Malabrigo Rios, JulieSpins, & Contest Winners!

Happy Monday to you! We have more fun things for you today in the update. We added in:

JulieSpins MCN 180 Aran

This is the perfect yarn for quick, last minute holiday gifts. I whipped up this hat in an evening and it’s so warm and comfortable to wear. (I added a pompon on top. Need helping picking the right pompon color? We’re an email or a phone call away and are always happy to help!) Pattern Suggestions: That Easy Guernsey Hat (shown), Fetching, Big Herringbone Cowl, 86-10 Headband, Copy.Cat C.C Beanie, Harvest Moon, Darkside Cowl, and Warmest Mittens.

Malabrigo Rios

Lots and lots of colors in this update. People love Rios for sweaters and larger projects, as well as for one skein quick knits. The worsted weight yarn is superwash wool, so it’s easy to care for, too. Pattern Suggestions: Malabrigo Hat, Three Pines Mitts, Rauwerk Trees, Split Stones, and Jasmine Scarf.


Dream in Color’s Pop Up Skein for December

Veronica shares the inspiration for this color: “This color is inspired by the totally different mood of the holiday season that we have here in Tucson. One major adjustment we have faced is how different Christmas is here. Getting into the spirit of the season is a bit more of a leap since it’s lovely and warm outside. There aren’t many trees to decorate in the yard so people tend to put lights on the saguaro cactus. During the day its hard to imagine it’s even winter, but at night temperatures drop and the deep blues and oranges of the desert winter become our “reds and greens” of Christmas.”

Our last Yarn Update included:

Canon Hand Dyes Fyodor Bulky, Canon Hand Dyes Fyodor with Pompons, Cascade Heritage Sock, Ultra Pima, 220, 220 Superwash, 220 Superwash Aran, 220 Superwash Wave, Superwash Sport, Gherkin’s Bucket Long Stride Sock, Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper, Universal Bamboo Pop and Cotton Supreme, Blue Q Bags, and all needle re-stocks.

We have book winners to announce!

We have books for: Karen Pyne, Donna Wolak, Amy Schulze, and Jan (who “has been crocheting more lately”).  Please email us ( with your address and we’ll get your book out to you.

Today’s contest:

Tell us which you prefer: speckles or semi-solids, coffee or hot chocolate, late to bed or early to rise, handmade gifts or store bought gifts? We’ll announce the winners next Monday. (Let us know if you have a book preference, should you win!)

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I’m all about the speckles, served with a side of coffee, please.

    I would rather stay up late than get up early. Always appreciate handmade gifts both making and receiving.
    Both books are lovely, no preference.

    Thanks to you and all the loopy elves!

  2. I think currently I prefer speckles, coffee to get me through the day (but hot cocoa when I’m curled up with a book at night), early to rise (when did that happen???), and handmade gifts.

    Where are the wine & chocolate choices? (red/white wines? milk, dark or white chocolate??)

    The New England Knits book looks just lovely! I don’t spend a lot of time knitting accessories.

  3. Love speckles, coffee IN hot chocolate, early to rise, handmade (by grandkids), and Knitting Little Luxuries!
    Have a wonder Christmas, Elves!

  4. I prefer semi-solids, hot chocolate, late to bed and store bought gifts. I’m slightly more interested in the Knitting little Luxuries.

  5. I like using semi-solid yarns to knit handmade gifts (from New England Knits) while drinking hot chocolate, with marshmallows, late at night.

  6. semi-solids
    coffee or hot chocolate… ahhhh, too hard, I love a mocha 😉
    early to rise
    handmade gifts
    No preference on books!

  7. Speckles, coffee (Starbucks Caffe Verona), I stay up late and get up early (it’s the promise of coffee….), handmade gifts – preferably baked yummies.

    knitting little luxuries

    Loved your store when I visited in October – If only I’d had more time…next visit!

  8. Speckles
    Hot chocolate
    Early to rise
    Handmade gifts, but, only a chosen few are worthy of this!
    New England Knits, but would like either one too!

  9. I’d like to try speckles. Definitely hot chocolate. Late to bed. Store-bought or handmade? Depends on the gift. I like New England Knits.

  10. For sure, semi- solids, coffee, early to bed – unfortunately, not always as possible as I would like 🙁 and handmade!
    If I had a choice, I would go with New England Knits 🙂

  11. I love speckles, flavored coffees, definitely early morning, and of course handmade gifts. Should I be fortunate enough to win, I would love Knitting Little Luxuries please. Thank you!

  12. I like speckles, flavored coffees, early mornings, and of course handmade gifts. Knitting Little Luxuries would make me Thank you!

  13. I prefer semi-solid yarns, coffee, late to bed, and definitely hand made gifts. New England Knits looks interesting but either book would be appreciated.

  14. Semi-solids, chai with coffee, early to rise, homemade gifts are the best. New England Knits for me, I already own the other book.

  15. I love speckles, but semi-solids are more versatile. Coffee, it has no calories. I like to knit a few rows in the morning, but most of my knitting is done in the evening while watching tv. Handmade gifts are always special. I don’t have a copy of Knitting Little Luxuries yet.

  16. I really like semi-solids, coffee (absolutely!), late to bed, and handmade gifts. When my kids were little I got lots of the handmade stuff and was always delighted. I would love the New England Knits book!

    You are so generous. These book offers are wonderful!

  17. My preferences would be semi-solids, hot chocolate, late to bed (still awake right now because I’m making jewelry), and handmade gifts.

  18. Ooooh! Good questions!
    I’ve been known to stir hot chocolate mix into my coffee
    I’ve been an early riser forever
    I love the New England knits book
    ❤️ y’all!

  19. 2 lovely books!! I like speckles, hot chocolate, early to rise and a mix of presents. Of course, the most cherished are the handmade ones!

  20. I’ve been enjoying the trend in speckled yarns – i find them easier to use than some of the wild multicolored skeins. But I still like to pair them with solid colors to tone them down.
    Can I choose both coffee and hot chocolate? Maybe a peppermint mocha?
    I definitely find I’ve been going to bed later, trying to cram in some extra knitting time in the evenings to finish up gifts! So of course, i choose handmade gifts (but only for people who I know will appreciate them!)

  21. Wow, I like both speckles and semi-solids but probably speckles if I had to choose one, coffee, late to bed AND early to rise (I don’t sleep much), handmade gifts no matter how big or small. I would love the “New England Knits” book as I already have the “knitting little luxuries” book.

  22. Speckles are so much fun to knit with when combined with solids. Both books look fun and interesting. Have a great holiday and thank you!

  23. I would love to win New England Knits. As for my preferences, I love speckled for socks, hot cocoa, early to rise, and homemade gifts. Like things made with TLE yarns.

  24. Semi solids, hot chocolate, late to bed, and handmade gifts for sure! They both look like a lovely box but I’m such a sweater Nader I prefer a New England Knits. Thank You!

  25. Preferences: semi-solids (although I’ve not tried speckles…), hot chocolate, late to bed, handmade gifts.

    I just won a book, so if I’m chosen, please choose again!

    Thank you for the contests!

  26. I love semi-solids, coffee, late to bed and handmade gifts.

    Any book is great, thanks for your lovely store,great people and wonderful ideas.

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