Solid colored yarn – my new addiction….and a CONTEST!

DSC00588.JPGI’m smitten. I absolutely love this new (to us) Louet Gems line. Here is my Grape sock, finished up yesterday. It’s the Waving Lace Socks pattern from Favorite Socks. It was very easy to knit and I love how it turned out. It has a long cuff and I have long feet (size 11) and you can see in the photo the amount of yarn I had left over from 1 skein. (I followed the pattern exactly, and knit with #1’s.) Good to know that I can get by with 2 skeins for these socks. They are so comfortable to wear, too. You’d think that since I like them so much, and the color is one that I have not knit before, and they were easy to do, that I’d jump right in and make the twin, right? (Those of you who know me, know what’s coming…..) Of course I started another design last night. Well, I wanted to try the Louet Sportweight (which really is a delightful sportweight – not very heavy. I’m still using a size 1 needle to knit it.) Now I’m trying out the Meida’s Socks with Sage. This pattern is really fun to knit, too. 🙂 And then after this one, I think I will have to try…

cookieexampleA Cookie A design! Because her designs are absolutely over-the-top amazing, and we just added all of them to our pattern section at The Loopy Ewe. This is a new venture for Cookie (selling her patterns – not designing them) and we are her first wholesaler. My only problem will be deciding which one to start with. They’re all incredible. They all call for Louet Gems, too – so it’s a good thing we have the entire color line. (Ahem. It’s a good thing we have the entire color line ordered. Still waiting on the other half of the colors, but they have shipped so we expect them any day and will get them up immediately. This is one of our “big lines”, so barring any unforeseen problems, expect us to have it in most all of the time.)

I also like yarns that are semi-solid – meaning that the color intensity/shade varies throughout. You’ll see this in many of the wonderful J-Knits yarns, as well as All Things Heather, Apple Laine, and Claudia Handpainted. We’re also getting a great new line of semi-solids from sKNITches next month. I have a sample skein and it’s beautiful. You’re going to love it. So for those of you who are finding fun lace patterns to knit up and you want the stitches to pop, try some of these different solids.

Of course that got me thinking. Why do I love knitting socks? Well – there are lots of reasons. They’re portable, they don’t take a whole lot of yarn, they can be as challenging or as simple as I want them to be, they’re relatively quick to finish, etc. But one of the biggest reasons for me is that it allows me to try all different kinds of techniques and patterns without having to commit to a whole sweater of it. It is a great way to experiment and learn. That brings me to this month’s contest. Leave a comment and answer this question: What do YOU like about knitting socks? I will do a drawing next Monday to see who wins this month’s fun “Loopy Loot” package – so get your comments in!

I did a little re-stocking today – more Wildhorse Farm patterns, more Zephyr stitchmarkers, and more Loopy Totes. Of course there is always more, more, more in the works!

Sheri loveseeingallofyourFrankandMarthasocksphotoscomingin!


  1. Why do I love sock knitting? Well , I’ve only knit one sock, so maybe I should say why I thought sock knitting looked good. I like that they can be simple or more complex, it’s a small & portable project, ,there are tons of cool sock yarns out there , and I can indulge in a really nice yarn without spending what a sweater’s worth of nice yarn would cost me. Plus, they are kind of like a dishcloth – very practical, and just about everyone can use another pair of socks!

  2. holy cow! 201 comments by the time i got here! what do i like about knitting socks? they’re fast. and fun. and i put things on my feet that i would never wear in an entire sweater (think of all those handpainted yarns!)

  3. I think I love sock knitting the most because of the yarns. There is so much variety out there in fibers and colors and textures, and since they’re socks I can get a little crazy!

    Plus they’re portable and make great commuting knitting, and they can be mindless for movie watching as well. 🙂

  4. Why do I love knitting socks?

    I get such a sense of accomplishment when I knit socks – they are not only practical, they are also beautiful and can be made to suit any personality. To me they are incredibly personal – I love to take the time to find just the right pattern (not too hard mind you, I’m a newbie knitter!)for the person, then go on the search for just the right yarn. I love sitting on the sofa, watching the kids run around, making them. I love how the yarn feels in my fingers. Heck, I love the whole sock experience. And Iove to give them away. That’s why I love knitting sicks.


  5. So many things I love about knitting socks! I held out for the longest time, and I don’t even know why, but a steady dose of the Yarn Harlot helped me see the error of my ways. Here are a few of my favorite things about socks:

    – I can buy lots of different, weird, beautiful colorways and fabulous fibers, but I only need a skein or two so they don’t break the bank (and the beautiful colorways that look just fine on my feet often do not look so great on my body).

    – Super portability

    – Lots of cool patterns to try — some super crazy complicated stuff but also just some vey plain stuff with cool details

    – Easy to customize — I have my own favorite heel and toe that I almost always substitute for the heel/toe in a written pattern, and I like to knit my socks from the toe up. So, mostly, I do.

    – And my number one favorite thing: my dad, who lives in Dallas and will not let me knit a sweater for him, will let me knit socks for him

  6. What is not to love about sock knitting. You have a unique pair of custom made, custom fit socks. It is relaxing, except of course when it is not….like a pesky pattern that is confusing, but that doesn’t happen often. It is portable, they make great gifts, except for DH who is the exception and refuses to wear them. The yarn is wonderful and colorful, there is something for everyone. I just love it.

  7. Well, you just can’t beat a pair of hand knit socks. Custom fit (I’ll never wear store bought again), colors to dye for, a gazillion patterns to choose from (making each pair unique), it’s fun, relaxing, and you can take them anywhere (I have embarassed my daughter by pulling out a SIP at the movie theater, stores, restaurants, etc).

  8. I like that it’s a small, affordable, low-risk place to try out new things — cables, lace, color, multidirectional, entrelac…

  9. I love knitting socks because they are a relatively small scale project, yet they are so darn useful. And the variety of sock yarn out there to experience is wonderful, and the fact that you only need a skein or two doesn’t break the bank. I feel like there are a gazillion techniques to explore so you never get bored and I love the portability, too.

  10. Socks…I love knitting them. Why? Yes, they’re fun, they’re fast and they offer variety in our knitting, but they are so much more. For me they symbolize the core values of knitting and carry volumes of emotional connection in every stitch. They are heritage, magic, duty, and love. Our forefathers and mothers knit socks to warm and protect their feet and those of the ones they loved. Knit in the round, they are the circle of life from babies booties for my babies (years ago!) to bed socks for my 83 year old mother. They make me smile every time a heel emerges from the short rows knit across the heel flap (or from short rows altogether) — the magic of the ordinary! They remind me of those who knit socks for our soldiers, Sailors, airmen and Marines in past wars and for those serving now. And socks were the project (yarn, needles and pattern) that my sister sent to me while I was serving in Baghdad and needing a connection back to normalcy. They kept me sane in the midst of the surreal and with each stitch I could picture myself sitting with my sister, my friends, my fellow knitters and remember why I served in the first place. (And, yes, they also fit conveniently in a desert camouflage uniform cargo pocket for those “hurry up and wait” kind of moments!!)

  11. I knew I would marry the man I just met when he had hand knit socks on his feet knit by his mother in Germany. He told me they were “better than gold.” I did eventually marry him. ;0)
    I love knitting socks because they make the perfect gift. Rarely do I ever keep a pair of socks I have knit for myself. Oh, sure, the yarns I buy with the intentions of keeping, but when someone expresses a desire for a pair I am knitting, I usually cave and give them away in the end. What knitter can resist an appreciative recipient?
    Right now I am currently knitting Socks for Soldiers. I am using a lot of different yarns to make socks for them for leisure time as well as black socks for their use in uniform. It gives me great comfort to support them in this way as knitting is, of course, a meditation for most of us. I hope that these small tokens from home warm someone’s heart over there in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    And there you have it. I love to knit socks.

  12. You ask why I like knitting Socks?
    Well it’s not because my Sock’s are Pops,
    For you see my toes get cold,
    as I’m getting very old,
    And soon my feet will freeze,
    If i don’t Quickly make some socks for ME!
    Therefore I will surf the net…
    Will I find a new sock style? You Bet!
    But only if they have some lace
    And I can knit them while i race…
    To buy more yarn & spin yarn too
    To knit some socks for me and you!
    A sad story I shall tell to you,
    Of sweet socks which I love , I do!!
    A pair of cute socks left on the floor
    But one was behind the door
    by the chair where dearest hubby…
    No,He did not put them in the tubby…
    NOOO! He put my wool angora
    In the spin cycle in the Washer !
    You guessed it how they really shrunk…
    Now 3 months of knitting hard are sunk
    I must now maintain my strength
    and not cry but smile as I buy another hank!
    So you see dear ones, I need to win,
    Because I am too slow to knit or spin
    And my teeny fat feet are bare
    I have to keep them on the chair
    Under a blanket of mohair,
    while I sip my tea and cry…
    I’ve no sock yarn, no not I!

    I hope I win… You inspired this poem.. along with Dr Suess!!
    smiles,Grace in VT

  13. Socks, socks, socks. They are fabulous aren’t they?
    First, socks are always on my needles because they are the one knit item I know 100% for sure I can knit to fit every time. For me, for family, for friends. Never fails. They are portable to knit. Easy to throw in a bag, easy to keep track of the pattern. I, unlike Sharon above me in the comments, mostly keep the socks for myself. I admit it I am pretty damn selfish when it comes to my socks. The ones that are given away are usually because I ended up not perfectly happy with how they turned out, non-knitters will never know the difference!
    I wear handknit socks every day unless I am wearing heels and even then I have to hold myself back from wearing them with my red patent leather heels!

  14. I love knitting socks because they’re one thing you can wear at work that can be in a completely crazy colour, and pattern, and if you have to, you can hide them under trousers and just peek at them occasionally.

    Not being a fan of heels, I tend to wear socks a lot and it’s good to wear interesting ones!

    I love the joy of trying them on (sometimes before I’ve finished them) and going “ahhhhhhh, they fit”.

    But most of all, the reason I think most people love knitting socks can be summed up in two words- sock yarn. No, wait- make that five- Sock Yarn from Loopy Ewe! 🙂

  15. I love knitting socks for many reasons. It makes me feel very practical, which I like. Cashmere socks seem a lot more acceptable when they are hand knit. Also, when I give them away people are always really touched, mMore touched, I think, than if I gave them a whole dang sweater. Also, even with other knitters, when I tell them I’m knitting socks and they scoff and ask “why bother?,” I get to say they are like walking around in little baby orgasms, which means I get to use the word orgasm in public, something I never get to do enough.

  16. I *luv* knitting socks just because they’re so neat and portable. I can do ’em up two at once, so when they’re done – they’re DONE! No seaming or pieces left to attack. Depending on the pattern, socks are a fairly quick knit, too! Socks give me limitless colorations and patterning choices and are great gifts for any age or sex. Best of all are the many opportunities that open up to talk to muggles about knitting – and even convert a few!!

  17. i like the endless variations of sock knitting. you can make them as easy or as complicated as you want, plus they are so warm and cozy to wear!

  18. While I love the look and feel of a handknit sock, the absolute best part is the expressions on people’s faces when they see this crazy lady sitting in the park holding five tiny spikes going in all directions.

  19. I just plain LOVE socks! I have a drawer full of funky socks! That is what I collect, I guess you could say. So when I learned to knit, and saw you could knit socks, that was my goal from the get-go. I worked really hard, and then took the plunge! I have been obsessed ever since. I am currently working on a sweater (I am a one project at a time knitter, I know, GASP!), and am finding I need to have a pair of socks on the needles to take with me to ballgames and in the car waiting (where I spend MOST of my time anyway). So it looks like I may advance to having 2 projects going. I just miss working on socks. So I guess you could say that I love knitting socks, because I can design my own. PLus they feel so much better on your feet!!!!!

  20. In addition to the reasons given, I love to knit socks because I have the means of knitting something luxurious once in awhile because they take so much less yarn. I strongly agree with the fact that you learn a variety of techniques that broaden your horizons. It can take the days tensions away in very little time. A couple of rows can do miracles to soothe the grumpy lady. I am handicapped and some projects just get so big that I can not handle the load on my back and neck. Socks are light and easy to handle at almost all stages of construction. In socks I can try out designs, textures, colorways, etc and apply them to other projects like fingerless mitterns, headbands, leggings and even a small purse. I just like to wear socks so much. My husband wears wool socks I knit year around. My socks mean a lot to me because I love to knit them so much. I love to pick out different yarns through colorways, to solids or variegated, from lace to simple. Knitting socks may be completed without a seam, when you are done, you are done. I Love to Knit Socks!

  21. why do i love knitting socks? how impressed i am with myself. the most fantastic colors and fibers are available to us. don’t we want to try them all? and i am really trying. the feeling also of having something to knit that everyone loves. endless possibilities. endless fun.

    thank you for the space to comment, linda

  22. Why I love knitting socks? I love the fact that you can take them anywhere without lugging a big bag. I like that the colors are so much more to choose from. I like the fact that the self striping and hand dyed allows no 2 pair to be the same. I like the pure joy of knitting something that you can be proud of that takes so little time. I love pulling them out of your little bag in public and for people to Ohh and Ahh over something and the way it makes you feel. I love seeing the patterns and the different styles that you can use like magic loop, toe up, double points and circulars so that you can change around. I love it when I am sick and need to put on something to get comfortable and cozy and I can slide my feel into my Baby Cashmerino socks and curl up and take a nap and feel all fuzzy inside. I love that the sock yarn does not count in the stash!! I am ADDICTED and feel that I NEED to knit on my socks to relieve my stress and I do it in the mornings after I drop off my children and sit in Starbucks for 30 minutes and then at night to calm me back down after a long day. I love the way it makes me feel when I complete them and I know that I did them and I can wear them proudly!! I love my socks!!

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