Christmas Season at Loopy

How do you know that Christmas is coming around here? The stockings sock blockers are hung in both windows with care.


Loopy has his reindeer antlers and elf shoes on, and there are poinsettias to brighten things up.


The in-store tootsie container has been “elf-ed” and the countdown has begun.


The red and green shawls and yarn choices are in abundance.


The Winter and Christmas Celebration kits are on display.


There are fun fabric projects and beautiful Christmas fabrics out.


And the elves are either dancing or being blamed for splurge-shopping.


We love this time of year, and we’re humming along to Christmas carols as we pack up your orders. Do you feel the holiday vibe as you open your Box of Fun when it arrives at your house?

Sheri shoppingnotdonebutatleastit’sfestivearoundhere


  1. If only everyone on my gift list wanted yarn, my shopping could easily be accomplished in one stop at TLE! The shop does look lovely, and since I can’t see it in person, perhaps I should celebrate with the Winter and Christmas Celebration kits. I can’t decide between them, but you know what that means!

  2. The store from the pics looks great! Very holiday! It just seems like the season has gone by so quickly or something?! I’m not sure exactly. EVERY time I get my box from Loopy though I feel a holiday vibe!!! What a good thing!

  3. I desperately need a “the elf made me do it” pillow! LOL

    Wish I could visit the shop in person this holiday season. It sounds delightful.

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