August Project and a CONTEST!

Day Two for my August Camp Loopy Project and I forgot how much I love this pattern. It seems to zip along so quickly. (Pattern: Song of the Sea Cowl, Yarn: Wollmeise Pure.)

Song of the Sea Cowl The Loopy Ewe

Do you put stitchmarkers between repeats when you are knitting a pattern? I find it so helpful. In this particular pattern, the repeat is initially 4 stitches, then 8 stitches, then 16 stitches. So my markers are every 16 stitches, just to make sure I don’t get off in any part of the pattern.

Stitchmarkers The Loopy Ewe

Do you remember when we had these adorable sheepy stitchmarkers for sale? I think it was Year One of Loopy. They were handmade and we could never get enough sets for everyone who wanted one. I still love them.

Stitchmarkers The Loopy Ewe

My favorite container for stitch markers is actually a small fishing tackle box (Plano brand). They have great containers at Target in the fishing lure section. This one is double sided.

tackle box

It’s officially our Thirteenth Loopy Anniversary this month, so we’re doing different things all month long, starting with today’s contest! Here’s your question to answer in the comments: What is your favorite knitting notion? I think mine has to be stitch markers, because they keep me on track and keep frogging to a minimum. Although when I read all of your answers, I’m going to say, “Oh, and that notion, too.” Because notions are just fun and I know you all will share some good ones.

I’ll draw a winner and will put that in next week’s Friday post. The winner gets a cool box of some of our favorite notions in the shop!

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  1. I love my Chibies!!! I have yellow ones, green ones, blue ones… Each Chibi holds yarn needles for weaving in the ends! I have lost track of how many I have purchased over the years, but I try to have one in each of my project bags!!! So take it as read that I have lots of them!!! They make it so easy to keep track of those yarn needles!!!

  2. Small, fun scissors. They are in knitting project bags, on all of my looms, and at my winding station. You just can’t have too many pair!!!

  3. I love my Knitifacts stitch markers! I’ve been knitting smaller gauge projects (US 7 or smaller) just so I can use them. So pretty!

  4. My favorite notions are definitely stitch markers. Unfortunately, they are easy to misplace, though. I’m always finding them in the couch, under the couch, in the bottom of my knitting bag etc.

  5. I am always a sucker for gadgets and gizmos, but after sitting on a pricey wooden needle (I was fine, the needle wasn’t) this week’s favorite is a knitting needle holder that I found on Etsy. It is a metal tube with a rubber closure on the end; the needles slide into the tube and are held in place by the closure. It protects my needles when I travel, holds my stitches securely in place, and is more comfortable to sit on than a needle.

  6. I like stitch markers, the plastic locking kind. I can use them to mark my pattern repeats but they are also helpful if I find a dropped stitch. I put a marker in it to hold it until I get to the spot I can fix it. Also have a tiny crochet hook to fix those dropped stitches.

  7. Stitch markers top my list. I think of them as the “bling” for my project. So many different types and colors and styles to choose from. My question is, how is that I purchase so many stitch markers that I love, and then struggle to find a single one when I need it???? 🙂

  8. My favorite notion is a beautiful patchwork portfolio my daughter made for me. It has a pocket on one inside cover, and the other is a covered magnet page with magnetic strips to keep me on row in my knitting.

  9. I don’t knit much, so I’m not really sure what my favorite notion is. Probably a good yarn needle–I always seem to be looking for one.

  10. I love my yarn scale. I weigh my yarn before casting on and sometimes, not always, every row thereafter. It depends on the pattern and just how serious a game of yarn chicken I’m playing.

    It’s not as portable as other notions, but it has saved me more than once and I’d be lost without it.

  11. My favorite notion is my chain style row counter. Loops for 5 or more rows that hangs on my needle that I have to move and update each time I finish two rows. I found it very useful for Close to you and am currently using it for Hitchhiker. For patterns like these I apparently can’t count rows without it.

  12. I think my Loopy needle gauge thingy – it has a ruler on one side and all the needle holes – it fits in my favorite Spud and Chloe notions bag and I call on it often when I can’t read the needle size on the cord where Addi prints them. Addi is still my favorite needle BTW. I know you didn’t ask that but I’m sorry you dropped them. I know it’s hard to carry everything. Thanks for doing a great job – your Aug camp project is gorgeous ! Green is my fav color. Mel

  13. I love my new digital pocket scale. I love being able to weigh my yarn on the go while knitting!

  14. Stitch markers and a good retractable tape measure are my favorites. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Happy Anniversary from a fellow retired Special Educator.

  15. I love my key ring collection of a debra’s garden purple metal row counter with a cutter hidden at the bottom, matching needle gauge and a tiny tape measure. I can clip my stitch markers on so I lose a few less!

  16. My favorite notion is my knitter notion tin. It makes me smile every time I open it It has a magnet on the lid that holds my needles and stitch markers.

  17. My favorite knitting notion is my collection of stitch markers. I have collected them since I started knitting again back in ’07, some have been given to me, some I purchased, and some I made. Most of mine come from a stitch marker exchange one evening at Loopy Fall Fling September 2013. There were the most stitch markers I have ever seen in one room!

  18. My most-used notions are my needle gauge and stitch markers. I use stitch markers all the time, and I always seem to be buying new ones. I especially like the locking ones!

  19. I like having a small crochet hook nearby at all times when I knit, to catch (and ladder back up) the stitch I’ll inevitably drop at some point – usually when and where it’s least convenient, of course! So yeah, that small crochet hook makes my knitting life a lot easier. 🙂

  20. My favorite knitting notion is the hiyahiya needle gauge. They are awesome and inexpensive. I have them in most of my project bags and needle binder.
    Happy Anniversary.
    Thank you

  21. My favorite notions are the needle cords of many lengths for my interchangeable needles. I have them in all the sizes, from the short little ones that are just perfect for socks to the very long ones for those shawls that just keep growing. They are not the sexiest or cutest notion, but I love that I can keep changing the cords as my projects change diameter – like the top-down sweaters I’ve been working on this summer.

  22. If I had to pick one notion, it would be stitch markers. They can be plain, pretty, blingy, custom for my personality.

  23. I do love the handmade stitch markers but then my favorite thing is measuring tapes. Never seem to have enough.

  24. I so look forward to your emails. Always interesting, I always learn something new, and they are just fun. Thank you

  25. My faves are tiny scissors and cool little tins that I can fit all my “must have” notions in and just throw in my bag. The geekier the better (huge fangirl here). Oh, and do project bags count as a notion?

  26. This may sound odd… but my favorite knitting notion is a plastic sandwich bag with one corner cut off. I usually knit socks two at a time and keeping the balls of yarn in separate bags keeps everything rolling smoothly. As an added aside…I use those perfume sample papers in the bags to give a slight whiff to every pull of yarn.

  27. I like the row counter that has the loop on it that I use as a marker and keeping track of my rows. I have many and have bought some from Loopy when you carried them. I need many as I have many projects going at any time.

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