What If You’re the Only One?

Someone was in the shop recently and I commented on her beautiful handknit shawl. She was pleased that someone noticed. (We always notice handknits here. We love to see them!)

In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she lived alone. That made me think, “What if I hadn’t said anything about her handwork? Does anyone tell her what a beautiful job she does on her projects? She seemed to need that confirmation and encouragement today. If she lives alone, who else provides that for her?”

That started me down a whole road of “what ifs” that I thought I’d share with you. It’s the season of Joy and Love and maybe you can turn a “what if” into a happy day for someone this month.

What if you’re the only one who:

  • tells someone their work is beautiful?
  • gives a handmade gift to someone?
  • texts a word of encouragement to that friend today?
  • sends a card to that lonely shut in?
  • waves and smiles to a neighbor?
  • tells someone how much they mean to you?
  • shares positivity on social media?
  • makes someone laugh at a joke today?
  • does a random act of kindness for someone you don’t know?
  • helps someone in need?

Sometimes you wonder if you should say or do something. You don’t want to bother people. You’re in a hurry. You think your words won’t matter. Following through on just one “what if” a day will lead to a lot of better days for those around you. And you know, it will help to make your own day better, too.



  1. Wow! This fits right in with The Healthy Knitter’s peace message for today. “In regards to cultivating peace, I say “yes” to…” I can also say yes to making a what-if come true today and every day.

  2. This is such a beautiful sentiment, and something I wish everyone would try to think of, at least once in a while. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. I was at a Wendy’s last week and while I was munching on my salad and chili, a person who was older than me came in and sat in a corner seat. He had on a lovely green, brown and cream sweater that was not hand knit but still quite nice looking. On my way out the door I stopped to tell him that I had admired his sweater from across the room. His face brighten, he smiled and said it was a very old sweater. I told him that I knit and I liked the pattern. He smiled and I left.

    Such a little thing to say a kind word to someone. That’s all, a smile on his face.

    I went out side and a very old Willy truck was sitting in the parking lot, I bet it was his.

  4. Oh, Sheri, this really made my evening. Too often I don’t say something, for lots of reasons, but there are so many more good reasons to follow through. I’m going to give it a try starting tomorrow. Thank you for this timely reminder.

  5. When a member of my quilt guild passed away, I immediately thought of her very good friend & quilt buddy. I sent a sympathy card to that friend. At the next guild meeting, she told me that that was the one & only sympathy card she received for her friend’s passing. She told me how special I was for thinking of her. Imagine that! I told her I know how hard it would be for me if my best friend died. She told me I really made her day and she felt so much better for it.

    We should all take to heart this message and the message you have shared with us this week. Thank you, Sherri, for all you do for us and for those that don’t even know you!

    1. What a kind thing that was to do, Sue. Such a good idea. I will remember that and do likewise in the future. Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Sheri, this was such an uplifting line of thought as I prepare to end my day. Thank you! I think I will share this with my middle school students for one of their journal prompts.

  7. Yes! Life is often tough, it’s good to take every chance you can think of to be kind. It’s good for everybody. Thank you for creating such a lovely post!

  8. Thank you for this! As someone who both lives alone and works at home, I treasure those moments of connection.

  9. Sheri, what a POWERFUL and wonderful word of encouragement! (Tissue please!) We love your heart!
    You are so right – when we take our eyes off our own feelings of awkwardness or discomfort and act upon those gut “what if” feelings with 20 seconds of courage to share a kind word, the world is a brighter place. Even if the other person doesn’t openly respond (sometimes it’s just as awkward to receive), we can know we played our part.
    So glad we discovered the Loopy Ewe! Merry Christmas!

  10. Every day is a gift. It’s ours to “spend” however we choose or choose not to. During these holiday times, I find it’s more important for us to be the gift, to share the gift of ourselves which will be long remembered, than to purchase something that will or may be soon forgotten. And yes – visit in person, send cards or notes by mail, and call instead of text. Don’t let the human personal touch become a lost art in this world.

  11. Thanks for the reminders. I make an effort to smile at most of the people I pass whether in the grocery store or drug store, where ever my errands take me. It’s a simple thing but it makes me feel good too. The cashier at my CVS commented last visit that I also say Hi to her with a smile and that it was rare for others to do that. I brightened her day.

  12. Sheri, this is a wonderfully thoughtful blog and so perfect at this time of year. It is always better to offer a smile, a wave, a compliment (telling someone “I love your sweater!” can lighten a dark, hurried mood!) than to say nothing—even if the person you ave to, compliment, etc, does not respond in kind. Maybe they’re having one of Those Days, and later, your little act will remind them things can be better. And I like the idea to ‘share positivity’ on social media—I recently saw a hilarious bumper sticker that said “Life is short. Spend it arguing with strangers on the Internet.” If we can do the opposite even once a wk, we’re ahead of the game!

  13. Sheri, you really touched me with your thoughts because I have been thinking the same thing. I started wondering if creativity, kindness, and thoughtfulness are somehow interconnected and that is why I try to surround myself with other knitters, quilters, and stitchers. My life is so full of love & blessings because of my family, of course… but equally because of all the “sisters of my heart” who are there for me, as I am there for them.

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