn’t get that one this time. I did get some other choice specimens for my collection! Yummy! Thanks Sheri!

  14. Let’s see, the following projects are from One Skein, for sportweight yarn under 270 yds. πŸ™‚

    1. Leg Warmers
    2. Fingerless Garter Mitts
    3. Petal Bib

    That is all. πŸ™ I thought there’d be more. I say go with the fingerliss mits. I might make some too as I’m having issues with socks. *sigh*

  15. I wash my socks in a lingerie bag.

    You can’t make me buy that Louet Gems Pearl no matter how much you talk about it! No, I don’t want it. Well, you can’t prove it. So what if I want to knit Cookie’s Millicent pattern?

    Okay, maybe next paycheck. πŸ™‚

  16. Alas. New car = no new Zen String for Emily.

    I would have voted for fingerless mitts, but since the weather’s getting warmer, would you get to wear them soon? It’s a lovely spring colorway!

    I wash my socks mostly by hand, wrap them up in a towel to get most of the water out, and then hang them on the oven door to dry. The only exception is my Knitpicks Essentials socks, and those get tossed in the washer in a lingerie bag. They then dry on the rack.

  17. Beautiful yarn Georgia!
    Let’s see…maybe a pretty spring scarf? I was in a small yarn shop and the owner had just made a small, not too wide, mobius scarf. Everyone that came in had to touch it and comment on the unending twisted circle.

    Like Wendy, I also ordered from the Loopy Ewe twice in one week. Yikes!

    I would also be interested in a stuffed animal pattern if Julie wants to sell them. They are so cute, but hard to get the one you want online.

    Whatever you make, it will be a pretty color…enjoy!…

  18. Ohh, such beautiful handspun. What a nice present!

    It was a lovely day today. 81 degrees and a good breeze. I only got to spend a couple hours outside between shifts at work, but it was a nice couple of hours. (I spent some of it knitting a Whitby sock from Knitting on the Road.)

  19. Hand wash for me….after years of trying to accomplish socks…..I FELTED my 1st 2 pairs, so no more machine for me…

    And you are killing me with all this beautiful yarn and gadgets…….but, what would we do without you!

    Blogless Diane

  20. I machine-wash the superwashes and hand-wash the rest. I don’t mind hand-washing. It really takes very little time and the socks are usually dry in about 2 days. I just bought a mesh bag for my socks but so far I’m guilty of throwing them in the washer without a care.

    Fingerless mitts sound perfect for the yarn. So does a hat! Maybe something ala “Jaywalker”! Or even a elegant stockinette stitch.

  21. I machine wash the superwash socks gently with other tender items and air dry them. They have done just fine. Even if they do wear out sooner from the washer that is okay with me… a good reason to knit more. :>)

    FYI I made my dad a nice gray-blue pair out of the Heirloom Argyle back before Christmas and he wears them all the time. Especially at night when he kicks back in the chair and puts on slippers… now it is that pair of socks. Says they are the softest, warmest things he has for his feet.

    For your birthday skein I think fingerless gloves or maybe a small, dainty pillow just for you.

  22. Lost is definitely getting good again! I had almost given up hope during the ‘mini season’ this fall, but the last few episodes have pulled me back in. My boyfriend makes fun of me, because I tend to work on my more complicated projects during most shows, but I whip out the simple stockinette socks for Lost…I can’t even handle ribbing during that show!

  23. I am a handwasher. It is just easier – and no risk of the machine eating the mate! Yesterday at work I put stuff in my cart and today it is gone – I am ok with that but wish I had ordered last night! I have GOT to get in on that loopy groupie advance notice! Or the updates need to be at 12noon pacific so I can shop at lunch *hee hee* I hope whoever got Mateo last night posts pictures! I think I have given up on my sock yarn restriction. It is easy knitting during math class.

  24. If I hit the magic $250 mark in just 3 orders (yes, I’m late to the party but trying hard to make up for it), does that make me baaaaaaad? Sigh. Couldn’t resist IN Stained Glass, I’m afraid. I caught a peek of the Yarn Pirate’s order coming our way and I’d better pick up some extra shifts at work!

    Anyway, my socks lead a varied life. Most superwash stuff will go in the washer in a lingerie bag quite happily, then I can just yank out the bag to lay them out to dry. Forgetting to use the bag has resulted in my husband’s Fixation socks shrinking to my size. It was unintentional, honest!! I also slightly felted my Pomatomouseses, but severe blocking has saved them.

    Mostly, though, it’s simpler to handwash them. A couple of pairs are special and always get handwashed – the special “this is my handwash tub and you may NOT use it for mixing mortar” tub sits in my bathroom and I’ll just dump socks in it as they get dirty. When I have enough for a “load”, I scoop ’em out, fill it up and put ’em back in to soak (often in Soak!). After squeezing in a towel, they dry in less then a day here in the desert.

    Love that drying rack! Will have to get DH to make one when we have our final dream house on our alpaca ranch in the cool green North…..

  25. All but one pair of my hand knit socks are out of handspun, natural (not superwash) wool, so they get handwashed. I have this perfect wool wash that’s fantastic for socks! It’s got just a little bit of lanolin in it so it reconditions the wool and keeps your socks super soft. Plus, it’s very moisturizing to your skin as you wash and it comes in heavenly scents. In fact, I wash every single skein of yarn that I hand dye in this stuff too, because it’s so great.

    I do machine wash the machine washable pair every now and again, but I’m always a bit dissapointed in how the wool feels compared to my hand washed socks. I like handwashing my socks – I hope that doesn’t make me weird. πŸ˜‰

  26. Hi-
    I just wondered if J knits comes in a color called Texas? My son lives in Dallas and I would love to knit a pr. of socks for him in that color? Inquiring minds, just askin!

  27. The handspun Georgia sent is gorgeous! She is one talented lady. And the little knitted critters–so cute. Another site for me to stalk. Please order lots of Bart & Louise from Angelina next time! I have to get my hands on one of those!

  28. i too love lost. but i catch all the episodes online because lost is on at the same time i go out to karaokee with my firends(our one meetup night a week.) so either it gets taped or i watch it on
    I can’t order yarn right now. i’m getting my mom’s birthday presents for next month. I’m getting her the celtic woman and celtic woman a new journey cd and videos for her birthday. to save money i am dwonloading the cds from i tunes.
    not to mention i’m still unemployed and all. and i ordered the complete oz for myself so i have something to read for awhile. i’m going to go outside later with my mom if i can and just enjoy all the sunshine we’ve been gettting lately. and maybe tonight it will rain. sunny days and rainy nights are the best. and the best place to read is on the back porch swing in the sunlight.

  29. i toss my socks in the washingmachine. i don’t tend to lose them cuz i’m the only one who does laundry. somehow, everyone else has the idea that since i don’t work outside the home, i should do the crappy chores (well, at least it’s better than washing dishes!) i don’t dry them in the dryer, though. i hang them off my husband’s tool box in the basement to dry, lol.

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