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It’s May! We are starting something new this month, with the introduction of monthly kits and notions. We’ll have them for you the first Monday of the month, and that starts today.

May Knit Kit – How many of you loved Charlotte’s Web when you were growing up? I bought a copy at my school’s book fair and it was my first real chapter book that I read on my own. It has always been a favorite. This month’s kit is a Charlotte’s Web celebration! Tanis Gray designed these adorable mittens for Charlotte and Wilbur and we have paired it with three different color combinations (option one, option two, option three) in The Uncommon Thread’s Merino DK. Each kit contains a skein of each of the two colors, plus a pdf copy of the pattern. (You can also purchase a lot of pdf’s for Tanis’s patterns here individually.)

Monthly Kits Tanis Gray The Loopy Ewe
©Tanis Gray
Monthly Kits Tanis Gray The Loopy Ewe
©Tanis Gray
Monthly Kits Tanis Gray The Loopy Ewe
©Tanis Gray

May Sewing Kit – This month, we have the Double Baked Apron Kit for you! Each kit comes with the pattern and the material needed to make it. Perfect for a quick Mother’s Day or Birthday gift for your favorite someone. (Fabrics will vary, but the Loopy Sewing Elves picked all beautiful ones!)

Monthly Kits Twice Baked Apron The Loopy Ewe

May Scissors – We are so looking forward to bringing you a different scissor each month, and this month we have a happy pink Flower Power scissor ready for you. Perfect, since April showers bring May flowers, right? (Why monthly? Because several of us around here want to collect them all, and getting one a month seemed do-able…)

Flower Power Scissors The Loopy Ewe

May Needle Minder – To round out the monthly offerings, we have the first of many monthly Needle Minders for you. This month you get the Lilies of the Valley, also celebrating May flowers. You will love keeping this magnetized to your project bag (or, if you’re like me, sticking to the lamp post that you knit by). Your darning needle attaches to it, your scissors attach to it, and even some of your stitch markers will probably attach to it. It’s a beautiful way to keep things organized. (Ditto on collecting one a month. See above.)

Tulip Needle Minder The Loopy Ewe

More scissors – We also added in a few more versions of scissors to keep regularly stocked in the shop. We have the Prim Putford, Prim Owl, and Prim Roly Poly for you as well.

Prim Putford Scissors The Loopy Ewe
Owl Scissors The Loopy Ewe
Roly Poly Scissors The Loopy Ewe

Who needs multiple scissors? Um, everybody? 🙂 I love scissors and often look for old ones in antique shops when I’m out and about. Those old ones don’t usually cut very well, but they are pretty in a display. I keep this old Flower Frog on the antique table next to where I knit. Looks like I will be needing another one to handle all of the new styles I’ll be adding. (Flower Frogs were used at the bottom of vases for helping to hold the flower stems in place. This style is glass and comes in different sizes.)

Our last Yarn Update included: Dream in Color City and new Atenti Bags.

Thanks for shopping through the new monthly kits and notions! Also, watch your in-box for our Camp Loopy email, heading out to all of our monthly email newsletter subscribers later this week! We’ll have the info up on Thursday’s blog, too.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Want to auto-subscribe to one of our monthly kits or monthly notions? Email us ( and we’ll set your order up the first Monday morning of each month, so you don’t miss one and yours can ship out first!


  1. What a great use for the frog – I’m definitely going to have to go hunting for one to put all my little scissors in. The needle minder design looks like Lily of the Valley (also called May Bells).

  2. oh my gosh – thank you for the most wonderful idea! Flower frogs are beautiful on their own – but to be useful too! And a way to keep your scissors organized! Now I am sure I will not find another frog…..they will all be scooped up!

    1. Aren’t they fun? I’m going to be on the lookout for a blue one, now that I’ve googled and see all of the pretty colors that they come in.

  3. I love the owl! But as a lefty, it’s so frustrating that so many companies who make pretty scissors only make right-handed scissors. (No, just because the rings are symmetrical doesn’t make them left-handed. Hold the scissors handle down and tip up; the ring on the right is attached to the blade that’s on top. They’re right-handed. If you use them in your left hand, they won’t cut nearly as well as when used right-handed.)

  4. Oh my , I LOVE the mittens . That is one of my favorite books also . I’m not a knitter, I’m just learning how to quit. I would love to get these for our neighbor girls. They have pigs!! And last year they had to bring some piglets into the house in the winter to care for them. They had to get up every 2 hrs to feed them and miss school so they wouldn’t loss them. Well the girls got to attached and it was a difficult time when it came to butchering. Broken hearts, for sure.

    1. Piglets in the house – how fun! 🙂 These mittens do seem perfect for your neighbor girls!

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