Loopy Academy Grad School!

Remember back in your school days when you took general classes in high school? And then maybe you went to college and majored in something cool? And then maybe you decided you wanted to really dial down into a certain part of your major, so you went on to Grad School?

Well – it’s time to dial down into your knitting “major”, and focus on an area of interest. We are happy to share our new school year challenge – Loopy Academy Grad School!

Everyone can join in! (No need to have completed Loopy Academy prior to Loopy Grad School)

We’ve taken our Loopy Academy assignments a step further for Grad School, to help you explore different techniques within your graduate program. This challenge will have two semesters, lots of fun challenges and contests, and lots of cool things to learn. First thing first:

Which area would you like to focus on and learn more about this semester? After you’ve chosen what you’d like to major in, check out the assignment options below.

If your major is Socks, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a pair of socks with a Fish Lips Heel
* a pair of socks with an Afterthought Heel
* a pair of socks knit from a charted pattern
* a pair of socks by Hunter Hammersen or Cookie A
* a pair of socks with stripes in more than 2 colors (not self-striping yarn)

If your major is Shawls, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a shawl with a picot edge
* a shawl out of worsted weight yarn
* a shawl with an applied (knit on or crocheted on) edging
* a shawl requiring a center graft
* a shawl done using 2 or 3 different colors

If your major is Sweaters, pick three of these projects to complete this semester (two of the three can be child sweaters if you’d prefer):
* a sweater with a colorwork yoke
* a sweater worked bottom up
* a sweater that is steeked
* a sweater that includes a lace pattern
* a sweater that has cables in the pattern

If your major is Accessories, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a colorwork cowl
* a cabled hat
* a grafted infinity cowl
* a 2 color brioche pattern (cowl, hat, scarf)
* a pair of lined mittens

If your major is Home, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a set of 3 felted bowls (in graduated sizes)
* a circular afghan
* a colorwork pillow
* a stuffie with parts that need to be sewn together
* a knitted or felted bowl of knitted items (4+ of the same type item – ornaments, fruit, snowmen, little monsters, etc)

*Your challenge is to complete your three chosen assignments from one category (socks or shawls or sweaters or accessories or home) between September 1 and December 31, 2019.

  • Minimum yardage requirement: 300 yards per project.
  • Photos of each completed project need to be uploaded to our Grad School Photo Gallery by midnight 12/31/19.
  • To qualify for Loopy Graduate Points, the yarn for your projects for first semester needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe anytime after 9/1/19. Points will be awarded during the month of January, 2020.
  • Once First Semester has been completed, we’ll debut five new challenges for each major on January 1, for your Second Semester assignments. Again, you’ll get to choose three of the five options to complete.
  • Your projects all need to be completed within one category in the semester, but you are welcome to change your category for second semester if you’d like.

Of course you want people to know that you’re in Grad School, right? (You’ll have to let them know you won’t be available for things like cooking or working or running errands, because you have Grad School Homework to be focusing on.) We have Loopy Academy Grad School pins for your project bags! They’re cute and they have a clutch back so they stay where you put them.

We have a Loopy Academy Grad School thread started up today on Ravelry, so you can share ideas, comments, thoughts, etc. We also set up a Loopy Academy Grad School private Facebook Group for people who’d like to chat there. It’s always more fun to see what everyone is doing, and to have a group where you can ask questions and get opinions on patterns, colors, designers, etc.

You’ll earn Loopy Reward Points for your total yardage completed during your semester. (You’ll need to notate your yardage in each photo you upload, please.)

You’ll earn 75 points for every 300 yards. So if you complete one 300 yard project during the semester, you’ll earn 75 points. If you complete all of your projects and do a total of 900 yards between all three, you’ll earn 225 points. If you are doing higher yardage projects and use (for example) 2100 yards in your projects during the semester, you’ll earn 525 points. (Limit three Grad Projects per semester per person, because we have to do all of the figuring manually on our end!)

So are you ready?
1. Pick your major
2. Pick three projects
3. Order your yarn
And go!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew Professors

P.S. As you are getting your yarn order in, you’ll also want to check out our September Scissors (Pumpkin handles!), NeedleMinder (sweet sheep), Sewing Kit (Wine Tote), Yarn Kit (Another Way Scarf), all just up today.


    1. Ha – I had so many people afraid that steeking would be a requirement of Loopy Academy. I’m so glad you’re jumping in and going to commit to the steeking in Grad School!

  1. Will there be a fabric version of Grad School? I was kind of disappointed there was no fabric component to camp this summer (although I probably couldn’t have pulled it off this year). I finished Loopy Academy Fabric in the first class and am looking forward to another challenge.

  2. Is Loopy Academy an ongoing thing? I know it isn’t required for Grad school, but is it something that I could start any Fall/Spring, or only when you are currently hosting it?

    1. You can start a Loopy Academy semester any time in the fall or spring. Just adapt all dates to the current year and semester!

  3. Again – there are other websites out there besides Ravelry…. for those of us not welcome there, would you consider starting a Fiberocity or alternative place?

    1. Yes, that’s why we started a Loopy Grad School chat group on Facebook, too. We’d love for people to chat about their projects and patterns wherever it works for them.

  4. Um. Reading from a chart? How about DESIGNING a chart? That seems much more grad school appropriate; shouldn’t one be doing original research? Same with patterns – why are you not encouraging original patterns? I don’t see anything forbidding that, but how about making it a requirement? That being said, I hope this encourages people to move beyond their comfort zone, and expand their skill set.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Beth! Of course designing originals is always an option (and we have that specifically listed in some of the options in our second semester list, which will be up in January. Designing an original was one of our first thoughts and we knew some people would be excited to do it. Others, not so much. But that’s why there are enough choices to be able to leave it out if it’s not your thing.)

      The “reading from a chart” requirement is an option because we still hear from so many people that they don’t want to do a pattern if it is only in chart form. (And we think chart form can be even easier to knit from, once you get familiar with it.) So we are always coming up with ways to encourage people to give it a try.

      Bottom line – just what you said. Hopefully participating in Grad School will encourage people to try some new things and expand their skills!

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