Happy New Year (+ Contest!)

I know the beginning of 2021 isn’t going to jump right into being completely different than 2020, but it’s my hope that by mid-year or later, things will be better. And by better, I mean healthier for all. Either way, I’m ready to turn the page on 2020.

I have my first four knitting projects lined up. Two are for testing new yarn, and two are with the same colorway, different bases. (Because I really really love the Holidaze colorway that we received in December!) Here’s what I’m going to be working on (apparently I’m on a fingerless mitts kick…):

What I’d like to finish this year is my never-ending Boxy out of Smooshy with Cashmere, which I am going to love wearing some day. I just have the top and the arms to go. Why can’t I get this done??

What is in your January knitting lineup? And what is ONE WIP that you’d like to complete in 2021? Leave a comment below and we’ll draw one name at the end of next week to win a $50 Loopy Gift Certificate. That way you can start your 2021 projects with some new yarn from Loopy!

We’re looking forward to new things this year. New lines, new challenges, new projects, and we’re already planning Camp Loopy 2021, which has a fun theme with lots of possibilities. We’ll do our best to keep this a happy place that celebrates the joy of creating beauty out of sticks and string. Thanks for being here with us, and Happy New Year!


P.S. We’re closed in-store on Friday, January 1st. We’ll be back here on Saturday the 2nd to get your orders out, and will be open in-store Saturday from noon – 5 pm as usual!


  1. I’m working on a hat for my husband and also have a Granito pullover that was part of the Joji Fall KAL but it was one of multiple projects and as the last one it didn’t make the deadline so I’ve kind of dragged out finishing it lol

  2. Soaring Dragon’s by Verna Knapp. it’s the last on my list of need to finish knitting projects. Last year I got the list down from about 23 to 13 with a couple new projects also completed.

  3. I’ve got 7 WIPs currently on needles, but the most important one that I’d like to finish first is the afghan I’m knitting for my daughter.

  4. I will be working on my Tidings shawl and pulling out a couple of projects for me that were put into time out for stitch count violations. The beginning of a new year usually gives a fresh perspective and energy for fixing stitches that went awry and I plan to capitalize on that. Happy New Year to everyone in Loopy’s crew!

  5. I would love, love, LOVE to finish Starting Point. It was a Mystery KAL shawl that I’m sadly only about halfway done. Happy New Year, Loopy!

  6. Wip is a sweater from 2010 and I have at least two gnomes planned. And I should complete a cowl I started before I got the crazy idea to gnome my way to Christmas gifts this year. Haha.

  7. Trying to finish my third zig zag blanket with all of the tiny bits of leftover balls of sock yarn (currently on a bit of light blue loopy fingering weight). Up next is definitely some socks. Not sure which pattern yet, maybe one from the grab bag patterns I bought this fall.

  8. I really need to finish my Azimuth sweater. On my needles right now is the Ziggy shawl out of Blue Moon Worthy yarn that I bought at Loopy during the last fall fling I attended. It’s a true luxury yarn and feels fabulous running through my fingers.

  9. My lineup for January is finishing a shawl from TAG (yeah, that so didn’t happen this semester), a hat for my sis-in-law, and a pair of fingerless gloves I’m inventing a pattern for.

    My come-hell-or-high-water WIP to finish is a laceweight Tunisian shawl with beads that I’m pretty sure I started 4 years ago.

  10. Happy New Year!!

    I would love to finish my land of sweets cowl. I want to knit socks and then a shawl from my Advent minis.

  11. I have a Habitation Throw started that I would like to get finished by next fall! I am using fingering leftovers along with a strand of alpaca lace. Should be nice and cozy when it is finished.

  12. This year, I’d like to finish the Owlie socks that I started in… 2013. Not their fault, it’s a good cute pattern, I’m just so easily sidetracked! I just started a Gifty cowl for my mom in some Cascade 220 superwash, and we be got a Find Your Fade balled up and ready to go. We will see where the new year takes me!

  13. I would like to get back to and finish my Plumpy. I started it in the Spring of 2019 and I found an error and ripped back and started over but it’s been sitting for many, many months while I worked on other things.

    1. Totally understand losing the mojo. New pretty yarn, new inspiring pattern, gorgeous skein from stash, pattern you’ve always wanted to make – all of those things can help!

  14. I need a decent cardigan; one has gone awol, one is worn to bits, the other is too small (I may have gained a few too many kilos this past year). Would love to make a big comfy all-purpose garment. ❤️

  15. First up, Cameo. It’s been in my queue forever! Second, another gnome. I am choosing fun color combos from leftovers. The one WIP, really more of a UFO, are a pair of Selbu mittens. I will finish them!

  16. Happy New Year!

    I’m trying to finish the Match & Move shawl using the Magpie Fibers Swanky Sock yarn that I bought before Christmas.

  17. Wow! It’s a challenge to pick one… I know I want to finish my Endless Rose Cowl, which is sitting right here next to me.
    I also want to make The Shift which I bought the yarn for in 2016 at Loopy’s old location! And (as always) make socks until I feel as proficient as my friends! (you know who you are 🙂

  18. My friend requested socks 2 years ago. I started 2 pairs but neither one is finished, so I would like to finish those. But for fun I always plan new shawls, lately being interested in textured shawl designs.

  19. I have a pair of socks from Sock Madness last year that I never went back and actually made fit my own feet after they qualified for the competition. I’ve been putting it off–because, you know, ripping back hard-worked stitches just seems counterintuitive, ya know? But I know that when I actually finish them I’m going to LOVE wearing them.

  20. My January knitting plans are to cast on (for the umpteenth time) and actually finish the Brioche Basic Beanie. I am determined to master 2 color Brioche in the round. Then some socks for my husband (no particular pattern) , a set of mitts and a hatdana.

  21. I am awaiting my heddles so I can start my first weaving project! Will probably be cotton kitchen towels and/or some neckwear.

  22. Started the year off strong by weaving a project in Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin — my 2020 camp prize. Now I’m knitting a Nelia shawl, and daydreaming about new mittens that I can wear cross country skiing.

  23. I need to finish my winter hat. Preferably while it’s still winter. 🙂 And my next project will be a summer weight Verdant by Gina Bonomo to go with a sleeveless dress I have.

  24. The first WIP to finish is my aunt’s bandana cowl, due for Christmas 2019. Worked the original pattern 3 times. Does not seem to work for me. Switched to another pattern and got to the bindoff when I contracted Covid.

    Than finish the hats for Warmth for Warriors and HatNotHate that I’d started last year.

  25. I need to finish a Handyman hat and fingerless mitts for my soon-to-be son-in-law. Then I need to start a stuffed animal, a lovey and baby blanket for a young couple expecting a baby in March. I also want to start a stranded colorwork hat and experiment with knitting inside out to keep the floats loose enough. Have you tried that? I usually bump up to the next needle size for stranded colorwork and am not sure if I have to do that as well.

    1. I have not tried knitting colorwork inside out, but that is exactly what I will need to do the next time. No matter how careful I am, I never seem to be able to get my floats loose and consistent.

  26. I want to finish “That Nice Stitch” cowl. I’ve had it on my needles for 1 1/2 years. I’m knitting with Christmas colors so once I realized it wouldn’t be done for Christmas it was set aside in 2019 then in 2020 I had plenty of other projects to knit………

    1. I made Christmas Hitchhiker a few years ago, and love pulling it out for the month of December. So I hope you get it done in time for this year!

  27. I am working on finishing a blanket for charity made up of odds and ends in gray, red, and white yarn. Perfect for cold winter evenings!

  28. I’ve got a Clearview Sweater I’ve been working on trying not to get distracted by “new year need to cast on new projects” urge. Need to cast on the first sleeve (fronts and back are done)

  29. I have a sweater WIP that needs finishing. I reknit the sleeve caps for a better fit, but have yet to sew the sleeves into the armholes. It would be so simple if I just sat down and started…

  30. New projects for January mostly include new mittens for my growing boys, assuming I can hunt down their new favorite colors in my stash. You know, if I win the $50, I could make sure I get their favorite colors!

  31. This January, I need to finish my gnome MKAL from December. And, I’m about 2/3 done with the first of my Scylla socks – trying out Leading Men Fiber Arts and loving the color. Will definitely get that pair done sometime this year!

    1. Hi Barb – we have it free with a purchase of a skein of Dream in Color City or Smooshy with Cashmere. Just leave us an order note that you’d like it.

  32. Reknitting the sweater I started for my son-in-law that was too small. And my WIP is actually 11 puppets that have all been knitted and felted, just need to stuff the heads and embroider the faces for my 7-month-old grandson.

  33. I want to finish two sweaters that are all stockinette. Knitting round and round and round sometimes is just boring!

  34. I am working on a huge blanket for my daughter’s first college dorm room. 360 stitches across in knit one purl one ribbing and she wants it 7 feet long! I must really love her!!!! Has to be done by August.

  35. I plan to make a Close to You by Justyns Lorkowska. I have some Smooshy with Cashmere that I bought a couple of months ago. Finally time to knit for me!!!

  36. My January line-up include finishing a blanket for a baby due in 3 weeks, and knitting something for my son’s fiance and maybe her daughter to wear for the wedding. They’re getting creative because of COVID, and having their wedding on a camping trip on 4/3/21. Outdoors they can have up to 25 people and it’ll likely be chilly.

  37. I need to finish the sweater I’m knitting for my partner. I started it in December and just have sleeves, blocking, and the finishing to do. After that, it’s another sweater for ME, likely Alaska but I’ll need to come into the shop for more yarn!! Happy New Year!

  38. I’ve been working on a wrap since September that I would love to move from WIP to done. It started out as a test for the designer, but I had to fall out of the test group shortly after I started. I work on it between other projects, but I can’t seem to dedicate enough blocks of time to finish it yet.

  39. I’m working on socks that I started in November and plan to finish this weekend. My plan is casting on for an Afghan this week along with another pair of socks.

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