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Alan Dart Sir Lancelot
© Alan Dart, photo used with permission

My favorite stuffie/toy designer is Alan Dart. Have you seen his amazing creatures? One is just more wonderful than the next. Of course when I saw that he had a Sir Lancelot, I couldn’t buy the pattern fast enough. I haven’t started it yet, but in light of our Knights of the Loopy Table challenge,  I am ready to make my own Sir Lancelot.

Want to knit along? Pop over to Alan’s site and get the pattern (Sir Lancelot) and join in. I am not an experienced toy knitter by any means (although I have purchased several of Alan’s patterns to make one day). So I thought a knit-a-long might be helpful, in case questions come up. I’ve just started a thread on our Loopy Groupie board for anyone wanting to join in. I figure after my Sir Lancelot is done, he will also be a good photo prop for some of my future Knight knitting projects. (The pattern calls for DK yarn. I am going up to a worsted weight because I like the color options in Cascade 220.)

Some of my other favorites of his:

Beattie Herdvyck (I’d totally make her a knitter), Garden Birds (bought, the pattern, next on my list), Green Fingers (love Gnomes), Hansel and Gretel (lederhosen!), Jack O’Lantern & Maisy (bought the pattern, Mr. Jack needs to be knit up), Jultomtar & Teeny Tomte (I love Tomte characters), Nativity Set (would love to do this one someday), Tabby (the look that cat is giving the butterfly!), Noah’s Ark (although I know myself – I’d knit one of each animal and that’s not how Noah’s Ark works. Is there such a thing as Second Animal Syndrome, like Second Sock Syndrome?), Filbert Collins (just because his name is Filbert), Lucky Piskie (I love red mushrooms with white dots on anything), Queen of Hearts (what an elegant costume), and Medieval Mice (also quite appropriate for our Knights).

Really, if I could get good at knitting toys, I’d have fun making most all of his patterns. I guess I’ll start with one. 🙂

Who’s up for knitting along?

Sheri whohaslikedSirLancelotsincehighschooldramadaysandCamelot


  1. I love Alan Dart’s toy patterns and have knit quite a few of them! Sir Lancelot is rather handsome! I think you will be pleased at how tall he will be when you have completed him!

    1. It’s a little intimidating to knit toys, but I just keep telling myself to go one line at a time in the directions and all will be well. (Right??)

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