Whoo’s There?

This cute fellow heard that I was working on making clothes for an owl, and he showed up in our back yard. Then he saw the cats through the window, and stayed to keep an eye on them. (They are indoor cats. He can’t have them.) Isn’t he handsome though? Photo by Paul with a long lens. He was really close, but not as close as this photo makes it seem!

I started Louis the Owl’s sweater. His clothes ought to go fast. He is about 16″ tall, but not big around, so it’s a pretty quick knit to work on his clothes. Hopefully.

I was in St. Louis last weekend, visiting my parents. (It was really hot and really humid.) While I was there, my brother and I went to visit Grant’s Farm. We made yearly trips to Grant’s Farm when we were growing up, and then I took my kids there when they were growing up. It was fun to be back there! The property was once owned by Ulysses S. Grant and is now a 160+ acre animal reserve. It also has a cabin built by Ulysses in 1856. When I was little, you could get out of the tram to go into the cabin, but now you just trolley on by it. Still cool. One of only two cabins still in existence, hand-built by a president. (They didn’t say where the other one was located.)

One of the other fun things about the farm is that it is home to the Budweiser Clydesdales. There are only a few of the horses on display at any time, and I couldn’t get a good picture of them in their stalls. Here is the best I could do. This guy is called McGee. They are HUGE! And look at the picture showing the difference in horseshoes.

I’m off for a few days because my friends Claudia and Christine are here from Germany for a visit. Claudia, as many of you know, is the amazing dyer behind Wollmeise. Christine is an amazing and prolific knitter. (Knit Nighters: they will be at Knit Night next week, October 3rd. Don’t miss them!)

Be sure to check back on Monday’s blog for some cool Camp Project sharing. And then next Friday, I have another delicious recipe to share with you. And maybe owl clothes. And beautiful Aspen pictures.

Does it feel like Fall in your neck of the woods yet?



  1. the Clydesdales are magnificent! And they’re really gentle despite their towering size. So cool you got to see them! And the owl photo is brilliant—he could be on a notecard celebrating fall nights.

  2. Once I was providing Red Cross first aide for a zoo open house. The zookeepers walked out with an owl on a glove, like a falcon with their fowler. (He had been found injured, and even though much better, could not be released.) They gave me permission to touch him, suggesting the back of his neck. My index finger sank in its full length before reaching neck skin to scritch! What a luxurious down that owl had! That owl interaction is one of my treasured memories.

  3. Love Grant’s Farm! When we were there a few years ago they had a two week old Clydesdale filly in the paddock with her mother. So cute, but so big!

  4. Oh my gosh – I am SO JEALOUS! First the owl in Your Backyard!!!! And then being that close to a Clydesdale!!! I will look at the pictures and pretend I was there 😉 Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  5. How lovely to have yarn friends visit! Wishing you good weather. So, are there new yarns coming from Claudia? Did she bring some? Please share good wishes for a lovely visit.

  6. St. Louis is my neck of the woods! And it’s supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow. Some people suffer from SAD during the winter, I have it right now because I’m so angry about the heat! LOL

    My parents used to take me to Grant’s Farm when I was little, and I was always a horse-crazy little girl (still am, some things we don’t outgrow!). My mom has to this day not gotten over the time they let me pick something from the gift shop, and instead of a Clydesdale I wanted a little plastic fuzz-coated buffalo. Even though I’m around horses all the time now, I still get excited at the chance to visit with a Clyde – they’re so amazingly huge and gentle!

  7. The owl is beautiful, and the photo is wonderful. Thanks for sharing! I love the flickers who come to our backyard, but I’d sure like an owl, as well!

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