Three Things and a Recipe

DSC00611.JPGThree things that I didn’t do enough of this week:

1. Knitting (but I tried). Here is my Meida Sock from Favorite Socks. I used the Louet Gems Sport Sage on a #1 needle, and added two lace repeats on the cuff to make it a bit taller. This was a very easy pattern to knit and memorize and I do love how it turned out. I started another that I will work on this weekend (another, meaning another yarn – of course not the twin to Meida) and I already have my next TWO socks yarns picked out. One is another brand new indie-dyer that I’m really excited about, and the other is Scarlet Fleece in Red Velvet Waters. But – I didn’t do enough knitting this week.
2. Movie watching (but I tried). We did watch some fun ones, and regardless of the number of Loopy orders waiting to be packed up, we quit packing in time to watch at least one movie a night. Sometimes late. But – we didn’t do enough movie watching this week.
3. Shopping (but I tried). Knitting Daughter and I only went shopping one day, but we had a good time. We added lunch into the mix and that was fun. She has put in a lot of hours packing Loopy orders after the shop update on Wednesday night. I was so glad for the help! But – we didn’t do enough shopping this week.

DSC00610.JPGThree things that made me smile this week:

1. This package of chocolate arrived from Loopy Friend Josiane in Switzerland. Can you believe it? Totally out of the blue, someone sends me chocolate in the mail. It arrived yesterday which was perfect timing. We had several (ahem) chocolate breaks in our day yesterday. The hazelnut was my favorite.
2. Watching the mailman pick up your orders today from the front porch. (Pssst – we beat the record again. Cool!)
3. College Boy is coming home tonight and staying for 10 whole days. We can’t wait!! He hasn’t been home since the end of January – two long months. That means next week is “Spring Break” again – WOOT!

Three things that I need to do:

1. Update the Loopy Groupie list and welcome all of the new people in a blog entry. There have been SO many of you since I last blogged a Loopy Welcome last month. I haven’t forgotten about you, you know!
2. Finish answering all of my emails. There are …. a lot …. waiting to be answered. If you’re one of them, I’m working on it today and tomorrow – I promise!
3. Go grocery shopping. How can you have a hungry college student come home without plenty of food in the house? Impossible. I need to go this afternoon.

This recipe comes from my dad’s mom and is a family favorite. Why would you make your own sauce when you can buy it by the jar? Because it smells heavenly while it cooks, it makes a bunch and freezes well, and it’s better for you. I hope you try it and like it!

DSC00607.JPGGrandma’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

1 large can of tomato juice
1 large can of tomatoes
1 large can tomato paste
1/2 cup sugar
1 stick of margarine
2 Tbl. chili powder
4 Tbl. flour
1 Tbl. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/4 tsp. paprika
4 onions, diced
2 cloves garlic, crushed

Combine in large pan and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Turn to low heat and simmer for 3 hours. Keep a constant watch so sauce doesn’t stick to bottom. (Or – put it in a crockpot for the day.) Add meatballs (uncooked) to the mix for the last 2 hours.


1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
1 cup bread or cracker crumbs
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 eggs
1/2 cup oil
salt and pepper

Mix well and form into small meatballs.

Three yarns that will be in the next shop update (maybe next week, if we can get them photo-ed … or the week after)

1. Fleece Artist (big huge boxes and boxes of it)
2. Cider Moon Glacier (I snuck up a few repeat colors this week, but there are about 15 more new colors to go up)
3. Regia Silk and Bamboo (in new colors)

(plus J-Knits, more Yarn Pirate … and possibly more. The yarn arrives almost as fast as it leaves!)

So – what three things do you want to tell me today?

Sheri don’tforgetyourFranksandMarthasaredueupinthegallerythisweekend!


  1. 1. Today is my 26th birthday and I used it as an excuse to make the sixth graders behave in the library today (“You don’t want to wreck my birthday by getting in trouble, do you?) 2. Tonight we’re going to watch an old Marx brothers movie with Lucille Ball called “Room Service” 3. I got tons of new sock knitting books for my birthday including “More Sensational Socks” and the reissue of “Socks for Sandals and Clogs.”

  2. Hi Sheri! Sounds like things have been very busy around the Loopy household – at least you are getting in some quality time with your children…

    Let’s see, three things…

    1. I need to go vote for my pick in the Frank and Martha quarterly challenge – hope there’s still time…
    2. I received my order of size 0 addi turbo circular needles (my needles of choice), so that I may have at least 4 socks going at all times…
    3. I’m looking forward to receiving my order – and more yarn updates…

    Have a fantastic weekend!! And, I love that sage color and the pattern for your sock. : )

  3. 1. My Puppy got into my yarn for my Clessidra Stockings, nothing torn or damaged, they just need to be wound. [sigh]

    2. Planning a movie weekend for myself.

    3. And like Amy said, looking forward to seeing my order and more yarn updates, BRING ‘EM ON!!!!

    Have a great weekend Sheri, and everybody!

  4. Ahhhh, vacation time. I do so miss that about college! Three things for today….

    1. I’m sick. I hate being sick, but hubby stayed home from work to help care for me and the kiddos, which meant I got to sneak in some extra knitting time.
    2. I need to start some new socks! My last pair are languishing because the fit isn’t coming out right and I think it’s time to just rip the darn thing out and work on something new.
    3. Shhh! I received a box with 4 new skeins of fleece artist merino sock. Hubby doesn’t know, which is probably good. I’ll have to keep my eye on the loopy ewe this week though for more. I’m an FA addict!

  5. Your sock is beautiful. I feel a little bad, since I’m one of the people who kept you from getting much knitting done this week. But not too terribly bad, because I know what’s on its way to me! Enjoy your family this weekend!

  6. 1. I was happy to see my testimonial on your web site. At first it was mistakenly placed with other countries and I thought about e-mailing you to let you know that Minnesota is in the US (ha ha).
    2. I ordered my first skein of Yarn Pirate on Wed night. Can’t wait to get it.
    3. My daughter started spring break today, and she promised to make me some polymer clay sheep stitch markers!
    Thanks for your great service!

  7. I love the Meida sock! It looks great!

    Three things:
    1. This morning I put on my new Zen String socks that I finished this week and I am distraught because they are too big around the ankles. And I even tried them on as I was making them so I’m not sure what happened.
    2. I looked at my PayPal history for the month and I think I definitely need to go on a yarn diet.
    3. All I want to do is knit and look at knitting stuff on the web, especially The Loopy Ewe!

  8. 1. I broke a mental vow to knit sock #2 of current WIP but instead started a gauge swatch for a new pair using ATH Afghan II colorway. That Purple/Green combo has been staring at me and yelling ‘springtime’ and it wore me down.
    2. Have been wondering…do sport weight yarns count for less in the WIP count? I mean they are faster socks to knit up, right?
    3. Been eyeing some pretty coasters and chairs in the spring Rowen book. Wondering if I actually knit the chair seat and back will it hold up? Does anyone really know anyone who has done such a project?

    Like your new sock Sheri. You must have a drawer full of ‘onesies’ now. πŸ™‚

  9. Three things I want to tell you today;

    1. I got my Zelda bag today and adore the color! Can’t wait to tuck all my goodies inside

    2. I plan to get my Martha sock picture to you this weekend…as the deadline is here.

    3. Since it is recipe Friday- I will tell you I have eaten three cupcakes today. My three year old picked them out of the new Taste of Home Magazine that arrived on Wednesday. Yesterday we made them and today, I can’t stop eating them. They are called Special Mocha Cupcakes…..yum! Perfect for you to make when your son comes home. The best frosting I have ever eaten….:)

  10. (a different Michelle in Arizona!)…

    1. got me some YARN PIRATE coming!!!!!!
    2. blissing out knitting up Fleece Artist socks in the meantime
    3. packing the camper and planning knitting for a week up at the Grand Canyon with my boys. We leave Tuesday – any chance you’ll update Monday night??

    Thanks to you and KD for working so hard on posting and packing so much great stuff this week!

  11. Three things???? HUM

    1. I am sick and I don’t like being sick. It stinks.
    2. I don’t believe that I actually resisted the update this week but I did. I am trying to be good but the Tiny Toes keep calling my name but I am not listening.
    3. I am getting in the mood to do some cross stitch. So knitting may be put on hold for a while but I will still check in here because Sock Yarn is an ADDICTION. LOL

  12. My stomping worked! And I only took a teeeny leeetle bribe, I swear!

    Never underestimate really big stompy boots. *nodsnods*

    Three completely random things I did this week:
    1. My dogs started talking this week. Like, complete doggie sentences. *I* don’t understand it, personally, but they try very hard to make me hear them when they’re discussin something important with me. One of them’s done it since she was a puppy; now they’re ALL doing the answer-in-complete-sentences thing. I think there may be nuclear radiation in the water and any time now, my kids are going to take over the world. Oh, but seriously.

    2. I carded so much wool that it kind of looks like a technicolor sheep exploded in my studio. I should get pictures, because it’s scary, inasmuch as wooly goodness can be scary. πŸ™‚

    3. I flashed my husband today through a picture window because he looked like he needed a diversion. While this might count as too much information, I feel it necessary to report back to the wifely folk that THIS WORKS WAY TOO WELL. Mood = completely changed. Random Acts of Body Parts, we’re calling it. I’m hoping he doesn’t decide to reciprocate in public. πŸ™‚

    Evidently, I shouldn’t be allowed near your comments when my blood-to-caffeine ratio is this low. Hooboy.

  13. Dear Robin (above):

    But we loooooove you! Would you loooove to knit some of us while you’re sick? It’s a PROVEN FACT* that knitting heals all forms of cold and flu, and possibly certain kinds of gout. And Tiny Toes is leading that revolution by providing color and texture clinically proven* to make your healing speed increase by 87% over acrylic!

    Interlacements Tiny Toes. COME GET US!

    *research not verified by anyone other than our Uncle Pete, who has a full-on laboratory in the garage. Or perhaps it’s a wood shop. We can’t be sure. But we believe him and so should you….!

  14. 1. Just got home from the boy scout trip, does my bed look good. Did not get as much knitting done, sleeping in old army barracks and getting up before 5am every day might be the reason:}
    2. Do laundry and go to the store, the house is empty of food.
    3. Love on my dogs, and nap and knit a little bit so that I can feel a little relaxed beofe going bakc to work on Tuesday

  15. 1. I placed my first order with the Loopy Ewe. I already got an email that it’s on the way, so I will be sleeping by the mailbox, and I’m sure that I will be a Loopy Groupie in record time!!!

    2. I finally was able to buy some Yarn Pirate yarn! I’ve been trying since I found out about it.

    3. I finish the heel on my first sock!!! It’s not perfect, but it’s not terrible either…. Yippee!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait for the next update! Have a great weekend!

  16. 1. I’m going to be in a bowling league soon. I never have been before, even though I bowl quite often.
    2. I turn 21 years old in about 7 days and 6 hours. =) Not that I drink alcohol at all, but it’ll be nice to be “legal.” I might play a hand of blackjack just for kicks.
    3. The bills are due again soon. Boo, hiss.

  17. The sock look great. I have the book but haven’t knit any of the patterns yet. Hope you have a good time when College Boy comes home.

    My three things are:
    1.) I have one of Cookies new patterns printed out but am resisting because I already have two pair of adult socks and 1 pair of kids socks on the needle…..must resist the temptation. We’ll see how long that lasts….lol. πŸ™‚
    2.) I will definitely be making that spaghetti recipe here in the next few days….Yum! Everyone in this house loves spaghetti.
    3.) I’m sooooo looking forward to the yarn that I bought on Wed night…..Yarn Pirate and Scarlet Fleece…..woohoo! I read that Georgia is now going to be dying full time. How cool is that. πŸ™‚

    Hope everyone in the Loopy family has a great weekend.

  18. The sock looks great πŸ™‚

    My three things:

    1.) Finish packing to go to Boston for the week
    2.) Decide which sock yarns must come with me to knit (3 1/2 hours each way on the train makes for a lot of uninteruppted knitting time)
    3.) Check the Loopy Ewe for updates for the Cider Moon and the Regia Silk

    mmmmm…. chocolate – must find me some good chocolate while in Boston

    HappyKnittingAndPackingAndShoppingAndAWholeLotMore πŸ™‚

  19. 1. Meida is gorgeous! That’s a sock I want to knit. My mom admired the pattern recently.

    2. I’m looking forward to my order from you. But someone “stole” my Malamute! LOL By the time I got to checkout, the Yarn Pirate Malamute in my cart was gone. *sigh* I must be slipping if I can’t shop fast anymore. πŸ˜‰

    3. I just finished sock one of my FIRST “big people” pair (I’ve made baby socks) and I think I am going to be hopelessly addicted. (Hence the order in #2)

  20. My three things?

    1. I finally ordered myself the rollerskates i really wanted. They are blue suede boots, and blue wheels and i am just so excited and waiting impatiently. And they aren’t Rollerblades they are skates, like in the eighties. I HEART rollerskates.

    2. My fiance were discussing the possiblity of us going and getting married some weekend. Coming up.

    3. i am working on my first sock (which will never be a pair, i’m just doing one so i know i can do it…) and looking for a very special pattern to make special Rollerskate socks.

  21. 3 things from the nurse-in-training!
    1. Found out I was accepted into a nursing externship this summer in same-day surgery – hurah!
    2. Celebrated above said event with good meal.
    3. Immediately ordered more sock yarn to celebrate!!!

  22. Sue, here are my three things. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m currently knitting a shawl with the Claudia Handpaint in Lemon Ice. You were so right about the pewter bits… they are so gorgeous! I hope she makes a pewter semi-solid soon. I will upload a picture as soon as I am done. It is so addictive that I’ve finished 4 repeats today alone.

    2. I am getting a new apartment on May 1. May 9 is my 24th birthday. I have a feeling that May will be an even better month than March!

    3. I’m doing a Tahitian Cardio dvd when I finish this repeat. To psych myself up, I watched it through while I knit, and was ready to jump up and do it by the halfway mark. (I am not an athletic person, just FYI.) I like anything dance-related…

  23. How can there be enough food in any house with a hungry college boy student coming home? I don’t think there is such a thing. Enjoy!!!!

  24. Three things:

    1. I just watched two movies without so much a stitch of knitting done. This was in part because the two movies were Memento and Pulp Fiction, movies best seen in the dark, and in part because there was a boy involved.

    2. Doing so was actually incredibly hard. I reeeeeeeeeeeeally was getting antsy towards the end of the second movie.

    3. I am going on a literal yarn diet. For every ten pounds I lose, I get one pair of socks’ worth of yarn–ANY yarn I want. So, naturally, I’ve been all over these updates planning my first pair and have already mentally tagged the skein of CTH I get after the first ten pounds. This has not stopped me from scanning the site regularly.

  25. 1) I agree with Mia (above) that I don’t think there is such a thing as enough food in the house for a hungry College Son; at least I know there isn’t in my house.

    2) I hope that my youngest son is well enough that we can go to the outlet mall (45 mins from here) shopping for spring clothes like he wanted to get done over spring break, plus getting a couple of things on my list. (He goes back to school on Monday, & we have a lousy weather forecast for shopping on Sunday.) But, it’s a far enough drive that I want to be relatively sure that we can get done what we set out to before we leave.

    3) I’m looking forward to getting my latest order that includes the Schaefer Lola yarn.

    Would you believe that we have snow in our forecast for here in mid-Michigan for next week? This spring-like weather was just a tease, I guess? At least it was enough to make our crocuses bloom.

    Your spaghetti sauce recipe looks great. I hope you have a great weekend with your family!

  26. 1) Made time every evening to knit socks for a friend.

    2) Spemt a lot of time taming my baby goats so that they are all eating out of my hand.

    3) Took a walk with the dogs to look at all the beautiful trees that now have leaves on them. Spring iis always so inspiring.

  27. 1. Sushi and a Caramel Machiatto *do* go together, especially at the end of a long week.

    2. You can plan to clean a house in three days and hope to achieve it with spring weather egging you on.

    3. A 25 pound Corgi *can* take up most of a King Sized bed when sleeping, on the diagonal…

    Can’t wait for the new stuff!!!

    still needing to order some gems….

  28. 1. Spaghetti sounds really good.
    2. So sorry to hear you didn’t get to knit, watch movies, and shop enough πŸ™
    3. Also can’t wait for my order and the JKnits update!

    Hope you have a great visit with your children.

  29. 1. I spent way too much money on yarn in March
    2. I don’t care.
    3. The vet says my dog is ten lbs overweight. Guess who has to exercise with him.

  30. Three things:

    1) I got my pre-recent update order yesterday with my official groupie goodies! I was glad no one was home to see me dancing about. Plus that way no one but me knew there was chocolate in the house. Does that make me an evil mommy?

    2) My daughter starts spring break tomorrow with a knitting lesson. And we have sculpey clay to play with too next week.

    3) While cooking dinner tonight I sliced deeply into a finger that I need for knitting (and typing so please excuse any typos I miss) and my first worry wasn’t about getting blood on the broccoli. it was “how am I going to finish my current socks so that I can start on my Loopy yarn ones?”

    Have fun with College Boy this week.

  31. 1. My kids and I had our first “park day” of the season today.
    2. We ate our first salad of the season from our garden last night.
    3. I really miss having a camera that works.

  32. More Fleece Artist!! I like.

    1. I love my first cup of morning coffee. And I like it better when noone is up yet and the house is still quiet. When it comes to coffee, I’m a very basic gal; black, no sugar, no milk, and definitely no flavors.

    2. I can’t wait to go fishing with DH! It’s our special time together and we always have fun.

    3. Can I say this again? I can’t wait for the club to start! I’m so looking forward to seeing our mystery Spring yarn!!!!

  33. 1. today i spent more money on birthday presents for my dog (3/30) than i have for my husband (4/2). heehee.

    2. i bought the “more sensational socks” book and now i keep peeking at your louet yarns. they are hard to resist!

    3. i’m spending the weekend dyeing yarn for YOU πŸ™‚

  34. Three things I can’t wait for:

    1. Spring break. Everyone is catching the flu in this house and we ALL need a rest.
    2. Good weather. After a couple of sunny, balmy days, we’ve got rain and maybe even SNOW forecast for the next week!
    3. More Fleece Artist, Cider Moon and Yarn Pirate to come up on The Loopy Ewe! (Keep it coming, Georgia!)

    Have a good weekend and enjoy having your kids home!

  35. my three things

    1. hubby’s birthday is tomorrow, and i havent’ even gotten him a card! oops!
    2. my birthday is sunday, and i’m giving myself the gift of seeing the YARN HARLOT! (but you knew that, lol)
    3.i didn’t knit today. i crocheted! i spun! but no knitting (sob) (it’s those darn baby blankets i volunteer to edge! oy!)

  36. 1. My spinning wheel arrived today!

    2. I can never seem to get my hands on any Yarn Pirate, no matter how fast I think I am.

    3. I’m on Cookie’s blog! Okay, not me, but my foot/sock is. πŸ˜€ This made me excessively happy.

    I love spaghetti too, actually all sorts of pasta. Must steal recipe.

  37. One thing I didn’t do enough of this week: Study. Next week I have my PhD comprehensive oral exam. I’m just about scared out of my mind!
    One thing I did too much of: Knit. Instead of studying, of course. As a result I finished a pair of mittens, a hat and one sock.
    One thing I intend to do this weekend: order the book Favorite Socks. It’s supposed to be available in Canada tomorrow and I’ve seen so many beautiful socks coming from the patterns in that book, including your Meida sock. It’s gorgeous.

    And one question (sorry, that’s four things): Will you still be getting in Cider Moon Icicle soon? I love the Glacier; it’s so soft and woolly, in a lovely, traditional way. I ordered more this week, but I am looking forward to trying the Icicle, too. I;m rather sad that I missed out on the Yarn Pirate. I stalked the computer all evening but just before the update my husband decided to defragment the computer and by the time it was done all the Yarn Pirate was gone! So I’m looking forward to your next shipment.
    Have a great week with College Boy!

  38. How fast do you have to be to ever get to order any yarn!!!! Before I can look at what is up on the site, it’s gone!!!! I’m sad. Will I ever get to order yarn pirate? Now, that the crying is out of the way!!!! , do you ever get colors that are good for mens socks- you know, banker dark grey, shades of grey, and then there is always black and grey!!!! Sounds like a storm cloud! If so, can you suggest which ones?

  39. I love the Meida sock, especially in that teal-ish color with the longer cuff! I think the next Favorite Socks I’m going to knit are the Embossed Leaves Socks…I think they would look nice in cranberry red. (I don’t have cranberry red, or much anything else in a solid color, so you need to get in some more Lorna’s Laces solids! πŸ˜‰ )

    Fleece Artist, woo hoo! πŸ™‚

  40. Things I didn’t do enough of this week? 1) laundry! ugh 2)sleep! but does anyone? 3) cleaning, in general…but I did finally get the Christmas tree down. Something to be proud of…I was beginning to think it had taken up permanent residents in my family room. At least I can knit between loads of laundry.

  41. Woo, more yarn! I think I’m about due for another order. I think so far, the fleece artist is my favorite..but there are so many I need to try before I can say that for sure.

    1- I still have not taken pictures of my first pair of socks for my blog. I am feeling rather bad about this. I might do it right now. Then of course, you will get pictures to put in your socks on trees gallery.
    2- I am so glad it’s spring break. Ever so glad.
    3- My boyfriend flew to Caracas yesterday. Lucky.

  42. Now that you’ve got me craving spaghetti, here are my three things:

    1. I did a couple of home repairs today. I’m not very handy, but, apparently I can be when I have to be.
    2. Stalking, er I mean checking out the site for Fleece Artist updates has commenced. I think I’m going to be ain a battle with Miss Violet for some. (I totally know that she can kick my butt, so it’s not even a contest)
    3. I’m having dinner with a good friend from high school and his boyfriend. I’m taking a very cool and very easy dessert for a chocolate parfait type of thing.

    For movies, have you seen The Illusionist with Edward Norton? I got this by total accident and loved the movie. Well worth the rental price!

  43. Hey Sheri, Just wanted to let you know the “Spaghetti Sauce” was a BIG hit with my guys!! Tell your Dad’s Mom thanks for sharing. Love the Meida socks!

  44. 1. I may be coming to St. Louis in the next week or two and would love to visit.
    2. I have a new website/blog
    3. Think I may now have reached Loopy Groupie status!!!!! Oh the excitement!

  45. Hooray for spaghetti sauce and 10 days with College Boy!

    Three Things:
    1. I just spent 8 days with my family. When I got married I moved to Ohio with hubs and my family is all the way in Washington State. Eight days by myself with my parents was wonderful!
    2. I got a swift and ball winder for my birthday from my mom. I had to ship them home, and they just arrived today. I just got done re-winding some balls and winding the remnants of sock yarn. I had way too much fun!
    3. It’s Opening Day for the Reds!! πŸ™‚

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