Jordana Paige’s Cezanne Bag

The Loopy Ewe Jordana Paige CezanneOne reason we offer a lot of different knitting/project bags here is because I love bags. They’re practical, they help keep you organized, and they look pretty. What’s not to love? We received Jordana Paige’s new Cezanne Bag a few weeks ago, and I wanted to show you pictures of the insides. I know the color looks really different from one photo to the next. Teal – a pretty color, but so hard to photo. This first photo is actually the closest to the real color, and it also shows you the size of the bag in relation to the mannequin.

One thing Jordana Paige really knows is pockets and places for organizing. Pockets on the outside. A place for your phone, camera, iPod, keys, or whatever.

The Loopy Ewe Outside Pockets

Pockets on the inside. Pockets for credit cards, knitting needles and crochet hooks, and a loop to run your yarn up through to keep it from tangling.

The Loopy Ewe Inside Pockets

Special zippered parts for little accessories like scissors, tape measures, stitch markers, scissors, etc. The blue zippered pouch there snaps in and out.

The Loopy Ewe Inside Zippers

And a divider to section off your knitting from your wallet, or one project from another. (The middle zippered part is also a great place to store your iPad or Kindle, if you knit your patterns from an electronic device.)

The Loopy Ewe Inside Dividers

I also like the fact that this looks more like a purse than a “knitting bag”. (Shown here, L-R, Bordeaux, Teal, Orange Poppy, Stone Gray. Click the photo to make it bigger.).

The Loopy Ewe Cezanne Bags

I picked the Bordeaux color for myself, but only because my last Jordana Paige bag was in that teal. Normally, I’d be all over the teal. In fact, it’s still tempting me. Last knitting project? Teal. Current knitting project? Teal. Someday I need to get past Teal. But right now, I still love it. Are you stuck in a color rut? What’s your color?

Sheri notsureIwillevermovepastteal.

Biscotte & Cie, Stonehedge, Jordana Paige, and More!

TheLoopyEwe BiscotteDid any of you get snow yesterday like we did? We had about 12″ of that beautiful stuff at our house. It was a perfect knitting day! I took some pictures that I’ll post on Wednesday’s blog. Monday blogs are all about new stuff going up, and we have some fun things tonight! Just up:

Biscotte & Cie – not only do we have lots of pretty self-striping colors in their sock yarn, but we also added in some colors and skeins of their wosted weight self-striping yarn, too! The sock/fingering weight is great for socks and things like the Sockhead hat (here’s the one that I made with Biscotte & Cie – so fun), mitts, gloves, and scarves. The worsted weight is great for those same things, only it knits up faster and is bulkier. Shown here – the worsted weight hat I made last week in the A Moi le Coco colorway, after this order came in. I just couldn’t help balling up a skein and trying it out.

Stonehedge Fibers – we’ve re-stocked all of the colors of Shepherd’s Wool. This yarn is popular for sweater and vest knitting, as it’s very soft and comes in great colors. Of course it also works well for scarves, hats and mittens, as well as colorwork.

elvisSoakboxes – these make great gifts, but they’re also nice to gift to yourself. In each box you get Soak Wash, Soak Handmaid Lotion, a skein of Lorna’s Laces, matching nail polish, and a pattern to make a cute pair of fingerless mitts. We have re-stocked the ones we were out of, and added a new one: Elvis Paisley. This features the new Yuzu scent. (Shown here in Elvis.)

Soak Wash – you can also find the new Yuzu scent available seperately as a wash or a lotion. Yuzu combines tart citrus and crushed eucalyptus for a refreshing scent.

Soak Heel – Heel has been re-stocked in Cucumber, Spearmint and Scentless. This is the best stuff for your feet. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, try some. I use it every day. (And if you’re giving socks as a gift, it’s nice to include a tub of this with the socks. The label on the container says “For feet worthy of hand-knit socks.” It’s a good way to remind the recipient that hand-knit socks are special!)

HiyaHiya Notions – we have re-stocked the Knitter’s Safety pins (I love these), cable needles, and point protectors. We’ve also added in Panda Pewter Stitch Markers, Socknitters Stitch Markers, and Panda Point Protectors.

HiyaHiya Needles – re-stocked.

jordana tealJordana Paige – the new Cezanne bags are in. We have them in Stone Grey, Bordeaux, Mediterranean Teal, and Orange Poppy. You should have seen all of us standing in the stockroom when they came in. We all wanted one and had a hard time picking which color we wanted. We  had quite the conversation. They are all beautiful. I still haven’t made my final decision on color. (Shown here in the Mediterranean Teal color.) You can get a peek into part of the inside on our website.

Thanks for alllll of your comments on the Spring Fling giveaway! I am so glad that this was based on a random drawing from all of the entries, because if I had had to pick a “most deserving” winner, I would not be able to do it. I wish I could give spots to all of you. We ran the randomizer this afternoon, and the winner is: Margaret from AL, who says she’d like to bring her best knitting buddy Amy with her.

Sheri lotsofpocketsinthatJordanabag.Ilikepockets.Andbagsingeneral. 🙂