Dream in Color City (& More Llamas)

Happy Monday to you! We self-proclaimed this LYS-O day around here. Saturday was LYS Day (Local Yarn Shop Day) and we were delighted to have so many of our local Loopies stop by the shop. We gave out a Loopy Water Bottle with each purchase. Today we wanted to extend that to you, since so many of you tell us that we ARE your local yarn shop, even if you live 1000 miles away. We love hearing that! So if you’re ordering and would like our LYS-O celebration water bottle, just leave us an order note and we’ll include it in your order for you. 

We do have new things up for you today. First up:

Dream in Color CityThis yarn is technically listed as a worsted weight, although it is just a smidge heavier. It has a plump twist that shows stitches beautifully, and it’s a joy to knit with. 200 yards per skein. 94 color choices.

Pattern Ideas: Hipster Shawl, Free for All Cowl, The Throwback, Winterfell Cardigan, and February Hat.

Dream in Color City The Loopy Ewe

Atenti BagsWe have a few more bags that were backordered and have now arrived. If you missed out on a certain style or design, we’re happy to special order for you. Just email. 

Atenti Llama The Loopy Ewe
Santa Ana Atenti The Loopy Ewe

Our last Yarn Update included: Cavallini Notebooks, Pencils, and Sticky Notes. We like to keep these notebooks, sticky notes and pencils in each of our project bags for taking notes or highlighting items as we go. Or do you watch/listen to podcasts? These are great for taking notes on things you want to follow up on later. We also added in more Atenti bags in the Overnight, Maxi Tote, Hope Basket and Bonnie styles. Everyone needs a cute project bag (or five). 🙂

Cavallini The Loopy Ewe
Cavallini The Loopy Ewe
Cavallini The Loopy Ewe

What are you going to make with your next skein of Dream in Color City? We’d love to know!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

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