August Project and a CONTEST!

Day Two for my August Camp Loopy Project and I forgot how much I love this pattern. It seems to zip along so quickly. (Pattern: Song of the Sea Cowl, Yarn: Wollmeise Pure.)

Song of the Sea Cowl The Loopy Ewe

Do you put stitchmarkers between repeats when you are knitting a pattern? I find it so helpful. In this particular pattern, the repeat is initially 4 stitches, then 8 stitches, then 16 stitches. So my markers are every 16 stitches, just to make sure I don’t get off in any part of the pattern.

Stitchmarkers The Loopy Ewe

Do you remember when we had these adorable sheepy stitchmarkers for sale? I think it was Year One of Loopy. They were handmade and we could never get enough sets for everyone who wanted one. I still love them.

Stitchmarkers The Loopy Ewe

My favorite container for stitch markers is actually a small fishing tackle box (Plano brand). They have great containers at Target in the fishing lure section. This one is double sided.

tackle box

It’s officially our Thirteenth Loopy Anniversary this month, so we’re doing different things all month long, starting with today’s contest! Here’s your question to answer in the comments: What is your favorite knitting notion? I think mine has to be stitch markers, because they keep me on track and keep frogging to a minimum. Although when I read all of your answers, I’m going to say, “Oh, and that notion, too.” Because notions are just fun and I know you all will share some good ones.

I’ll draw a winner and will put that in next week’s Friday post. The winner gets a cool box of some of our favorite notions in the shop!

Sheri wholikesnotionsalmostasmuchasbags.Andyarn.


  1. Hmmm. Fave has to be my little stitch repair-ers. The short little crochet hooks to catch dropped stitches. Can’t remember their name, tho!

  2. I love my Fiskar micro scissors with cap. Next would be my magnet board which I use to keep track of intricate pattern charts. I love being able to see the whole pattern instead of just a part of it like I do if I attempt to use my Ipad mini screen.

  3. I’d have to say it’s my crochet hook. I’m constantly digging for one to correct error and dropped stitches.

  4. That is a fun pattern!
    Hmm, I think my favorite notion is that red clover row counter that you click. I use that with every garment project!

  5. Stitch markers are up there, but I think these stitch stoppers that loopy sent me as an extra with something are my current favorite.

  6. Is my needle gauge because I always forget to put back in the needle package. And the writing is usually so small on the needle

  7. While I do agree that stitch markers and life lines allow me to binge watch or listen to audio books, my #1 knitting notion is the Handi Tool. I have several placed throughout the house wherever I knit. I use it to pick up stitches, correct any stitch issues I have, and weave in ends. Surprisingly, very few knit shops carry these in the store, so I buy mine online. I use the Susan Bates brand the most.

    1. My favorite knitting notion is row counters. I have 6 different types of counters that I use depending on what my W.I.P. is. And project bags – never enough different types and sizes of bags. And crochet hooks for correcting errors. And stitch markers. And little, sharp scissors. Oh, let’s face it – I love them all!!!

  8. I’m having trouble choosing my favorite because there are so many I can’t live without! But I really like my Silvalume handitool! It saves me every time I drop a stitch!

  9. Don’t we all love stitch markers and bags? And of course something to cut and something to measure with are essential. But my favorite has to be a small crochet hook.

  10. I use my Row counter on almost all projects and I also always use stitch markers if there is a pattern with repeats. I dislike having to frog my work. HappyThirteenth anniversary.

  11. I’m with you,Sheri, I don’t know what I’d do without stitch markers! They are a must when knitting lace!

  12. So many! My red clicking counter, stitch markers, the hands-tool, little scissors, bent-tip darning needles…

    Of them all I think the stitch markers are tops.

  13. Definitely stitch markers and my needle gage, as the size has a tendency to wear off the needle and it’s hard to tell what size it is.

  14. While I use stitch markers a lot, my favorite notion is the green Clover row counter because it locks. I keep one with each of my projects.

  15. I’m going with stitch markers. I used to think I was so clever I didn’t need them. Then I started a lace pattern and discovered that they made SUCH a difference!!

  16. I would have to say that my needle-gauge-hook-ruler thingy. Such a useful tool. It’s a ruler for checking gauge, it’s a needle size checker, a conversion chart for needle size from US to metric and it’s straight line row marker. Of course, I can never find one when I need it. I must have a dozen!

  17. Stitch markers! So many fun ones… but my favorite are the hammered copper ones a late friend gave me.

  18. Definitely my yarn bowl! Easy to throw in a bag for knitting on the go and no more chasing a ball of yarn under my chair or end table. Or worse yet under the couch. It is wood and painted in turquoise and green. As beautiful as it is helpful. Perfect.

  19. I love my sheep tape measure. It’s cute, portable (has been used in the hardware store and at work occasionally), works for both inches and centimeters, and most important recently, doubles as an awesome toddler toy. She pulls out the tail, I retract. Repeat for a solid 15 minutes!

  20. Stitch markers save my sanity! I even color coordinate them when I’m casting off a hat, so I’ll know where the new row is. But my yarn bowl, a small wooden one, is my newest love. And bags…. And containers full of crochet hooks and knitting needles. Where does it end??

  21. It is my collection of bunny stitch markers. Collected over the years, combined with my love of rabbits make up my favorite knitting notions!

  22. Fun colored or shaped stitch markers top my list, followed by a crochet hook, a tape measure, and tiny, sharp scissors.

  23. It’s not a knitting notion per se, but I’m crazy about a fun pair of scissors! It’s gett to be that I have enough to put in every project bag!

  24. My favorite notion is my little cloth measuring tape! It’s closely followed by my tiny spring embroidery scissors with a cap.

  25. Highlighter Tape! Not sure what I’d do without it…. I tend to write / take a lot of notes on my pattern as I knit. The tape helps me keep my place – without cluttering up my pattern even more…

  26. My favorite notion has to be Stotchmarkers! I absolutely I e them – al sizes shapes and designs!! They are like little good luck charms that help me with my knitting! I also love the tiny crochet hooks for picking up dropped stitches! Those are life-savers!!

  27. Coilless safety pins. I use them for row marking (when the direction is “decrease 1 every 5th row”, etc). Progress markers, to identify a decrease point, to “flag” the stitch or mistake I need to think back to…. the ones that have rounded bases are the best because they can also be used on the needle between pattern repeats.

  28. Mine are stitch markers too! I have a set of Outlander markers, some beautiful beaded markers, some very simple ones…so much variety to keep me interested and entertained. Love them!

  29. Love all my notions but probably most used are my stitch markers followed closely with highlighter tape. Can never have too many tools/notions

  30. My favorite is my beading tool. I love adding beads to my knitting and this makes it easy! I like the fleagle beader from Etsy. Following that would be the knit blockers from Knitters Pride.

  31. Highlighter tape for tracking my current row on charts. I love that I can use the edge under my current row of knitting while at the same time I can see through it to make sure that I’m on track above the previous row. It’s a life-saver! I always tuck under about 1/2” at each end to make picking up the strip and moving it easy.

  32. That little round container of little stitch marker safety type pins. and the red packet that is spring loaded to open and close.

  33. It absolutely has to be stitch markers, especially the ones and open and close, and a row counter. Couldn’t be without either one of them.

  34. Stitch markers! They are great reminders of yarn shops from my travels and I love the little extra visual fun they give to my projects.

  35. I think my favorite are counters…..I especially love the kaching ones….and I don’t know how many I have but I never can find one when I really need one….but when I don’t really need one, I can find several!!!

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