Top Ten Loopy Gifts For Knitters and Quilters

We’re shipping out Christmas gifts and Loopy Gift Certificates daily. I certainly hope you are getting one or the other from Loopy this year! If your friends and family still need some suggestions, here are a few ideas. We will continue shipping through December 23rd, so there is still time to order for Christmas. (If you live outside of the U.S., we’ll be delivering those orders in person.) (Just kidding.) (I wish we could.)

1. Loopy’s Christmas and Winter Kits – Each kit comes with a skein of Dream in Color’s Smooshy with Cashmere in Christmas Tartan or Peppermint Ice, and a matching project bag.


2. George’s beautiful yarn swifts and yarn caddies – Many of you have the large and small sizes of caddies from George, but did you know he makes swifts, too? (I have one. Love it.)

Yarn Swift The Loopy EweYarn Caddie The Loopy Ewe

3. Knerdshop Totes – The totes that bring smiles. Really. Doesn’t everyone need a project bag with attitude?

Yarn Ninja The Loopy EwePrison Knit The Loopy Ewe

4. Loopy Short Stacks – A fun way to start (or grow) your fabric stash, these stacks include 8 Fat Quarters that coordinate and would work well for quilts, table toppers, and bags. Not sure what your quilter would like? Buy the colors of the rainbow from the Short Stack Essentials collections.

Best Day Ever The Loopy EweOn Our Own The Loopy Ewe

5. Mary Hadley Pottery Yarn Bowls – Featuring your favorite sock-wearing sheep. (Ok, I typed that as sheep-wearing sock. Which it is not.) Of course we also have them in tumblers and coffee mugs.(Must work on photo sizing. The yarn bowl is bigger than the tumbler in real life …..)

Mary Hadley Tumbler The Loopy Ewe The Loopy Ewe Yarn Bowl

6. Knitcellaneous Keychain Blockers – You can pick from the mitten ones or the sock ones. Or get both and make a matching set. Fun to use as keychains, hooked to your project bag, or as package tie-ons.

Mitten Keychain The Loopy EweSock Blocker Keychain The Loopy Ewe

7. Marti Michell Templates and Pattern Books – The quick and easy way to make your lines, corners and curves match up perfectly. A must-have for every quilter.

Michell Templates The Loopy EweMichell Templates2 The Loopy Ewe

8. The Loopy Ewe Sock Blockers – Do you need to block your socks? Not really. Not if you’re just going to put them on your feet and wear them when they’re dry. But I always block socks that I give as gifts (they look nicer), and I also always use them when I photo my finished socks. We have them in red plastic and oak, in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XLarge.

The Loopy Ewe Red Sock BlockersThe Loopy Ewe Wooden Sock Blockers

9. Bungalow 360 Bags – We love these bags, too! Cute animal prints, pretty lining, and an easy way to organize projects (and other parts of your life.) We have Messengers, Travel Bags, and Pocket Bags.

Walrus Travel Bag The Loopy EWeWhale Messenger The Loopy Ewe

10. Yarn and Fabric – thousands of skeins of yarn and thousands of bolts of fabric, in every color you can imagine. Which ones would you like to find under your tree? We’ll help!

My Favorite Yarn Shop - The Loopy EweMy Favorite Quilt Shop - The Loopy Ewe

Sheri and The Loopy Elves


Christmas Season at Loopy

How do you know that Christmas is coming around here? The stockings sock blockers are hung in both windows with care.


Loopy has his reindeer antlers and elf shoes on, and there are poinsettias to brighten things up.


The in-store tootsie container has been “elf-ed” and the countdown has begun.


The red and green shawls and yarn choices are in abundance.


The Winter and Christmas Celebration kits are on display.


There are fun fabric projects and beautiful Christmas fabrics out.


And the elves are either dancing or being blamed for splurge-shopping.


We love this time of year, and we’re humming along to Christmas carols as we pack up your orders. Do you feel the holiday vibe as you open your Box of Fun when it arrives at your house?

Sheri shoppingnotdonebutatleastit’sfestivearoundhere

Loopy Love Week

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., and we have fun things planned for you this week!

Monday and Tuesday: Wollmeise Updates (Claudia sent such pretties with this batch! Of course all of her yarn is pretty. Each time we unpack a box, we’re tempted to just dive into it. Loopy does it all the time, but we always catch him before he hits the bottom of the box.)


Wednesday: Our November Loopy Celebrations colors go up, and we have two different options, each with a cute project bag to match! Watch for our Christmas Tartan set and our Peppermint Ice set. (As soon as we can get Loopy to put away the Peppermint Bark and get the photos finished ….)


Black Friday through Cyber Monday: 20% off all Loopy Short Stacks in the Fabric section, plus 20% off all Sport and DK weight yarn, and bags in the Yarn section!


We’re looking forward to bringing you lots of fun things this week, and we hope you enjoy them! 

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew (whoareallsothankfulforYOU!)

Our New Project Planner, Fall Giftables, & CONTEST 5!

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe1We have a new feature on the website for you! This has been in the works for quite some time, and it’s a lot of fun to work with, as well as being really handy for planning future projects. With our new Project Planner you can: 

– see how different yarn or fabric colors work together
– see how prices, weights, gauges compare
– get a cost for the project – keep track of multiple projects
– share your planner page link with a friend to get an opinion (or to inspire them to knit along with you!)
Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe3– leave notes for yourself (Which pattern? Which color for which section? Any other thoughts?)
– indicate how many skeins are needed of each color
– easily transfer it over to your shopping cart to purchase
– or save it for later while you think it over or start a new planning page for a different project

You’ll always find your saved Project Plans on your Loopy account page, once you’ve logged in.

Project-Planner-The-Loopy-Ewe5On each individual product page on our website, you’ll see the “Add to Wishlist” link (which we’ve always had) and now a new “Add to Project Planner” link below that. I have been busy planning some of my Christmas gift knitting projects, as well as a couple of other knitting projects and some quilts that I want to do. (I may be having too much fun with this feature.) You can click on the photo to enlarge it and see what I’m working on. I also realized that having multiple projects planned lets me see if I have too much of the same color going on. (I’m talking about you, Teal!) Read about our new Project Planner here, and then try it out!

We are ready for Fall Giftables signups, and the first kit is shipping the third week in September! Remember – by taking a spot, you’re committing to purchasing all three kits in the Club. To secure your spot, we’re having you pre-pay for the first month. (Again, this will ship out to you around the third week in September.) We’ll invoice you in mid October and mid November for the other two kits. You also have the option of paying for all three months (September, October, November) right off the bat, if you’d prefer. (If you signed up for your last Giftables Club and dropped out midway through, you will need to prepay for all three months to reserve a spot this time.) We have pretty yarn, fun accessories, and beautiful patterns all lined up for you this fall, and look forward to shipping them out to you!

Loopy-Blog-ContestIn our Eight Blog Contests for our Eighth Anniversary, we have been shipping off prizes every day! The winner for Contest #4 is Rebecca P. in Missouri, who wins this beautiful skein of Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag in Submarine, as well as a fun heart-shaped felted accessory bag. We’ll ship this out today, Rebecca!

For today’s contest – leave a comment below and let us know your favorite thing about your day so far today. 🙂  We’ll pick a winner tomorrow, when we put up Blog Contest #6!

Sheri goingbacktoplaywiththeProjectPlannersomemore. NomoreworktodayIguess!