Knights of the Loopy Table (& Tuesday Yarn Update!)

We’re putting together our conroi of knitting knights for the Loopy Table. What does that mean? A conroi is a group of knights who trained and fought together. We’re not fighting anyone. We’re just knitting, learning new things, and having fun together with this new fall program. Welcome to The Knights of the Loopy Table!

What is this? A program to encourage and inspire new knitting projects (and/or WIP finishing).
Who can participate? Anyone! It’s a virtual program.
Is there an entry fee? No.
What are the rewards? Completed projects, Loopy Reward Store points, Loopy Credits from your purchases, and knighterly project camaraderie on Ravelry.

First Semester: September 3 – December 31 (photos uploaded to Loopy Photo Galleries by 12/31.)
Second Semester: January 1 – April 30. (photos uploaded to Loopy Photo Galleries by 4/30.)

You choose your own quest to Knighthood.

You can make any patterns you like, as long as they are at least 200 yards (singly knit) or more, and as long as you’re using yarn you purchased here. We just want to encourage you to be as productive as you’d like to be over the next 8 months!

We have three different options for yarn supplies:

  1. What-Stasher – Buy your project yarn from The Loopy Ewe September 4 or later, for each of the projects you want to complete this semester. (“What stash? Don’t ask me about my stash, I like it the way it is, I’m buying new yarn for my knightly projects. I like a good excuse to buy more yarn.”)
  2. WIP-erStasher – Use stash yarn or complete some of your current WIP’s. Yarn needs to have been purchased from The Loopy Ewe for both WIP’s or stash-using projects. Yardage points for WIP’s will be based on how much you knit or crochet starting Sept. 4 or later. (“I have some Works In Progress I need to finish. I have some yarn from The Loopy Ewe in my stash that I want to use. I’ll be WIPing and/or Stashing.”)
  3. WhatWip-erStasher – A little bit of everything – buying new, using old, completing some WIP’s. Same rules apply as in #1 and #2. (“I have some WIP’s I need to finish and yarn from The Loopy Ewe in my stash that I want to use. Plus I want to buy some new yarn, too!” )

You can participate by doing any amount of projects you’d like. You’ll earn points for your Fall Semester projects and then more points for your Spring Semester projects. Each project earns a certain point value (see below) based on the yardage completed 9/4 or later in that project for Fall Semester. (1/1 or later for Spring Semester.) At the end of next April, we’ll add the points from all of the projects you have submitted for the program from Fall and Spring Semesters and will see where you landed on your journey to Loopy Knighthood.

Project Points for What-Stashers

(you’re buying the yarn for your projects Sept. 4 or later for Fall Semester, and January 1 or later for Spring Semester):

20 pts for each 200 – 399 yard project
40 pts for each 400 – 599 yard project
60 pts for each 600 – 799 yard project
80 pts for each 800 – 999 yard project
100 pts for each 1000+ yard project

Project Points for WIP-erStashers*

(you’re using stash yarn or completing WIP’s with yarn that you previously purchased from The Loopy Ewe):

WIP-erStashers earn half points in each of the categories above. (10 for 200+ yards, 20 for 400+ yards, 30 for 600+ yards, 40 for 800+ yards, 50 for 1000+ yards.)

*Remember, with WIP’s, you’ll just report how much yardage you did on that WIP from September 4th on, when the program started. So if you have a 600 yard project and 400 was already done, you’d get credit for completing the final 200 yards in that project when you finish that WIP up. You need to have at least 200 yards still to go on your WIP for it to count in this program.

We’ll be awarding the levels of Page, Squire or Loopy Knight (plus your rewards) next May, after the Journey to Loopy Knighthood is complete and all photos have been approved.

There are three levels of Loopy Knighthood. Which one will you earn?

100 points earned = Title of Page

(Pages started their Knighthood training at age 7-14, learned basic skills, and helped with serving, carrying messages and cleaning clothes.) If your Fall and Spring project points add up to 100, we’ll send you the Page button next May, and will add 100 extra points to your Loopy Reward Store total.

200 points earned = Title of Squire

(Squires ranged in age from 14-21. They took care of the knight’s horses, cleaned their armor and weapons, and accompanied the knight to the battlefield.) If your Fall and Spring project points add up to 200, we’ll send you the Squire button next May, and will add 200 extra points to your Loopy Reward Store total.

300 points earned – Title of Loopy Knight

(If a squire had proven his bravery and skill, he would become a knight at the age of twenty one.) If your Fall and Spring project points add up to 300 or more, we’ll send you the Loopy Knighthood button next May, will add 300 extra points to your Loopy Reward Store total, and will also reward you with six months of digital coupons for The Loopy Ewe. (One per month added to your Loopy account, from May through October).

Ordering yarn for Knighthood Project Quests?

Add an order note to your order and we’ll include a handy graph to keep track of your points and a Loopy Knight Button for your project bag.

To celebrate our new program, we had knight-themed project bags made up in two sizes

(sewn by uber-talented Loopy Elf Cheryl). The perfect bag combo for your trip to Loopy Knighthood!


We also had Dream in Color dye up four exclusive knightly colors 

that also work together (for Fade-type projects – King Arthur’s purple fades to Sir Lancelots’s blue with some of that purple, which fades to Queen Guinevere’s green with some of the blue, which fades to the multi-colored mix!). Of course they are all beautiful on their own, too!

You’ll find King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Queen Guinevere, and Knights of Loopy.


Are you joining in on the Quest? We can’t wait to see all of the projects you get done over the

next eight months!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. We also did an Update today:

We added in Malabrigo Rasta, Rios, and Sock, Uschitita Fibre Art’s Merino Sock, and hundreds and hundreds of Pompons, because it’s that time of year again!









    1. This challenge is for knitting or crocheting. But we should do a weaving challenge sometime, as we love weaving!

  1. So excited! Have Christmas pillows to do and this is a perfect way to keep me on track. Will be ordering my yarn next week. Thanks

  2. Question: In the “WhatWip-erStasher” category do you get full points for the yarn you buy and half points for the stash yarn or just all half points? Sorry, early in the morning and the brain really hasn’t kicked in yet. Just now starting caffeine infusion.

    1. Hmm – do you mean if you do a 2 skein project and one skein was stash and one skein bought? Good question! I guess it would be like you said – full points for the new yarn and half points for the stash. That’s going to take some figuring on our end!

  3. Can the Knight be combined with Loopy Academy? I bought all my supplies for the Freshman year before the Knights was announced.

    1. Hi Holly – we can do half points for Loopy Academy/Knight double dipping, as long as you indicate it in your photo note when you upload your project photo to the Loopy Academy Gallery. When we get your note, we’ll also add it to the Knights Gallery and will make note that you will earn the half-points!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this. We certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out. I’m so glad you’re participating with us!

  4. “as long as you’re using yarn you purchased here” – I am pretty sure I know the answer, but just to confirm, this means that the project has to be 100 percent loopy ewe yarn, and not something like “a majority loopy ewe yarn”? Thinking mostly for those working from stash for some projects with multiple colors needed.

    1. Hi Julia – we’ll add the category in a couple of weeks when people start completing projects for the challenge. To participate, there is no sign up. Just jump in and join us!

  5. If I make a matching hat and cowl or matching hat and gloves does that count as one item or does the hat count as one and the other item count as one. I want to make some Christmas gifts that have a hat and gloves and a hat and a cowl but not sure each item has 200 yards as a minimum.

    1. Each item needs to be 200 or more yards. The only thing we count as a set would be things that come in pairs – socks, mittens, gloves, mitts.

  6. I’m going to do the WIP-erstasher. I bought yarn for a baby blanket for the July camp project. I’m only about half done and the baby is coming Nov 1. I had to put it on hold to have back surgery. The pattern is totally wrong so I’m winging it. It’s been a challenge. We’ll see what I find to finish next.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration to get knitting. I just pulled out my TLE yarn in my stash – I think I will be knitting shawls for everyone for Christmas!

  8. I love this challenge! A little stash busting, a little wip finishing and a little….look….pretty new new yarn startitis.
    It has it all.

  9. The project can also be crochet? I am just learning to knit, so I can crochet faster at this point 😉
    Trying to find super easy, non stressful knit patterns though that work well with 200 yards of yarn. 🙂 I’m not ready for hats or socks….. 🙁

    1. Yes, please join in with crochet! Happy that you’re learning to knit, too. You will be whipping out hats and socks before you know it. 🙂

    1. Hi Anne – you can submit the project photos on your account page, once you’ve logged in to our website. And there is a section to leave notes with the photo, letting us know how many yards and if it was new yarn, stash, or a WIP that you started previously.

  10. I love this idea! Definitely good motivation for an early start on holiday knitting. 🙂 Quick question — could I use stash yarn that y’all gifted me for being a Loopy Groupie? It’s a skein of Loopy Legends, and I’d love to make some socks with it. Thanks for considering!

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