Madelinetosh, Manos del Uruguay, Needles, and More

faberge1Mondays are always a lot of fun around here. Our Inventory Manager Rebecca gets to unpack boxes of colors and wonderful things in the stock room during the week, and on Mondays we get to see everything that is going up in the night’s Update. Woohoo – so much cool stuff! Besides getting your weekend orders out, we also spend Mondays working on stocking the new things on the shelves, so that it’s all ready to pull and pack up to ship to YOU during the rest of the week. (That part is fun, too. We like seeing what you pick out.) Last night’s Monday Update included:

Madelinetosh Merino Light – this beautiful single ply fingering weight is awesome for shawls, cowls, sweaters, gloves – all kinds of wonderful things. We have it available in over 100 colors. Here is a picture of the Faberge shawl that one of our Thursday Knit Nighters – Cricket – knit up and let us borrow for display at Loopy. She made this with Merino Light in Glazed Pecan and Earl Grey. It’s a fun knit, and you get to incorporate beads into the border, too.

Madelinetosh Sock – a handful of pretty colors from a back order. 11 in all, added to what we already have in stock.

The Loopy Ewe hummingbirdManos del Uruguay Serena – a wonderful Sportweight yarn that we’ve just added in. Serena is kettle-dyed on a base that is 60% Baby Alpaca and 40% Pima Cotton. It is so soft! Each skein is signed by the artisan who dyed your yarn and the village she resides in. We have it in solids and multi-colors. Try this yarn for cowls, shawls, mitts, scarves and sweaters. (Shown here in Hummingbird.)

The Loopy Ewe Sock Blockers – re-stocked in all sizes of the red plastic blockers.

Conductive Thread Bobbins – hold this thread together with your regular yarn as you knit the thumb and index fingers of gloves. You’ll then be able to use your touchscreen devices (phone, iPad, etc) while keeping your fingers warm. You’ll find this in the Knitting Gadgets section on the website.

The Loopy Ewe Red CedarWooden Yarn Caddies – George has been down from Wyoming to bring us more of his beautiful yarn caddies! We’ve re-stocked both the small and large sizes. (Shown here in Red Cedar.)

Knitter’s Pride – we’ve re-stocked all needles and sets.

ChiaoGoo – we’ve re-stocked all needles.

Kollage – sizes O, 1 and 2 are now being made and we have them in stock. Some people find that these square needles are easier on the hands when knitting.

Knitting Notions – we’ve re-stocked a variety of notions, including the magnetic Chart Holders in small and large sizes.

Have fun checking out the new things, and pop in on the Webcam. You might see us packaging up your Box of Fun! (And you did notice Valentine Loopy on the Webcam, right? Elf Roberta continues to keep him outfitted in the best costumes.)

Sheri goingovertogazeuponallofthatlovelyMerinoLightonemoretime

Old Collectibles

I have a thing for old collectibles. The warm woods, the weathered look, the knowledge that these things have been around for a long time. I like poking around in antique stores and flea markets, seeing what treasures I might find. One thing I look for is old darning eggs. I like that people used to fix their socks, instead of tossing them and picking up another 5-pack at Target. Of course as sock knitters, we all know the value of handknit socks and I would reckon that most of us darn any holes that might show up, right? These old darners work great. Once in awhile I’ll see a darner with a silver handle. Very pretty, but too expensive. And a friend gave me an old glass darner, which is cool. Not really the kind of thing you’d throw into your sewing basket, I don’t think. But mostly I just collect old wooden ones.

Another thing I like is antique sock blockers. I’m always looking for unusual shapes and sizes. I like this single one a lot because it has a 10 at the top, which I assume means that it’s a size 10. That was one long sock, as this measures 34″ from top to toe.

I like them in pairs, too. I think that pair without the holes probably took a lot longer to dry socks than the ones with holes down the middle to help the air circulate better. Maybe they just hung them by the fireplace, like Christmas stockings. Anyway, now they’re fun to put up around the shop.

Do you collect anything old related to knitting/sewing/crocheting/quilting?

Sheri wholikesoldsewingneedlebooks,too