Jordana Paige’s Cezanne Bag

The Loopy Ewe Jordana Paige CezanneOne reason we offer a lot of different knitting/project bags here is because I love bags. They’re practical, they help keep you organized, and they look pretty. What’s not to love? We received Jordana Paige’s new Cezanne Bag a few weeks ago, and I wanted to show you pictures of the insides. I know the color looks really different from one photo to the next. Teal – a pretty color, but so hard to photo. This first photo is actually the closest to the real color, and it also shows you the size of the bag in relation to the mannequin.

One thing Jordana Paige really knows is pockets and places for organizing. Pockets on the outside. A place for your phone, camera, iPod, keys, or whatever.

The Loopy Ewe Outside Pockets

Pockets on the inside. Pockets for credit cards, knitting needles and crochet hooks, and a loop to run your yarn up through to keep it from tangling.

The Loopy Ewe Inside Pockets

Special zippered parts for little accessories like scissors, tape measures, stitch markers, scissors, etc. The blue zippered pouch there snaps in and out.

The Loopy Ewe Inside Zippers

And a divider to section off your knitting from your wallet, or one project from another. (The middle zippered part is also a great place to store your iPad or Kindle, if you knit your patterns from an electronic device.)

The Loopy Ewe Inside Dividers

I also like the fact that this looks more like a purse than a “knitting bag”. (Shown here, L-R, Bordeaux, Teal, Orange Poppy, Stone Gray. Click the photo to make it bigger.).

The Loopy Ewe Cezanne Bags

I picked the Bordeaux color for myself, but only because my last Jordana Paige bag was in that teal. Normally, I’d be all over the teal. In fact, it’s still tempting me. Last knitting project? Teal. Current knitting project? Teal. Someday I need to get past Teal. But right now, I still love it. Are you stuck in a color rut? What’s your color?

Sheri notsureIwillevermovepastteal.


  1. Just had to add that Bordeaux bag to my Wish List (how long is it until Christmas???). I’m a bit stuck on red, myself. Dark orange is good, too. And green. And there’s no such thing as having too many bags, right?

  2. I’m in my neutral phase. Creamy beige to light golden browns. Love them! They go with everything. I keep thinking about what I will wear with my knits so opt for a neutral. Must move toward summer colors.

  3. Thank you for the extra Cezanne pictures, but it’s hard to tell how much or how big of a project it would hold. Do you think you could add a picture of the bag holding some yarn (with the “contents not included” disclaimer, of course)? The bag just looks so slim…

  4. I love all colors! I do like to make or buy pieces though that will go with most everything I own. I love the Jordana bags- I’m using one right now that I have had for over 10 years! Still in good condition except for the fake leather at the ends of the handles is kinda coming off. My only negative to say about the bags is that they are at a high price point, and I wish thhey were made here in the USA. Other than those factors, I love the bags!!!

  5. Natasha – I’ll try to get a photo of it filled. It does expand quite a bit. It can hold a sweater project, but I don’t think it would hold an afghan project. If you click on the picture of the four colors to make it bigger, you can see the side width more easily.

  6. I seem to be on a red/burgundy/purple run right now with socks and shawls and I seem to be on a green run with sweaters. Although the current sweater managed to bring most of the colors together greens, purples, tourquoise, brick, cream and a few other…and yes it is Noro yarn. My next sweater will be out of Wollmeise DK as soon as it is up! No idea what color it will be….yet!

  7. Oh, I love my Bordeaux Cezanne bag!

    It would, indeed hold a sweater but not an afghan unless a baby afghan. That would work, I think.

    Lovely bag! Thank you for ordering these, Sheri! They are really to die for!

  8. I have bought a heap of Teal yarn for several projects to be. I have started a SitSac for my little Grandson, Marcus, and the base of it is a Lorna’s Laces Sportmate in Navy Pier, which is a teal variegated yarn that is knitting up beautifully. I have 7 or 8 other colors that tone with it and am doing the sides of the SitSac in a Zig Zag Chevron, doing 4 rows in each color. It is coming along nicely. Very soon I will be launching into a Teal shawl that I am cooking up in my head which will be a fundraiser for the Batten Disease Research and Support Association. I have decided on the MTL yarn in “Kelp”, which is a lovely light Teal color, for the first shawl I make in this effort. Then I have got some Road To China in Apatite, which is an amazing deep Teal color that is going to be a Happenstance shawl for me (one day), as well as the Malabrigo yarns I have bought in the Solis colorwave – Teal again! Also have some DIC Smooshy in Teal… originally I thought it would become the Batten shawl, but I decided to go with a lighter shade of Teal in the MTL to hopefully call more attention to the patterning… Yup, Teal is certainly my color of the moment… Oh, I forgot to mention the Shalimar Breathless I got in Tourmaline – too beautiful for words! That will become a shawl for my niece. I got some Amethyst for her sister, which is also lovely. The purples are coming a close second in what I am working on. Can’t Quite Explain the DIC Smooshy in June Bug, except to say that Gollum Socks need to be done in Gollum colors, not pretties like Teal… I am having a lovely time getting all this lovely yarn, thanks to Sheri and TLE! You have opened up a bit of a Pandora’s Box for me, filled with lovely yarny treasures!

  9. Apologies – the Tourmaline and Amethyst are actually from the Hand Maiden Casbah range, not the Shalimar Breathless – I got more purples in the Shalimar Breathless… and I just got a little over excited… All lovely, lovely yarns!

  10. I seem to knit in all sorts of colors, but the ones I wear the most are all jewel tones. I have a blue cardigan that sees almost daily wear and a red one that saw similar wear until I gained some weight (boo!).

  11. I got the grey, and I’ve actually not yet put any knitting in it. I’ve been carrying my work laptop, my daily planner, and pens to work everyday. I love it so much! It’s much lighter than any of my Namaste bags.

  12. Teal is my all time favorite color. Right now my fingernails and toenails are teal! Now that I’m not working I can wear crazy colors!! The major color in my studio is teal. Two of my knitting bags are teal. You know, growing up I didn’t have a favorite color. It was only the last two or so years that it came upon me. It “speaks” to me. I have a teal sweater that I wear with a cowl from last year’s Camp Loopy and with a pair of socks from same event and I get stopped so often that it is a definite tip-off that this is my color!! Finally…..something right with my red hair. Hope everyone’s weekend went well and that the Universe will bring you a terric first week of April!!! Margie

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