Things that bug me.

DSC00834.JPGDragonflies. I don’t get them. They are buzzy and crackly and flitty and if one ever flies in my face I will scream. This guy was outside on one of our shrubs and he was huge. I know that people have dragonfly jewelry, and sew with dragonfly fabrics, and have dragonfly logos. What is the draw? Fill me in.

Other things that bug me today:

1. Bill paying. I hate bill paying day and I waste so much time doing everything BUT the bills on days like today. There really is no reason not to like it. I just get tired of all of the stuff – envelopes, stamps, stubs, return address labels, checks, etc. (Yes, I do pay some online, too.)

2. Heat. We are under a heat advisory for the entire cotton-pickin’ week. That means the heat index is supposed to go over 100 degrees every day this week. Great.

3. Yarn in boxes. Funny to have yarn on this list, but it does bug me when gorgeous stuff comes in and it has to sit in a box for a week or two, waiting its turn to be photo-ed and put up. Today? Big boxes of Fleece Artist Cashmere, Sea Silk, and Mini Maiden arrived. It’s gorgeous. And more of that wonderful BFL yarn from Gypsy Knits! But it all has to wait its turn to go up. Hopefully next week.

4. Calories. I was so dismayed to find out that my Grande Peppermint Mocha has 300 calories. 300 calories, for pete’s sake!! It has severely cut into my PM intake. (And I think that makes me cranky. But I digress.)

5. Computers. I had written this whole blog entry and clicked to add the dragonfly photo. Instead, the entire entry disappeared. I had to write it over. I was not happy.

But on the brighter side:

1. The bills are done and paid for the month.

2. The air-conditioning is working full blast and keeping things very comfortable in the house.

3. At least I get to play with all the new yarn for a bit. It flies out of here once it goes up on the website.

4. I may need a PM today anyway. The heck with the calories.

5. The blog entry is done again. This time I will save it before adding the photo. (Not that it was my fault before….)

So – anything buggin’ you today? Or can you clue me in about what there is to like about dragonflies?

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  1. bill pay day got a lot easier when I finally joined the crowd and started paying bills on-line. It is amazing hwo much quicker it is. and no more trips to the post office – woo hoo!

  2. You can sort of replicate a PM by making coffee, stirring in half-packet of sugar free cocoa and a dash of peppermint flavoring with a bit of splenda and milk. Not exactly the same, but still good!

  3. I like dragonflies! Their shape, colors, the way they land on the end of a bobber…I’ve always found a dragonfly to be peaceful. Cockroaches…ugh…that’s a whole different story.

    What’s bugging me? It’s too dry here. Grass is brown and kinda sharp.

    What’s not bugging me? The thought of the colors for the Fall Sock Club. I love the golds, reds, russets, peaches and maroons of fall.

  4. Here in southern MD on the tidal creek, we have nasty yellowflies/deerflies that appear in late May. They rule with a bloodsucking vengeance until mid-June, when the dragonflies arrive… and start eating the little monsters. We are always very happy to see dragonflies and wish for lots of them — two years ago, we had a bumper crop, and then a fly-free summer, which was delightful!

  5. What’s bugging me? The fact that I have jury duty selection process for the next two days. What else – the air conditioning in the court room is only slightly working, and tank tops are BIG NO-NO’s in court. So are shorts and flip flops……
    The only thing that makes me happy about the jury duty (besides not being selected for every jury) – my knitting needles passed the screening to get into the court room, so I am knitting while they decide who’s sitting on what juries…….today the last jury took 4 1/2 hours to find 14 people! UGH. BUT – My sweater is making nice progress (it’s a small sweater for my 2 year old niece). 🙂
    KIP rocks! 🙂

  6. I, too, like dragonflies for their iridescent colors. I also hate bill-paying, but the online banking has taken the drudgery part out of it, at least.

    I am currently finding that being “burned out” at work is a real pain in the behind. I get nearly nothing productive done. A break would be nice, but it can’t happen for another 2 weeks!

  7. Dragonflies – whoever said “silly me” about the helicopters…. well, me too. It’s pretty cool to be able to hover around and eat mosquitoes. They do come in lots of different and sometimes dazzling colors. And they don’t bite people.

    The only thing bugging me today is that I want to cast on some new socks and I won’t let myself because I have a gazillion single socks and a few summer sweaters still in process. I guess what’s bugging me is that I don’t knit fast enough.

  8. Sheri,
    I hate it when I have days when everything seems to bug me. I’ve had many lately.

    I have to tell you that I love dragonflies. We have tons of them in all different colors and sizes in the yard. We love to watch them fly all around the front yarn in the evening eating all the horrible mosquitoes. They are amazing insects.

    I hate bill paying too and it always puts me in a bad mood but paying the bills online takes a fraction of the time and makes me less grouchy.

    Sorry about your Starbucks treat. That’s how I felt when I learned how many calories were in Vitamin Water. It’s water for crying out loud! I do my best not to drink my calories though so calorie heavy drinks are OUT. I’d rather eat my treats.

    What’s bugging me today? It’s way too long a story to get into but let me say that I really hate mean people. Mean people who get pleasure out of ruining other people’s lives. It’s been a long, long day.

    However …

    The Red Sox won! Woohoo!!

  9. I too hate paying bills. I need to do mine too.
    I hate going to the Post office here. It is like going to the store when it is busy and only one lane is open. I go in and wait 20 mins with the kids to then be treated to someones bad tood. It happens almost every time I go in. From getting a book of stamps to getting mailers (they don’t have even one of) to finding my mail that got held when we didn’t ask them to and our neighbor was getting it every day.
    I drive 10 miles to the next town over just to not deal with them, and I am willing to deal with a lot, I have 4 little kids. lol

  10. dragonflies: they’re sparkly. and glittery, and they like the water (so do i, lol!)

    as for what’s bugging me? kids who just can’t comprehend the fact that they need to be in bed by a certain time so they aren’t too cranky the next morning when you get them up at 630 (we did this one this morning, and they were cranky . no naps, and yet, they’re still up way too lat)

    what else? girls who just can’t comprehend why you throw a screaming fit when they take your antique cedar chest, which has issues with humidity (it was made in wyoming, so the varnish gets sticky in high humidity), and was made by your great grandfather in the 30’s, and put it on your front porch, rather than in a room they aren’t using at all (my daughter moved into my house, and her roommate is most definitely BLONDE)

    and the fact that i should be in bed by now, and i can’t sleep, cuz the kids keep getting up! (and yes, i can’t take a nap tomorrow, either, i have a dental appointment at 10)

  11. I don’t get the dragonflies either. Bugs are bugs. Yes, they’re iridescent and they eat mosquitoes and that is good. But I don’t want to get up close and personal with them. And I don’t like paying bills. The way it works over here is that either you can have the bills paid directly from the bank (even easier than online bill paying!) OR you have to go stand in line and pay in cash at the post office (even worse than messng around with checks, stamps and envelopes)! No middle ground.

    Let’s not talk about the heat. Suffice to say that the knitting is going very, very slowly thanks to the sweat-and-swelling factor. How I miss air conditioning! Not that that’s going to stop me from buying more sock yarn!

  12. Even though I’ve been out of school for a number of years it still bugs me that I don’t have a big long summer vacation. If I had a couple months off now I’d be able to garden before it got really hot, do heavy cleaning jobs like sorting through the whole basement, and fun things like knit and watch movies.

    My husband saw my whole yarn stash for the first time last night and the conversation went something like this:
    Husband: “OH MY GOD!” (I can fit all of my yarn into one drawer so it’s really not that big) “You’ve been Bad, bad, bad, BAD!” This was said in this scandalized “old lady” tone.

    Me: “This is like 6 months of purchases; it would be bad if I bought all of this in one month.”

    Husband: “But but why aren’t you knitting it?”

    Me: “I have 5 projects on the needles already, how much do you think I can knit at one time?”

    Husband: “Why did you buy it then? You got stuff just because you liked the color didn’t you?”

    Then we had a long discussion about discontinued colorways, yarn pirate buying frenzy, and one of a kind items on etsy. My husband was appeased by this and the fact that I admitted to having a lot of sock yarn. He happily went back to eating his dinner……. and I didn’t tell him about sock clubs. 🙂

  13. When dragonflies are sitting still and not wooshing past my face and freaking me out, they’re irridescent and lacy and lovely. I have always been slightly afraid of them when they’re in flight.

    The mocha – this ruined my life over the winter , when I found out what exactly was in a cinnamon dolce latte. I order tall with skim milk and sugar free syrup, that way I feel noble. But I don’t think they have sugar free peppermint.

  14. Dragonflies are the vehicles of fairies! Fairies are only in enchanted places! Soooo, I think you must live in an enchanted place- perhaps it’s the home of the yarn goddess 🙂

  15. What bugs me today? The centralized time clock at work. ADP upgraded their servers over the weekend, and when they did our clock stopped downloading to it. That was around 10am Saturday morning, I found out yesterday (Monday) afternoon. We tried resetting it without dumping the buffer but don’t know if it worked yet; if it doesn’t we’ll have to wipe the memory & reset to factory defaults, then start over – and hand-enter all the in & out punches that’ll be lost from over the weekend.

  16. Guilty! I have a Dragon Fly Pin……but am not fond of the live creatures! LOL

    What bugs me…..Drive Thru Line at Dunkin Donuts (New England coffee at it’s best)……Drive thru’s are for quick pick ups…coffee, donut, muffin…..good to go..not a mini-van full of kids and ordering 6 different Lattes and Breakfast sandwiches…..these people need to go inside and order….15 mins in line today for me to get my coffee…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    On the bright side…I am going to cast on for my Skinny Dippin Sock this week from the Sock club so I can be ready when the next shipment arrives…and oh, oh….my gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill Yarn arrived yesterday along with my Louet Gems from the Loopy Ewe….yeah, yeah… happy!

    Hope College Boy and Knitting Daughter are enjoying their Summer Break…and 300 calories in a PM……ah, who cares…Live a Little Girl!

    Blogless Diane

  17. I love dragonflies because they eat the mosquitos. Around here, we’re dealing with nasty mosquito diseases, EEE and West Nile Virus, so the more they eat, the better. I’m with you on bill paying. I put it off as long as I can, and then some. I’d rather weed the gardens then pay bills. Not much is bugging me lately, but that’s because I’m brain dead. We just finished a rather large (magazine) issue, and I’m too tired to care!

  18. Paying bills – Bad.
    Knitting – Good.
    Dragonflys – well, they don’t bite like horse flies do, so I guess they are okay, as long as they stay outside and I am inside!
    Humidity – Bad. Central VA in the summertime is like stepping into a steam shower at 6am. It’s just yucky.

    Stay cool, stay inside, and knit. That will make everything all better! 🙂

  19. Love dragonflies. I have them on my dishes, my dishtowels, and the windchimes hanging all around my living room. I love the diversity within the genus–there are more than 400 different kinds. They eat the nasty bugs, which we have lots of around my parents’ pool. The pool draws the dragonflies, so we get to see them close up. Maryland (where the ‘rents live) has something like 250 of the 400 types of dragonfly. I love the airplane-like shape they have, and their amazing wings. Many of the ones my parents have are a gorgeous blue-violet color. Others are black with white stripes on their wings.

    When I was in Jordan in 2005, I saw a big, bright red dragonfly on the shore of the Dead Sea. Truly beautiful.

    If you made your Peppermint Mochas skim or 2%, you might save some calories there. I share your love for them (iced, in the summer). I also love Orange Mochas (also iced in summer). The new orange syrup at Starbucks isn’t as good as the late, lamented Valencia syup (the new is sweeter and less real-orange-y), but it’s acceptable. I have to remind myself that froofy coffee drinks are actually dessert.

  20. Humidity bugs me…I spent too many years in Maryland and Texas to appreciate moisture in the air the way my Tucson friends do….. Dragonflies do not bug me. Chiggers bug me. Aching, stiff tendons bug me. Being able to knit more than I could a week ago without them being as achy and stiff is good. Knitting is wonderful physical therapy for a broken wrist!! Not enough time in the day to knit bugs me. Being blessed with such a wonderful, fulfilling hobby, is Very, Very good.

  21. How funny you mention dragonflies…I’m wearing a silver dragonfly pendant RIGHT NOW! I didn’t have time to read all of the comments – I do have to do some work at my job today ;o) – but forgive me if this was already mentioned. Dragonflies are very dominant in the Arts & Crafts style of home decor/design. They are used repeatedly in wall paper trim, stained glass pieces, etc. I happen to live in a Bungalow house and my husband really likes the dragonfly home decor theme in Arts & Crafts style. I bought him a HUGE dragonfly wall hanging thing you can put a tea light in and it is very cool. The whole shape of their body including their lacey wings are a point of interest for me, plus the colors of their bodies facinate me. And as an HP fan (HP is on the brain this week with the new movie out and new/last book just being released this weekend), I like that “dragon” is part of it’s name!

    As for what’s truly bugging me right now…not having enough spare time to read AND knit!

  22. I love dragon flies, because the are graceful, and have beautiful colors. I like bugs, because my husband’s job is pest control 🙂 I don’t really like all bugs, I’m just glad my husband has a job, and helps people get rid of their aggrivating bugs. What’s bugging me right now? Heat & Humidity 🙁

  23. Dragonflies around water move with grace and beauty and shimmer with reflected light. They remind me of childhood hot summer days spent collecting pollywogs at the pond.

    Dragonflies on suburban shrubs come from a different dimension.

  24. You had me at Mini Maiden. 🙂 We are on our 21st day over 110 degrees here in Chandler/Phoenix. But you absolutely have it worse at 100 degrees in Missouri. Sheesh! What is the humidity there? Have you tried the new raspberry mocha?

  25. Dragonflies apart from their grace and beauty eat midges and mosquitoes!
    Being highly allergic to bug bites of all kinds I cheer for all the dragonflies I see.
    I love bats for the same reason!
    Call me quirky!

  26. I actually like dragonflies. They’re kinda pretty, they don’t sting, and I’ve never had one go after my food.

    But I am totally with you on the bill-paying and the heat. Lately what bugs me is things breaking (cars, clothes dryers, dvd players), and the bills that result!

  27. Jenna, I caa’t resist, QUIRKY!!! There….
    I don’t like dragon flies, growing up we had two cottages, one on the Cape(Cod) and one in NH on a lake, swimming in the lake when a DF went by my bro would tell me they were sewing bugs and were going stitch my mouth closed. They still scare me to this day….

  28. Yesss I was wondering when you would get more sea silk. I’ve been waiting to buy it from you. 😉

    I love dragonflies, it’s the colors they have. I saw a purple one two days ago.

  29. Dragonflies are frequently jewel coloured, have sparkly wings, and eat other bugs that would otherwise be eating me. They are kind of startling when one lands on you, but they don’t bite.

  30. SNUCK UP ON ME!!! Luckily I checked just before the arrival of a patient and slam bam, get that yarn…woohoo I got
    CTH Sock Moody Blues – Cherry Tree Hill
    CS-F Lyrical – Chewy Spaghetti
    WM Granatapfel – Wollmeise
    FA – Rainforest – Fleece Artist

  31. I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I got home to check out the sneak-up! Even so someone snatched my Wollmeise in Red Hot Chili right out of my cart – dang! But I’m happy with Spritley Goods in Bluebells, Chewy Spaghetti in Lovely (can’t wait to try it with the pattern I bought) and Feista in Cosmopolitan.

  32. What bugs me?

    1. Applying for jobs online. It’s like a black hole where your resume goes and never returns.

    2. Not having time to knit. Damn grad school.

    3. Waking up with a kink in my neck so bad i can’t turn my head one direction.

  33. What bugs me?:
    The black hole in which my Fleece Artist wool seems to have been sucked up into (or the customs official who is happily knitting away with my Loopy order)
    Errors in knitting patterns. I adapt the patterns to use two circulars instead of dpns and there is nothing worse than thinking you are going completely batty and ripping back a section of your socks (several times), only to discover that the problem isn’t you or your calculations, it’s a printing error! Sigh…there goes the most socks prize in the Summer of Socks 2007!

  34. About the Grande PM…is that with or without whip cream? With whole milk, 2% or lowfat?

    I indulge in the Cinnamon Dolce’s a bit too often but I drop the whip (which is 100 calories alone) and rotate through either non-fat or 2% to lower the calories a bit more.

    What’s bugging me today? My stupid cell phone is shorting out. The screen is completely white and still makes calls MOST of the time. Thankfully the new one should arrive today or tomorrow. (I think I need a Cinnamon Dolce to get me through until then.) 🙂

  35. Not so fond of the dragonflies, either. They’re pretty, but I’ve gotten dive-bombed on the local rail trail. (Old railroad now converted to hiking/biking trail).

    Pet peeve: Not being able to figure out how to put a Loopy link on my blog. I think it’s a LiveJournal thing. Grrr.

    And it should be mentioned that I don’t suffer fools gladly.

    It did occur to me, reading your last post, that the odds and ends from socks might be useful for tiny hats used in the Neonatal ICUs. My daughter went through several sized hats while she was there, and you wouldn’t believe how small the first one was. Just musing…..

  36. Oh, I must confess….I almost had a shade of the Wollmeise and right as I was going to click to check out..the little notice came up saying it had been removed from my shopping cart. Ugh, utter madness. Plus, it made me feel like my stolen computer time was wasted…..:)

    But I will keep focused on my Duets sock yarn and how happy I am that I figured out the magic cast on and how fun it is to have different toe and heel yarn! I will keep focused on the fun new flowers on the table that we bought this morning on our walk to the Farmers Market..sunflowers and lavender.

    I try to not let things bug me..but you, know sometimes we all just have to have “buggy” days!

    Oh, another thing?? This morning while my son was blowing bubbles? He spilled three, yes, three, containers of bubbles and even got the stuff in his eyes. that kind of bugged me!!

  37. I was going to post they eat mosquitoes, but I see others have posted that already-but it bears repeating! : ) Oh, and there IS a colourway called dragonflies-its by woolywondersbynada and it is VERY gorgeous!!

  38. sherri,
    get that peppermint mocha with skim milk! you’ll save calories & fat grams! good luck w/the dragonflies!

  39. I’m one of those people that loves dragonflies on jewelry and fabric and etc but loathe them in real life, freak ass things.

    And what’s bugging mer today- vacation is over *sigh* miss the beach already… and of course I hate playing catch up with the online world after a week! That bugs me, so much to do! e-mails, pictures to upload and fix, blogs to read/comment on, my blog to update, message boards to update/maintain, the new HP book to read, and now I’ve been invited to Ravelry (I’m eatmyoxygen over there) so theres one more thing there doesn’t feel like I have enough time for!

  40. ok. evil dragonfly story.
    On Sunday Mr Wonderful and I went for a paddle in a little pond hereabouts. After our run we stuck the boats back on the car and headed home. Upon arriving home we discovered that a dragonfly had been inadvertantly stuck between the two boats, and his tail was…um, absent. There was a little puddle of greenish “bug guts”. He was frozen in death, just the little body with the wings. I began to admire the wings a little, noted his big green pop-eyes, thought how sad it was that I shoudl fear these poor little creatures. I reached up to remove him from the boat. HE WAS ALIVE. Fully, functionally, alive, FLEW OFF THE CAR. Landed on the ground beside me. I thought “that has to be a reflex…” but no, he was able to function in spite of having lost his body, and was basically just a head with wings.

    I stomped the hell out of it. They have to be possessed.

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