Louis the Owl and New Projects

I’m happy to say that Louis the Owl has been knit and put together. Now all I need to do is knit his clothes, which I think will go pretty quickly and will be fun. Oliver wasn’t too sure about those big owl eyes.

Louis the Owl The Loopy Ewe
Oliver and Louis The Loopy Ewe

Next I’d like to do one of these things for my “bowl of somethings” Loopy Grad School Challenge: Gnomes (or the simpler version), Goldfish, Cats, Hearts, Acorns, or Stars. Need to decide. I’m leaning towards acorns but want to try one first. Do you remember the Mary Engelbreit illustration of a “Chair of Bowlies” (instead of a bowl of cherries)? This assignment reminds me of that.

Knitted Acorns The Loopy Ewe

Other bowl ideas: Plaid Pumpkins, Little Birds, Steamed Broccoli, or Wee Pumpkins, For those of you doing a bowl of something – what are you going to do?

I’m also going to be working on my Loopy Advent mini skeins, knitting them up into the Daydreamer. (That’s not the exclusive pattern that we’re having designed for all kit purchasers – I just thought I’d have a second option to show you. I loved working on my Daydreamer earlier this year and wanted to do another.) Here’s a question for you – do you like to knit ribbing? I love knitting ribbing, but I have several friends who do NOT like it at all. Where do you stand? The Daydreamer is all about ribbing.

Here is the first Daydreamer I made (using Wollmeise colors). My new Loopy Advent Daydreamer will be done in the Cools version, but it would also be beautiful for those of you who are getting both kits, to mix the warms and cools together!

The Loopy Ewe Daydreamer

Just a reminder, we’re closing Advent and Holiday Kit orders this coming Tuesday so we can finalize numbers and get crackin’ on packin’! I’ve already done the pattern for the Holiday Kit, but am keeping it under cover until we ship the kits out. (The Knit Nighters and Wednesday Stitchers might have caught a glimpse of it…) Get yours while we have them up for order.

The Loopy Ewe Holiday/Advent Kits

Have a great weekend, all!



  1. I don’t mind knitting ribbing at all. And what is the yarn in the photo with the Acorn pattern? Beautiful. And I do remember the Chair of Bowlies. I love Mary E. and still have a few of her mugs.

  2. I love the look of ribbing, and usually don’t mind it. But it’s funny how much I prefer knitting 2×2 over 1×1!

  3. I didn’t like ribbing until I learned to do Norwegian purling. I prefer 2×2 rib over 1×1 rib. I remember Chair of Bowlies, too. Wasn’t there a Mary E. store in St. Louis in the old train station?

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