Spring Break Week

DSC00609.JPGSpring Break Week – and it looks like spring outside. Aren’t these blooming Bradford Pear Trees pretty? Thanks to all of you who have given such great movie recommendations. You ought to see my long list! I started it on a post-it. I should’ve known better. We will be watching movies for a LONG time, thanks to your great suggestions! It has been fun and productive. I’m almost done with one Louet Gems Sport sock – called Meida’s Socks from Favorite Socks. I like it a lot. It’s an interesting “sport” weight. (Is it just me, or do those terms get thrown around willy-nilly with very little meaning any more? I have Sport Weight that seems like Fingering Weight, and DK Weight that seems like Sport Weight, and I’m giving up on all of the labels.) I just have to decrease down the toe and then I’ll put up a picture of it on Friday. Very easy pattern. Next, I’m starting a sock in yarn from one of our new indie-dyers and the colorway has such pretty spring colors in it. I can’t wait for her line to come in so that I can share it with you!

Speaking of knitting – remember how much I love the Panda Cotton from Crystal Palace? Dr. Jackie (frequent blog commenter, frequent in-person Loopy Room visitor) sent me these great links for patterns with Crystal Palace. Since I’m knitting more of this great yarn up, I printed these out. I like them. Thanks, Jackie!


I’ve been wanting to knit the Strawberry Lime for the socks, and the solid Lime for the toes, heel and cuff. Wouldn’t that be a fun sock? That’s on my list. Also on my list – Scarlet Fleece socks. Loopy friend Bev came to shop in person yesterday and brought her Scarlet Fleece in progress. Now I know why all of you keep telling me you LOVE this yarn. It knits up beautifully. So – that’s on my list, too. I need more knitting time.

DSC00597.JPGKnitting Daughter and Susan and I have all of the orders out for today, so now we’re taking off for lunch and a little credit card exercising. Zoe is holding down the fort for us at The Loopy Ewe. She does a very thorough job of it. Tonight ….. well. Tonight you might want to check the website. There might be Yarn Pirate, Scarlet Fleece, new Interlacement colors, and new Schaefer Anne and Lola colors going up. There just might be. This is just about 1/3 of our Yarn Pirate order, so more will arrive in the next two weeks as well. Actually – there is always yarn arriving from all of our great indie-dyers. You can just count on constant orders being in with all of them. We love them here.

Don’t forget to post your Frank/Martha sock pictures! Our Loopy Q1 Challenge ends this week and I’ll announce the Loopy Q2 Challenge next week.

Sheri stoppingbythevideostorewhilewe’reouttogetsomeofyourgreatmoviesuggestions


  1. Waaaaaaaaa. We have a parent teacher conference scheduled for tonight. But I want me some yarn. I wonder if I can figure out a way to say Hubby has to go by himself? Probably not unless I’m really sick or something. Hmmm, if I get out the red lip pencil do you think I can make him think I have the measles?

    Have fun shopping Sheri. I’ll just have to hope I am able to pop in tonight at the right time.

  2. Yes, I just might have to check out the website tonight. I just might…. Enjoy your spring outing – those trees are beautiful! : )

  3. I totally understand about the labels they drive me nuts too. I am so excited about the new Loopy Challenge and thanks for sharing the sock links. I am adding that site to my favorites. Just more socks to knit. Need more yarn. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!

  4. There are Bradford Pears up and down my street. I love it!

    How much do you pay Zoe for watching the store while you’re out? 🙂

  5. Well, now. I just might have plans for tonight now.


    Of course, next time there’s Fleece Artist, I might be forced into personal bankruptcy, but that’s beside the point. 🙂

  6. Mmmmm Scarlet Fleece. I NEEEEEEEED some.

    Any word on when we an expect the FA???

    Have fun shopping! One of my fave movies to watch with my mom is Chocolat…if y’all haven’t seen it, definitely check it out. (even if you have seen it, it is worth another viewing!)

  7. Your post today is perfect. I have just a little bitty bit of money to spend on yarn, and I’ve been debating for days on what to get. Panda Cotton has been at the top of the list, you’ve sealed it, I’m headed over to order some now. If I could just decide on a color…..

  8. Love the picture of Zoe!

    Like Miss Violet I have had thoughts of personal bankruptcy. But hey, if I’m forced to live on the street I’ll have some really cool socks!

  9. You would post Scarlett Fleece on the night that I have an exam!!!! Oh well, it is not as if I don’t have plenty of yarn on hand as it is.

  10. nuts! I fancy me some Yarn Pirate but I’ll be stuck at work where your site is BANNED!!! Enjoy your Credit Card flexing – we expect pictures of the spoils!

  11. we have pear trees in our back yard. i went out of town for a few days, and i felt fine, except for some pain in my sides from being sick a few weeks ago and coughing, come home, and i have sneezing fits( and i still have the pain in my sides). our pear trees may not yet be in blossom, but somewhere in the neighborhood something is blooming, something i have an allergy to. yeah for me. I can’t wait for the apple trees to bloom, and the lilacs to grow, and the first day our lillies of the valley bloom. Our backyard smells great on that day.
    What is so wrong with gardening? You get dirty and NO ONE CARES. you’re supposed to be that way. you dig in the dirt, you play in the mud, and after all that you get something pretty. i do admit i hate weeding, but there isn’t much weeding in the spring. now, when your mother starts hiring you out for landscaping and patio paving, then you get a little tired of those. i mean bricks are heavy. and digging a patio is hard work. And in the fall we have to pick up apples, and pears, and pick grapes, and pick pears and apples still on the trees, and then do the gardening after that. (we live in a city, but these trees were here before us, so we have to take care of them…and they aren’t eatting grapes. these are canning grapes for jelly and stuff. and i don’t like apple jelly or pear jelly, or apple/pear sauce. i don’t eat any of it, why do i have to pick it?)

  12. I have been waiting on “lola” for a few weeks now. Hopefully the great shopping cart incident won’t happen again tonight.

  13. Argh – when is ‘tonight’? Tonight Eastern? Tonight Pacific? Before I leave work? After yoga? Will there be anything left by 8am tomorrow? Don’t buy it all, Wendy!

    *pant pant pant* must go knit from the stash for a moment to settle down.

  14. Thank you for the wonderful photograph, my spring bulbs are just starting to show and I am really looking forward to spring.

    Zoe is too cute.

    I am so looking forward to the update. I need to add some more yarn to my stash.

  15. That photo of Zoe is way too precious! I hope your credit card got plenty of exercise today! =)

    Unfortunately I can’t afford to treat myself to any Loopy goodies tonight, but I’ll be window-shopping nonetheless! I’ll have a very hard time resisting if I spot any particularly luscious Anne colourways, though….

  16. I guess there is some advantage to being awake all night…(I’m here in NYC working as a nurse on the night shift. ) I’ll get to check the web site often to see what the new yarn looks like. 🙂 Just can’t let the supervisor catch me buying sock yarn on company time!!!

  17. SHERI!!

    I couldn’t resist. I am ADDICTED to your site! And of course the yarn 🙂

    There were only two colorways of Yarn Pirate left and I HAD to have one…plus the English Garden Interlacements I’ve been gazing at EVERY day since you put it up. Of course I also had to have the Cider Moon I’ve been admiring. I can’t believe I caved!! I was supposed to wait to buy anything until I got back from the Knitting Expo.

    AND I’m thrilled to be a REAL Loopie Groupie. I’m hooked and your site is my supplier! Wendy Johnson turned me on to your site (along with a lot of others I’m sure). I’m a yarn junkie 🙂

    Thanks for the goodies!

  18. I finally took a picture of my Martha socks, so I’ll post it tonight or tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 I hope you and Knitting Daughter have lots of fibery fun on your break!

  19. I can’t believe I missed the Yarn Pirate!! I have this weird feeling that I shoud look for new yarn last night ( I normally only search at work) and I didn’t! Ah well, better luck next time… 🙂

    Thanks Sheri!!

    Do you think any one would be upset if you let me have first pick before the shop update?? didn’t think so… 🙂

  20. “The Holiday” is another good flic (if you haven’t seen it yet). Our Bradfords are in bloom too, so much sneezing going on here.

  21. I just love your blog, and of course all the BEAUTIFUL yarn. I wish I could come and squish it in person. Your Bradford pear trees are lovely. One gorgeous clear night recently I felt inspired to just go outside and breath in the spring air-big mistake! Did you know that the Bradford pear trees stink when they are in bloom? I still love them, just not too close. Alergies 🙁 I am so happy that I found your shop. You are famous in the sock knitting world, at least all of us that are sock-knitters/stashers. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your daughter and shopping.


  22. It might interest you that Janice (aka Bogie), the designer of the crystal lattice pattern for Panda Cotton, belongs to the same knitting group as Cookie A. 🙂 Just saw them both on Sunday.

    Awesome, huh?

  23. Thank you for posting all the Panda patterns link! And, thank you, Dr Jackie O. for sending them to Sheri!

    Your spring trees are gorgeous! We’ll get there some day. Our trees should bloom in late April, and we should have leaves on our trees in early May. Our crocuses are up & in bloom! Our tulips will be coming in a couple of weeks or a little more. It’s a pretty spring day here. I’m inside with my two sick sons on their spring break, but at least it is sunny outside! I just have to try really hard to not to make my youngest guy laugh because that makes him cough & coughing hurts his ribs. That’s not always easy, because I like to crack jokes. 🙂

  24. Ok, next time you need to give ample notice for the updates. And then do them EST. *LOL* That way I stand a chance of getting some more of the Fleece Artist. I just ordered some of the Cider Moon yarn in Silver Pines and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  25. Have fun on your shopping/girls day! Those are so much fun after you’ve beenn working hard.

    I love the pictures of your gorgeous trees! I can’t believe they’re blooming already. Things are *just* starting to get green here. Isn’t spring the best?

  26. Oh wow, oh wow…I feel like a celebrity, having been included in Sheri’s blog!! You’re welcome to all who were looking for links to Panda Cotton patterns.

    I’m not sure if I should be glad or sad that I was knitting away on some lace socks out here on vacation in beautiful Southern California, where the sky has been clear and the weather absolutely perfect for the 4 days I’ve been here. Because I haven’t been near a computer until now, I completely missed the recently posted new yarns! All gone! Think of the money I saved! We’ve been getting wined and dined here the entire time, so have not had quite as much knitting time as I might have liked, but plenty on the plane flight. Tomorrow I shall return to St. Louis, home of The Loopy Room, and have a one-stop-in-Kansas-City flight, so more knitting time in my future. I’m working on heels of my pink-scalloped-lacy-Frank-socks. I don’t think they’ll be quite done in time for the challenge, but I’ll send in a photo when I finally get them done!

    Trees are gorgeous, thank heavens I don’t have allergies! But, being a doctor, and taking care of so many patients who do…you wheezers and sneezers all have my sympathy!

    (BTW…Marianne…not sure if it was a slip of the pinkie or not, but I’m just Jackie…not at all a “Jackie O.” But you know, it might not have been so bad…were she a sock-knitter, she would have had plenty of $$ to spend on yarn at the Loopy Ewe!)

  27. i don’t know how i resisted, but i didn’t buy anything during your last update. that means i’m in the clear for next time, right? 😉 my roommate thinks i’m a yarn addict. she might be right, but i’m just trying to build up my “buffet”.

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