Cold Brew Series

I’ve had fun knitting up these Cold Brew projects, ever since I first blogged about them in January. (You can see that blog post by clicking here. And a Designer Spotlight with the Adventure du Jour gals by clicking here.) The Cold Brew patterns can be purchased individually or as a set of three, through Ravelry.

It’s safe to say I have gotten a JUMP START on my Christmas 2018 knitting. (This has never happened before. I was just having too much fun picking out three-color combos and knitting these things up.)

First I made the hat. (Dream in Color City)

Then I made three cowls.
(Cascade 220 Superwash)

Then I made the mitts.
(Dream in Color City)


I learned two new things. Latvian braids and Corrugated Ribbing. Both so easy.

Latvian Braid – you purl, alternating colors on the row. On the first row, you bring the working color up over the other one. In this photo – I’m going to purl next with the blue, so it comes up over the orange and then I purl with it. The stitch after that will be purling with the orange, so the orange yarn will come up over the blue and then I will purl with it. On the second row, you bring the working yarn under the other one for each stitch. That’s all there is to it and you get the cool looking Latvian Braid.

Corrugated Ribbing –
you alternate colors, purling one color and knitting the other color. In this photo I’m purling with the blue and knitting with the orange. It turns out so pretty.

You should give this pattern a try. I think you’ll like it.
It’s kind of like knitting with self-striping yarn. You want to keep knitting to get to the next color/section to see what it’s going to look like. (We did a Facebook Live video on this today. You can click here to watch it. While filming today, I pulled one of the needles out of the stitching by mistake, because that’s the kind of thing I do when live on camera. I also like how I started the video by pointing at the carpeting. Looks like the most boring video ever.)

Don’t forget to use our Loopy Project Planner when trying out different yarn combinations. It will help immensely!

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you knit some of these up. We’d love to see your color combos and finished projects!

Sheri whonowneedsacowltomatchthehatandmitts


  1. Corrugated ribbing was invented by an evil person! It’s my least favorite thing to do in knitting! And then I see pretty things like this with it and think “hmmm”

  2. I made a tea cosy that used both the braid and the ribbing and a few other stitches as well. It was a good experience to use the two untried stitches and finally adding them into the skills bucket was a very good move for me!

    I shall have to check the patterns out for possible gifting for Christmas time. The colors you chose work very nicely together.

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