Top Ten Things to do on Spring Break and the Contest Winner!

It was very fun reading all of your “reasons we love sock knitting” for last week’s contest! (And over 200 entries – that was great!) I kept thinking that all of the non-sock knitters out there ought to read through the list. They’d be convinced in no time, wouldn’t they? So, using the random number generator, the winner of this month’s Loopy Loot contest is: Kelli. Kelli, email me your address and I’ll pop the Loopy Loot in the mail to you!

Since it is Spring Break for Knitting Daughter, I thought I’d share the things that we have on our list to do this week. Do YOU have any fun plans for Spring Break? Anything that I left off my list that I need to add to it? Because College Boy comes home on Friday for his Spring Break next week, so I’ll need a whole new list for that!

DSC00603.JPG1. Shopping. We all know that I need to get out and exercise my poor credit card a bit more, and there are all kinds of fun spring things that need to be bought up, aren’t there? Like these cute flowers for my garden window in the kitchen. I kinda decided on a teal blue and red theme in there for the next couple of months. Fortunately, Knitting Daughter reaches her shopping patience rather quickly, so I can’t exercise the card TOO much.
2. Stocking inventory. Boxes, boxes, boxes are coming in and we’re unloading them as fast as we can. Today, more Scarlet Fleece, more Schaefer Anne and Lola, and a few things that we’re not quite ready to debut yet. (WOOT! Don’t you want to know? Soon.) On the way to The Loopy Ewe later this week, more Yarn Pirate, more Cider Moon, more J-Knits, and more other wonderful things. I need to buy some more shelves for The Loopy Room. That needs to go on my shopping list this week.

3. Walking. Knitting Daughter and I are going to get back to our walking routine, which I just love. (Do you know how much kids talk when they walk? It’s wonderful.)

DSC00605.JPG4. Knitting. Did I mention that I had to upgrade from the 3-tier basket to this 5-tier basket? I just figured that I’d use the 3-tier in The Loopy Room for something. And, just for the record, I did do that. For a brief time. But now …. well, the 3-tier basket is full of yarn, too. I have my sock yarn stash in this 5-tier, and my lace and other yarn stash in the 3-tier. Anyone want to place bets on how soon I’ll “need” another 5-tier? OH, I hope I get lots of knitting time in this week.

5. Cooking and baking. My motivation is needing good treats for College Boy when he arrives this weekend. He’s fun to cook for. Do you feel like it shows love to your family when you make special dishes for them? I think I get that from my grandma. She was always trying to get us to eat more when we had meals over there. 🙂 And now, my mom is making dinners for us on Monday nights because Mondays are always WAY busy here at The Loopy Room. She must get that from her mother (my grandma). We sure LOVE it. Isn’t she wonderful?

DSC00606.JPG6. Movies. Knitting Daughter and I love to watch movies and knit. It’s kind of our thing. We have a stack of movies to watch, but also are in need of more good suggestions. Anyone have any ideas? Because truthfully, we’ve already seen most of these. We might need to get hooked on another good tv/dvd series as those seem to last a long time. So far, Gilmore Girls and 24 have been our favorite tv series on dvd.

7. Planting. ugh. I don’t like gardening. Not a bit. I love the look of flowers popping up in my yard, and I love having flowers cut in a vase, but I don’t like the work to get them going. However, I do need to at least get some good flowers going in the pots on the front porch. Last spring we were so busy building The Loopy Ewe, that we never did plant things in those planters.

DSC00604.JPG8. Felting. Have you been over to Woolpets to find these wonderful felting kits from the very talented Laurie? Now, I have never needle-felted before, but I have been assured that it’s easy peasy. So I have four kits that KD and I will attempt to make this week. You’re probably thinking that a smart person would buy one and see if they liked needle felting and could actually make something recognizable before splurging on … ahem …. several. You’re probably right. I’ll keep you posted on our success.

9. Hanging out with the mum-in-law. We love having Wonder Husband’s mom come to visit and can’t wait for her to arrive later this week. She’s an incredibly easy “guest” to have around and we always want her to stay much longer than she does. Boy, did I luck out in the mother-in-law department.

DSC00061.JPG10. Starbucks. That pretty much goes without saying. With KD home, she can bop down there and get coffee for us with her wonderful discount and that’s hard to turn down. I’m trying to avoid the Caramel Frappuchinos. Do you know how many calories are in there?? (And the “lite” version is just not good. The best part is the whipped cream with the caramel drizzle on top.) So, I try to limit those to once a month. But we will enjoy Peppermint Mochas and Vanilla Lattes and Cinnamon Dolces all week.

So – did you already have Spring Break? And for those of you without kids, don’t you think you still need to celebrate a Spring Break week? I think you deserve it. What things will you do?

Sheri stillworkingongettingmostofthesenewyarnsupforyoulaterintheweek


  1. OK, you know what I said earlier about you neglecting the Loopy for a bit to relax and knit? I still mean it…but I am really in need of a Loopy sock yarn stash enhancement…so how about all those new yarns up before your Spring break starts???

    As far as movies…you and your daughter should go out and see Music and Lyrics. It was really cute!

    Yes, the calories in a peppermint mocha are so few..we may as well have three a day:)

    I enjoyed your post today!

  2. I couldn’t read your movie list but if it isn’t on there I recommend the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.

    I recieved my yarn last week and you have the best customer service I have ever experienced. I don’t get out much. LOL The CTH yarn is so soft. I must have been knitting with twine before.

    Nothing says love like fresh and homemade baked goods. I derive much pleasure and satisfaction out cooking and baking for my family.

    Enjoy your break and try the Cream Scones.

    Christy in Michigan

  3. needle felting is super easy. just be sure to pull the needle out at the same angle you stuck it in. if you twist it or bend it while it’s stuck in the wool, it will break. and my MIL broke 3 of them in 15 minutes doing that. it’s kind of stress reducing too. i love jabbing at something with a pointy stick for a while and making something cute!

  4. If you and knitting daughter want to take a field trip, you should come down to Memphis. We have Pandas and Graceland (and 5 yarn shops). If not, dvds of Scrubs and MASH are awesome. I watched some yesterday when I cast on a pair of socks out of Cider Moon’s Glacier in Casual Friday. I love this yarn. It’s so super soft, I can’t wait to try out the Icicle. Did you happen to order the Buckeye colorwave? My brother’s fiance went to Ohio State and has been hinting that she wants some handknit socks. Have a great week with knitting daughter!

  5. Sounds like you are going to be busy, busy, busy. My 6 year old is home this week so I’ll be spending my afternoons with her. She’s been asking me about learning to knit so I think we may give that a try plus there are cookies to bake and games to play. Of course I’ll also be knitting away on socks among other projects.

    I checked out the little felt kits from woolpets the other day when I read about them on the Yarn Pirates blog. I thought they were so cute. I may pick one up this payday. It will be a great way to give needle felting a try. 🙂

    The Carmel Fraps are mega fatting but they are also sooooooo good… Yum, Starbucks! The nearest Starbucks for me is like 60 miles away. I do have a Moxie Java and they are good too. 🙂

    Have fun during Spring Break.

  6. I recommend “Keeping Mum”, which I just saw with my aunt. It has Maggie Smith, Rowan Atkinson, Kirsten Scott Thomas, and…. Patrick Swayze. It is a black comedy, something like “Mary Poppins” meets “Arsenic and Old Lace”.

    My birthday is almost here and I hear rumors that sock yarn is in my future. Oh how hard it is to resist ordering NOW, and every five minutes after that.

  7. The only thing I could add to your list is the simple joy of staring out the window with a good cup of coffee. Sometimes that sitting and staring – or just spacing out -is the best therapy and the most relaxing. C: Enjoy your week together!!! My grandson is only 2 and my big guy, his dad, would love the week off. He was home with his son for a couple of weeks and they went to the mall everyday to play on the escalator!! Now you ask Jeffrey if he wants to go to the mall and he says “yes peas!!!!”

  8. Received my Zen String today and I’m in love! I second the excellent customer service.

    No kids around here but I’m scheduled for a dreaded exam on the 3rd, after which I’m declaring my own spring break. I’m going to watch movies, sit in the sun awhile, and knit socks…for about 2 weeks.

    I love to watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy while I knit. Also Matrix Trilogy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Neverland, and Harry Potter movies. If you haven’t seen Babel, it’s wonderful.

    I’m looking forward to your shop update, particularly the JKnits limited edition colors, but you enjoy your spring break first …you deserve it.

  9. Yes!! Even us childless people need a Spring Break.
    Mine is this weekend. Starting Thursday, a four-day spinning retreat at a fabulous location! Of course we do some other stuff along with the spinning…..we eat, knit, eat, talk, eat, drink wine, eat, nap, eat, walk, eat, shop and whatever else we choose to do! It’s awesome, everyone should do it!

    Hope yours is good!

  10. Our spring break was two weeks ago so now we’re back to our routine, which for me still involves lots of time with my four daughters because they are homeschooled. I’m lucky to have them around me pretty much all the time.
    We don’t watch many movies together but I do read aloud to them quite a bit and I’m often able to knit while I read (if I pick simple projects, like stocking stitch or ribbed socks). My youngest daughter’s job is to “set up” the book so that it stays open without my holding it. Sometimes the older girls knit, too, while I read or they take turns reading. It’s a very cozy time together.
    I hope you really enjoy your spring break and do loads of fun and special things together!

  11. I have enjoyed knitting to the Alias box set that I have – if you can knit during 24, give Alias(oh, and Lost) a try. Alias kept me busy for more than a month – 6 seasons!

  12. we don’t do Spring break over here (it’s autumn!!) but I’m too in love with your yarn baskets to think straight anyway – it’s awesome! I am impressed that you have an official stash – if I was you i would consider the whole stock my stash (and no doubt go out of business in seconds flat, lol), so you are looking pretty restrained to me Sheri!!

  13. I’m not in college right now, so no Spring Break for me, but that’s okay. Next year.

    I had to think for a couple minutes of some movies that are slightly more “family-appropriate” that I’ve seen recently and liked. I have a guy’s taste in movies, in that I tend to watch more gory stuff like The Departed and Fight Club. Anyway: The Baxter, Everything is Illuminated, The Prestige. The first two are indie movies and might be harder to find, but they’re worth it. Although if you want to just borrow The Baxter or The Prestige from me, you’re welcome to them.

    Can I come by tomorrow to see all the new yarns?

    I looked at my “personal yarn buffet” yesterday, and I may “need” some tiered baskets too. Either that or I’ll stuff the yarn into the numerous knitting bags I seem to have accumulated.

    Enjoy your Spring Break(s)!

  14. I just got Maude Season one on DVD and I forgot how great it was! My mom was down from Upstate NY and we watched them together and knit (we are actually knitting the same pattern, so it has been fun to compare notes!). I also got my zen strings order and they are just gorgeous. I also can’t wait to see the new yarn pirate on the website! On top of that, today was my son’s 9th birthday. He is getting older, that makes me older too!

  15. If you want something great to watch on DVD, check out Veronica Mars seasons one and two. If you’re not watching Veronica Mars, after you get into the first episodes of season one, you’ll wonder why. It’s great television. Have fun over spring break!

  16. I spent my spring break last week doing things with my brother. He was in town because his first grandchild had to be hospitalized in our town.

  17. Looks like I told you about my spring break under your last post!

    Sounds like you should have a great week…lots of interesting things to do! Let me know when you get Icicle! Got to go pack for LA. I’m a Loopy Groupie now! Yayyyy! Sounds like that deserves a Caramel- Whappa-Frappa-Mocha-Chino!

  18. I don’t know how many calories there are in any of the Starbucks drinks and frankly I don’t want to (I’m quite partial to the White Chocolate Mochas myself…venti please!). The new 007 movie is good, Casino Royale. Have a fun week!!

  19. I just bought “Beauty and the Beast” Season 1 a week ago. I always loved that show…am really enjoying it all over again. I have waited almost 20 years for it to come out on DVD!!!
    Like waiting for yarn…heeeeeeeee
    Have a good break.

  20. Love your Spring break list Sheri! The one thing I would add? A mother/daughter trip for pedicures (or manicure too). I just always let the pedis slide in the winter and once the sun starts to venture forth, I feel like getting my toes ready to peek out at the world. I find the pedis ultra-relaxing–take a good book if by yourself, a good friend (like a mother or daughter!), maybe your Starbucks and let someone pamper your feet (plus, the place I go has these great massaging chairs so I feel ready to melt by the time they’re done).

    BTW, another vote here for Keeping Mum. Talk about quirky and funny!

  21. the boys are going to visit their grandmother in kansas city at the end of next week. i’m taking my mother to the doctor. we’re going through my house in preparation of moving over there later this year.

    AND I’M GOING TO SEE THE YARN HARLOT! she’s going to be in st paul, whichis the closest she’s going to be. gotta go! (sorry, honey, st louis is too far, ot her wise i’d come visit you!)

  22. I would vote for some classic comedies, like His Gal Friday, or some Fred Astaire/Ginger Rodgers, or A Philadelphia Story. Or, my personal favorite, It Happened One Night. I also second the manicure vote.

    My spring break will involve extensive knitting, some rehearsals for my show and then a week in Rome. I can’t wait. Really.

  23. No Spring Break here for quite awhile. In NH we have February and April school vacations. Since we homeschool those vacations don’t really mean much but as the boys have gotten older they enjoy taking those weeks off to hang with their friends. Next week is birthday week – my oldest son turns 13 and I turn one year older. I enjoy cooking and baking for my crew and on their birthdays they get to choose what they want for dinner and what kind of cake they want. I’d place a bet that my oldest chooses my famous ice cream cake (hey, that might make a good Loopy recipe sometime).

    I’ve been walking 4 miles almost every day all winter. It’s much more enjoyable to do that walking without a winter jacket, scarf, hat and mittens! We still have snow but it’s melting quickly. Walking saves my sanity.

    I’d highly recommend The Illusionist if you haven’t seen it yet. It stays great right until the very end.

    Have a great Spring Break with Knitting Daughter.

  24. I hear Arrested Development is pretty good. Depends on the age of Knitting Daughter.

    I might go for something like Firefly or Buffy the Vampire Slayer if a little violence is okay.

  25. I second the coffee and pedicures. I am in love with the Cinnamon Dolce Lattes. Thank goodness they have the sugar-free kind (tho the full sugar tastes better). I justify my starbucks by ordering nonfat sugar-free cinnamon dolce with no whip. I don’t really like whipped cream unless it is homemade, so I am lucky there.

    My husband and I just got Rome Season 1 on DVD. But there is alot of nudity and sex, so I am not sure what your policy on that is with your kids. I also love 24 and Arrested Development.

    Have fun!

  26. I have two movie recommendations “Tortilla Soup” a romantic comedy about food and love and “Return to Me” a romantic drama/comedy.

    Enjoy your Spring Break….

  27. I wish I was there…I would make you a deal…lol. I would let you finish my never-ending perpetual sock (notice one is done…lol) and I would plant you an entire garden of flowers. Sorry but it the color addiction thing again. There is no such thing as too much color!!!! Where did you get the 5 tier basket ensemble…..I need one just for the sock yarn. Sweater yarn has its own stash bin 8 ft high and the roving is all in bags spead between two rooms. Most of the roving will disappear today I am in a spinning mood. Other than my dr. appt. I am not leaving the house. DD and her sidekick were home for spring break last week. They did wonderful and as far as I can tell they didnt raid my stash. The pantry is an entire different matter!!!Have a great spring break!!!!

  28. Your movie list looks wonderful. Some of my favorites are movies from the 50’s and 60’s – I love the old Marilyn Monroe movies and the old black and whites – they are great to sit and knit to. In fact, I think that’s the way I’m going to spend my Saturday – old movies and knitting 🙂

  29. I was just discussing with one of my co-workers last week how, we as working professionals, also could really benefit from a spring break. She has children and happens to be taking them on a trip for their spring break, but said its as much of a treat for her as it is for them. I told her I really need a spring break, especially after a particularly hectic busy season – if only I can hang on a bit longer – until the end of April…
    Your activities sound wonderful and I can’t think of anything to add – just enjoy your time together. I envy the Starbucks discount. My brother is currently working at one, but he lives in San Francisco and I in the Washington, DC metro area…a bit of a logistics problem, lol…
    By the way, how much sock yarn does one of those 5 tiers hold? As much as I’ve been adding to my stash, I’m thinking I need one – or maybe two!!

  30. I second MASH. It actually has some knitting content and I understand that during the Korean War, the guys used to knit themselves socks. A suggestion on viewing pleasure, go to the language set-up page where you can turn OFF the laugh track. That may be possible for other TV series, too. It makes a huge difference to me, not only because I hate canned laughter, but because the sense of the show changes and is less inane. BTW, MASH is my knitting daughter’s favorite knitting video. She (and I) can watch it over and over. Last June, when she was home from university, she knit a Bohus Blue Shimmer hat from the Swedish kit while watching MASH. It was the first colorwork and she finished it in one week. The child scares me sometimes. Alas that she’s on the other coast and it makes no sense for her to come home for a week.

    I also second KT’s list of old movies. I can always watch them another time.

    Baking = love. Didn’t you know? I know it’s written down somewhere. I just can’t find it for all this sock yarn and other wool….

  31. I see you have three Jane Austen’s in your pile. You might try Persuasion. It’s based on one of her lesser known novels. It’s absolutely wonderful. Ciaran Hinds stars (he played Caesar in HBO’s Rome series.)

    Other rec’s are the Notebook and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

    Have fun shopping!

  32. Wow, a lot to do this week. Get some good knitting time in. Glad you lucked out in the mother-in-law dept. I recently saw a sign that said “It could be worse…Martha Stweart could be your Mother-in-Law” …SCARY!

    Even though I don’t have any kids I think I should go home to CA and visit with my mom. FL is too far for us. I was just in CA a couple weeks ago, do you think it is too soon to plan another trip? I don’t!

  33. Whoo hoo! I’m so glad you got the Southwest and Summer Fruit Interlacements colorways back in…I’ve really been coveting those.
    Enjoy your spring break week!!

  34. Have you considered offering spots at your home as a vacation for knitters? This blog post is giving me spring break envy!

    Love your movie collection. There are some of my all time favorites in there. I have two recommendations for you – My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. They’re both “kids” movies, animate by Miyazaki (Ok, I think I spelled that wrong). But they’re both super fun, and really easy to knit to. I love them both. That’s saying a lot because Totoro is the movie my 16 month old son watches when he wakes up in the night – it’s the only way to get him to sleep – and I watch it about 4 times a week. If I were to watch say, Toy Story that much, well, it would not be pretty.

  35. Just had to add on the video list–if you don’t regularly watch Grey’s Anatomy–then catch up on DVD with Seasons 1 & 2. Boston Legal is another TV series I love on DVD. Boston Legal definitely has that “Allie McBeal” sensibility and Grey’s Anatomy of course has McDreamy (as well as McSteamy and McVet).

  36. I think The Pursuit of Happyness comes out next week. See it! And if you like Little Miss Sunshine, have you seen The Royal Tennenbaums(sp?)? It is good!

    Spring Break for us is next week also. I am seeing the Yarn Harlot in Chicago on Tuesday! Then we get rid of the kids for two days to head to Door County WI. Wine, food, and time alone! Now thats a spring break I can handle! We have never had two nights away from our boys!

  37. I LOVE watching movies while knitting. My children tease me about the size of my dvd library (but never about the size of my stash!). The best thing about watching movies while knitting is that you can watch them over and over again because you pay attention to different parts cuz you’re knitting so you always see something new! Here are some of my favorites: Last of the Mohicans, The Cowboys, True Grit, Living Out Loud, Dave, French Kiss, Gigi (not gigli!), Rob Roy, Jeremiah Johnson…..umm the list goes on and on…..

  38. Unlike you Sheri I LOVE to garden and play in the dirt. That is how I have been spending much of my spring … in the yard planting and cleaning.

    I recommend scanning the Netflix site for movies and you’ll be inpired with about 20 in no time. I have almost 200 on my rental queue right now. Or if you want a series to wade through try Upstairs/Downstairs. I believe that took months to air on PBS. :>)

  39. Ah spring break one of the many wonderful “breaks” at work. I work at a university and ours is next week. I’ll be working, but the students & faculty won’t be here!!! mini vacation? Daughter’s break is the week after and she will be camping in Solvang with my parents for the week…they’ve done this annually for 15 years! maybe I’ll steal away for a few days too.

  40. Hi again Sheri. Since Q2 is only a few days away is there going to be another sock challenge? I thought it was fun in Q1 and am kind of looking forward to another one. I have fabulous yarns staring me in the face but would like a push to decide on the next one to use.

  41. Can’t wait for all those updates. Of course I’m on a very strict yarn diet right now ::cough:: so I’ll just have to ogle. I’m really good at that.

    My mom and I are totally addicted to Everybody Loves Raymond and we watch it almost every night when there are reruns on.

    I too love cooking for the fam. There’s this three bean chili that is frequently requested by the fam along with a super tasty caesar with homemade polenta croutons and dressing.

  42. Sheri, you could always come and help me dig out the new flower bed. I have to have the bed ready by April 11th which is when I am going to pick up the new plants. I think you might find planting the planters easier.

    And actually the caramel machiado does not come with whipped cream on it. It is not that way in the drink bible for the stores. I always drink soy so I am okay with that. I tired it iced last night and I don’t really like it that way. I think my drink this summer will be the shaken green tree with 43 or 4 pumps of melon in the venti size. Much better on the waistline and a tad bit healthier.

  43. Ok 3 blog posts per day is my limit so this is it.

    Based on photos I will upload shortly I think you need a photo category called ‘Yarn Reality’, ‘American Yarn Idol’ or maybe ‘American Yarn Survivor’. Anyway, as you will see, my stash is neither organized nor particularly photogenic as it is a real life look at my yarny house. Part of my middle age mindset though makes me want to confess all my dirty secrets … sort of like that ‘Liar Liar’ movie. Thus photos au naturale. Please be kind and ignore the dirt and hideous decor in some of the shots (I haven’t lived here long enough to redo the yarn room yet.)

  44. Did you watch “School of Rock”? It’s about a loser rock-and-roll musician who pretends to be an elementary school sub and convinces the kids in his class to be a rock band, and it’s hilarious! Even more than movies, I like having audiobooks going while I knit (then I can do more complicated knitting things–no screen to watch 😉 )–my favorites are the mysteries by Elizabeth Peters. Have you ever tried them?

    I have a huge dreaded exam the day after spring break! So no vacation for me. But my fiance and I are moving into our new (first!) apartment together the day after the exam, so I’m happy! (He’s finishing up school now and just got his first job offer yesterday! 🙂 )

  45. I think the Sea turtle should come live with me when he’s done. : )

    I second the Elizabeth Peters AudioBooks. And the BBC P&P. Head Office is an 80s B comedy that is very light and fun. Judge Reinhold, Jane Seymour, Danny Devito, Father Guido Sarduci (sp), and Eddie Albert.

  46. I wish I got a spring break…..but I’d completely just waste it. I mean, totally. My butt would be numb from all the couch-surfing. I guess I could just put in for the leave and take one…..but I think it would be a real risk. By the time the week was over, I’d have our house on the market so we could move into a smaller place we could afford on just one income – his, of course, so that I could lie around on my arse all day every day.

    Yours sounds wonderful – and just productive enough to be a nice break, without the side effect of permanent buttprints in the sofa.

  47. I recommend an old BBC comedy, The Irish R. M. DD and I are watching these and enjoying them. It took me until the 4th in the series to get hooked in. Unfortunately the library has only 13 (maybe that’s all there are) so we are nearly finished.

  48. Dear Sheri,
    Since I’m in so much, I love to watch movies. Of course I am quite a bit older
    than you so I love the real old movies. Have you ever seen Joan Crawford in
    Midred Pierce, or Betty Davis in Now Voyager? Betty Davis did another movie
    I fell in love with where she’s going blind and marries a doctor. Oh well, those
    movies might bore you and knitting daughter. I could watch them over and over.
    Also the Color Purple and Gone with the Wind. Well, that’s another generation. I also
    enjoyed “The Devil Wears Prada”. Kinda of light and you don’t have to think while
    your knitting.
    I tried to buy some Lorna Laces on your website, but you only had one skein in
    stock. How long before the Seacoast becomes available? (Like I don’t have
    enough yarn now). Enjoy your children and your great mother-in-law.

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