Things that bug me.

DSC00834.JPGDragonflies. I don’t get them. They are buzzy and crackly and flitty and if one ever flies in my face I will scream. This guy was outside on one of our shrubs and he was huge. I know that people have dragonfly jewelry, and sew with dragonfly fabrics, and have dragonfly logos. What is the draw? Fill me in.

Other things that bug me today:

1. Bill paying. I hate bill paying day and I waste so much time doing everything BUT the bills on days like today. There really is no reason not to like it. I just get tired of all of the stuff – envelopes, stamps, stubs, return address labels, checks, etc. (Yes, I do pay some online, too.)

2. Heat. We are under a heat advisory for the entire cotton-pickin’ week. That means the heat index is supposed to go over 100 degrees every day this week. Great.

3. Yarn in boxes. Funny to have yarn on this list, but it does bug me when gorgeous stuff comes in and it has to sit in a box for a week or two, waiting its turn to be photo-ed and put up. Today? Big boxes of Fleece Artist Cashmere, Sea Silk, and Mini Maiden arrived. It’s gorgeous. And more of that wonderful BFL yarn from Gypsy Knits! But it all has to wait its turn to go up. Hopefully next week.

4. Calories. I was so dismayed to find out that my Grande Peppermint Mocha has 300 calories. 300 calories, for pete’s sake!! It has severely cut into my PM intake. (And I think that makes me cranky. But I digress.)

5. Computers. I had written this whole blog entry and clicked to add the dragonfly photo. Instead, the entire entry disappeared. I had to write it over. I was not happy.

But on the brighter side:

1. The bills are done and paid for the month.

2. The air-conditioning is working full blast and keeping things very comfortable in the house.

3. At least I get to play with all the new yarn for a bit. It flies out of here once it goes up on the website.

4. I may need a PM today anyway. The heck with the calories.

5. The blog entry is done again. This time I will save it before adding the photo. (Not that it was my fault before….)

So – anything buggin’ you today? Or can you clue me in about what there is to like about dragonflies?

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