Blueberry Yarn, Doublegood Blueberry Pie, and a CONTEST!

Have you shopped for blueberries lately? I made the pie below this week, and there were the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen in the stores around here. I’ve always loved blueberries. I remember picking blueberries in Paw Paw, Michigan when I was little. (Paw Paw is apparently the heart of grape and wine country in Michigan. And they have good blueberries.)

We like this pie because half of the blueberries are cooked into a syrup, and half of them are added to the baked pie shell in their natural state. This gives the pie a good mix of firm and cooked blueberries – thus the name, Doublegood Blueberry Pie. (Original recipe passed on to us a long time ago from family friend Joan Sundblad.)

Doublegood Blueberry Pie

9″ baked pie shell
3/4 cup sugar
3 Tbl. cornstarch
1/4 tsp. salt
1 Tbl. lemon juice
1/4 cup water
4 cups fresh blueberries
1 Tbl. butter
whipped cream (optional)

Combine sugar, cornstarch, and salt in a pan. Add the water and 2 cups of the blueberries. Cook on medium heat until the syrup turns thick and clear. Remove from the heat and add in the lemon juice and butter. Stir until mixed. Let cool.

Add the remaining 2 cups of fresh blueberries to the baked pie crust. Pour the cooled blueberry mixture over the top. Let cool completely in the refrigerator. Garnish with whipped cream when serving (if desired).

Need some pretty BLUE(berry) yarn to go with your pie?

Why not? We always suggest project bags to match your projects. Why not pie to match your projects? Seems reasonable. Here are my favorite blue(berry) skeins this week:

Top Row, left to right: Dream in Color’s Smooshy with Cashmere Violet’s Blueberry, Hedgehog Sock Ink, Gherkin’s Bucket Long Stride Sock Threadbare

Middle Row, left to right: Wollmeise Twin Chim Chim Chimney, JulieSpins Euro 820 Aegean, Cascade 22o Midnight

Bottom Row, left to right: Into the Whirled Kettled Dyed The Cat’s Pyjamas, The Uncommon Thread Posh Fingering Stonewashed, Black Elephant Dark Side.

And here are a few pattern options that caught my eye (they’re all shown in blue, too): 

Yume, Frosty Icy Flowers, Alice, Lake Song, Pretty With Jeans, Blue Moon, Bluebonnet Shawl (crochet), Ginga Top, Raglano, Antarktis, and The Age of Brass and Steam.

Today we have a contest and the winner gets a $25 Loopy credit added to their account!

We’ll do a random drawing next week. To be entered, leave a comment below and answer this question: What is your favorite kind of pie?

Have a great weekend and check back to the blog on Monday for Camp Loopy July news and a Monday Update!

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  1. My favorite pie is a pie made from sour cherries and … homemade. Heaven on Earth!!!

    A Wild Blueberry pie comes in a close second. Then there is Peach and Blueberry pie, Pumpkin pie, Coconut Cream pie, Key Lime pie, Lemon Meringue… well, you get the idea… Any! Pie! I am eating is my favorite!

  2. Blueberry! And those blueberry pies in Michigan were the best! We used to visit a small family chain there called Russ’s. Oh my, those blueberry pies! We always bought an extra to take home. Thanks for this recipe! It will help me with my homesickness!

  3. I’m not much of a fruit pie person, but anything chocolatey I’m usually pretty happy with!

  4. Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo Fly Pie is my very favorite. But I guess peach and cherry are next. I really like cake better but that Shoo Fly is right at the top of it all.

  5. How on earth can you pick a favorite pie?!?!? 🙂 Ok, so, if I really have to choose, it would be Key Lime, followed very closely by Lemon Meringue and then, Banana or Coconut Cream. Nope, I can’t choose just one after all!

  6. Ok, I really only used to eat Apple Pie and Chocolate Pudding Pie. Unfortunately, I have stomach issues and now Apple is no longer something I can eat. So now it’s just Chocolate pie for me.

  7. If it is fruit, then fresh Strawberry-Rhubarb has my vote. When that is not in season, I really enjoy Lemon Meringue.

  8. I love fresh blueberries, but don’t like them baked. Something about the texture. LOL

    However, I LOVE your “blueberry” yarn choices.

  9. Apple streusel is the best for me – especially when it’s from Terhune Orchards in Princeton!

  10. Triple berry pie! Now I am thinking I need to choose a pattern for a triple berry shawl! Maybe even a triple berry fade.

  11. I think rhubarb is my favorite, but blueberry is a very close second. And then there’s the mock mincemeat my mom made with apples, raisins and green tomatoes. One of my favorite picture books as a child was called The Blueberry Pie Elf.

  12. Pecan pie!

    You can imagine this isn’t a good choice when your family has serious food allergies (gluten, milk, soy, processed sugar). But DH’s family has a LONG and intense history with pecan pie. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found a DELICIOUS recipe that doesn’t use any gluten, milk or processed sugar–natural sugar! It was a huge hit! And so easy to make, DH did it this year.

  13. Gosh, there are so many delicious pies from which to choose. But I’d have to say pecan pie is my favorite. My mom still makes it for our family gatherings. I think it reminds me of my youth, and that was a very long time ago. Second runner up from my adult years is coconut cream pie. I love coconut everything. Thanks!

  14. Your blueberry pie made my mouth water. Blueberry is my second favorite pie just edged out by Chocolate Peanut Butter pie. Mostly because most blueberry pies are too dry and don’t have enough blueberries.

  15. Favorite pie is Boysenberry Pie…but I think your amazing recipe will be a close second! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks Sheri!!!!

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