It Bugs Me…

DSC02925that this bug caught a ride to work on my car window the other day. (Really? Was this in my garage when I left?? Ewww.) It was about 2″ long and it gave me the creeps. Does anyone know what this is? I hope I never see one again. I was half afraid that it would jump at me when I took the picture.

that there are too many projects that I want to knit and there is too much yarn that I want to use, and never enough time. And that there are too many nights when I flip through Ravelry instead of knitting. (Yes, I do see the irony in that. Getting rid of the second problem would help solve the first, wouldn’t it?)

that Knitting Daughter’s last day at Loopy Central is tomorrow. She has been a huge help all summer long and we’ll miss her here!

that there are five packages of frozen broccoli in our freezer. (But do I get credit for taking care of the chicken bre*sts and the pickles and the almonds?)

DSC02957… that part of our Dream in Color re-stock arrived (after you all cleaned us out last week) and it really is yarn, not a new Guitar Hero and a refrigerator for the shop. (Those Dream in Color gals like to re-use boxes. We’re fine with that. Except the time that they used a box from their recent “Chicago Cubs Desk Chair” purchase and the UPS driver was horrified, thinking that we had ordered a chair that glorified one of the St. Louis Carinal’s arch rivals.)

… that it was cloudy when I left for work, then it poured HUGE drops during my 3 minute commute and as I walked into the building, and then the sun came out 5 minutes later. What are the odds?

… that the yarn for next week’s update gets photo-ed tomorrow, and there are still too many boxes of it to unpack.

DSC02956… that there are bare b*tts in this calendar that Wollmeise has put out for 2010.ย (Not really. It’s funny! But be warned.) Claudia and her husband Andreas (who is in the calendar, by the way) thought that a calendar with guys in Wollmeise-knitted-accessories, carefully placed, would be a great way to raise money for a charity. (Remember the movie Calendar Girls, where they did that?) You can click over to get themย from Claudia directly, and to read more about the project. The photos are done in black and white, which really makes the bright colors of the Wollmeise yarn/knitting pop. My favorite months are May and December. And February, because that’s Claudia’s husband’s month. And July, because I want all of the socks that the guy is pinning on the clothesline. (But did I warn you about the bare b*tts? Ok, good. Forewarned.)

Anything bugging you today? Or is it just me?

Sheri whoiscontemplatingthebestplacetohang

What Bugs You? (and a Sneak Peak!)

I decided that it’s time for an “It Bugs Me” post again. It has been awhile. And what made me think of it? Last night as I was sitting there shredding envelope after envelope of credit card offers, it came to me. “This bugs me.” When you have a family of four, two family-owned businesses, and two college-aged kids, the credit card offers that arrive every day are annoying. What a complete waste of time and money. (Particularly annoying are the ones that contain a piece of bubble wrap to make it feel more substantial like something fun is in there, the ones that contain a fake ticket to “the destination of your choice”, and the ones that have a piece of heavy cardboard in there. I did find a dollar bill in one of them. That was unique.) Credit card offers. They bug me. (And that photo was as close as I could find to a “bug” around here, which is probably a very good thing.)

It also bugs me that I’m having so much fun knitting scarves and there are only so many you can wear. And it really does need to be pretty cool to wear them. You can wear socks on most days (except the very hottest) but you can only wear merino scarves when it’s cool. I finished the Noro Silk Garden Worsted scarf (colorway 282) in a modified Chevron-type pattern and I really like how it turned out. (Knitting with Noro is always an adventure because of the way the colors play out.) I mixed a few different patterns together and came up with my own version: cast on 36 stitches, knit a row, and then start in on this pattern and work on it as long as you want it, ending with a knit row. (I used 2 1/2 skeins for this):
Row 1: K2tog (x 3), K f&b (x 6), K2tog (x 6), K f&b (x 6), K2tog (x 3)
Row 2: Purl Row 3: Knit Row 4: Purl
K2tog = knit two stitches together as one. K f&B = Knit into the front of the stitch and then knit into the back of the same stitch, then pop the stitch off of the left needle.

And speaking of projects completed, here is the Creatively Dyed Seacell Roving that I spun up. This was a colorway from her first roving order here called Forest Path. (We put up more fun new roving colors from Dianne this week.) The roving didn’t bug me – it spun up like a dream. What bugs me is that I feel like I’m doing a good job while I’m spinning it, getting nice even yarn most all of the time. However, when I ply it and look at the finished results, it doesn’t look anywhere near even. I guess I just need to keep practicing. (Actually, given the quantity of very cool roving here, that is not going to be a hardship.)

Another thing that really bugs me is that this is Cassie’s last week at The Loopy Ewe. Cassie is in college and we hired her for the summer (so that the regular Elves could be a little more flexible with their summer schedules.) Cassie is getting married in a week and so her time here is about over. She has been a huge help and we’re going to miss her. We had a Going Away/Good Luck with the Wedding party for her here today, which was fun! (We’re sending her off with one of those gorgeous Atenti bags – the one that she has had her eye on all summer long.) But it bugs me that we’re losing her, albeit to a good cause! (Knitting Daughter has already laid claim to Cassie’s job next summer.)

Let’s end this post on a positive note! Something that makes me happy – our Second Anniversary “Loopified” Sock Kit! These will go up sometime soon (but not today – we’re not ready yet) and we’re happy to show you the photo of what’s in there! We had Jana at Hand Maiden dye up a special colorway on her Casbah yarn base that we call “Loopified” – the red and black are very “Loopy” colors, and of course the pewter color is in there because of Loopy Kisses, which is also part of being fully “Loopified”. We love how it turned out! Then Debbie O’Neill took the sample skein that Jana had sent and developed a cool pattern out of if, which she calls Halema ‘uma ‘u Socks (which is the name of a volcano, since the colorway reminded her of glowing embers.) To round out the kit, we have a Loopy Ewe Coffee Mug (I love the size and shape of this one), a Loopy Ewe enamel pin (for all of you who keep asking us for these), and two Loopified tattoos (for those of us who are too chicken to get the real thing like Lynda did. And like the others of you who have already emailed for permission to get a real Loopy tattoo, are planning to.) A couple of things to note about the kit – we are limiting it to one per person for now. Also, this has to ship as its own order, since we had to pack it in a certain size cube in order to fully protect the mug. (International orders – we will pack the mugs the VERY best that we can in the international padded envelopes, but we just can’t guarantee them because …. well, we’ve seen some of the things that happen to orders going that far afield. Please order at your own risk.) ๐Ÿ™‚

So, those are the things that bug me (and make me happy) today. What bugs you lately?

Sheri Friday’spostwillbeaSecondAnniversaryContestPostwithWollmeise&otherprizes.

It bugs me.

DSC01513.JPGIt’s probably a given that in a week that contained a Wollmeise-fest and Sock Club notices would be a rather tough week for all. An “It bugs me” post seemed appropriate today, given the mood of things around here, and we haven’t done one in awhile. (Gracie’s list of what bugs her? When people interrupt a nap to take her photo.)

So here are the things that are bugging me today:

1. Sock club limitations. I hate telling people no. (I have referred to that before – remember the Spring Fling?) I think we have figured out a way to take double our numbers for next years club, so I hope those of you who didn’t get in this year will come back. We really want to make spots for you.

2. My ipod. Well, not the ipod, specifically, but I am tired of the songs on there and want new ones. I know you all gave me bunches of great music suggestions awhile back, but it’s just a matter of downloading all of that new music. Which I haven’t done yet. So I keep listening to the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. FPS.

3. Website slowness during a particularly busy Sneak Up. But the good news is that we have found a great new (very large) server and will be upgrading to that sometime next week. You shouldn’t notice any slowness during Sneak Ups any more, no matter how many of you are shopping at once. (Ahem – at least that’s the plan.) No Sneak Up next week so that we can switch over and get things running. The next one will be sometime the week of the 28th.

4. Haircuts. And highlights. I haven’t had time to get my haircut or have highlights done lately. Consequently, today is a very bad hair day. I’m glad you can’t see me. I wish I looked just fine with long, straight, one-color hair. But I kinda think I look like a dog that way. (One of those afghan hounds, you know?)

5. Dust. Why is it so relentless about wanting to cover all of the surfaces in my house all the time? What’s up with that?

6. Sugar and vegetables. Why is it that vegetables are “good” for you and sugar is “bad” for you? Why can’t it work so that everyone must have 3 servings of dessert a day, and vegetables are only allowed on occasion? Someone messed that up.

7. Political ads and commercials. It has barely started and I’m already tired of listening to them and seeing them. And it’s only gonna get worse. I wonder if any of the candidates knit? (Somehow I think not. But it’d be good for a few of them…..)

8. 24 hour days. I’d really prefer 36 hour days. Just sayin’.

I have more, but I’ll stop there for today. So to end on a positive note, it’s time for Q4 voting! Please head over to the Q4 Photo Gallery and then email me (sheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) your vote for favorite project from last quarter. We will award Loopy Gift Certificates to one person randomly selected and one person who wins the “blog readers favorite” award. I’ll announce the winner next Friday!

(And I’d love to hear what bugs you today – but I already know about the not enough Wollmeise and not enough Sock Club spots ……..) ๐Ÿ™‚

Sheri oneofourindiedyersisvisitingLoopytoday-I’llputherpictureonMonday’sblog!

Bugs and Brights

DSC00687.JPGTime for another “It bugs me” post. Why? Because things bug me today.

1. The post office. Still (STILL) waiting on our order of boxes. No boxes, no Sneak Up. Keeping my fingers crossed for today. Zoe is keeping a watch out the window for Terry, the postman.

2. Chicken Lo Mein from P.F. Changs. Actually, the dish doesn’t bug me – it’s very good, but the lunch-sized version has 1650 calories and I didn’t find that out until after I had had lunch there with a friend last week. FPS. (For Pete’s Sake.) I did not need to know that.

3. The post office. Still (STILL) waiting on one more case of Wollmeise. No case, no Wollmeise going up this week. Keeping my fingers crossed for today.

4. Knitting time yesterday. I got so little done. (It might’ve had something to do with the fact that I fell asleep on the couch for a “20 minute nap” and woke up 2 hours later.)

5. The post office. Still (STILL) going to the branch offices all over St. Louis (thank goodness we have so many) begging boxes to tide us over. I may end up visiting them all.

6. Frogging. After spending the time I did have on knitting yesterday, I decided that I didn’t like the pattern and frogged it back down to the toe. Bummer.

On a brighter note:

1. If we get boxes, we do have fun yarns going up this week: Fiesta Baby Boomerang, Yarn Nerd, Zen String Bambewe, Perchance to Knit, and Cider Moon Glacier. Plus more patterns from Wendy and Cookie A. (And did you see that we completely re-stocked the ShibuiKnits over the weekend? Also, patterns from Knitting Pure & Simple, Heartstrings, Heartland Knits, Wildhorse Farm Designs and MimKnits were re-stocked.)

2. If we do get the last case of Wollmeise, that will go up as well. If not, we’ll add it in next week. Remember – we will keep getting Wollmeise, so we’ll keep having it available. Don’t stress over it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I mention that we’d have Wollmeise lace coming in this fall, too? (Added: Postman Terry just came. Wollmeise arrived. Shipping boxes did not. No Sneak Up tonight. FPS.)

3. I did get a good nap yesterday!

4. I really like the pattern that I chose to start over with on the sock-in-progress. I pulled the basic idea out of a stitch dictionary & tweaked it. When I get the socks done, I’ll put the pattern up on the Free Patterns section.

5. We have some more free patterns going up on the website within the next few days – Baby Monkey socks (Cookie said “Of course!”), a beautiful pattern with Wollmeise from Loopy friend and pattern designer Monica Jines, and a very cool pattern called Firestarter from Yarnissima.

6. We have been working on our indie-dyer interviews all summer long and have started putting those up on the website. If you do the Search by Vendor, you will find interviews and photos for: Chewy Spaghetti, Cider Moon, Holly Spring Homespun, Seacoast, Sknitches, Yarn Love, Yarn Pirate, Yarntini. (Just click the link that says “Find out more about…” when their page comes up.) We have the others in the works and will keep adding them.

7. I finally got some of my knitted projects photo-ed for my Ravelry page. (Unfortunately, it also points out how many single socks I have.)

8. We have some exciting plans for The Loopy Ewe this fall – I’ll keep you posted as things progress!

9. There are a whole lotta “10 Yarn Collectors” out there who share my hobby interest obsession outlook on yarn. I like that.

10. College Guy and a friend or two are coming home this coming weekend for a visit – the brightest news of all, for this mom!

Sheri any”bugs”or”brights”youwanttoshare?