Loopy Knights Winter Challenge

It was fun watching so many of you get projects done during the fall semester of our Loopy Knights Challenge! We had people knitting from new purchases, people knitting from Loopy stash, and people finishing WIP’s (always a good thing).

It’s time for the Winter Version of Knights of the Loopy Table! If you liked the way things worked Fall Semester, you can carry on just like that. We’ve added in a new Knit A Long this month and have a few other things up our sleeves to make things fun, if you want to join in with us!

knights of the loopy table

Just a reminder – for Loopy Knighthood challenges, all of the yarn needs to come from The Loopy Ewe (new purchases or previously purchased from us). There are different ways to earn your points. Your points can be traded in for cool free things in our Loopy Rewards Store!

1. You can purchase new yarn from us, December 31, 2018 or later, for new Spring projects. (To get point credits, your project needs to be started 12/31/18 or later, and finished by 4/30. Photo needs to be uploaded to our Loopy Photo Galleries by 4/30/19.)
Points for new projects:
20 pts for each 200-399 yard project
40 pts. for each 400-599 yard project
60 pts. for each 600-799 yard project
80 pts. for each 800-999 yard project
100 pts. for each 1000+ yard project

2. You can use Loopy stash yarn or complete Loopy Works In Progress for points. (To get point credits, your project needs to be completed by 4/30/19 with a photo uploaded to our galleries by that date. You will be getting credit for the amount of yardage you knit December 31, 2018 and later and you need to indicate how much yardage you knit 12/31/18 and later in your photo notes.)
Points for stash or WIP projects are half the amount above. (So 10 pts. for 200-399 yards knit on that project, 20 pts. for 400-599 yards knit on that project, etc.)

3. You can participate in a Knights Knit a Long this semester. Our first Knit A Long is for a sweater of your choice. (See yesterday’s blog post for some great sweater ideas that you might want to consider!) To get point credits, your project yarn needs to be purchased and sweater knitting started 12/31/18 or later, finished with photo uploaded by 4/30/19. Sweater needs to be 600 yards or more. Limit 1 KAL Sweater project per person.
Points for the Knights Sweater Knit a Long:
80 pts. for a 600-799 yard sweater
100 pts. for a 800-999 yard sweater
120 pts. for a 1000+ yard sweater

Our next KAL will be announced mid February, and a third KAL announced the end of March. We hope you join in!

What level of Loopy Knighthood are you going for? 100 points earns you the title of Page, 200 points earns you the title of Squire, and 300 points earns you the title of Loopy Knight (which comes with additional rewards! See our original blog post here for those details.) We’ll be adding your Fall Semester and Winter Semester points for a total number of points earned towards your title.

Loopy Knights Swag is available! We have pins for your project bag, and project bags and totes for your projects. We also have a card for tracking your points. Just let us know if you need one of those included in your order.

enamel Loopy Knights pin
loopy knights tote
loopy knights drawstring

What will be your first project of 2019? Join in on the discussions on our Ravelry Loopy Groupie page, email us with any questions (support@theloopyewe.com), and we look forward to seeing what you accomplish this semester with Loopy Knights!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Tag us in your Instagram and Facebook posts, so we can see what you’re up to! #theloopyewe, #loopyknights, #loopyknighthood


  1. I love the sweater KAL, just wish I would have known about it when I ordered an SQ of yarn on 12/28 for, you guessed it, A SWEATER!

  2. I’m finally going to knit the Throwback Sweater for me, with Loopy Yarn I bought last semester! Can I join the sweater KAL with stash yarn and earn half the “KAL points” or does using stash yarn mean I earn half the regular Knightly points? I’m fine either way, just seeking clarity!

    I’m so happy to have the encouragement to start and finish a sweater for me!! That is a prize in itself!

    1. You can join the KAL with stash yarn. If you haven’t started the sweater yet, you would get half KAL points. If the sweater is a WIP, you’d get WIP points. Does that make sense? Glad you’re joining in!

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