Happy New Year (+ Contest!)

I know the beginning of 2021 isn’t going to jump right into being completely different than 2020, but it’s my hope that by mid-year or later, things will be better. And by better, I mean healthier for all. Either way, I’m ready to turn the page on 2020.

I have my first four knitting projects lined up. Two are for testing new yarn, and two are with the same colorway, different bases. (Because I really really love the Holidaze colorway that we received in December!) Here’s what I’m going to be working on (apparently I’m on a fingerless mitts kick…):

What I’d like to finish this year is my never-ending Boxy out of Smooshy with Cashmere, which I am going to love wearing some day. I just have the top and the arms to go. Why can’t I get this done??

What is in your January knitting lineup? And what is ONE WIP that you’d like to complete in 2021? Leave a comment below and we’ll draw one name at the end of next week to win a $50 Loopy Gift Certificate. That way you can start your 2021 projects with some new yarn from Loopy!

We’re looking forward to new things this year. New lines, new challenges, new projects, and we’re already planning Camp Loopy 2021, which has a fun theme with lots of possibilities. We’ll do our best to keep this a happy place that celebrates the joy of creating beauty out of sticks and string. Thanks for being here with us, and Happy New Year!


P.S. We’re closed in-store on Friday, January 1st. We’ll be back here on Saturday the 2nd to get your orders out, and will be open in-store Saturday from noon – 5 pm as usual!


  1. Hi! I’m currently knitting Andrea Mowry’s Pink Fizz-I’m hoping once I finish this that I finish a WIP that has been on needles for YEARS!! It’s the turtleneck colorwork sweater that was on the cover of VOGUE knitting like 5 years ago

  2. I would like to make a couple of pairs of socks just for me.
    I have a shawl going that I need to finish?
    Quiet Journey. I made a mistake in the pattern and need to rip it back..

  3. I’m knitting a sleeveless sweater and some socks in January and then on St. Distaff Day I take up knitting for others and charity again after having a break since December 10th.

    I want to finish the fall leaves shawl from the Noro book but I’m doing mine out of handspun,

  4. I have a Boxy on needles too! It’s on circulars so is nice to knit when I just need to go round and round. That’s my want-to-finish WIP. I also have a blanket in progress, and in my lineup: two hats, two scarves, and a gorgeous skein of Dyetastic Dragon Fruit reserved for a Fractal Danger. Not distractable at all. No.

  5. January line up for me will start with New Year’s Eve KAL Box of Chocolates. I also need to knit 2 pairs of Holly Berry Christmas socks by Emma Wright. My friend and I saw the West Yorkshire Spinners’s yarn for it and we HAD to have it. Downfall is that she doesn’t knit socks. lol She knew it was going to be a present for her and she would get them in Jan. I also got The Knitting Game kit from my hubby for Christmas so I need to start that too. lol The WIP I want to get done is a charity blanket that I started last month. I’m knitted it double stranded in squares and am now picking up and knitting a boarder for it. I feel like it will never end. I don’t like the colors but I know someone will! (A lime green with blue tencil calmed down with a cream white)

  6. I want to finish my nightshift shawl and plan to always have a pair of socks in progress-I finally tried magic loop for them and am very excited after a first pair success.

  7. Trying to get my knitting mojo back after doing very little knitting the last couple of years. Going ykk ok work on afghan and I’m not sure what else yet. But I do have a couple of WIPs that have been all but fine for a very long time that I need to finish. A striped cowl that just needs to be kitchenered together and a pair of socks that just need ends woven in. Finishing is not my strong suit.

    1. It sounds like you have some interesting projects to pull you back in, Kat. It’s ok to lose the passion for a bit. The yarn and needles will always be there when you want to come back!

  8. My January line-up includes a couple of shawls – Hitchhiker and Tidings (Helen Stewart). What I most want to finish in January is a a pair of socks that I started in September for my husband. He wears size 15 shoes so socks for him take a while. Legs and heels are done but I still have both feet to go.
    Thanks for this nice giveaway.

  9. I have a vest that I started in November of 2012 and it’s only 1/3 done. I’d like to finish that; geez it’s a VEST, no sleeves!

    Happy New Year!!

  10. It’s silly but I want to finish knitting a colorwork pillow that depicts the British flag, the Union Jack. It’s all done in angles, no straight lines. All charted intarsia using 13 bobbins of yarn in red or white or blue. I started it in 2012 as a gift for my British born husband. I’ve started it over a couple of times. Just gotta get serious about it.

  11. I would like to finish my Stephen West Mystery KAL. I have about 1000 stitches on the needle and each row takes a bit of time.

  12. Oh my…what a question! I actually keep a list by month because there are soooo many things I love to knit. First up is the Dissent socks for my daughter, then there’s an old fashioned Christmas sock for a new baby. Can’t forget about Elorie for me and mukluk slippers for the campers in my life.

    Does it count as a WIP if I have the yarn and pattern in a bag? I have many of those, but before I indulge, sleeves need to be completed on Bosco. Old project must be completed before new one starts-my resolution for 2021

    1. Well, it’s up to you on counting yarn/pattern in a bag, but I don’t personally count it until it’s started. (That keeps my total WIP number a little lower… ha!)

  13. I’d like to get my very first pair of mittens completed. I know you’re laughing – I’ve made lace shawls, sweaters, etc… but no mittens or socks.

  14. Working on a top dow raglan sweater for my 6mo. Next I have an earflap hat in bulky yarn. And if I still have time, a baby cardigan – something small for baby #2 that is on the way! Seems like hubby and I couldnt quite stay 6ft apart! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

  15. Happy New Year! Right now I’m knitting a double loop Honey Cowl and another Quick Oats baby sweater. I have a few WIPs, but the most important right now is actually counted cross stitch. It’s the birth sampler for my new grand baby!

  16. I have a couple sweater WIPS that must be finished this year! One is a Messaline in Loopy yarn. For January I have a pair of socks for my son, mittens for a daughter, and a test knit to finish – those projects for me always get pushed back – unless it is for Camp Loopy. 🙂

  17. I would love to finish my Mulled Wine socks. The first one is done and the second has a cuff finished.
    Also working on the Harvest shawl from Sock Yarn 2 book.

  18. January is always WIP month. I hope to complete at least 2 of 3 wips…Drip Candles socks are my top priority (from 2016).
    I am also excited to start my Rhinebeck sweater…a Humulus in Malabrigo Rios!

  19. My January lineup consists of completing my mom’s birthday gift (31st of Dec was her birthday), the Joy Cowl by Cally Monster. Then I am hoping to begin a massive project of my own that requires spreadsheets, tons of data, a knit that contains a story from [recent] history, and many colors.

    My WIP that I want to get done is a brioche shawl I started for Aug 2019 Camp Loopy. But I misread the yarn information and did not have enough yarn to complete. In order to complete this knit I need to rip a chunk of it and rewrite the pattern. That’s a lot of work, and I have managed to avoid doing it for long enough. Maybe.

  20. I’ve set a goal to finish 4 projects this year… The Sparks too by Anne Jones for my daughter, a shawl, a pullover sweater and a pair of socks. I have a pair of socks on my needles to finish.

  21. I have several WIP’s to finish. One is from 2016! The other is a Comfort Fade Cardi from 2019. I also need to get back to making socks. I don’t think I finished a single pair last year!

  22. I really plan to finish Opalescent, by Dominique Trad.
    I love the yarn you guys helped me pick and I deserve to have this beautiful cowl.

  23. I’m working on some WIPs in January: an Autumn Leaves Linier Top that I started in the fall and a striped beanie that I started earlier in the year. I’d really like to finish my Bubbles Scarf that has been languishing in my WIP pile for years.

  24. I started a complex crochet shawl for January. It’s about 3 inches now, but I love it so far! I’m hoping to finish a motif blanket that I started two years ago. I had a bunch of little squares finished, but I decided it needed to be a bigger blanket. I’ve made a bunch more, but I don’t know how big it is now…

  25. Honestly, the only thing I have headspace for right now are simple projects. I have a pair of simple ribbed socks in self-striping yarn on the needles right now. I’m using knitting to let my brain rest, so simple socks and hats it is! The main WIP I have is a Persian Dreams blanket, and I have a feeling it will remain a WIP for many years. 🙂

    1. I’m wanting simple projects right now, too. Totally get that. And it’s ok to let projects (like Persian Dreams) age a bit…

  26. First for the year is a little orange Abate (by Alicia Plummer) for my 2yr old son. He picked out his own yarn at the shop last week & is excited to have his first knit sweater! After that, I’m working on a new blue marled blanket with mountain accidents.

  27. I’m working on a sweater that was started last month and is probably too much for this beginner to handle. It may turn out to be more instructive than wearable.

  28. I just found a shawl that is partly knit – that I totally had forgotten about! Now I need to figure out why I stopped knittin on it, did I have knitting problems or just get –
    squirrel!!!!! – side tracked with other projects!

  29. My knitting lineup consists of a cowl and 2 hats for gifts. My long-term project is a sweater for me. Bought Wollmeise DK in the Nobody’s Perfect yarn for that!

    Knitting keeps me (relatively) sane.

  30. I have started the Little Rabbits scarf for my sister which is fair isle and so challenging for me with all the color changes! Although here in S.C. she would definitely not need it for Easter (!), I would love to have it ready for her.
    Thank you!

  31. Happy New Year to all!

    I’m knitting a “Joanie” sweater that I would like to wear this winter!

    Also, I’ve decided to make (at least) one pair of socks per month!

  32. I have currently have several WIP’s on my needles left from the holidays that I want to knock out. The biggest one being my Slipstravaganza Shawl by Steven West. That one feels the most daunting right now but a little bit each day (30min or so) should get it done before too long…I hope. LOL My goals so far this year are to knit a dishcloth a month and a pair of socks a month.

  33. I gave a few Loopy Ewe gift certificates to thank volunteers at the non-profit I lead, and lucky me, I got one in return from the people who share our mission. I’ve a very novice knitter but I’m going to attempt the Sockhead Hat in January, and finish the wrap that I started in November using the Malabrigo Rios that comprised my first experience with Loopy Ewe. I’ve been excited to share the site with a few friends who are learning to knit as well. Happy Knitting in 2021!

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