Whimsical Wood, New Cascade 220, Notions and More

We have colorful new things up for you today. It seems like a perfect fall day to order a batch of new sweater yarn, or a gorgeous new fingering multicolor for your new winter socks. Don’t you think? Just up, we added in:

Cascade 220 Superwash – new colors. These colors are beautiful and I can certainly see why they made the new list. 220 Superwash is a great yarn for easy-care sweaters and winter wear. Are you knitting or crocheting holiday gifts? The fact that this yarn is great for tossing in the washer and dryer, makes it a good one to use when knitting gifts for non-knitters. They don’t have to remember to hand wash or lay flat to dry. That also makes it a good choice for baby and kid wear.

Whimsical Wood – I would take oodles of colors from Samantha’s dyepots if I could. But she is busy busy busy and doesn’t have the time to do as much as we would like. So when an order comes – even it it’s just a handful of colors – we’re excited! And we hope you are, too. Don’t you need fall socks out of Smorey Time? Or a fall scarf out of Spiced Rum Drink? I definitely do.

Knitifacts – A re-stock of our favorite stitch markers for you. These anodized aluminum rings are lightweight, have no open edges to catch on your knitting, and no dangling objects to get caught in stitches. Plus – the bead makes it look like you have added a bit of knitting jewelry to your piece as you’re working on it!

George Sichterman Woodwork – George and Sharon brought down more beautiful caddies this past week. We have re-stocked the Cherry, Walnut and Cedar caddies in large and small. Don’t forget, we also have George’s yarn swifts, which are a work of art. Both the swifts and caddies make a great gift for the knitter in your life. It’s always nice to have beautiful tools to work with.

Notions – We’ve re-stocked magnetic pattern holders, Tulip Crochet Hooks, needle gauges, needle holders, point protectors, and those Silvalume Handi Tools that are nice to have in each of your project bags.

Our last Yarn Update included: Hue Loco’s Vintage Sock and Phyllis Sock, Universal’s Bamboo Pop, and ChiaoGoo, Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, and Knitter’s Pride Zing needle re-stocks.

How are you doing on your Loopy Knights Challenges? It has been fun to see your photos coming in! Remember, everyone is welcome to join in and you earn Loopy Reward Store points for your project completion. Did you already get your Knightly Project Bag and Enamel Pin?

We look forward to getting your orders packed up and shipped right out. Thank you so much for shopping with us. We sure appreciate you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Our book giveaway winners last week were: Beth Downing and Rachel Monaco. Please email us (support@theloopyewe.com) to confirm your shipping address and we’ll get these sent right out. Thanks again to our neighbors, F&W Media/Interweave for supplying us with these fun giveaways!

Our two books to give away today are:

Leave a comment to enter. Tell us what your favorite fall snack/dessert/dish might be (and which book you’d prefer). Mine favorite might be Pumpkin Crunch Cake. In fact, I probably need to make some this week. And maybe I’ll take a better photo of it for that blog post ….


  1. I love everything pumpkin! But my Cinderella (white chocolate and pumpkin) coffee is my absolute favorite!

    I would prefer the cables book, I am a cable crazy girl!

  2. Pumpkin pie is always a favorite, but I’ve just discovered the Original Plum Torte, which uses Italian prune plums. Amazing!

    And I’d love to have Knitted Lace of Estonia!

    1. The original plum torte is the best!! Made and devoured one last week. Enough plums in the freezer for one more.

  3. Our favorite has always been pumpkin pie. I use the recipe on the back of the Libby’s canned pumpkin can. It has never,never failed.(cables)

  4. I have found a recipe for muffins that use the same ingredients as a cinnamon bun, and it’s the best muffin ever! Chopped pecans make it extra special. If I’m lucky enough to win, I’d prefer “Unexpected Cables”
    as my gift. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Mom and I love pecan pie. Mom and I cannot make pecan pie. When they go on markdown I get 8-12 and freeze them so we can have them throughout the year.

  6. Peach cobbler with just a hint of cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. Yummy. I would love to have the “Unexpected Cables” book. Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. Home made Apple Pie is my favorite fall dessert. Worth the effort and always with a cup of hot tea. Cables Please!

  8. My own apple pie. Yum; time to make some!

    It was a hard choice this week, but I settled on Unexpected Cables. Thank you for the contest.

  9. My favorite fall snack is a cranberry pumpkin cookie I make that comes or like little pumpkin cakes. Yum!!! Oh, and I’d prefer the Knitting Estonian Lace book.

  10. My favorite dessert is my family’s recipe for Apple Crisp. It involves apples (of course), red wine, and a streusel topping. I quite enjoy it it. 🙂

    Both books are very appealing to me, but as I already own the knitted lace book, I’d prefer the cables book.

  11. I love anything pumpkin spice. Whether its pie or latte, makes no difference. I’m also missing my mom’s apple slices. I wonder if the recipe exists somewhere!

    I would really love to try Estonian Lace!

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