Magpie Swanky (and a Top Ten List)

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. Our shop is so quiet with no Loopy Elves and no in-store customers. Isn’t it a strange time for our country and the world? I’m so thankful for knitting and the meditative repetition of making loops with yarn. I decided to make a Top Ten List (which I used to do often, but haven’t in awhile).

Top Ten Ways that Knitting Helps (no matter what you’re going through)

1. Knitting is predictable. You can count on the results, each time.

2. Knitting is meditative. You’re pulling new loops of yarn through previous loops of yarn, one stitch at a time. Perfect for letting your mind rest.

3. Knitting is tactile. You get to feel the soft yarn as it runs through your fingers and turns into knitted rows.

4. Knitting is social. Even under stay-at-home orders, we can connect with others who love what we love, via social media. 

5. Knitting can be challenging. Need something to take your mind off everything else? Bring up a complicated pattern that will need all of your brain cells and your focus.

6. Knitting helps to calm those around you. How many of us have memories of grandmothers click click clicking their needles in the living room, while gathering with family? It’s a familiar sound that you can count on.

7. Knitting is colorful and cheerful. We’ve had some gray days, haven’t we? Some of my brightest skeins of yarn bring much needed color into life right now.

8. Knitting blesses twice. Once in the making, and once in the giving (or wearing).

9. Knitting is reassuring. No matter what else is going on, you can always pick up your knitting.

10. Knitting is inspiring. Sometimes a new skein (whether from Loopy or stash) is all you need to start down the path of a new project, a new challenge, a new way to engage your mind for a few minutes.

Goldfish Memory Knit Along

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting and have loved having a big project to put my mind on. If you haven’t joined in on our Goldfish Memory Knit Along, please do! It’s a beautiful pattern and a lot of fun to knit. To join: pick 3 skeins of fingering weight yarn (400 yards each), and jump in. Tag us on Instagram (#loopykal) so we can see what you picked and watch as you progress through the pattern!

Would you like this color combo? I’m waiting to hear back from Dream in Color about a quick re-stock in these colors. Email us if you’d like to be on the list for a set. (

Goldfish Memory The Loopy Ewe

New Magpie Swanky colors and re-stocks:

We have new colors of Magpie yarn up for you today. And what I love about Magpie is how incredibly soft and luscious it is. This is not a normal 80/10/10 yarn base. So you will probably want to wear it around your neck, or on your hands, or in a sweater. Somewhere where you can feel it. Of course that means it’s also a delight to knit up. Seriously. So. Soft.

Magpie Swanky Sock – Fingering weight, 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon

Magpie Swanky Sock The Loopy Ewe

Magpie Swanky DK
 – DK weight, 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon

Magpie Swanky DK The Loopy Ewe

Sweater Knit Along

For those of you who are more into knitting sweaters than shawls (like the Goldfish Memory), we’re starting up a Sweater Knit Along, too! (And, ok. It might also be because I need a sweater out of this Magpie Swanky DK. Like right now.) Pick any sweater pattern, winter or summer, get your yarn together (let us ship you a new supply, or pull some from your stash), and jump in. We’ll use the same hashtag – #loopykal. Here are the patterns I’m deciding between: Sunshine CoastRiftAldousSummerlineDillon, and Roxborough Dolman.

Our last Yarn Update included:

Madelinetosh VintageFloops Stitchmarkers, and Sandnes Garn re-stocks.

Thank you so much for your orders.

Paul and I are here every day and having a good time pulling and packing them up! It’s a tough time for small family-owned businesses like ours, but we are choosing to remain optimistic right now. If you need supplies, we are happy to ship to you. If you have friends who need a place to order from, we appreciate you sharing our website with them and we promise to take good care of them, too. Thank you for thinking of us. And thank you for all of your kind emails, order notes, and phone calls of encouragement. We appreciate you all so much. Please take care!

Sheri (and Paul)


  1. Oh my gosh – I am definitely sending an email to sign up for those colors for the Goldfish Memory Shawl. I just LOVE that one! In fact, I was looking at yarn on your website last week for one, but just couldn’t find a color combination I liked as much as that one. I will wait for those colors then! I hope you and your family are all staying safe and healthy!

  2. totally agree. Knitting is like a comfortable old friend and between organizing my stash and actual knitting-it has been my lifeline in these tough times. Thank you!

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