More Signs of Spring

Week Two of Spring Break! College Boy arrived home last Friday, just in time for dinner. I’ve already been keeping him busy with website issues. (Not to mention that all four of us – WH, KD, CB and I – were up packing orders for all of you until after midnight, his first night home. Oh, we were having a grand time! But no one would let me photo it.) Wait until you see the new feature he has been working on for The Loopy Ewe website – it’s fun! But that will come later in the week.

For now – more signs of spring:

Lilacs are blooming (my very favorite flower).

Bleeding Hearts are blooming.

Zoe is snoozing on the back porch. (Sometimes she curls up like a cat, other times she stretches out like a dog, trying to catch every bit of sunshine on her body.)

Finally, a big warm Loopy Ewe hug and welcome to the following Loopy Groupies who have joined the group in the last month and a half. You reach Loopy Groupie status when you have placed your 6th order with us. You will be receiving a Loopy Groupie gift bag from us, in addition to advance notice of website updates and specials every once in awhile when we come up with something fun. We love the Loopy Groupies!! Congratulations to these new members: Jana in WA, Martha in D.C., Karen in MN, Karin in ON, Canada, Nora in MA, Jessica in CA, Kathryn in PA, Amy in VA, Rebecca in MI, Robin in SC, Melissa in VA, Katrina in OR, Trish in ID, Sandra in TN, Jill in ID, Nancy in NJ, Michael in D.C., Nancy in MO, Sarah in CA, Alice in VA, Susan in CA, Marsha in WV, Gay in OH, Ruth Ann in OK, Belinda in FL, Patti in CA, Carol in AK, Colleen in KS, Leanne in CO, Lynn in CT, Jeneane in AB, Canada, Tamara in VA, Bronwyn in TN, Mary in CO, Jackie in MO, Miranda in MD, Jennifer in OR, Hariamrit in TN, Chawne in PA, Carina in IN, Hillis in NC, Laura in MS, AnnaMarie in ID, Dawne in Manitoba, Canada, Carol in CA, Ann in OH, Nicole in MN, Susan in IN, Beth in GA, Terri in KS, Kelly in VA, Anita in CO, Theo in OR, Dallas in OR, Kellie in New Zealand, Diane in CA, Ronni in Ca, Jeannie in CA, Tan in UT, Lisa in ME, Wanda in AR, Laurie in OH, Mia in NC, Claire in GA, Sarah in FL, Claudia in CT, Terry in CO, Wendy in MA, Elizabeth in IA, Alyson in FL, and Ana in WI. (Whew – and THAT is why I need to do this monthly instead of every 6 weeks!)

I’ll leave you with a photo of just some of the new yarns that we are working hard to photograph this week, so that we can do a fun, big shop update for you next week! (Well, actually there are more boxes, but I got to looking at the growing pile on the floor and decided that this was all that I wanted to pick up. So multiply this by a few.)


Sheri moreyarnisduetoarrivethisweek,sothispilewillgrow&grow


  1. Do we have to wait for the new Loopy Challenge????? I was so hoping it was coming up today but alas I will have to wait. Can’t wait to see the new yarns, besides the Fleece Artist and Panda Cotton I see there.

  2. Ooh, those new yarns look so exciting! If the weather is as lovely there as it is here, I’m sure Zoe is having a wonderful time soaking up the warm sun after the winter. It just gets greener outside every day!

  3. OOoooh, pretties!

    I’m a tad alarmed by how fast I became a groupie but not at all surprised really. Everything is so pretty and you do such a nice job with such fast turn around… I’m getting quite spoiled by it. I’m looking forward to the next challenge too, Robin. Almost as much as I am to the new yarns going up.

  4. That $25 credit is burning a hole in my pocket. I NEED some Fleece artist.

    The lilacs are lovely. The frost is going to kill all our flowers this week when the cold front swarms in on Wednesday. 🙁

  5. Oh Pretty, Pretty! I’m so close to hitting my credit too. 🙂
    The flowers are beautiful. Can’t wait to see what new things College Boy does with the website.
    Have fun.
    Hugs. 🙂

  6. I had just heard about the loopy groupies on the L&V podcast about a week ago. I ran to my acct to see I was almost there, so I just had to complete it. 🙂

  7. Oh, how exciting!! I see more Fleece Artist in my future, perhaps… Oh wait, I was going to try to control myself the next time around…we’ll see how that works out…

    The lilacs are beautiful!! I, too, am excited to see the new feature College Boy is working on. : )

  8. O.

    I think my brain just shorted out from the very sight of all that Fleece Artist in one place.

    I hope there’s really good weather for pictures this week, because I’m starting to get all antsy, like a junkie needing a good fix.

    *slaps the veins on her arm*
    C’mon pusher — get with it. 🙂

  9. Oh, my…done with the movies yet? That’ll be my excuse to go and drool over the new yarn. Haha. Or I’ll milk the birthday week thing.

    My favorite spring flower is dogwood. But all flowers are semi-evil–ah, pollen and my immune system’s incompatibility with it.

  10. You are having a gorgeous spring! We will have to wait awhile for ours. We had some nice weather last week. Now, we have storms to look forward to this week, beginning with heavy rain & thunderstorms, complete with a flood watch. That is supposed to turn into snow (perish the thought!) beginning tomorrow night, through the Easter weekend! AccuWeather is predicting that Easter here will be colder & snowier than Christmas was. At least our crocus bloomed. And, our tulip leaves have poked through the ground a couple of inches. I guess I should be thankful that our spring has not progressed very far at all yet, or we would lose our flowers to frost/freeze beginning Tuesday night, through the weekend.

    Please keep posting your pretty spring flower pictures, Sheri, so we can see what we will eventually get here in mid-Michigan! Do you have dogwood & azaleas? Those are two of my favorites that I really miss after having lived in Texas a lot of my life, but now living in Michigan.

    Have a great spring break with College Son and your family! I do hope your weather is better than ours is supposed to be!

  11. Hi Sheri,
    I hope some of the yarn I wanted has come in. Your flowers are beautiful. I live
    in a senior center and they have some very pretty dogwoods blooming now.
    They try hard to keep this place looking nice but it’s still a big building with a lot
    of people and parking lots. I miss my condominuim and planting my flowers.
    I used to love my little pot of (I think they are called “circus flowers); I’m not sure
    anymore because sometimes my memory sort of shorts out. I had a lot of hanging
    baskets also and other planters that adorned my fence. I’m so happy I can
    still remember how to read most knitting instructions. I hope you have a wonderful spring break
    with your kids at home. My mom and dad used to have two big lilac bushes on each
    side of their house. They were beautiful and they smelled wonderful. I hope our
    spring lasts this year without anymore frost. My mother was a florist when I was a
    little girl. She always had a green thumb and we always had beautiful flowers. My
    mom is 98 and not very well, but she still loves to get flowers and to see what I’m
    knitting. She cannot get over how beautiful the yarns are now.

    Happy Spring Break!

  12. oooh new yarn… so tempting.
    I got my recent purchase today…
    and my three year old says “oooh mommy… you got knittings!!”

  13. All that new yarn looks yummy. I hope you have a great time with college boy this week. What plans do the two of you have besides all the Loopy Ewe stuff?

  14. Zoe is just deploying her feline solar panels. I don’t know how my cats do it, but if the sun is out–even if it’s only 50 outside–they can soak up the heat and come into the house TOO warm and wanting to “cool off” 🙂 If only we could all be so efficient with solar energy!

  15. Oh, oh, oh, Bleeding Hearts?!?! My little plant is just a few inches tall. No hint of any blooms yet. 🙁 Now you’ve made me jealous. Well, more jealous, there’s that whole owning a yarn store thing too. lol

  16. Thank you Sheri!
    I got my Groupie gift pack today and I love it!! I never thought I’d like a clear tote but I really like yours.
    My cats are still inside unfortunately….we aren’t QUITE through with our winter here in North Idaho. We’ve had a few warm teaser days and the snow is gone off the ground (finally) but then today we had a big snow storm tear through. It didn’t stick for very long but it’s so COLD. My little darlings have to lay in the windowsill for a little while longer.
    On another note, I love your lounger. I want to get a nice outdoor chair like that this year. Maybe even a table 🙂

  17. Ahhh. Do I get negative Groupie points if I’m enabling yarn stores instead of my own stash? It seems to be my specialty.
    I love how most knitters see a picture of a inventory and go “ooooh yarn” while the retailers see a big box and see “oOooooo o.O yarn” (a little intimidated by the inventory to be performed).

  18. Oh cool. I’m so happy to be a Groupie!

    I knittied a lot on the plane to and from California last week… got the gussets done on a pair of pink lace frilly socks with picot cuffs. Hoping I don’t run out of yarn before the feet are done! I’ll keep working and let you know!

    Looking forward to all the new yarns….**sigh***

  19. i can’t wait for our lilacs to open up. we don’t even have buds. we’re about a month behind you i guess. this isn’t fair i want to be able to take pictures of pretty flowers.

  20. hi sheri. your flowers are so beautiful. i so love hyacinths and lilacs too for fragrance. and of course, all the purples are my favorites. here in northern michigan, it will be almost june before i see lilacs in bloom. i got my panda cotton today. love that yarn and how it feels when knit into socks. i also ordered the book, favorite socks, yesterday online. can’t wait to start something from that when it arrives. all that yarn is so colorful and pretty. i know you will have fun with college boy this week. looking forward to his changes/improvements, etc. on the website. he does such a good job here. happy spring and happy knitting.

  21. I’ve never been much of joiner but baby, i’m stoked to be a Groupie (now my orders have yarn AND chocolate, mwahahaha!). I am assuming that the yarn with the sock emblazened ball bands is Fleece Artist? And judging by the amount of drool around here I am going to want to pick me up some of this yarny goodness?

  22. So excited to have reached groupie status.

    Ohhhhhh I see Fleece Artist in that picture! YAY!

    Zoe is the cutest kitty. Pet her for me.

  23. Lilacs are my favorite flower too – well one of them anyway. I love how the stems are so woody, but the flowers are so delicate and have such a sweet smell!

    Thanks for the welcome – look at all that yummy fleece artist! 🙂

  24. I know how happy you are when College Boy arrives…mine is home for Easter….and my older son that lives in NY will be home for Easeter also………3 months since I’ve seen him…….

    Yarn looks gorgeous… looks even better…they mentioned the S word around here for tomorrow evening………..

    Enjoy the time with your family and all the new yarn you are Keeping from us…lol

    Blogless Diane

  25. Hi all,
    Lilacs are my favorite as well. Here, in NW Ohio, only the budding leaves are showing. Seeing your picture makes me anxious for them to bloom.
    I received my first Yarn Pirate yesterday in the mail from you Sheri! (my second order and on my way to Groupie status). Wow, I am so glad I made the effort to try and get in on the last update! (My hubby found me in the computer room in the dark with a picture of yarn on the screen at 9:00pm and said…”What are you up to?”” I told him I was joining in the on frenzy! The colors are gorgeous.
    I am also in love with fleece artist and can’t wait until they up.
    Well, enjoy your week…Waiting patiently here in Ohio….

  26. It’s nice to know spring has arrived in your neck of the woods. We’re getting there, but snow/freezing rain is predicted for tonight. Wow, that sure is a boatload of yarn, but it sounds as if you have very capable helpers!

  27. The bleeding hearts are pretty. And as to comparing Zoe stretching out like a dog, I think it is dogs who have copied cats. Cats after all are known for absorbing all the heat they can using any means possible. So stretching out is just a matter of maximizing their body mass. (And I have noticed that they tend to curl up more in the winter.) Zoe looks like she was enjoying herself supervising her humans out in the garden. 🙂

    And any word on the new challenge?

  28. How do you keep yourself from piling all the yarn together and jumping in?

    I love lilacs too. The sprig that I clipped from Grandpa’s bush is getting all leafy and might bloom this year.

  29. Sheri,

    This cryptoquip was in my paper last week:

    My mother, who’s collected heaps of stretchy footwear, has amassed stockpiles of sock piles.

    Thought you’d enjoy!


  30. I’m a new Groupie too! I guess the AK contingent only gets one mention in the list 🙂 No Worries Sheri, I still call you my favourite dealer.

    Spring has sprung around here too and the crocus are swoon-worthy. I wish we had some lilacs around here but sadly, to my knowledge, Sitka is lilac free at the moment. There will be some hyacinths (I know I spelled that wrong) soon though and, lack of smell notwithstanding, those are my favourites.


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